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If you hear “Tiger Cubs” and imagine a harmless little creature, think again. Apparently the literal translation of the title is “Flying Tigers”. BIG difference there. So the “Flying Tigers” refers to the members of the elite SDU, or Special Duties Unit. Think of the SWAT team, but HK style. Along with lots of bromance, teamwork, hidden pasts, eye candy and action!!!!!!! We’re first introduced to the SDU through two new rookies who have just joined the team–Yu Hok Lai and Yau Chun Hin. Both of them become buddies even though they’re exact opposites.

“SDU members aren’t normal.”

Hok Lai seemingly overshadows Chun Hin because he’s your typical all-star arrogant jock who’s good at everything but doesn’t understand the values of discipline and teamwork. Usually I hate this kind of character (you all know what I’m talking about, these characters are EVERYWHERE in dramas) ESPECIALLY when they’re one of the main characters. But the thing about Hok Lai is that he’s so oblivious that it’s hilarious. Most of the comic relief comes from Hok Lai since he’s like the hero from a shounen manga–strong but stupid. Hok Lai is immature, hot-headed, and has issues obeying his superiors. i.e. He’s convinced that his superiors are treating him unfairly whenever they punish him for not being a teamplayer. So he literally TATTLES on them. He is such a TROLL, ahaha.

“We don’t need any alpha hero in SDU.”

I like Chun Hin MUCH better because he’s not all overconfident and dumb like Hok Lai. In other words, Chun Hin is more of a gentleman. Plus he’s a team player, which is perhaps one of the most important things in the SDU. I love Chun Hin because he’s level-headed and practical, but he also has a more gentle disposition. But of course he’s not perfect; he has a problem with hesitating on missions and he doesn’t have as much confidence.

Of course we can’t forget the awesome SDU team leader, Jin Hon Tou (Joe Ma). He is a BOSS. Hon Tou expects a lot from his team, but he gives a lot back in return. He may be harsh during training but Hon Tou actually treats everyone like family.

“On duty, he’s our commander. Off duty, he’s our brother.”

I love Hon Tou because he’s such a boss. He puts people (AKA Hok Lai) in their place if he needs to. Too overconfident? Too cocky? Not a team player? HON TOU WILL FIX THAT. He’s not the kind of guy who will get shaken up when Hok Lai stupidly tries to challenge his authority. Hon Tou has no problem with smacking down Hok Lai’s excessive pride…so he takes Hok Lai off the assault team and puts him on the sniper team. AHAHA.


Oh, did I forget to mention there’s romance involved in Tiger Cubs? This is already in the synopsis so I’ll go ahead and tell you: the love triangle happens to involve Hon Tou’s bestie, Chuk Yeun. AHHHHHHHHHH I love Chuk Yeun! He’s so sweet and laid-back and AHHH. I love it when he just calls Hok Lai “kid” and whenever he makes a witty remark. And then there’s his trademark WINK. HOW can you see his wink and not be a fan??? HOW?

“Don’t worry, from now on, whatever happens, I’ll be here by your side to take care of you and protect you.” (This is what he says to his older sister. So cute.)

Oh, and the bromance between Chuk Yeun & Hon Tou is awesome. I think it’s hilarious whenever they stand next to each other because Hon Tou is like a head taller than Chuk Yeun is.

“You know what it means to lie to me.
I don’t have the guts, Madame”

Last but not least, it’s time for some GIRL POWER!!! Chong Cheuk Wah, (Jessica Hsuan) is a powerful inspector. Everyone goes around calling her MADAME.  Cheuk Wah isn’t the kind of boss who sits around giving orders–she actually nabs the baddies HERSELF while leading her minions on missions. I love her already because she kicks butt and she’s not the kind of character who’s considered to be the ‘weak link’.   (by the way, Cheuk Wah isn’t a part of the SDU but she works with them sometimes for certain cases)

I was quite impressed by the strong opening episodes. I was surprised by how much more realistic it felt (note: not ALL of it is realistic, there are still parts that are obviously not feasible.) than say, Strangers 6, Athena, or Koshonin. Of course it’s not an agent drama so maybe Strangers 6 & Athena aren’t the best comparisons. Also this isn’t necessarily an ‘action flick’ sort of drama because the action scenes aren’t flashy and they don’t overdo the stunts. Plus they actually wear their full protective gear, INCLUDING HELMETS. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY.

There are awesome action scenes (although I couldn’t describe them to you) along with BROMANCE and already a lot of character backstories. A lot of the characters are cliched but I still love them all the same. I’m looking forward to the love triangle but I’m also hoping it won’t plague the entire drama. Hopefully Tiger Cubs will find the balance between romance, action, and bromance.

HK drama rant
On a side note, as I said before, this is a HK drama. For some people this might take some getting used to because HK dramas have a totally different feel to them. (IMO) Obviously a huge difference is that it’s in Cantonese. Some people take a while to get used to it because they’re used to Mandarin or Taiwanese. Really this isn’t a huge problem and I think most people should be able to get over it. Don’t let the language stop you from watching.

Also the idea of eye candy is different in HK dramas…at a first glance you might think it’s not all eye candy because there’s not a lot of polished pretty boys or fashionable hotties. But that’s the whole point, we need guys who can look the part of an elite SDU member, not some dainty pretty boy. AND LOOK AGAIN. KENNETH MA IS IN IT. AS THE VILLAIN. JOE MA IS IN IT. AS THE HERO. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?

But on a more serious note, yeah the idea of eye candy is different because guys aren’t blindingly gorgeous. It’s like the kind of good-looking where at first you’re like, meh, but then later on you realize ‘wow, they’re really good-looking!’ I actually prefer this because instead of liking the character from the start due to his looks, I get to like a character more based on his personality. So all I can say is, keep an open mind!


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  • I heard good comments about Tiger Clubs! My mom is watching it and she loves it! I read that Kenneth Ma, the villain in the first episode, was very hot while cutting the throat of his victims? o.o

  • I’m watching it too! But why does it show only once a week??! >_< They should've made this a regular daily drama!

    Him Law (Hok Lai's actor) always acts as the cocky, hotheaded rookie in most (all?) of his drama, it's getting old..
    Chuk Yeun's really cute, I love his relationship with Jessica~

    I think Kenneth was really good villian, I can't wait to see him again. 🙂

    • Actually I heard that these episodes are longer than usual, which is why there are fewer episodes.

      I know I love Chuk Yeun!!!!!!! And Kenneth was awesome of course

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