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YUP, the Love Forward I’ve missed so dearly IS BACK.  Finally it brings back the humor and family warmth and shippy OTP scenes that I’ve been craving for!!  Although this post is really late, this episode was definitely a great comeback.  Love Forward has been lagging for a long time, but ep18 felt like a breath of fresh air.

Remember that one episode where Grandpa said he’d be Ai Xing and Tian Ze’s fate?  HE’S TRUE TO HIS WORD.  HE LITERALLY IMPLANTS MEMORIES INTO TIAN ZE’S HEAD.  AHAHAHAHAHA.  Grandpa is our savior!!!!!!!!!!  He makes up this whole story about how Tian Ze and Ai Xing are star-crossed lovers who are perfect for each other.  Tian Ze totally buys it and makes up false memories based on Grandpa’s lies.

The funny thing is that Grandpa totally twisted the truth of some of their real memories.  i.e. he says that Tian Ze insisted on giving Ai Xing a ride to school.  AHAHAHAHA if you remember how this REALLY went, I’m sure you were cracking up.  It’s also really weird to see how amnesia-Tian Ze is so SWEET and CUTE and calm!  I actually like amnesia-Tian Ze better than normal Tian Ze!

“Help him with love.  That’s called loyalty.”

As for Ai Xing, she’s so naive that she believes Grandpa’s explanation that the pretend-girlfriend trick is a way to help Tian Ze regain his memories.  Clearly Grandpa is using this opportunity to push Ai Xing towards Tian Ze, so the “give him love” advice from the therapist is the perfect excuse!

“You’ve fallen for Tian Ze a long time ago, you just don’t know about it. “

Before we get into the love square, here’s some Ling Li x Yan Nan for you!  Who knew what Yan Nan could look like without the glasses.  Go Ling Li for taking charge and giving him a make over. 😛

I was sure to watch the Ren Wei x Jing Jing scenes.  OMG, Ren Wei is so sweet and adorable and clueless, I LOVE HIM.

“if everything could start over, do you think we’d have a chance?”

It’s so sad seeing him asking if their relationship would be different if only they had met on better terms.  The look on his face says he’s hoping that Jing Jing would say that yes, she would love him just as much as she loved Tian Ze.  This is also a very candid moment for Ren Wei, no doubt he’s stepping on his pride just by asking her this question.  Also the sad thing is that I think they really would’ve hit it off if only they didn’t have all this family revenge baggage.

So, even after Ren Wei asks if Jing Jing could love him like she loves Tian Ze, HE STILL doesn’t know that he’s fallen for her.  AHAHAHA.  He has to ask Ling Li, his love adviser, to ask how he can know whether he’s fallen for Jing Jing or not.  And then when he finds out he should pursue her, he’s all DARN IT why do I have to do the pursuing?  Little does he know that he’s been pursuing her all this time. T_T  Ren Wei is so hilarious at moments like these.  Heheheh.

AND TIME FOR THE LOVE SQUARE!  Finally the couples have switched!!!!!!  Ren Wei is gentle and hilarious, and at times, a troll.  Ai Xing is still a bit stupid when it comes to rooting for Jing Jing and Tian Ze, but she’s adorable when she tries to avoid Tian Ze.  Tian Ze is super cute and innocent and SMITTEN with Ai Xing.  And then there’s Jing Jing, who’s steeping in jealousy and anger and self-pity and all those other negative feelings. 

Ai Xing is still very sweet but I couldn’t help but be annoyed whenever she tries to spill the beans about Jing Jing & Tian Ze’s past.  OMG, Jing Jing IS NOT Tian Ze’s girlfriend anymore!!!!!  Ai Xing cannot imagine a happy ending without Tian Ze x Jing Jing.  BLEGH.  At some point she has to move on and accept that they broke up for good.  And maybe she should start thinking about her own happiness too. 

As for Jing Jing, I thought she was finally putting Tian Ze before herself by not telling him about their past.  However the look on her face afterwards says otherwise.  She looks so jealous and indignant when she sees Tian Ze and Ai Xing being happy together.  I realized Jing Jing is still being selfish even though she’s trying not to be.  UGH.  Plus all of those flashbacks to the times when she felt suspicious/jealous of Tian Ze and Ai Xing!?!?!??!  Obviously her insecurity over these two has been going on for a long time.

But no, it wasn’t Jing Jing’s jealousy that pissed me off.  IT’S THAT SHE USES REN WEI.  AEGJAIOGJWSIOGJSIAGHJ.  She acts like she’s the one being wronged by him but that’s really not the case anymore.  Like I said before, Ren Wei has turned a new leaf and he’s sincerely trying to show his love for her.  But then she uses him whenever Tian Ze & Ai Xing are around.  BLEGH.  Then afterwards she distances herself from him and acts like nothing happened.  SERIOUSLY, Jing Jing?  She always says Ren Wei is the one playing around, but at this point I feel like she’s the one who’s not being clear about her feelings. 

“You never need to pretend in front of me.”

At this point, she doesn’t deserve Ren Wei.  He’s trying to accept her but she’s not accepting him.   On a more positive note, I love the new bromance between Tian Ze & Ren Wei!!!!

“I can tell you’re cuter than her.”

TIAN ZE IS JUST SO SWEET :'(  Even Ai Xing begins to accept his sweetness towards the end of the episode!  THESE TWO FILL MY HEART WITH FUZZINESS AND BUTTERFLIES.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

“Gentle and graceful, or mean, I love them both.”

I just can’t get over the change in Tian Ze.  He’s totally crushing on Ai Xing. *_* IT’S SO CUTE.  AND I LOVE THE PART WHERE HE LOOKS AT AI XING AND STARTS DRAWING HEARTS.  *flail flail*

We haven’t had such a satisfying episode in a long time.  Ep18 was way overdue..if only it had happened earlier, maybe Love Forward wouldn’t have lost its momentum.  I feel like us Ai Xing x Tian Ze fans are finally getting closer and closer to OUR DREAM.  PLEASE, LET IT HAPPEN.

And while I adore amnesia-Tian Ze, I’m also excited to see what will happen when he regains his memory.  That’s the true test to see whether Tian Ze will still acknowledge his feelings for Ai Xing or not.  *hoping* 

Lastly, the preview for ep19 IS A DOOZY. 


I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Hahaha thanks for your reviews! 😀 I come here for my dose of AiXing x Tianze shippy pictures and gushing! 🙂 So excited for this couple though it seems that a lot of people on the taiwan forum seem to root for Jingjing tianze! AX and TZ has always been my muse! 😀 Notice that they seem to be wearing more matching clothes/colours lately!

    • Hehehe basically all of my pictures are for shipping Ai Xing x Tian Ze 😀

      I KNOW I love how they’re wearing matching clothes now 😀 I also like Ai Xing’s clothes a lot more, now that she gets to wear pastel colors and pretty shirts. They really suit her!

  • Ai xing should really start worrying about herself…. the drawing of hearts *awww*

    I liked the preview for 19 🙂 and you know why.. hehehehehe

    I dont see anything wrong with Ren Wei kissing Ai Xing….. but is there some kdrama law about 1st kiss etc.???? boooooooooo….

    anyway, Tian Ze – Ai Xing – Ren Wei ftw!!!!!!

    • Yeah, she needs to start thinking about her own love story. And Jing Jing needs to butt out of Tian Ze’s life.

      OMG OMG the kiss in ep19!!!! I must rant about it in my next post!!!!!! Yeah that’s my only concern…what if the “first kiss” thing actually means something. :'( But then again Tian Ze already kissed Jing Jing a million times so it would only count as Ai Xing’s first kiss..

  • Thanks so much for update. Tian Ze regain his memory so quick lol. Anyway I still hope that Ai Xing and Tian Ze together.

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