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Hey everyone, I’m gonna be a bit late on posting about episode 22. I know all of you are waiting to talk about the final episode, so here’s a post for you were you all can discuss it.  Later on I’ll post my review!

Short opinion: 

  • Incredibly rushed.
  • Could’ve been way better.
  • Even though it was the last episode, they added in super long unnecessary scenes, which just made it more painful.
  • Ren Wei and Ai Xing are the epitome of “oh, let’s be selfless idiots TOGETHER”
  •  A random time jump DOES NOT solve everything when the stuff that happens after the time skip doesn’t make sense. 
  • ONE KISS?  ONE KISS?  THAT’S ALL???????  And WHERE is Tony hiding his super good kissing skills from Ex-boyfriend???  
  • So, I’m happy Ai Xing and Tian Ze got together, but bitter at the way they got together.  The ending was anticlimatic and was clearly rushed.  It’s like they gave up on this drama and said, “heck, we might as well give everyone the ending they want, but not in a way that makes sense.”
  • It has been a long and hard battle for all you Ai Xing x Tian Ze shippers, you deserve a pat on the back.  I’m glad we all believed in our OTP ’til the end because, lookee here, MY DREAM HAS BEEN FULFILLED.

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  • I’m so curious… anyone wanna guess when Tian regains his memory (or if at all?). He looks like his old self at the scene where Ai was lying to him (maybe because finally, they have another argument! Haven’t seen one since Tian lost his memory! LOL)!

  • i agree!! the ending was so rush and left me “har?-ing” the whole time. Though I didn’t follow the drama as avidly, I feel so bad for the actors who have to put up with such a drama fiasco.

    But this is SETTV, they can be pretty cold-blooded at times, and once again, it’s all about the ratings. Then they had a long special for their new upcoming drama 🙁 I honestly wouldn’t mind if they extended the show to two hours to get things properly explained >< So annoyed at how the station operates at times – if a drama doesn't get the ratings, just get it ended somehow and focus on the next project. But why can't they at least try to put it that tad bit more effort into ending the drama well in spite of? :'( Sobs. But it was comforting to see Ling Li get a man. I think Ya Nan and Ling Li makes such a cute couple ^_^

    Sorry for ranting so much here. Am feeling pretty gutted for the cast! 🙁

    • I know it must’ve felt bad for the cast that had to go through all this. What a disappointing plot for a drama with such potential. It was such a mistake to make the episode so short!! And it was a mistake to make ep22 the last episode! I seriously wonder if they even PLANNED out this drama.

  • It’s the end. I kinda have mixed feelings about this. Of course Im super happy that our OTP dream was fulfilled but I somehow feel it could have been done a lot better. I agree that the pacing of the last episode was just so off and choppy. Everything should fall into place nicely but it did not. Suddenly TZ just realises that AX is his love and JJ suddenly realises she loves RW and wants to end things with TZ?? But in the last ep, they were still agonising about how to handle stuff? The part where AX decided to get tgt with RW for that slightest of time made me go HUH??? What was that for? Then they fed us with some scenes of JJ and TZ together and both of them lamenting their lost loves while saying that yeah they did a good thing to let the other 2 of them go? What the heck! Can’t we have TZ trying to make some effort to chase AX back at least? He says he loves her but yet when she decides to go with some other guy he just allows it??

    The 3 years later part is another ???? I know 3 years is a long time but that time passing doesn’t make everything fall into place. How did RW and JJ get together? And Im presuming they got married and JJ got pregnant. And no one told AX abt this these 3 years? Call themseleves best of friends? Meanwhile, TZ doesn’t do anything to chase AX back even after knowing that RW did not leave with AX back then. She comes back 3 years later and he literally drags her away to get married. Come on scriptwriters, we deserve more than this crappily put together series of events just to end a show. But oh well….guess I should be happy that our dearies AX TZ ended up together:) Sigh..I just lament the “what could have beens”. I’ll definitely miss the chemistry between our leads.

    • Yeah the time lapse doesn’t help at all. If anything it just makes it more confusing because Jing Jing & Ai Xing are still all buddy buddy and Tian Ze suddenly has Ai Xing marry him? I mean, Tian Ze, you could’ve at least done this like…3 YEARS AGO.

  • Hey guys, I was laughing when I saw that ‘fans unpleased with LF finale’ make it to many entertainment news!
    Interesting note according to this article (, there is actually 1/2 more episode that wasn’t filmed including a) Tian’s struggle between choosing Ai/Jing b) Ren returning to TW to chase after Jing after knowing that Tian/Jing didn’t get together. And according to the article, the producer didn’t want Tian to regain his memory.
    I can only hope that Tony and Tammy would be wiser on choosing their next project. I think SETTV’s script is very dangerous. I think they’re the only TV Station that has ‘writing the script as they’re filming’ kinda drama~ Yikes!

      • Haha~ Hey smiletea, I think that’s exactly where the reporters got their sources! XD
        I love reading comments from PTT too! They’re so funny! I LOLed when one of the fan in the LF board said “do not insult EX-BF” XDDDD
        I think TTV has better dramas (ie: EX-BF and I’m looking forward to the upcoming What Is Love). Sadly, I don’t know why the ratings don’t reflect it. Maybe it’s Friday nights and everyone is out having fun!? Hm…!

        • Ya, agree with you that TTV dramas are better. They are more consistent in terms of production quality and script. I love that they are more thought-provoking as well, but it can get a tad bit heavy for me at times, that’s why I only watch them when I am in the mood. Ya, Friday dramas have lower ratings in general compared to Sunday ones… But as you said, could be a Friday night thing. And another thing, I don’t think there is anyone subbing TTV Friday dramas, do you know any?

  • Ack. Out of all the rushed and random endings I have seen in drama land, this is perhaps THE WORST. Not that it’s a bad ending per se as we did get to see OTP together, but at the same time just what in the heck happened? I really hate 11th hour endings that don’t make sense or didn’t build enough up to actually justify the ending like this show’s. I’m actually kind of expecting something like this for kdrama Big as well because, to me, they are playing out the soul switching for too long.

    Sigh. I am looking forward to your recap and more detailed thoughts later. I’ll try to get my own up tonight 🙂

    • Haha! I know how u feel. Our OTP definitely deserves a whole lot more time to have their sweet ending played out. I love that they ended together but it would be so much better if they showed how TZ chased AX back instead of having those pointless scenes of JJ and TZ being together and talking about how they should let AX and RW go. But that being said, this is not the worst ending. Check out Fashion King, the korean drama for being the worst ever ending! Hahaaha nothing beats that! I’m watching big too! Watching for Gongyoo!

  • i was so completely disappointed by this episode! the episode ended and i just sat there thinking, “…That’s IT?” I couldn’t make sense of any of the logic in this episode -__- Great to see Tianze and Aixing together…but how did it happen??? How did they just suddenly get married?? 🙁 I feel so unsatisfied seeing a drama that started off so great get such a rushed, low-quality ending.

    • Ironically they did Yan Nan and Ling Li’s love story the right way, but they couldn’t make the main characters’ love story make sense. T_T

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