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This episode felt all over the place, which is pretty normal for Love Forward nowadays.  There were some great scenes with humor and fun dialogue, and then there were those other scenes that just did not work.  I mainly enjoyed this episode because of the many Ling Li scenes, which are always great!  I love seeing her friendship with Ai Xing!

I’m pretty sure we all know what Jing Jing’s answer to Ren Wei’s proposal is.  Just like she told Ai Xing, even though he’s a jerk, maybe marrying him isn’t all that bad of a deal.  Is she just rationalizing her decision by saying he’s not that bad of a guy, or is she realizing he might really care for her?  Maybe it’s a combination of both..

“I actually think he’s helping me.”

Thankfully Jing Jing doesn’t keep Ren Wei’s proposal to herself, she actually tells her mom & Ai Xing about it.  Obviously Ai Xing & her mom are against the marriage, but at least Jing Jing has the courage to confide in them.  Jing Jing tells Ai Xing that maybe even without Ren Wei’s interference, maybe all these events would have taken place anyway.  Wow I never even thought about it from that perspective.  Go Jing Jing for actually trying to consider it from all points of view, not just her own. 

Jing Jing: “If it weren’t for him, all these things might still have happened.”
Ai Xing: “But without him, would you have broken up with Tian Ze?”

Unfortunately Ai Xing does something INCREDIBLY stupid–she searches through Ren Wei’s office to find evidence of his revenge scheme.  *face palm face palm*  And when Ren Wei comes back to his office, she leaves tons of files all over his desk, CLEARLY showing she was messing with his office.  AUGHHHHHHHH WHY AI XING, WHY??  I know at times she’s dense but..THIS?? WHY??

But, Love Forward makes up for the dumb move with half of a great scene.  Ren Wei cross examines Ai Xing in front of Ling Li, Tian Ze, and Jing Jing. When Ai Xing tries to put all the blame on herself, Ren Wei blows up and repeatedly asks her why she really did this.  I think Ren Wei is both intrigued and frustrated by how loyal and selfless Ai Xing is.  I loved this scene because it’s one of those rare moments where you see Ai Xing scared out of her wits.  But then of course, SHE LOOKS HIM RIGHT IN THE EYE, stands up to face him, and tells him she knows all about his schemes!! YES!!!!!

…but then the scene is ruined when Ai Xing delivers a ‘moving speech’ on how Jing Jing looks strong but she’s really not, etc. etc.  Which is why I say it was half of a great scene. We get the whole Jing Jing + love theme already.

“Jing Jing needs love.  She’s also someone using all her efforts to love someone else.”

Oh, and Ren Wei trolls Tian Ze, resulting in a brawl between the two kids.  Also, Tian Ze’s actions have been unprofessional and have violated his code of ethics.  Meaning he could be debarred.  I was actually waiting for this bomb to drop because I was really frustrated by Tian Ze’s actions.  He lets his personal feelings and connections get in the way of his responsibility as a lawyer.  Tian Ze thinks he’s doing what’s best for Jing Jing, when in fact it might end up hurting her in the long run. 

“Du Tian Ze, this is what happens when you provoke me.”

“I LOVED the Ling Li/Ren Wei scene!!!!!!!  Ling Li is such an awesome character. Before I thought she was completely over Ren Wei, but it turns out I was wrong.  She stuck by his side because she still hoped that maybe one day Ren Wei would WAKE UP and see that she was the one for him.  How sad is that, she’s so loyal and PERFECT for him and yet he just can’t see it.  I love it when Ling Li tells him to his face that there’s no reason why she can’t tell him all her feelings, and that she can understand more than he can. 

“I just can’t accept it.  After so many years, the woman next to you is not me.”

This seriously felt like a break up scene even though they weren’t really a couple.  Why they are not an OTP, I do not know.  Ling Li is the definition of girl power.  She exposes all of her hurt and disappointment and yet she still walks away with her head held high.  I love how open and direct she is.  She leaves Ren Wei flabbergasted and at loss as to how to appease her.  Oh, and she QUITS.  In Ren Wei’s face.

Of course, Tian Ze broods over his fight, but he doesn’t really blame Ai Xing.  Ai Xing is very sorry for doing such a dumb thing, but once Tian Ze chides her a bit, she starts jabbing at his wound with the ice pack. 

“I did it all for you!”


Tian Ze meets up with Ai Xing at the stock exchange because he wants to sell his love stock.  REALLY, Tian Ze???  Why are you consulting Ai Xing about your LOVE STOCK, huh???  IT’S A SIGN, IT’S A SIGN.  He thinks it could pay for the rent…but unexpectedly, Ai Xing tells him to not to sell just yet.  She thinks that selling the stock will make it feel like Jing Jing is gone for good.

Tian Ze jokes that he thought she loves money.  She replies that of course she loves money, but she loves Jing Jing more. (Isn’t that the sweetest thing??)  I don’t even know how to describe the expression on Tian Ze’s face in this scene, but I felt like it was definitely different than his usual expression..I guess it was softer?

“You’re willing to sell it, I’m not.”

SO, let’s get to what this scene is implying.  I think it means that Tian Ze is ready to let go of Jing Jing for good.  However Ai Xing is unwilling to let go of Jing Jing x Tian Ze just yet because she stubbornly believes that they are the one and only true couple.  I’m really hoping that Tian Ze is realizing his feelings for Ai Xing first.  Ai Xing is probably the one who will take more time to accept that maybe Jing Jing & Tian Ze aren’t meant for each other. 

Now for the REAL FUN: Ling Li & Ai Xing, DRUNK.  They crash at Ai Xing’s house while poor Tian Ze has to deal with them.  These two are hilarious together, I LOVE THEM!! 

Ling Li swipes at the air while telling Tian Ze..

“Ren Wei stole your girlfriend, but you hit him so softly.”

Then she goes, if it were me, I’d.. *grabs Tian Ze in a headlock*  Tian Ze asks Ai Xing for help but instead Ai Xing also gets worked up.  She thinks up horrible things to do to Ren Wei and then points at Tian Ze “YOU, REN WEI!” *smacks him on his head*  AHAHAHA.  And right afterwards Ling Li cracks up and smacks him on the head too.  I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM!!!!

Even when she’s drunk, Ling Li can see right through Tian Ze.  I think her words are pretty much proof of Tian Ze’s feelings for Ai Xing because she’s LING LI.  SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING.

“You say you don’t love her, but in your heart, you love her so much.”

Then she and Tian Ze get in a huge argument.  Ling Li insists Tian Ze likes Ai Xing, while Tian Ze denies it.  Ling Li motions to Ai Xing and makes a heart with her hands, saying it’s LOVE.  Ai Xing doesn’t get it and Ling Li calls her stupid.  Tian Ze’s reply??

“What’s wrong with being stupid? That’s what makes her cute. Unlike you!”

Ling Li latches onto his words and concludes there’s no way he doesn’t like her.  YES, LING LI, THAT’S WHAT WE’VE BEEN SAYING FOR THE PAST 15 EPISODES.

“He must not understand his own feelings, that’s why he’s depending on you.”

The entire Ling Li & Ai Xing scene is gold.  That’s all I have to say. 

I love Ren Wei & Jing Jing’s chemistry.  Look at that look of utter disdain Jing Jing shoots at Ren Wei.  Heheheh.  I loved it when Ren Wei writes a faulty check for Jing Jing and then he literally smiles and goes, well what about marrying me?  As though he expects her to say yes, because you know, letting a check bounce is the way to woo a girl.  AHAHA Ren Wei needs a Relationships 101 course. 

Jing Jing isn’t entirely powerless in this relationship.  She has guts too.  I loved it when she messed with him by pretending to throw his cellphone out in the street.  The look on Ren Wei’s face when she told him she’s playing is priceless. 

“Because in your eyes, I’m worth nothing.  To you, this might be a game, but to me, it’s my life.”

So, long story short, Jing Jing accepts Ren Wei’s proposal. 

Ling Li & Ai Xing really saved this episode.  Without them I doubt it would’ve been as enjoyable.  I feel like I have more hope now that Tian Ze x Ai Xing could be canon, even if it’s happening slowly but surely.  I just want them to hurry up and get on with it already!!!!!!!!  The preview for episode 16 shows Jing Jing saying she knows Ai Xing cares a lot about Tian Ze, and that maybe she likes him.  I’m really hoping that this will be a wake up call for Ai Xing, because she’s really the one who needs to let go of her ideal Tian Ze x Jing Jing couple.  It’s all but fitting for Jing Jing to be the one to break down this obstacle to let Tian Ze & Ai Xing be together. 

*Update* OK, so..I was pleased by the Ling Li/Ai Xing scenes, so I wasn’t gonna vent my frustration but…after waiting for the other previews for ep 16 to be released while thinking MAYBE, MAYBE Tian Ze is over Jing Jing for good, I SEE THIS PREVIEW:


As much as I have defended Jing Jing in my past posts, I just have to get this off my chest…JING JING IS NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.  THE WHOLE DRAMA DOES NOT HAVE TO REVOLVE AROUND HER.  *stomps foot, shakes fist at drama, bangs head on keyboard*  Love Forward better not pull an In Time With You thing on us where Tian Ze & Ai Xing get together at the last minute.  Because that is just CRUEL. 


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  • I’m gonna go cry a river. Why, drama, whyyyy? My hope was in Ai Xing x Tian Ze all this time, and then THIS stupid preview shatters it. 🙁 I’m pissed!!!!!!
    I love Love Forward sooo much but if they decide to go the Jing Jing x Tian Ze route, that’s it, I’m done with this show. But hopefully not!

    Thanks for all your reviews. I always look forward to reading them 🙂

  • *Flips desk* I’ve been following along with this drama because your blog turned me into a Tian ze and Ai Xing shipper…but that preview is just insane!! If this turns into the Jing Jing show, I’m going to bust a nut!! ARGH!

    Anyways, just wanted to show my support! You’re not alone!! Thanks for the recaps

  • I wasn’t too impressed with this episode, but am hoping that episode 16 really comes out strong thanks to the previews, although their previews can be horribly misleading at times. I really can’t wait to see Jing Jing talking to Ai Xing about Tian Ze.

    • I know I’m not sure if that preview is for sure for ep16 (because they’ve done the wrong previews before..) but who knows. I really want Love Forward to pick up momentum again. I miss all of the humorous scenes it used to have. :'(

  • I just find Jing Jing to be so boring (most of the time) but especially when she’s with Tian Ze. And I never understand why Ai Xing is so devoted to her as a friend, since it seems like Ai Xing is always the one doing all the giving and Jing Jing all the taking.

    And if Tian Ze and Jing Jing end up together, who will be with Ai Xing?! GAH. I just can’t. She deserves so much better!

  • This drama getting kinda boring now. Everything about that Jing Jing, I wonder when they start a love story for Ai Xing. I wish Ai Xing and Tian Ze happy ending. So far half of the drama the two lead guy are fight for Jing Jing , I wish the other half I like to see only tian Ze and Ai Xing.

    • I totally agree, Love Forward is going way too slowly. T_T Jing Jing is always the center of everything and I want Ai Xing to get her own love story for once!!!

  • I’m seriously considering giving up this drama… Jing Jing and Tian Ze make me puke when they’re together. Not cute, not funny, just bland. Why can’t Tian Ze acknowledge Ai Xing’s loyalty and good heart? I would much prefer to have a mature love story between Tian Ze and Ai Xing and (dare I say it?) Ren Wei and Jing Jing than to go in circles like this. Ren Wei and Jing Jing have such wonderful chemistry with each other and I legitimately thought for a while that she could be the one to redeem him but I guess it isn’t meant to be. We’re coming up on episode 17 and Ren Wei hasn’t shown any signs of growth. I also read about his real wife coming back and, while I previously thought it would just be an obstacle for Ren Wei and Jing Jing to overcome together, the recent track makes me suspect that it’s just a foil so that Jing Jing and Tian Ze can finally be together and that Ai Xing and Ren Wei will end up alone. UGH. What a fail drama.

    • I can understand your wanting to give it up…but I’m determined to watch it ’til the end.

      Hmm I didn’t even think of the possiblity of Ren Wei & Ai Xing ending up alone. I really want Ren Wei & Jing Jing to actually fall in love. Tian Ze needs to move on and get together with Ai Xing.

      • I sincerely hope Ren Wei and Jing Jing fall in love but I am not sure if there are enough episodes left to do that convincingly. Episode 16 was cringeworthy for me.

        • Ren Wei is ready to love Jing Jing, but Jing Jing isn’t ready to love Ren Wei. I thought she was ready to give it a go and actually try to love him, but at this point, I don’t even know anymore. T_T Ah yes, I just posted the ep 16 review, feel free to go rant about ep 16 over there. 😉

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