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As always, this episode had SEVERAL face palm moments…guess which scenes?  Right, the Jing Jing & Tian Ze ones.  UGHHHHHHHH.  Unfortunately I’ve become anti-Jing Jing because I just cannot take her “sacrifice” anymore.  Tian Ze, poor guy, is still love blind and clinging onto a tiny sliver of hope that SHOULD NOT EXIST at this point in the drama.  TIAN ZE x AI XING WILL PREVAIL.  I REFUSE TO GIVE UP. 

So, let’s take a break from the whole love square thing and focus on the one character arc that doesn’t frustrate me to no end!!!!!  LING LI IS AWESOME!!!  She has the guts to organize Ren Wei’s bachelor party (which I thought was kinda funny because they tried to make a club-like atmosphere and I was not feeling it at all..) and then rant at him drunkenly.  She calls him trash for leading her on for several years.  Ling Li feels like a fool because she waited for him so long and has always been helping him at her own expense.  It’s no secret now that Ren Wei has been stringing her along to make more profits.  Ling Li’s disappointment is understandable because now she just feels like a tool–used and thrown away. 

And then she proposes a toast to Ren Wei, so that EVERYONE is looking–and she throws her drink in Ren Wei’s face.  WOOOOOOOO GO LING LI!!!!  Ren Wei takes it coolly but you can tell his pride is hurt.  I love how Ai Xing is like Ling Li’s sidekick, cheering her on and making jabs at Ren Wei.  Heheheh. 

And for the cutest part of this scene?!?!?  YAN NAN x LING LI, I KNEW IT WAS COMING!!!!!!!!  Yan Nan, innocent as can be, points out all of Ling Li’s good qualities to comfort her.  They are the cutest couple ever, I think this could be the one couple that will turn out happy. 

“I believe his feelings for me are true.  I also believe we can be happy together.”

Jing Jing seems like she’s ready to move on and work hard to be happy with Ren Wei.  In this scene she’s very mature and I felt like she had everything figured out.  (but this changes in the second half of the episode so..)  She finally dares to wonder…what if she actually could be happy with Ren Wei?  What if love is something you actually have to work for? 

“I think love can probably be nurtured.” 

“I once pursued a passionate love without considering any consequences. I don’t have any regrets.”

She may not love Ren Wei right now, but maybe they could develop a loving relationship over time.  THIS is the attitude I want Jing Jing to have!  I want her to stop moping and dwelling on her first love and start trying to make her marriage worthwhile.  If she goes into this whining and spitting at Ren Wei, she might as well just not even get married.  If she’s gonna have the attitude that this marriage is doomed, then it will be.  But if she changes her attitude and is at least willing to try, things could be different.  Anyway I’m glad Jing Jing realizes that her romance with Tian Ze was actually very idealistic and it’s time to move on. 

Ai Xing: “What about Tian Ze?  You’re Tian Ze’s dream.  Without you, what will become of him?”
Jing Jing: “He has you.”

I LOVED Ai Xing’s question, what about Tian Ze?  AHHHHHH.  And Tian Ze happens to see Jing Jing & Ai Xing talking around this moment.  I’m not sure if he heard them or not but…

later on Tian Ze is a bit awkward.  Ai Xing is about to scold him, but he surrenders quickly and sorta edges around her to walk away.  Maybe it was just me, but I felt like he wasn’t acting normally.  So did he hear Jing Jing & Ai Xing’s conversation!?!??!

Anyway there are STILL hints at Ai Xing x Tian Ze being the fated ones.  A fortune teller mentions Tian Ze’s “love line” on his palm.  Maybe I’m reading into things too much (at this point I’ll take anything) but whenever I translate the Love Forward summaries, Ai Xing’s name literally translates into “Love Line”.  CONNECTION?  CONNECTION??? 

“I’ll be their fate.”

AND GRANDPA, BLESS HIS HEART!!!!!  He also goes to a fortune teller to ask about Jing Jing/Tian Ze/Ai Xing’s fortunes.  Of course the fortune teller is a total poser, who makes up answers but I WILL TAKE ANYTHING.  He says Jing Jing & Tian Ze aren’t meant to be together, and that Ai Xing & Tian Ze are destined but not fated. (which makes no sense, he was just making stuff up)  The cute thing is that Grandpa says, no need for fate, as long as they’re destined it’s all good.  BECAUSE HE’LL BE THEIR FATE FOR THEM.  AWWWWWWWWWW. 

There’s a heartwarming scene when the two of them go to the temple to pray.  Ai Xing prays fervently for Tian Ze’s success.  Tian Ze awkwardly tries to pray and is about to go on his “I couldn’t help her, I can’t help anyone” rant when Ai Xing interrupts and finishes his sentence for him.  She says “he definitely can do it.”  And then Tian Ze starts to go on his mom-rant and Ai Xing interrupts again to ask God to tell Tian Ze’s mom that he’ll get it together soon.  AWWWWW.  And lastly, she says that Tian Ze won’t let down the people who believe in him. 

Tian Ze looks over at her, and nods silently.  She nods in reply.  THIS BOND!!!!!!!!!!!  CAN YOU FIND THIS BOND WITH JING JING AND TIAN ZE?  NOOOOOOOOOOO. 

Ren Wei still cracks me up, like when Jing Jing insults him and he cheekily replies that attacking each other will be their way of affection.  AHAHAHA.  Anyway, Jing Jing is doomed because she envisions Tian Ze in a tux, when it’s really Ren Wei in a tux.  Oh no.  What happened to her moving on???

^The only benefit of Jing Jing x Tian Ze scenes it that we get to see Tian Ze smiling.

Well guess what, SHE DOESN’T.  WAIOEGJOAIJGHOLAJHBIAJHB.  THIS is where I just lost it and can no longer support Jing Jing.  She meets with Tian Ze to thank him for not going after her, blah blah blah and then she asks him to accompany her for the last day before the wedding.  WHAT??????

“The only thing I can give you is to let you go.”

Tian Ze also sounds all mature and composed and YET?  YET? HE ASKS HER TO PRETEND THAT IT’S LIKE THE FIRST TIME THEY FELL IN LOVE.  *FACE PALM FACE PALM FACE PALM*  When he asked that I was like, NO, JING JING DON’T DO IT.  RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY.  If anything, Jing Jing shouldn’t have agreed to Tian Ze’s request.  At least she could push him away and say NO, I’m engaged to someone else and I won’t let myself have these conflicting feelings anymore.  But no, she still has lingering feelings for Tian Ze and even wants to fall in love with him in the next life.  *rolls eyes*

I don’t even know anymore.  The stupidity of Jing Jing and Tian Ze put together is beyond me.  I’m annoyed because both of them sounded like they let go of each other already, and yet they’re prancing around pretending to be lovers again.  THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING.  The thing is that we’re never really progressing because they’re always taking a step backwards. 

I’m probably grasping at straws at this point, but I totally read into the whole Tian Ze letting go of Jing Jing’s hand thing.  SYMBOLISM????  DOES THIS MEAN THEY’RE GONNA BE SEPARATED FOR GOOD??  I felt like the ending of the church scene was rather ominous and it could possibly be the end of Tian Ze x Jing Jing.  Then again, that’s me needing some sort of assurance that my OTP will be fulfilled. 


TIAN ZE HAS AMNESIA!!!!!!!!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  This is the only time in a drama where I WANT a character to have the oh so cliched amnesia.  HE NEEDS IT.  HE NEEDS IT TO FORGET JING JING.  But if they do the whole “Oh he falls in love with her all over again even though he lost his memory” I……………..I………… *deflates in utter defeat* THIS IS THE CHANCE, TIAN ZE.  TAKE IT, TAKE IT!

Anyway, I commend all of you devoted Ai Xing x Tian Ze fans who have stuck it out so far with me.  Episodes 15 & 16 were sorta my tipping point because I’m so impatient and frustrated with the lack of progress so far.  However if you remember back to my earlier posts, when I first declared my undying love for Ai Xing x Tian Ze and my support for them ’til the very bitter end, let it be known that I WILL NOT GIVE UP.  I will be staying with this drama ’til the very last episode.  😉


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  • We will not be defeated. I will stick it out with you till the very end and it will Ai Xing and Tian Ze forever!

    The whole beach, church, not-a-date date = *GAH* !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The whole “destined but not fated” idea is actually pretty interesting… I usually have a friend translate episodes for me and she didn’t put it that way so I didn’t pick up on it when I first watched the episode. The fortuneteller may be a fraud but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Ai Xing and Tian Ze will be lovers but not necessarily soulmates. Still, that’s good enough for me. I’m loving the whole amnesia angle precisely because we all know Jing Jing is too selfish to really give Tian Ze the care he really deserves. She’ll ‘let go’ of him just when he needs her the most and, as usual, Ai Xing will be left to pick up the pieces. Ren Wei seems to have been really shattered by Ai Xing’s comments in the hospital. Will we see a new Ren Wei in the future? But I have to say, I wouldn’t wish Jing Jing on anybody at this point. She’s so tragically immature and undisciplined – how could she, as an ENGAGED woman, even think of leading Tian Ze on like that???

    Can’t wait to see Ling Li x Ya Nan!!! What does it say about a drama when the most fully developed character is a peripheral one at best?

    • I still don’t really understand the “destined but not fated” thing because I feel like destined=fated. But oh well, I think it means that Ai Xing & Tian Ze are meant to be together.

      Yeah I’m expecting Ai Xing to take care of Tian Ze while Jing Jing mopes in the corner. I hope Ren Wei will change soon..I want him to try to “nurture love” with Jing Jing as well. It would be great to see both Jing Jing & Ren Wei learn to love each other.

  • OMG…I agree with every sentiment. Ai Xing and Tian Ze must end together. However, I have an additional fave couple: Ling Li x Yan Nan!

    This whole episode was torture for me except for the Ah Gong and Zhi Xing scenes, Ling Li and Yan Nan scenes, and Ai Xing and Tian Ze temple scene. Even the Ai Xing and Jing Jing’s mother was better than the whole Jing Jing and Tian Ze scenes.

    I understand they love each other, but DAMN! let it go already. How in the world you gonna go on a date before your wedding? It’s either or either Jing Jing….you can’t have both worlds.

    • Yes I also enjoyed the Grandpa scenes, especially when he & Zhi Xing ran away from the fortune teller. Hehehe. And it was so cute when Grandpa was planning to cook all of Tian Ze’s favorite dishes.

  • i’m sorry… this drama is really just frustrating. I want my ZX-TZ now…. dang, its just taking too long. its gotten to the point where JJ can get hit by a bus and I would not give a fig. wayyyy too selfish. but dragging the whole ZX-TZ getting together is like a tease that will not see fulfillment. I am still hoping though.

    I am truly dependent on you, dear heisui. i can’t watch until i see some actual development to the real interesting OTP here. So i will stalk your site and hope you deliver us some good news soon.

    salamat po.

    • I know..they’re dragging out the story way too much. Hehe I hope I can give you all good news soon. I’m still hoping for Ai Xing x Tian Ze!!!

  • I just don’t know if I even want Tian Ze with Ai Xing anymore, since she’s becoming more awesome and he’s becoming trapped in Jing Jing’s web of suck. At this point I want her to continue to be so kick ass along with Grandpa, her brother, Ling Li and Nan Yan, while Jing Jing and Tian Ze can continue to be incredible boring and stupid offscreen somewhere.

    Also does anyone know how long this drama is supposed to be? Because we still have birth secrets and ex-wives on their way right?

    • I know, I think Ai Xing, Grandpa, and Ling Li are the best characters. I don’t even know how Jing Jing does this, how does she manage to charm Tian Ze and Ren Wei at the same time?? When she’s next to Ai Xing, who’s clearly AWESOME and better??

  • destined but not fated – from what I know there’s a Chinese idiom that says “Destined to meet but not fated to be together. 😐 I’m not sure what to make out of that given statement. Although, as compared to what was said about JJ and TZ it seems a lot better. Gah, i just want my AX and TZ fix!

  • This is my first Taiwanese drama (after discovering Kdrama last fall – and 30 Kdramas later.. here I am). So far I’ve been loving Love Forward – seriously though, there can’t be any other outcome But Ai Xing and Tianm Ze.. right?? Grandpa’s been predicting it since ep. 1. It has to be! That’s the only reason why I’m watching this.. that, and well – though I initially adored Jing Jing, she’s gotten so obnoxiously stubborn. But does anyone else ever route for the girl in these sitautions (aka: get over your former lover, and just fall in love with the other guy before too much drama ensues)? At this point, seeing Ren Wei slooooowly become more humanized, even if he does transform into an altogether good guy through his love(?), I’m so mad at Jing Jing I don’t think she’ll be worthy of either guy. Can Ai Xing just split into 2 persons and each guy get a copy?

    • I know I don’t even care about Jing Jing’s love story anymore. Now I just want BOTH Ren Wei & Tian Ze to fall for Ai Xing. I’m really really hoping for Ai Xing x Tian Ze!!!!!!

  • Mehh, not much I can say about this episode. It’s like where going one step forward only to take three steps backwards. Ugh, whatev! I’m so over Jing Jing but the preview for ep. 18 looks promising so i’m excited =].

    Does anyone know how many total episodes there are for this show?

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