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I’m really tempted to put an Ai Xing x Tian Ze cap as the featured image but…I just HAVE to express my frustration through Ling Li’s facepalm. HAHAHA.  That being said, this episode has a lot of sweet scenes with Ai Xing & Tian Ze, plus a huge breakthrough in Ai Xing & Jing Jing’s relationship.

Since Tian Ze & Ai Xing are no longer our source of comic relief after the whole amnesia thing, we can always switch to Ren Wei & Ai Xing!  These two together are always hilarious.  It really makes me wish that Love Forward had been a drama with a love triangle, not a love square, between Ren Wei/Ai Xing/Tian Ze.  Ai Xing has such great chemistry with BOTH the male leads.  *sigh*

Darn it, I forgot to include the screencap of Tian Ze HUGGING his dad.  His dad has a what-the-heck look on his face, AHAHA.  I thought the dad issues would be really boring but it turns out the dad scenes are some of my favorites in this episode!  It’s so sweet seeing how happy Tian Ze’s dad is to have his son back.  And then when he asks Grandpa to accept him back as his son!?!?!?  I LOVE MR. DU!  And I still can’t get over how Tian Ze is his spitting image! 


So, Tian Ze finds out about Ren Wei stealing Ai Xing’s first kiss.  He promptly marches over to Ren Wei’s, punches him in the face, and then stalks away.  AHAHAHA I’m sorry but I burst out laughing during that scene.  I think it was just so abrupt and quick that it ended up being anticlimatic.  At this point I realized how sad of a character Ren Wei is.  The poor guy is always misunderstood..and especially in the earlier episodes, everyone sorta gangs up on him.  Ahahaha.  Thankfully Ai Xing understands that Ren Wei has changed for the better! 

Tian Ze: “No one can treat you like that because you’re my most loved person.”
Ai Xing: “How can you be certain I’m you’re most loved person?”

Although this episode has a lot of unnecessary scenes, I have to say that the dialogue is actually pretty good for once!  How sweet is it that Tian Ze calls Ai Xing the person he loves the most!?!?!?  AND THEN HER RESPONSE, WHEN SHE ASKS HOW CAN HE BE SURE??  *flails*  I love this scene because Ai Xing finally shows her insecurity to Tian Ze.  She’s afraid that she’s fallen for him so hard that she can’t turn back…and also that she’s taking him away from Jing Jing. 

“Perhaps I forgot in my head, but my heart and body didn’t forget.  I always go to your place, I only trust you when I’m in trouble.  My happiness or sadness, I want to share with only you…these feelings mean I’ve fallen for you…So what if I forgot in the past.  Is this not certain enough??”

OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!  TIAN ZE’S LITTLE SPEECH IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!  It’s basically a confession!!!!!!!!!!  And I especially like the question at the end; he sounds like he’s so afraid of losing Ai Xing. 

“Although I’m not good enough now, but one day, I’ll definitely be superman, Your own personal superman.  Then I’ll help you fulfill your dream.  I’ll protect you, take care of you for the rest of your life.”

As if that previous speech wasn’t enough, Tian Ze turns on the charm even more by cutely declaring he’ll take care of Ai Xing for the rest of his life.  I don’t even know what to do with this. *so happy*  At this point Ai Xing crosses the line between pretend-girlfriend and real-girlfriend.  Even though she voices her worries over whether or not she can give up Tian Ze, I think her feelings are pretty much set. 

I’m afraid that this scene has only fueled my animosity towards Jing Jing.  BLEGHHHHHH.  Ai Xing is on cloud 9 as she happily tells Jing Jing about all the changes in amnesia-Tian Ze.  Jing Jing is a little quieter than usual and you can tell that she’s about to blow up.  The thing that annoys me is that you can tell she’s already about to pick a fight with Ai Xing.  I think the only way you can describe the look on her face is..JEALOUSY. 

Ai Xing innocently (or maybe not so innocently?) says that Ren Wei might be genuine.  Then everything blows up. Jing Jing accusingly says that if she gets together with Ren Wei, then Tian Ze will be free to be with Ai Xing.  WHAT THE HECK JING JING?  YOU’RE ALREADY WITH REN WEI.  YOU BROKE UP WITH TIAN ZE. AND THEN to piss me off even more, Jing Jing talks about how the backseat on Tian Ze’s motorcycle used to be HER’S everyday. UH, SORRY JING JING BUT YES, IT USED TO BE.  USED TO BE!!!   YOU DON’T HAVE ANY GIRLFRIEND RIGHTS ANYMORE.  *stamps foot*

“..why can’t I fall for Tian Ze?  Why do you always come and go as you please? Why do you always hurt him and I have to pick up the pieces?”

BUT GUESS WHAT, Ai Xing’s not gonna take the crap anymore!  She puts on her game face and stands up to Jing Jing!  It’s so true that Ai Xing is always the one picking up after Jing Jing.  And in case you want to get even more pissed off at Jing Jing, let’s hear her response!  Jing Jing gives her whole “I broke up with him because of blah blah blah” speech.  She sounds all offended that Ai Xing is even implying that she’s the one at fault.  I’m sorry Jing Jing, but you can’t have the best of both worlds. 

“I know I can’t like him.  But I couldn’t help it, I fell for him!”


“Can you stop being selfish this time?”  

My favorite line.  Although this may have been said out of anger, there is a lot of truth to it.  I think it shows that Ai Xing has known all along that Jing Jing is selfish, especially since she says “this time”.  This is really the breakthrough I wanted to some point Ai Xing has to be a little selfish to gain her own happiness.

*Update* I forgot to include the very last line of the scene..Ai Xing walks away while beginning to cry, and then Jing Jing yells after her that people have to make concessions in love so that everyone can have a happy ending.  *scene ruined*  WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?  WHY is Jing Jing talking about concessions when SHE’S NOT LETTING GO OF TIAN ZE AT ALL.  WHY is she talking about happy endings when 1) she’s always complaining about Ren Wei 2) Ai Xing needs Tian Ze to have her happy ending.  WAEGJWSJGSOLWJGHEAJH. 

So, I realized that I’m so caught up in my Jing Jing-hatred and Ai Xing x Tian Ze shipping that I’ve overlooked a really important point.  Of course I’m grateful to Grandpa for bringing Tian Ze & Ai Xing together, but at the same time, this was probably the wrong move.  There’s a huge difference between sheltering him and lying to him.  Ai Xing & Grandpa shouldn’t be messing with his memories because it won’t change the reality of his situation.  It’s better for Tian Ze to rediscover his past and to experience both good and bad emotions.  Like Mr. Du says, it’s better for Tian Ze to confront reality than to avoid it.  Grandpa & Ai Xing have good intentions but their methods aren’t the best solution.

I’m so fed up with Jing Jing.  I just don’t even know anymore.  Does she really think Tian Ze will keep on loving her for the rest of his life?  Does she really think she can get married to Ren Wei, but Tian Ze can’t go after another girl?  This just does not make sense to me.  Of course there is a certain period where you have to get over a breakup, and you might feel a bit jealous when your ex goes out with someone else.  But the thing is that..she’s the one that dumped him.  She had the choice.  Jing Jing can’t just pull out her “it was for the family” excuse all the time and expect everyone to let her off.  A break up is a break up no matter what the reason is. 

And the ep21 preview shows that Tian Ze has regained his memory!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!  And I’m even happier that he says he still loves Ai Xing!! However I’m also a bit confused, when he says “we should still be together” is the ‘we’ Jing Jing & Tian Ze, or Ai Xing & Tian Ze?  :/

Next episode previews

*Update* NEW PREVIEW OUT, thanks to all who translated!

*Update again* Thanks to Ah Man for translating the ep21 synopsis:

  • Why does the artist/painter has a photo of Ai’s mom – could he be Ai’s birth father?
  • Ai felt terrible after the fight with Jing; she couldn’t eat the breakfast that Tian made for her so he looks for Jing and ask her for help and Jing realizes how much Ai meant for him
  • During the time Tian read the blog (or confronts with Jing), he receives a call from Ai which Tian and Jing can’t believe/accept.


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  • yes yes yes… finally AX admits to falling for TZ! yey!

    i can’t get over how incredibly selfish JJ is right now. she plans to wed RW, but wants TZ to pine for her for the rest of his life???

    what i don’t get is if she really wants to be with TZ, what is stopping her? her dad is dead, so its not like she can save their business… and given that her mom knows RW is somewhat connected to JJ’s dad’s death, why would she approve of the match. and its not like TZ is a bum off the streets, he is the son of a prominent lawyer, as well as a lawyer himself, right? i just don’t understand the motivation of this character.

    don’t get me wrong, ok? i am AX-TZ all the way i just don’t get JJ. and i can’t even see why RW likes her. i want both TZ and RW fall for AX. hehehe…. kick the self-absorbed JJ to the curb, guys!

    • I think Jing Jing wants financial security, so she’s going with Ren Wei. I agree, it’s not like Tian Ze is poor, he has the potential to be a really successful lawyer. The problem is that when he was with Jing Jing, he would mix his work & private life together.

      Ren Wei seems fascinated by her hatred of money and her so-called ‘dignity’. Which I don’t really get either because Ai Xing has an equal amount of spunk (if not more) and she’s actually really modest when it comes to money.

  • on a side note, i love the amnesia-c TZ… he is smiling in almost every scene.

    loved his response when AX asked how he knows he loves her. if its a knee-jerk reaction, you know its real. so he must’ve loved AX even before the amnesia. otherwise, it wouldn’t feel so real now. **** squeeeeeeel*****

    • I know amnesia-Tian Ze is so much happier now that Jing Jing is out of his head! AUGH yes I loved his cute speech, it was so heart-felt! It reassured me that Tian Ze really loves Ai Xing.

    • Sami: I totally agree with u and really _<
      BTW#1: sorry about writing spoilers in another post! Never again!
      BTW#2: is there like a chatting system here? Love to discuss this with everyone! <3

      • Wow! Lost all my words! What happened? Haha!
        Sami: I totally agree with u! I really love the now Tian! Tony’s smile melts my heart!!!
        And that confession! *went to heaven* Tony/Tammy has sooooo much more chemistry! Just few words and the way they look at each other! *went to heaven again!*
        Jing! *sigh* HELLO EX GIRLFRIEND! Why can’t Ai likes Tian!? Um… your comeback/reply of why u have to leave Tian just makes it sounds all better/reasonable ba! Because that was exactly WHAT YOU DID! U come into Tian’s life and left just like Ai said! *mad*
        I can’t wait for next week! Stupid preview, left us all miserable and thinking about that “we”. Pls let is be = Tian/Ai or else, I’m gonna smack Tian’s head until he is completely awake! =P
        BTW: Sorry for the spoilers in the other post! Never again!
        BTW#2: Is there like a chatting system somewhere where we can all chat? <3

  • Ah, I’m so far behind! I had to take a short break due to pure frustration. I have completely changed my opinion of Ren Wei & am with you when it comes to Jing Jing. Her attitude is beyond annoying.

    I have noticed in dramas & movies there is always one person who does the breaking up for whatever reason & instead of wishing for their ex’s happiness they believe they should love them & be miserable for the rest of their lives. How is that fair?

    I want Ren Wei to get a happy ending, but if Jing Jing keeps this up I kind of want her to have the ending she’s trying to force on Tian Ze.

    • EXACTLY, it’s not fair at all to Tian Ze or to Ren Wei. LOLOLOL you have to watch the argument scene with Ai Xing & Jing Jing, because at the very end Jing Jing yells something about everyone having a happy ending if they make ‘concessions’ in love. I thought that line was really funny.

      By the way NeeNee, I tried commenting a few times on your Love Forward ep16 post but for some reason it wouldn’t work. I don’t know if it’s just me having that problem?

      • No, apparently it wasn’t just you. I logged out of my site and tried to do a test post and got an error. I then deactivated and reactivated Jetpack and then was able to have the comment go through. Please try again and if it still doesn’t work, I shall try to figure out how to stop Jetpack from hijacking the comment section.

  • OMG OMG OMG! New preview is out! *heartbreak*
    And the way Tian “remembers”(?)… it’s SOOOOOOOOOOO Autumn’s Concerto!
    Kyaaaaaaaaa! My heart is breaking already! Ai!!!!!!! I’ll be ur best friend! *hugs*

      • BTW: Tian/Tony looks soooooo hot in a proper suit! *dies*
        I wish they end up together. I thought they could start a very pretty family! Haha!
        I can see that after work, a handsomely dressed Tian waiting for Ai outside her workplace. Him looking at her as she walks to him all lovey dovey! kyaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • AX: In my life, other than family, you’re the person I care most about. The tragedy of being a substitute is I don’t know how much longer TZ can love me or how deeply
    TZ: You will still marry him, so what about your promise to me? Before, my girlfriend was you, not AX.
    AX: That’s why now, no matter how much effort I put in, it would be useless. Because you & I don’t have a past. You want to know so much that which happened in the past, you go find it, don’t look to me.

      • Poor poor Aixing! I felt so bad for her hearing what she said in the preview about being a replacement. Though this fake relationship thing has brought us a lot of sweet scenes and swoons, i agree that it’s wrong to feed TZ with false memories because that would be a false base to a relationship. Though the starting point may be false, I am still convinced that the feelings invested are very very real. See the way TZ responded to her when AX voiced out her insecurities. He was so sure of his feelings. His true feelings that is not swayed by past memories. Time and again in this episode, they kept reminding us that the past is not important. It is most important to treasure what you have now and what you are feeling now is the most real. So please don’t let TZ go back to JJ because that would be a total anticlimax to this whole show.

        I do agree that I don’t axtually think TZ regained his memory. I agree with u, he prob stumbled upon his old blog and realised that he and JJ were a couple. So he went to ask JJ what happened to them such that they ended up in this state. He wanted to know why she didnt keep her promise as his girlfriend (in the new preview). She was excited that he seemingly regained his memory. But in actual fact he did not. Jing jing would prob go on to talk about how much they’ve been through in the past. Then he will go on to say I don’t know why I loved you so much in the past but I love AX so much now? If all you said was true, then we (meaning TZ and JJ) should still be together. (old preview). That’s my interpretation. It means that he realised that if they had really loved each other that much, they would have stuck together come what may. But the fact that they didnt ,showed that their love may not have been that strong afterall. There after he prob went to ask AX about the past but her insecurities surfaced that she thought him regaining his memory would mean the end for them so that’s why she told him to go find his past himself and not to ask her anything anymore. YAY! that;s my deduction based on both previews! Hang in there AX TZ shippers! 😀 I believe in oUR OTP!

        • I know I think it wouldn’t make sense for him to go back to Jing Jing because he himself said that the present is the most important. Maybe the amnesia was needed because it helped him realize that the past doesn’t matter anymore. Even though Ai Xing & Tian Ze’s relationship starts out fake, it ends up being real! I don’t think either one of them can go back since their feelings are genuine.

          OHHHHHHH his blog! Omg I didn’t even think that he didn’t really regain his memory. Darn it! I really want him to remember NOW. But I guess it’s also good he’s finding answers beforehand, meaning he’s confronting his past rather than avoiding it. AHH Lynn your guess makes a lot of sense though!! I feel reassured now! Thanks! 😀

        • Ohhh! Nicely put on ur guess lynn. In fact, in the website’s written summary for Sunday’s, Tian did in fact read about him and Jing in his blog! That’s how he found out!
          *scroll down if u wanna know what was also written in the summary*
          -Why does the artist/painter has a photo of Ai’s mom – could he be Ai’s birth father?
          -Ai felt terrible after the fight with Jing; she couldn’t eat the breakfast that Tian made for her so he looks for Jing and ask her for help and Jing realizes how much Ai meant for him
          -During the time Tian read the blog (or confronts with Jing), he receives a call from Ai which Tian and Jing can’t believe/accept.

          My guess is that Ai and his bro is leaving Taiwan to accompany their birth father back to the States. I soooooo hope this happen because hopefully in Ai’s absent, he will know how much Ai meant for him.
          AND OF COURSE, (my guess) the ending of Sunday’s/cliffhanger would be: Tian racing to the airport to stop Ai! Could he catch her in time? LOL! What a cliche! XD

          • OMGGG. I was thinking it would be perfect if Ai Xing moved somewhere else! Like if she asked Ren Wei for a job transfer to a different city. She’d leave a note saying she can’t do this anymore, Tian Ze would discover it and find out she’s leaving..and then he would chase after her and tell her not to leave him!! Cliched but perfect!

            • NP NP! It’s my pleasure! KYA! Sunday comes now! Hurry! I can’t wait! *in the mean time, keep replaying previews!*

  • Hello! XD Translations here in case you haven’t got it ^_^

    Ai Xing: In my life, besides my family, you are the person I care about the most.
    Ai Xing: The tragedy of being a substitute: I do not know how long nor how deep Tian Ze will love me.

    Tian Ze: You will still marry him, then what about your promise to me? You were my girlfriend, not Ai Xing.

    Ai Xing: Now, no matter how much effort I put in, there is no point, because I do not have a past with you. If you want to know about the past so much, go look for it, don’t look for me!

  • Sorry for the poor translation:
    In my life, other than my family, you are the person I care the most.
    The saddest thing about being a replacement is – I don’t know how much and how deep could Tian Ze loves me.
    You’re still marrying him. What about your promises?
    My past girlfriend was you, not Ai Xing.
    So it doesn’t matter how much effort I put (into our relationship), it’s nothing, just because we didn’t have a past. If you want to know what happened in the past, then go find it yourself, don’t ask me!

    But I really like the editing in the first 2 scenes. Very touching! Awww. I’m still struck by what Ai said: they don’t have a past. Of course they do! ~>_<~
    And I have a feeling Tian didn't regain his memory. He only find out the facts that Ai wasn't his past GF. He was bluffing to Jing to see her reaction (and thus the true).
    Sigh~~~~~~~ Ai Xing! Poor poor Ai Xing~~~~~~~~!

  • The script is so stupid. It give the audience a hope and disappoint them. Man I really hate Jing Jing. What’s a selfish woman. Don’t she take a look back herself that Ai Xing help and comfortable her when she not happy. She already has Ren Wei . Why she want tian Ze for? . She the one brought out the idea broke up . And Now she also want him back. If the end tian Ze chose Jing Jing it make me really hate him. He such a stupid man that got dumb by a woman also see her go out with another guy but still want go back with her . It’s very heartbreaking for ai Xing. What ‘s all the promised that he said to her now all gone with the wind. Both tian Ze and Ren Wei just fall for her that not fair. I really no patient to wait three days for one episode to come out. I’m sure that episode 21 and 22 is very sad for Ai Xing. Man I can see that Jing Jing will laugh at Ai Xing that tian Ze chose her . This is so sad sad sad:(

    • Hopefully Tian Ze is not stupid enough to choose Jing Jing over Ai Xing. How would Ai Xing ever face Jing Jing & Tian Ze again if Tian Ze dumped her?!?!

      • I hope so, too. After all the torment and teasing with this show and plus Jing Jing proving herself again and again unworthy (of both Tian Ze and Ren Wei), it would be a crushing blow.

        I did get around to this episode finally. I LOVED that Ai Xing did stand up for herself to Jing Jing. And if the previews aren’t misleading, it looks like Tian Ze does, too! I really hope that these events can get Jing Jing to realize that she needs to change and that her friends and loved ones will not continue to support her no matter what she does as it hurts too many people.

        • Agreed, I actually want Ai Xing to break off her friendship with Jing Jing (yeah right, that would never happen) or at least say she needs to take a break from their friendship. There’s no way Ai Xing can keep on supporting Jing Jing when she’s hurting everyone else.

          • I think it would be good, too, if Ai Xing were to break things off and let Jing Jing know that there is no possibility to remain friends while her selfishness and hurting people continues.

            I am still amazed at how much Jing Jing changed. Sure, she had amnesia and couldn’t go back to that sassy girl with a big chip on her shoulder thanks to her parents’ marriage, but for her to become as she has, shakes head.

            I am really liking the evolution of Ai Xing, though. And Ren Wei. Their characters are changing for the better and moving forward while Jing Jing just keeps back spiraling.

            • Yeah I agree Jing Jing has gone downhill whereas Ren Wei has improved a lot. I don’t expect her to suddenly become an optimist or anything but the least she can do is stop complaining and make the best of her situation.

  • Ugh! That preview better not be how i perceive it… don’t break poor AX’s heart, TZ! JJ is soooo not worth it. She doesn’t deserve anyone’s devotion, not RW, not AX and certainly not TZ. She hasn’t shown anyone any consideration other herself. Like the universe should revolve around her.

    If she wanted to, she could’ve gotten back with TZ but she can’t seem to let go of her preference to designer items.

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