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This has got to be my favorite episode.  It even tops episode 18.  AND THE PREVIEW FOR EP20 IS AWESOME.  TIAN ZE x AI XING SHIPPERS!!!!!!!!  OUR LONG WAIT IS FINALLY PAYING OFF.  I dare say that the misleading posters and opening/closing MV’s DON’T MATTER.  TIAN ZE AND AI XING ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER.  THIS IS NOT JUST ME IN DENIAL.  EVEN THE DRAMA IS SHIPPING THEM.

Beware, LOTS of picspam ahead!  I just included the ones above because I love the family fun with Grandpa.  Hehehehe.

“Mom, is this kind of happiness a good thing?  It’s obviously a lie, why do I feel happy?”

I think this episode is significant because Ai Xing is finally becoming more aware of her feelings for Tian Ze..and she even dares to think about liking him.  She settles into her role as pretend-girlfriend and starts playing her part almost way too good.  By the end of the episode, I think she’s not even acting anymore.  Ai Xing is falling for Tian Ze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Or maybe she already fell for him long ago, but she’s realizing just now)

Thanks to Grandpa’s guidance, Tian Ze is determined to plant a kiss on Ai Xing.  The first attempt fails and you can tell she really doesn’t want to kiss Tian Ze.

Tian Ze also has a random comeback when he recites a long legal thing to save Zhi Xing from going to the police.  This wasn’t quite the way I wanted to see him regain a bit of his former self, but I suppose it really suits Tian Ze.  He’s is such a straight-laced guy that of course, even in amnesia-Tian Ze-state, he can’t ignore his duty to help others.  (how cheesy, but true)

“I won’t make you worry about me again in the future.”

Ai Xing and Tian Ze go out STARGAZING by a lake.  OTP!  OTP!  When Ai Xing mentions how they have to crane their necks to see the stars, Tian Ze cutely puts his hand behind her neck to make her feel better.  SO SWEET!!!!!!!!

“If one day you find out your girl friend is Jing Jing, would you still want to listen to me sing?”

I think this is the point where Ai Xing becomes completely comfortable with amnesia-Tian Ze..and also where I think she’s no longer pretending. This is also when she begins questioning what will happen when Tian Ze gets back his memories. 

Tian Ze & Ai Xing sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together.  Then Ai Xing leans against Tian Ze while teaching him the names of all the stars.  AND OF COURSE!! She has to fall asleep on his shoulder!!!!!!  SUCH A PERFECT SCENE!

Turns out Tian Ze and Ai Xing slept on the boardwalk all night since Tian Ze didn’t want to wake up Ai Xing.  THAT IS SO CUTE.  Ai Xing comments that he didn’t think about himself.  TO WHICH HE REPLIES..

“Thinking about you is thinking about myself.”  

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TIAN ZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I NOW PUT YOU ON EQUAL STATUS WITH REN WEI!!!!!!!!!!!!  THAT WAS TOO SWEET!!!!!!  This is yet another instance where we see Ai Xing falling for Tian Ze more and more. 

Ren Wei is becoming more and more adorable by the minute.  It seems like he’s been saving his super cute smile (that I’ve been missing ever since Who’s the One ended) for now.  Now that he’s fully aware of his feelings for Jing Jing, he decides to go all out.  Ren Wei cares for Jing Jing in every little way possible.  i.e. when she’s asleep on his lap, he cutely shields her eyes from the streetlamp’s light.  And then he smiles to himself like he’s satisfied that he’s helping her out.  AHHHHHHHHH.

Although Ren Wei learns how to be more gentleman-like on his own, he still doesn’t fully understand women when it comes to money.  Ling Li teaches him that sincerity means more than the price tag.  So he goes to every shoe store possible to try to buy Jing Jing a pair of super special shoes.  However Jing Jing takes it the wrong way (she thinks he’s flaunting his wealth or something..) and then proceeds to BREAK HIS HEART by throwing the shoes off a bridge and into the oncoming traffic. 

AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  You can just see Ren Wei’s heart breaking..especially when she throws the SECOND shoe out on the road.  :'(  Poor Ren Wei.  He retrieves both of them even though it’s dangerous.  I actually think Jing Jing is falling for him because of her startled reaction when he almost gets hit by a car.  She can pretend all she wants that she hates him, but she can’t hide her feelings in her spontaneous reaction.  BUT this doesn’t really explain why she threw the shoes in the first place.  T_T  Jing Jing gives Ren Wei the usual lecture about how she doesn’t want his gifts, blah blah blah.  But I think she’s actually shaken by his willingness to put himself in harm’s way for her sake. 

So poor Ren Wei nurses a broken heart while he goes home, STILL carrying the pair of shoes. :'(  So to solve his problem he grabs Ai Xing AND KISSES HER.  *faints*  She pushes him away and slaps him.  Ren Wei voices Ai Xing’s insecurities way too harshly..

“Tian Ze belongs to Jing Jing.  You’re just Jing Jing’s substitute…”

OUCH.  OUCHHHHHHH.  I don’t even know what to say in reply to that. 

Oh I forgot to mention..that was Ai Xing’s first kiss. 

“I thought I would miss you if we were apart.”

Tian Ze wipes away Ai Xing’s tears, but she doesn’t tell him about the kiss.  Instead she zones out while gazing at him and accidentally lets her true feelings slip…

“That’s right.  Why weren’t you the one who kissed me?”


IT’S PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the pictures explain themselves..

BEST SCENE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this kiss (or kisses) suits Ai Xing x Tian Ze because they’re both so innocent. :'(  And on the topic of the first kiss thing, technically Tian Ze doesn’t remember his first kiss so..if he kisses Ai Xing would that be like a second..first kiss?  Anyway I don’t think it matters much that Ren Wei stole Ai Xing’s first kiss because Ai Xing wants to kiss Tian Ze, not Ren Wei.  Plus in the previews it shows Ren Wei apologizing because he wasn’t thinking clearly.

 I felt like crying tears of joy while watching this episode.  I’m so glad Ai Xing is finally beginning to accept her feelings for Tian Ze.  Before I said I was frustrated with Ai Xing because she refuses to let go of Jing Jing x Tian Ze.  But now I can understand her perspective because the unwritten rule is that you’re not allowed to go out with your friend’s ex.  She’s scared of betraying Jing Jing. :'(  The ep20 preview shows Ai Xing putting Jing Jing back in her place.  FINALLY she’s gonna say the things I’ve been wanting her to say!!!!

“..why can’t I fall for Tian Ze?  Why do you always come and go as you please? Why do you always hurt him and I have to pick up the pieces?”

Ok this next part is kinda confusing with all the Tian Ze’s:

  • former Tian Ze: before amnesia
  • amnesia-Tian Ze: him now
  • new-Tian Ze: when he regains his memories

What I’m really wondering is when Tian Ze will regain his memory!!!  And how will this change Ai Xing and Tian Ze’s relationship??  AUGH, WHO KNEW THE PRETEND-GIRLFRIEND PLOT COULD BE THIS GOOD AND THIS COMPLICATED??   I have no idea how the new Tian Ze will be like..I mean, once he regains his memories will he be a fusion of amnesia-Tian Ze and former-Tian Ze? 

But my main concern is that new-Tian Ze’s feelings for Ai Xing might change.  I really want him to still love Ai Xing even when he remembers Jing Jing.  I totally get Ai Xing’s worries.  Ren Wei’s comment was all too true and it really hit her in the gut.  What if everything she experienced with amnesia-Tian Ze will become a lie once former-Tian Ze comes back??  What if liking Tian Ze now will end up hurting her later on???

I think Ai Xing loves both former-Tian Ze and amnesia-Tian Ze just as much.  She already loved former-Tian Ze before, but it took the amnesia-Tian Ze to make her see his softer side and realize her feelings for him.  Maybe new-Tian Ze will be former-Tian Ze, (minus the loveblind fool part) but he’ll just show more of his softer side.  Any other theories?


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Love Forward: Ep 18
Update: My Drama Tea is 1 year old!
  • Drats!! This show is messing with me…. it is evil, I tell you, evil!

    I want Ai Xing to be with Ren Wei! It is also like they can get a fresh start. She doesnt have to remember all the moody and broody times between JJ and TZ.

    But still the dock scene was super adorable!

    And like you said, she was sooooooo wanting to kiss TZ *giggles*

    And this my friend is how I felt too, Yahooo!!!!!!!!!

    “That’s right. Why weren’t you the one who kissed me?”


    It is proof indeed. But why am I changing my loyalties?? Stupid Ren Wei and his kill-me-on-the-spot-smile!

    • *gasp* You’ve switched!!!!! I don’t really blame you though, who wouldn’t fall for Ren Wei’s cute smiles. I think maybe if Ren Wei had changed earlier in the drama, then I would think Ai Xing x Ren Wei is possible. But it’s too late in the game, Ren Wei already fell for Jing Jing and Ai Xing for Tian Ze!!

      I KNOW I loved that line, plus I love how she said it OUT LOUD in front of Tian Ze. Ahahaha.

  • Ai Xing and Tian Ze are just so sweet that I’d be such an utter fail if they don’t end up together. As of the moment, I don’t really care much about Jing Jing and Ren Wei aside from the fact that it kinda stirs excitement and plot movement for the Ai Xing – Tian Ze plot. I want to see more of Ling Ling!

    Just a few more episode and we’ll get our OTP’s happy ending. Right? Oh please don’t disappoint me, show.

    • My thoughts exactly, it would be an utter fail if they don’t get together. And I will cry if they don’t. :'( BUT I feel like I have a lot more hope now that Ai Xing fell for Tian Ze!!! Yay!!

      I like Ling Li with Ren Wei better, if only Ren Wei had fallen for her!!

  • YAYY! I stalk this site everyday for new TZ AX spazzing! Just like you, I felt that EP 19 topped ep 18! I was squealing and grinning like an idiot at every sweet interaction between our OTP! I feel that Aixing has loved Tianze all along but she just closed her mind and heart to entertaining any of such thoughts because TZ “belonged” to JJ. That would explain the way she cared for TZ all along, naggy but always there to help him out and comforting him. TZ is a more complicated case. JJ to him is his idea of an ideal girl and relationship because she’s pretty(the same first thing he noticed as amnesia TZ) and insecure. But their relationship has always been rocky even without AZ given that they quarrelled so many times and it was always AX trying to pull them back together and helping them to talk out their differences. Even back then, JJ felt insecure because of AX’s presence and TZ’s obvious concern for her but she brushed them aside. I believe that TZ knows how much AX means to him but he didnt think of it in the romantic way because he was too preoccupied with his goddess JJ. Until amnesia TZ where JJ gets wiped out of his mind, he falls fast in love with AX(his existing deep feelings for her finally had the chance to surface). I feel that if he never loved AX, he wouldnt be able to “love” her so quickly as a girlfriend in his amnesia state.

    I LOVE THIS COUPLE SO MUCHHH! Watching their interactions in BTS just makes me ship them more. I really wonder what’s in store for this couple. If there are 24 eps as speculated, ep 20 is prob where AX finally faces up to her feelings and accepts TZ. I would imagine ep 21 to be where TZ starts to get bits and pieces of his old self back and may get confused abt his feelings for AX and JJ. Then ep 22 would be where TZ finally gets back his memories and realises AX is the one for him. However, AX may be unsure about whether he really loves her. Ep 23- TZ chases AX from scratch. haha I feel that AX really deserves a guy wooing her for who she is and not standing in for someone else. EP 24 Happy ending for our OTP!! hahaha okie im thinking too much

    • Aww that’s so sweet Lynn! I always look forward to reading other Love Forward fans’ comments too! I need people to spazz out with over Tian Ze and Ai Xing!! Thanks for all of your comments 🙂

      YES I agree with your awesome explanation for Tian Ze’s feelings!!!!!! If he hadn’t loved Ai Xing in the first place then he wouldn’t have fallen for her in amnesia-state. Former-Tian Ze was always thinking about Jing Jing so he didn’t realize his true feelings for Ai Xing.

      And for Ai Xing, I think she just never let herself cross the line…she always made sure to stay on the friend side, and never the lover side. Like you said, she’s still bothered by Tian Ze belonging to Jing Jing. UGH in the preview for ep20, I felt like shaking some sense into Jing Jing!!! How can Jing Jing still claim ‘ownership’ or her girlfriend rights when Tian Ze is her EX??? BUTT OUT, JING JING.

      I think there’s 24 episodes but at this rate I think we need more time. T_T Ep20 is the ideal episode for Tian Ze to regain his memories. Then we would have 4 more episodes to see new-Tian Ze x Ai Xing. If he doesn’t regain his memories in ep20 then I feel like we would need more than 4 episodes to finish the drama. I want at least a few episodes showing new-Tian Ze and Ai Xing in an actual relationship, not just one episode at the end showing them together.

  • KYAAAAA!!!
    I’ve been following LF since day 1 and I didn’t repeat watching any ep except this one! So many luvluv moments between Ai/Tian! YUPPIE!
    And their near kiss is sooooooooooo hot! *throw confetti* I’ve waited for soooooo long to have Tian looks at Ai like this! KYAAAAA!
    This has gotta be my top Ai/Tian scene. A close 2nd one is by the lake. Them during sunrise. That was soooooooo beauitful! Kudo to the director!

    If Ai/Tian didn’t end up together or give us an open ending (I read somewhere that it will be open-ended) or if Jing/Tian got back together, I will NEVER support this creator’s drama again! Seriously, I’ve never seen such a poor written drama! and it’s a pity to have talented actors (Tony and Tammy) in this project! SIGH~
    It was driving me nuts too that this drama was so Jing-centred! I hate to say this (and sorry Amber’s fans) but Amber should just stick to music! Her acting is so bland! >_< *pulling my hair thinking of Jing/Amber* ARGH~
    But I'm sooooooooooo glad that Ai will finally think of herself for once and be confronting how crappy Jing has been treating both her and Tian! You go Ai!!!!

    And girls, while waiting for new ep on Sunday, I recommend Tony's previous drama EX BOYFRIEND. It is from the same director but this project is a much faster pace and the love/conflict is more interesting and intense! I've watch it Nth times now! (can't help it! Esp OTP's kissing scenes are the hottest I've seen!) Speaking of Tony's kisses, I can't wait for Ai/Tian's first kiss! *thinking how it'll play out*

    Heisui, thank you so much for reviewing this drama! Your comment is so funny and I love how loyal u r to Ai/Tian FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! Keke! I hope you'll watch EX BOYFRIEND too and if decide to review it, I won't miss it! I'd love to know what u think of it!

    • Yes, this episode was PERFECT. *throws confetti along with you* OMG I never even thought about an open ending!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I don’t know what I’d do if that happens!!!!!!!!!! Ai Xing and Tian Ze have to end up together!!

      I don’t think Amber is at fault, I think it’s more Jing Jing’s character. I think Amber is doing fine but Jing Jing’s character always frustrates me.

      Oooo I’m glad someone has finally mentioned Ex-boyfriend! I watched half way through the first episode a while ago, but I’m waiting for the rest to get subbed. But OMG I also watched one of the kissing scenes in Ex-boyfriend and it is HOT. Like, completely different from Tian Ze’s kisses with Jing Jing. HMMM I wonder how he’ll kiss Ai Xing. 😉

      • KYAAAAA! *hug tight* I’m so glad u tried EX-BF. However, I’m afraid it won’t get subbed anytime soon! ~>_<~

        And yeah, Tony's kissing skills is superb! *red face*
        I thought Tian/Jing's kiss is kinda unpassionate? I wonder if the amnesia-Tian's kiss is better! Haha! I bet so because a) it's Ai and b) did u see how eager he was in this ep? He was sooooooooo down when he didn't know how to initiate the kiss! That was just so adorable! Kyaaaaa!

        Oh BTW, have u seen Inborn Pair? Aside from Tony, I totally have a thing for Chris Wang now! His character is just plain perfect! I want a hubby like his character!

        And Congrat on the 1st year anniversary! YAY YAY YAY! Keep up the good work yo! And thanks for the OTP's highlight on the side of ur blog! "I SHIP THEM FOREVER."
        HAHAHAHAHAH! *thumb's up*

          • Unfortunately the new preview doesn’t really show much, just Tian Ze & Grandpa finding out about the first kiss I think. I really wanna see what Tian Ze will do when he finds out 😀

        • I know, I wanted to watch it but I have to wait for the subs. >.< I'm really surprised it wasn't subbed sooner because it seems so funny!! By the way, I love the opening MV for Ex-boyfriend. 😀 I haven't seen Inborn Pair though, I thought it would be too long of a drama for me.

          Yeah Tian Ze & Jing Jing's kisses were nothing compared to the one in Ex-boyfriend O_O Maybe Tian Ze will step up his game when he kisses Ai Xing!

          Thanks, I'm glad you found my blog 😉 It's great to hear how enthusiastic you are for Tian Ze x Ai Xing!!!

  • Haha yay ep 20 picture synopsis is out! 😀 It seems like AX and TZ continue with their “fake” (very real in my eyes :p) coupling and AX finally realises that all these years, she had always LOVED TZ! *SPAZZ* TZ may be on the road to recovering his memory after he goes to work at his dad’s lawyer firm. Haha Please don’t let us down, Amnesia-TZ and Normal-TZ! Pleaseeee don’t start doubting your feelings for AX!!!

    • Yup, plus the second preview is out! I was really hoping it would say “Tian Ze regains his memory” but NO, darn it! Ahhh but yes the synopsis says something about Ai Xing realizing she loved him all along! Wooo!!!

      • There was another preview out on tudou that showed TZ meeting JJ at the stock transaction centre! He said if not for AX being cuter than you are, I would have fallen for u????? What’s that supposed to mean?? I can’t wait till ep 20 comes out! I need my dose of our OTP! I’ve been rewatching past scenes like a mad woman! 😛

        • I know! I hated that comment! It’s so ambiguous! Does it mean even with the amnesia, there’s something about Jing that attracts him? Or if Jing didn’t exist and he just met Ai at the very beginning, he would have fallen for Ai instead? I felt bad for Ai. It’s like she’s the 2nd choice/leftover, a girl a guy would ‘settle’ for! So sad!!!
          I seriously see nothing good about Jing that would have 2 guys going crazyyy for! Are they blind or am I blind? >< *mad*

        • OOO so that’s what he was saying. Uhhh I don’t get what that means either. But doesn’t that mean he likes Ai Xing better than Jing Jing? *hoping*

          And if you remember the drunk Ling Li & Ai Xing scene, former-Tian Ze called Ai Xing cute too. So he already thought she was cute before the amnesia!

  • Can I join the confetti throwing party??? Pllllease?? Ah! This was so good. Also grinning like an idiot. I must say,this show was letting me down only 3 or 4 episodes ago but now… it reminds me why I fell in love with LF sooo many weeks ago. I’m so happy! I’ve also wanted TZ and AX together – and though I was annoyed at Jing Jing for most of the show, at least now.. her character’s role is making RW go bonkers, and that smile of his… siiiigh. That said, I did watch AX and RW’s kiss a couple times.. *breathes slowly*… ok I’m good now. Oh please let this show continue being fantastic until the end! I will cry confetti if it doesn’t make me perfectly happy by ep 24

    • welcome to the club! *hand u confetti*
      **spoilers below**

      anyone seen the new ep? sooo many great moments~ i esp like Tian’s “confession”! kkkyaaa! seriously, i was saying “kiss him already Ai!” HAHAHAHHAHA! (but i thought the editing was kinda odd! the punch and then cut to them outside? we didn’t even see poor ren’s reaction! lol!)
      BUT NEXT WEEK! omg! the ep is getting better and better! this is what i’m talking about! <3
      and see!? the drama just get better when we r not revolve around Jing anymore!

  • Me too. I really love episode 19. Hope next episode there more cute scene of Ai Xing and tian Ze. I thought a total 30 episodes not 26. I hope it around 30 episodes . Cause I don’t want rush ending. Kekeke!

    • Hey Bingcute, according to wikipedia, there’s 24 eps~ I want Ai/Tian ending! If not, I want them all to be alone and miserable! LOL! J/K!

  • I’m so excited! I may have to start watching this again. I’m so happy they are together, but I seriously want to see JIng Jing in a pool of blood. I’d have too many hate moments, but I love your reactions!

    • If you’re gonna start rewatching, I’d recommend you start at ep18. 😉 Omg just wait until you see the Jing Jing scene in ep20, it will infuriate you even more!

  • I really really cannot stab AI Xhing!! She is so over the top obnoxious that she gets on my nerves, plus she is not only plain but her funky nose bothers me, her stupid antics bother me and everything about her bothers me. No she should not be with Tiang Ze. Oh yes! Another thing I do not like is the Taiwanese language, it’s probably Chinese which I strongly dislike as well!!! I prefer Korean any day!

    • I love Ai Xing; even though she did some stupid things she has a good heart.

      Also if you really have a problem with Taiwanese, then I suggest you just don’t watch the drama. Simple as that.

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