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This episode was all over the place, but you can tell things are beginning to wind down as we prepare for the…LAST EPISODE??  *waits a second for that to sink in and boggle your mind*  Just go with it, everyone.  Just go with it.  Anyway, finally Jing Jing is redeeming herself, so that’s a step forward.  However massive awkwardness ensues between Jing Jing/Tian Ze/Ai Xing now that Tian Ze has uncovered the truth.

^AUGH I wish Ren Wei & Ling Li would get together!!!!!!

“If I’d leave, I’d leave in style.”

I love EVERY scene with Ling Li.  Out of all the characters, Ling Li has gotten the luck of the draw with the best written lines and side story.   Even if she ends up alone I feel like she might be one of the happiest ones because she’s not weighed down by all of these love issues.

“You can’t be hurt for too long.  You can’t be disappointed for too long.  You can’t hold on to an expectation for too long either.”

Ling Li is awesome because she’s that one character that’s like, screw it I’m gonna move on and live my life WITHOUT YOU.  She’s like that ‘older sister’ sort of character who’s mature enough to let go of her unrequited love..whereas Ai Xing and Jing Jing are basically drowning in their love issues.  Ling Li isn’t running away from her problems; she conquered them first and then decided to go for a change of scenery.  Unfortunately this also means she’s gonna move away to work in China. :'(

“So no matter how hard I try now, it’s useless because I don’t have a past with you.”

The breakfast scene really got me in the gut.  This is the kind of scene that I’ve been missing from Love Forward…the kind that doesn’t try too hard to be deep and emotional, but still nails it.

“Just  marry her!”

^I love Grandpa’s solution!

Tian Ze: “You care about me so much?”
Ai Xing: “Says who?”

“..I really fell for Tian Ze.”

Unfortunately, right after Tian Ze & Ai Xing make up, Tian Ze uncovers his past with Jing Jing.  It had to happen sometime but..DARN IT. The thing is that this throws Tian Ze’s feelings into utter confusion, as he questions who he really loves, and who’s his real girlfriend.  I get the part about questioning who he loves more, but I don’t get the “who’s my girlfriend?” dilemma.  (in regards to Jing Jing) Does he not remember that she broke up with him?

“If Tian Ze is also waiting for you, you should go courageously to compete with Jing Jing.”

AND GUESS WHO STEPS UP TO THE PLATE AND SAVES THE DAY??  Jing Jing’s mom!! I’ve gotta hand it to Mrs. Meng for consoling both Ai Xing and Jing Jing.  I think they’re pushing the “this is fate” theme too much, but I still love that Mrs. Meng has become that sort of motherly figure for Ai Xing at the time she needs it most.  Knowing Ai Xing though, I highly doubt she’ll pursue her love.  *cough* Just look at the preview..

Mrs. Meng: “It’s in the past.  Does he still love you?”
Jing Jing: “He just forgot.”

Mrs. Meng isn’t afraid to gently tell her daughter that maybe it’s best to let go of Tian Ze.  At least there is some good from Mrs. Meng’s miserable marriage–she can warn both girls not to make the same mistakes she did.  Learn from the past, RIGHT? (<*sarcasm*)

“Tian Ze belongs to Ai Xing now.  Should I try to forget the past too?”

^YES YOU SHOULD JING JING! I’m so glad that Jing Jing has finally decided to move on with her life.  I will be incredibly unsatisfied if Jing Jing is the only character that hasn’t redeemed herself by the last episode.  Thankfully she realizes that Ai Xing is more important than her past relationship with Tian Ze.  It’s great seeing Jing Jing trying to preserve her friendship with Ai Xing by making some ‘concessions’.  If Ai Xing didn’t love Tian Ze, Jing Jing probably wouldn’t bring herself to let go.  Maybe the whole thing about making concessions in love is also true for friendship, not just romance.

“What about your promise to me?”

Another good sign is that Jing Jing doesn’t waver in her conviction when Tian Ze brings up the past.  She understands that some things can’t be fixed and that they can never go back to the way they were.  Tian Ze also seems to understand that if he and Jing Jing really loved each other, they ought to still be together now.  But they aren’t, so what does this mean for Tian Ze??

“If even I can change, why can’t Meng Jing Jing change?”

EVERYONE HAS BEEN ASKING THAT, REN WEI. EVERYONE.  AHH why is Ren Wei so awesome and adorable now?!?!?!  It’s so sweet when he gives Jing Jing a single rose to try to be more sincere.  Too bad he let his old nature get in the way when he blows up at Jing Jing. :'(  It’s so rare to see Jing Jing trying to be sincere in her efforts to get closer to Ren Wei..and yet his jealousy got the best of him.  Actually I think it’s fine that Ren Wei isn’t a complete gentleman yet, as there’s no way he can completely change so quickly.  Likewise, maybe I was expecting too much of Jing Jing..of course she doesn’t have to totally change herself, but at the same time I want her to at least change for the better in some way.

TZ: “Then, am I important?  I’m with you everyday.”
AX: “Very important.”
TZ: “Is it because I’m family too?”
AX: “Not only that, in my life, besides family, you’re the closest to me.  So now, you’re also the person I care about the most.”

This is one of the most ambiguous, confusing scenes out of this very vague episode.  WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN!?!??!  Why do I get the “let’s just be friends” vibe???????  *hopes crushed*

For a while now, I’ve just been throwing my hands up in the air and saying, “don’t even ask.  Just go with it.”  If ep22 really is the last episode, then I figure they should at least try to pull off a few super solid ending episodes.  Obviously ep21 is anything but that–it’s way too ambiguous and there’s a sort of disconnect between all of the scenes.  So now I don’t know whether it’s better for us to be put out of our misery, or for the drama to try to save itself with a few more episodes.  What I need now is clarification, not dialogue that I have to decipher. 

And I’m sure a lot of you saw this coming–according to the preview, Ai Xing plans on moving to the US with her dad.  I can only hope that this means Tian Ze will go after her and confess his love for her!!!!!!!  AUGHHH but I really don’t know how this love square will work out!!!!  *gives up trying to figure it out*

*Update* Newest preview is out, and things do not look so good..and for those who were wondering, yes it’s official, ep22 is the finale.

WHY?  WHY???  WHY IS AI XING GONNA PRETEND SHE NEVER LOVED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!  And to make it worse, there’s a scene with Tian Ze and Jing Jing in the STOCK MARKET.  OH, THE HORROR! 

*Update 2*  The synopsis is out…and ep22 is gonna be PAINFUL.  I DREAD IT.  I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE THIS.  JUST THE PICTURE WITH TIAN ZE HOLDING AI XING’S HAND TO HIS CHEEK MAKES ME SAD.  IS TIAN ZE REALLY GONNA BE STUPID ENOUGH TO GO BACK TO JING JING??????????????????????????????  WASOFTAWSOIGHJSLAOHJBLADOHJNBASEJHA  And then there’s a picture with Ren Wei & Ai Xing together!?!?!?  Are they gonna pull a random Ren Wei x Ai Xing ending on us?  AUGH AUGH AUGH.



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  • OK – let me get this over with first: *applaud to Jing’s mom and Ling!*
    I’m so glad we have at least them to have ‘unbias’ and outsider advices for our very confused boys and girls! YAY!!! (and I’ve become such a fan of Xiao Zheng’s acting (Ling)! Totally recommend her other dramas guys!)

    Now: I rewatch Tian/Ai scenes sooooooo many times! The beginning where Ai didn’t eat the breakfast! KYAAAAAAAAAA! YES! Why can’t we have more of these ‘butterfly in our stomach without trying scenes’? KYAAAA!
    And yes, I’m so glad Jing has finally woken up and chose Ai! HORRAY! *throw confetti and open champagne bottle*
    And I agree that the writing or editing or directing, whichever it was, was very bad on expressing Tian’s POV. He’s soooooooo confused, which makes the audience soooooooo confused too! After I watched his speech with Jing – “but can we get back together?” – the first thing that came out of my mouth was: I HATE YOU TIAN ZE! LOL~ it makes NO SENSE. Like… he already said he loves Ai so much now… so why did he said that after? MAKES. NO. SENSE! If they’re trying to show that Tian is confused: does he really loves Ai or like Ai said, she’s Jing’s replacement so Tian’s love is really for Jing? Then they totally didn’t execute that very well AT ALL! argh~
    It’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to watch this drama! I’m so glad it’s ending soon! Seriously! If it’s weren’t for Tony and Tammy, I wouldn’t have stuck to it until now!! Sigh~

    And The hug! The most ambigious hug. EVER! *mad, kicking chair* Ditto – I got the “let’s stay as friends and wish each other well and send each other away” kinda message! WTF? argh~

    Now heisui, are spoilers welcome here!?

    And WTF with that funny looking bird? That’s the MOST RANDOM THING I’ve ever seen! WTF? I would seriously fire the production and editing and writing team if I’ve got the money! ARGH~ *pulling my hair out*

    • AHAHAHA I know, the random clips of the weird bird always make me wonder…WHY????

      Ugh I was so confused in this episode, I hope Tian Ze makes up his mind soon!!! AHH the hug frustrated me the most because it felt like they were breaking up but still staying friends. But they didn’t say it clearly so I don’t even know what exactly they were getting at. Can’t they all just sit down and have a face to face talk about their feelings?

      Sorry, no spoilers here!

  • I found out about this drama recently, and pretty much caught up with everything. But are there really only 22 episodes? I thought there were going to be more than that. x_x

  • I just found this drama not too long ago, I finally caught up. (I love your reviews, btw.) I just saw the new preview that was uploaded on youtube like 47 minutes ago, but looking at the new preview I feel bad for Ai Xing. ):

  • just finished watching the subbed version and ‘CONFUSED’ seems to be the word of the day. i think i was screaming (in my head) at TZ from the start of the episode not to break poor AX’s heart. He was sooooo attentive and loving at the start with the breakfast and worrying about AX.

    we know he did not recover his memories yet so everything that happened after was because he saw the pictures. all throughout the episode i was hoping he realizes it’s AX he loves, it’s AX that gives him comfort, it’s AX that he seeks in his heart. All that talk about habit and love — i think he was just used to being JJ’s bf but AX holds his heart now. when he said ‘can we not be together’ to JJ, i think my heart crumpled into little pieces and fell all over the floor.

    i actually want both AX and RW to turn away from both TZ and JJ so they both can realize how they truly feel about the other. if TZ finds out the he might loose AX for good, then maybe he will finally understand what she means to him… Likewise, if RW gives JJ up, then maybe she will go to him freely, instead of acting like she is being held hostage by the engagement.

    But is it true that there’s only one episode left??? i hope they are able to close out this drama satisfactorily.

    • AUGH I was really expecting him to regain ALL his memories in this episode so I was pretty disappointed. I’m not exactly sure if ep22 is the finale, but if it is, the ending would be way too rushed! I mean, Tian Ze hasn’t even remembered everything!!!!!!!!! I’m really hoping that ep22 isn’t the last episode though, we need more time T_T

      Agreed, Ren Wei can’t always be the one pursuing Jing Jing. Plus I think Jing Jing still isn’t clear about her feelings for Ren Wei/Tian Ze.

  • and that preview! my crumpled heart, already on the floor, got pulverized a second time when AX says that would be the end of her acting as the substitute. dang TZ, you better come through or i will send a plague of unearthly proportions you will not believe to your house! (just kidding, have no clue where and how to send a plague)

    • Ok nevermind to my previous comment, apparently it’s official that ep22 is the finale. *hopes crushed* And that PREVIEW!?!? WHY did it show Tian Ze and Jing Jing at the stock market AGAIN???

  • Sigh! I didn’t know that the last episode will come so quickly. I expected the director to give us more scenes on TZ when he regains his memory and how he decides to move forward instead of going round in circles in his love life. Anyway, Episode 21 was bleh for me other than the few priceless scenes that you mentioned. I really loved seeing TZ fuss over AX when she didnt eat her breakfast. It’s sort of nice seeing TZ being the one giving out love to AX instead of her always looking after him whether outright or subtly. Another scene that i really enjoyed was when she cooked noodles for him (RIGHT before he discovered his *urgh* JJ-TZ blog!) The way he looked at her earnestly while making her promise not to keep anything inside her made me happy. He was really afraid to lose her.

    I felt this episode had a lot of meaningful moments with hidden meanings. Im still rooting for our OTP so don’t give up now dears! The part where TZ talked to zhixing during his art exhibition– at that time, TZ was confused about his love for the 2 girls and Zhixing just told him that it is possible that love changes with time. TZ’s self dialogue was “so it is possible that love changes with time. and that it may get stronger and it’ll be harder to be apart with time”. He said all that while looking at AX. Also, when AX’s dad was talking about how he didnt manage to give the girl he loved happiness and that resulted in her leaving him, TZ looked at AX worriedly (im thinking he’s worried that AX may leave him as well). Of course, the part later with AX and TZ’s “farewell, let’s remain as friends”-like speech confused me! What was with that!! The new preview for ep 22 is out! Looks like AX will lie to TZ that she was acting in love with him all along because she promised JJ that she would take care of him and love him on her behalf. WTH! What happened to fiesty AX who could finally stand up for her love! But oh well, maybe we need AX to back off a little so that TZ can do a little chasing. AX deserves a guy to woo her!

    • Haha I thought it was really funny that Zhi Xing was the only voice of reason in this episode. Aside from Ling Li, of course.

      I feel like Tian Ze, Jing Jing, and Ai Xing are all learning such simplistic elementary lessons in life. T_T I get that they’re inexperienced in love but all of these ‘life lessons’ just feel so contrived. Like in the Zhi Xing scene, when Tian Ze thinks about how love can change, I was all, DUH…

      Yes it seems like Tian Ze is scared of losing Ai Xing..but the question is whether he’s scared of losing her as a friend or a lover!

  • ~>_<~ another preview is out! OMG! Ai, why r u lying to Tian, that you're acting/pretending to love him? *heart broken in half*
    argh~ how come the preview is always better than the actual epsiode? I hope this is not the case for the finale!

  • Well, on one hand I am happy that its ending at 22 (thats still like 6 episodes or so longer than it really needed to be to begin with) and unhappy that it is ending at 22 because now we’re going to get a rushed and unsatisfactory ending if the previews are anything to go by at all.

    First the preview of Tian Ze and Jing Jing completing their fake wedding ceremony and then the stock exchange scene and all the stuff that Ai Xing’s pulling T_T What is going to happen, I wonder?

    I like that Jing Jing has realized that Ai Xing is more important, but with the scenes, I really wonder why Jing Jing would go running back as she does know that AX seriously loves TZ. But then again, do we actually know who TZ loves? Or is this going to be a My Prince thing where you ship the girl off to be with the other “perfect” guy while the two in love are miserable? Meaning AX sends TZ to JJ and he goes as per AX’s orders, but his feelings have changed and he loves AX instead? Or will it really be TZ and JJ together at the end? Why reward such selfish and immature love?

    And what about RW!? What will happen to him?

    Accursed drama.

    • Agreed, this drama could’ve been a lot shorter if only they had cut out a lot of unnecessary scenes/side stories. However 22 episodes isn’t enough right now because it will only give us a rushed ending.

      I know, I really have no clue who’s gonna end up with who!!!!! I’m too confused already as it is!

    • LOL! It is so confusing! But I really believe the church scene is Jing’s way to say GoodBye to Tian! Ren misunderstood Jing. I hope Jing will just give Ren a chance and start fresh with him!
      As for the stockmarket.. I thought it was a past scene but looking at the wardrobe, it’s new and we see Jing kinda shock at the end there. I think they were just happy about something, like their Souvenir is worth so much now that Jing can repay all the debts? and Ai saw them and misunderstood? Haha! I can go on and on!
      I have a feelilng that Ai/Tian will be open ending! I think given all the confusion and heartache, I like an open ending between them. To me, it’s not believable that Tian asked Ai to stay and she did!? Hm….
      But seeing Tian so heartbroken at the new preview! KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!

      • I think we’re really desperate and are trying to read too much into the previews. T_T If Jing Jing and Tian Ze are really calling things off, then I think they should just throw the rings into the ocean where they first jumped together. No need for the stupid ceremony or stock market scenes!

      • I hope you’re right. I really want that happy, or at least, open-ended ending. The problem with Love Forward is there previews can be sooooo misleading and you have no idea what’s going to happen.

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t get a super rushed horrible ending. At this point, maybe I will take a My Prince ending. 😛

        Like heisui has mentioned on my site, we just need to stay strong and hope for the best and pray the 22 hours (or more) we’ve invested will pan out 🙂

  • Omg! I hate the new preview. Ughgghgg. Ai Xing is so nice to jing Jing . That not fair for her. Man stupid script . If jing and tian happy ending what about Ai Xing and Ren Wei . Dang, I’m so mad for them because them both are the victim of stupid love between tian and Jing. I hate the the scene tian and jing hugged. Please! Nooooo. I want Ai Xing and tian Ze happy ending . Ren Wei should ending with ling. Jing Jing does not deserve of neither tian or Ren love at all . I like ending Jing Jing should end up alone like the intro . Guy please don’t think I’m evil. Sight!

    • No, Bingcute, you are NOT evil. There’s no redeeming value whatsoever with JJ…. i mean, she not much of a girlfriend when she dumped Tien Ze as soon as her family starts loosing their fortune; is engaged to Ren Wie because he has the money and an incredibly lousy friend to Ai Xing, using her in every turn, not caring about how AX feels or how hurt she will be while she’s dangling both men. What is there about her that makes her attractive to both men? Someone PLEASE explain this to me.

  • seriously the only thing that ruined this drama for me was the inexplicable love that both the main guys had for jing jing, like I did not get it. She is the blandest of all and what I won’t forgive this drama for is wasting the superior chemistry that ai xing had with both rei and tian ze. I feel like the earlier epis where ai xing and rei might have developed something were superior to that of jing jing/rei push and pull, ugh plus let’s not mention tianze/jing jing i don’t even know why/how they fell in love. I feel like tian ze and ai xing had the chemistry, the story, the understanding of each other and not to mention chemistry. lol, i’m rabbling but you get the gist.

  • OMG! if they’re gonna pull a AX-RW ending, please just let me know right now and I will definitely NOT watch the ending. I would rather imagine TZ realizing he loves AX, RW discovering finally that JJ is the pits and moves on, while the amazing LL get together with the cute-without-the-glasses, used-to-like-AX co-worker. To watch an ending that will not make any sense whatsoever will just hurt my eyes and I may start researching about how to actually send a plague into some writer’s house. That will NOT be good for me.

    will miss the grandpa though… for me, he is the most amusing and entertaining character in all of LF (next to LL).

  • ahMan! I agree with you about the church scene as JJ’s way of saying good bye to TZ!

    There’s a line in the LF 22 synopsis that goes: “然而,晶晶真正的心意,卻出乎人意料之外…”
    i.e. RW requests to cancel the marriage contract, but Jing Jing’s true intentions are unexpected… (sorry for the poor translation)

    I’d say the previews are there to mislead people and boost ratings!! XDDDDDD

  • Hi guys~ I just saw a recent news article and there’s a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lovely pic of our OTP together. WOW! I’m surprised! We’ll get a happy ending from them!? *open champaign bottle* Sooooo unexpected because I really thought we’ll get an open ending but HOORAAAAY!!!!!!!
    Can I post the article here?

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