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Episode 17 felt more like a filler episode because there were way more unnecessary scenes than usual.  Maybe it’s supposed to be some sort of turning point for Tian Ze because he finally gets a fresh start, but I’m not really feeling it.  On the other hand, for those who have been waiting for Ren Wei’s redeeming moment, THIS IS IT.  HE FINALLY TURNS A NEW LEAF AND CHANGES.  I LOVE REN WEI!!!

Again, let’s start out with LING LI. 

“Thank you..and sorry.”

Ren Wei APOLOGIZES to Ling Li.  This is a HUGE turning point.  He acknowledges that the things she said at the bachelor party were all true.  He promises to make it up to her.  Ling Li turns the weighty conversation into a more lighthearted one when she questions why Ren Wei is acting like a different person all of a sudden.  I love seeing Ren Wei’s softer side when he’s with Ling Li.  I’m glad he’s finally learning to put away his pride for once. 

And just to make me suffer even more, episode 17 reminds me of Ren Wei & Ai Xing’s great chemistry together. T_T  This whole episode has scenes where Ai Xing & Ren Wei fight and hate each other’s guts.  Of course Ai Xing is the victor in all of them.  THAT’S OUR AI XING!  She’s totally learning from Ling Li.  FORGET JING JING.  REN WEI & TIAN ZE SHOULD BOTH FALL FOR AI XING. 

So, Ai Xing x Ren Wei vs. Jing Jing x Ren Wei…although I totally ship Jing Jing x Ren Wei now, I think Ren Wei’s relationship with Ai Xing is much more mature.  They both know their boundaries but at the same time they’re not afraid to challenge each other.  This doesn’t really make any sense but it’s almost like even though they hate each other’s guts, they have some sort of mutual respect.  It feels like two grown-ups are together even though they both have their childish ways.  On the other hand, when Jing Jing & Ren Wei are together, Jing Jing always reverts to teenager mode.  UGH.

By the way these scenes are all out of order, but since it’s on the subject of Ai Xing & Ren Wei…

There’s this one scene that’s both cringe worthy and great.  For one thing, I wish the word “love” would be banned from the script. T_T  We don’t need more “do you know what love is” speeches.  WE GET IT.  Ai Xing goes off on how much Tian Ze loves Jing Jing (in comparison to Ren Wei’s ‘love’) because he’s willing to give her everything.  I was sorta rolling my eyes because I thought it was supposed to be another moving speech that’s trying to teach us what love is.  BLEGH.  But then the scene turns AWESOME when Ai Xing issues her challenge to Ren Wei:

“If you can do it too, then I’ll give you my blessings sincerely.”

That shuts up Ren Wei real quick.  Ai Xing = winner of this round.

“ it possible that Meng Jing Jing would bail on the wedding?”

I know, you’re probably surprised by how much I’m talking about Ren Wei, but he seriously stole the spotlight in this episode.  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy, I mean who wouldn’t be pissed off?  His fiancee disappeared the day before the wedding WITH HER EX.  That sounds incredibly fishy, obviously he’d be suspicious.  Poor poor Ren Wei.

Anyways, as I said in my intro, this is really the turning point for Ren Wei.  Ai Xing and Ling Li’s words make him realize that he has to work harder to ‘nurture love’ with Jing Jing.  Thus begins lots of scenes where Ren Wei awkwardly tries to be nicer to Jing Jing with some kind gestures.  REN WEI, YOU HAVE A FAN.  RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!  I SHIP THEM SO MUCH.  Also, as proof that Ren Wei has indeed leaped bounds this episode, he tells Jing Jing he hopes they can have better communication.  He supposes that it’s not necessarily a good thing that they’re holding themselves back from quarreling, because oftentimes quarreling is a means of communicating.  Ren Wei is so cute now. 😀


As for Jing Jing..I don’t even want to see her face right now…….these next couple paragraphs are really harsh but I’m really frustrated with her. 

“Why are you so foolish?”

Jing Jing, if I were you, instead of asking Tian Ze that question, I’d ask myself that question..

“Tian Ze ended up like this because of me.”

NO DUH, DARN RIGHT HE DID.  I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for Jing Jing right now.  If she had just NOT given Tian Ze hope, NOT asked him out the day before his wedding, NOT agreed to his stupid request, THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED.  And then she mopes around like oh noes, I didn’t know this would happen, it’s all my fault I got to take responsibility, oh no oh no I love him I made him suffer BLAJEGOJAGBJAWOGFTAJWSGOLJ.  WE GET IT JING JING, YOU’RE SORRY NOW PLEASE JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE. 

“If you can come to, I’ll stay away from you so you don’t suffer anymore.”

AND THEN?  AND THEN?  She asks Ren Wei to postpone the wedding because, you know, SHE HAS to be by Tian Ze’s side since this is all her fault.  And of course, after he recovers, THEN she’ll get married to Ren Wei.  THIS is where things crossed the line the most.  Seriously, Jing Jing?  NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.  HOW DO YOU EXPECT REN WEI TO BUY THAT CRAP? 

“..please, instead of watching over me lately, watch over Du Tian Ze.”

As usual, Ai Xing is still my favorite character.  I love her reaction when she finds out that Tian Ze is in the hospital.  She doesn’t even have to cry or say a word, you can just see that she’s barely processing all that’s happening.  AND WHEN SHE SHE PRAYS TO HER MOM, TO PROTECT TIAN ZE, NOT HERSELF?  :'(  I love Ai Xing.

“In the world of love, whether or not we’re in love, you still feel feel a sense of loss.  Why should I feel a sense of loss?”

I was kinda confused by the quote above because they randomly decided to let Ai Xing narrate a thought.  It just felt forced and out of place because narration isn’t that common in Love Forward.  But I still find it interesting that she says she feels a sense of loss.  Who exactly is she losing?  Jing Jing?  Ren Wei? TIAN ZE?????

“He’ll wake up if he’s scolded everyday.”

Ai Xing x Tian Ze shippers, I know you all need something to tide you over for the week.  There’s not many scenes of my favorite OTP in this episode, but get this: TIAN ZE WAKES UP BECAUSE OF AI XING.  WOOOOO!  He doesn’t react at all when Jing Jing sobs over him and says she won’t love him anymore, blah blah blah.  But then Ai Xing starts scolding him, telling him to get it together because she and grandpa can’t take care of him all the time.  And what do you know, TIAN ZE REVIVES!  BECAUSE OF AI XING. 

“Du Tian Ze, you can’t forget me.  I’m Zeng Ai Xing!  The Zeng Ai Xing who likes to act contrary to you and quarrel with you.”

It’s so sad seeing Tian Ze not remembering Ai Xing. :'(  And to make it even sadder, the look on Ai Xing’s face when she realizes he’s not himself is so heartbreaking.  But she still tries to put on a strong face for the sake of grandpa and Tian Ze. 

“This time, not only will I have my eyes on you, I’ll accompany you and see you recover day by day. Don’t be scared. Ai Xing will always be with you.”

AND THIS SCENE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Tian Ze avoids Ai Xing because he doesn’t recognize her and is still trying to understand what’s happening.  But Ai Xing kneels down next to him and does the gesture they did when they first met.  She assures him she’ll be right there with him.  THAT IS SO SWEET.  :'( 

Meh.  First off, I just have to say that Tian Ze’s amnesia is an overly used card.  I don’t get why they’re using this card so late in the game.  But I’m sure I’m not the only one that agrees that Tian Ze really needed a blow to the head to shake him out of his infatuation with Jing Jing.  Seriously.  So, I’m fine with them using the amnesia scenario but they DID NOT have to include so many scenes of his rehabilitation.  SERIOUSLY, TIME IS WASTING, what’s up with those filler scenes?  UGH.

HOWEVER like I said earlier, Ren Wei has certainly leaped bounds!  I’m so glad he’s finally beginning to redeem himself and reconcile with Ling Li, Jing Jing, and even Ai Xing.  The problem is that Jing Jing still won’t give him a chance.  She can’t see past his tough facade like Ai Xing can.  She’s convinced he’s up to no good.  If only Jing Jing put in the effort like Ren Wei is, then I’m sure their relationship would greatly improve. 

*Updated* Here’s the latest preview for ep18:

*swoon*  This is only making me anticipate ep18 even more because it shows Tian Ze being all nice to Ai Xing.  The ep18 synopsis is also up, and apparently grandpa will make Ai Xing pretend to be Tian Ze’s girlfriend??  Whatttttt?  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

*Another update* Here’s the second latest preview!!!!!  AI XING X TIAN ZE FANS, WATCH IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE SHIPPY SCENES ARE BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!


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  • GAH!! Ren Wei is love! I am ready to jump ship…actually I am going to be on board where ever Ai Xing is….. and I want to be like Ling Li!!

    Yep, I have no sympathy for Jing Jing… like none. Ren Wei showed up in his tux too, ready for the wedding… BARG!!

    I am not sure I like Tian Ze either…… I just realised I would not like his character at all if it weren’t for his interactions with Ai Xing. Because of his chemistry with her I liked him… no Ai Xing, I don’t care if TZ marries JJ or whatever….

    Can we clone Ai Xing??

    Oh yea, the scene where TZ wakes up when AX is yelling at him was priceless!

    • Agreed! Anything that doesn’t relate to Ai Xing…I pretty much fast forward. And it’s almost a guarantee that I facepalm whenever Jing Jing opens her mouth. I’d be totally ok if this show just became about AX-RW-TZ! 🙂

    • Yeah, Ling Li is like my inspiration. 😛 She’s so witty and intelligent.
      I felt so bad when Ren Wei came in his tux, he looked so eager for his wedding and then he finds out Jing Jing was with Tian Ze. :'( Poor guy!

      I like Tian Ze when he’s smart and playful with Ai Xing..but then ever since Jing Jing screwed him over I’ve been annoyed by how lovesick he is!! Ugh!

    • Maybe the later half of this drama should be all about Ai XIng falling in LOVE!

      Come on there are 2 couples, and all we hear about is JJ-TZ romance. Ai Xing needs romance too… someone sweep that girl off her feet……..

      Ren Wei, she is right there, marry AX… dude!

      • YES, please!! Except I would’ve preferred if it started at ep12..since that’s the halfway mark. T_T It’s no fair that the last 17 episodes have all been about Jing Jing’s love story. Ai Xing deserves one too!

        On a side note, Yan Nan is so cute with Ling Li. Did you see the picture of him WITHOUT HIS GLASSES? :O

  • *giggles* I am waiting for a scene when Ling Li will kiss Yan Nan senseless… hehehehehe…. OMG, so freaking cute. Their height matches tooo… <3 <3 <3

  • asafdsfsfywerfwf &!%%%

    OMG!!! It is Sunday right! Be still my shippy heart, be still….. woo hooo!!!!

    *party time*

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