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Although Love Forward is still moving slowly, this episode especially had a lot of scenes that had me flailing TO NO END.  I’m pretty sure it’s concrete that Ai Xing & Tian Ze are gonna be together after this episode.  There’s no way it’s not gonna happen after all the hints they dropped. 

Tian Ze goes back to his usual weepy child-like mode.  It’s so cute when Ai Xing puts her hands on her knees and leans down to talk to him like a kid.  Since he wants to be carefree like Zhi Xing, Ai Xing decides to pretend he’s Zhi Xing to cheer him up.  Then she PATS HIS BACK and he LEANS HIS HEAD ON HER SHOULDER while she talks to him as though she’s his older sister.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH.  And to make it BETTER?  Jing Jing just so happens to walk in on them and see how dependent Tian Ze is on Ai Xing. 

“Because all I care about is your future.”

Since Ren Wei is a control freak, he thinks that marriage includes monitoring every aspect of Jing Jing’s life.  This is the part where I was all, NO, REN WEI, NO.  BUT..BUT…….

JJ: “I would never love you.”
RW: “I don’t need love.”


“I can get you out of this cage.  You want to breathe, I can let you breathe.  You want freedom, I can give you freedom.”

^THAT is what Jing Jing needed to hear, not “tell me where you’re going and what you’re doing all the time”. If Ren Wei had left out the part about being in control, I think it would’ve actually been a pretty decent proposal. The look in Jing Jing’s eyes when he said that..AHHHHH.  And then Ren Wei puts his hand to her cheek…AHHHHHHH. 

Ren Wei leaves Jing Jing in a huge dilemma because she must decide whether or not to marry for money.  The huge problem with this is that Jing Jing still doesn’t know (and perhaps Ren Wei isn’t completely aware of it either, like Ling Li says..) that Ren Wei loves her.  Her misconception is that this marriage is meant to make her suffer.  Ren Wei’s view is that he’s simply giving her a chance to pick herself back up and rebuild her life. 

Every. single. episode.  There have been Ai Xing x Tian Ze scenes all over the place.  BUT…THESE ONES…I seriously felt like these scenes were purposely planted here to point Ai Xing & Tian Ze towards a relationship.  ALL THE HINTS ARE THERE.  EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE.  If only the drama would JUST HURRY UP AND LET THEM GET TOGETHER.  While Jing Jing x Ren Wei are quickly becoming a new reason to watch Love Forward, Ai Xing x Tian Ze is clearly my main motivation.  Please stop trolling us and just let it happen already.

Ai Xing & Tian Ze bicker while Jing Jing observes them.  Jing Jing comments that they seem just like a couple when they fight, and that other people must’ve told them the same thing.  YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE SAID THIS, JING JING.  Considering how many people have told Ai Xing & Tian Ze this, you would think the two of them would brush it off really quickly like usual.  However after Jing Jing says this, there’s the MOST AWKWARD PAUSE EVER.  They try to quickly recover and deny it, but clearly their response is not the same as usual.  PLEASE.  LET THIS BE A SIGN. 

And Jing Jing’s comment is so true, they are just like an old couple.  Your ‘first love’ and the first stages of a relationship may seem like they’ll last for ever, but in reality, they’re not.  The person who you understand and can comfortably be with forever is the person you love.  *hint* AI XING & TIAN ZE *hint*


“The thing I’m curious about is why you’re the one with Du Tian Ze, instead of Zeng Ai Xing? Zeng Ai Xing is the one who’s been with Du Tian Ze all along.”

THANK YOUUUUU.  *instantly converts into a Ren Wei fan* REN WEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU WOULD PULL THROUGH!!!!!!!!  Ren Wei bluntly asks OUT LOUD the question we’ve all been wanting to ask.  In front of the whole group.  I’m so proud of Ren Wei now. 

After Jing Jing & Ren Wei leave, Tian Ze tries to put on a stern face but fails.  He instructs Ai Xing..

“If he asks you this question again, I don’t want you to answer him seriously.”

WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?? (Seriously, does someone know what Tian Ze is trying to say here? :/)

AND REN WEI JUST PROVES HIMSELF EVEN MORE.  He tells Jing Jing that he just asked the question he knows is on her mind.  Ouch.  It’s true.  There have been a few scenes where we see Jing Jing’s insecurity over how close Tian Ze & Ai Xing are.  All Ren Wei is doing is voicing her doubts. 

“It’s been so long, can’t you tell?…They actually like each other, but because of you, they’re not together.”



REN WEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!  He reasons that there must be a reason other than money problems for Tian Ze to live with Ai Xing.  It’s not like he HAD to live with Ai Xing, there’s so many other options, and yet he’s still living with her.  And as if Ren Wei could redeem himself any more for me, he says that Ai Xing & Tian Ze don’t understand their own feelings for each other, but Jing Jing understands it all. 

“You’re only lying to yourself if you don’t understand this.”

^bottom right pic: favorite pic of Jing Jing this episode.  Not her usual expression…somehow this one is much darker.

Jing Jing is not someone like Ai Xing, whose confidence is clearly apparent.  She still has a strong will, dignity, and a more quiet sort of strength.  I feel like she’s come a long way.  Even though I feel like she’s still stuck in a rut, Jing Jing is by no means a weak character. It’s a wonder that she hasn’t completely crumbled yet considering we’ve been going at this for 5 whole episodes.  It feels draggy but in fact Jing Jing has changed a lot. 

Two Jing Jing scenes stuck out to me: Firstly when she tells Ren Wei, if he has no intention to pay back their debts, she’s not gonna let him mess around with her family any longer.  I love it when she puts her game face on and owns Ren Wei. 

“I don’t want to waste time playing with you.”

Secondly when she & her mom go to visit an old family friend, who may be their last hope.  Jing Jing overhears him talking to someone on the phone, saying that there’s no way he’d help them.  She doesn’t try to make a big deal about it, she doesn’t even blink an eyelash..she just smoothly covers it up and leaves.  Jing Jing’s pride was hurt but she handled it in a mature way.  Go Jing Jing.

For some reason I feel like this episode had much nicer shots of Ai Xing.  Finally they do her justice by changing her hairstyle a bit to give her sorta-side bangs.  They look so much better now.  I know, it’s like blasphemy that I didn’t put Ai Xing x Tian Ze as the featured image for this post…I figured I would finally pay tribute to my favorite character you know. 😉

AI XING, AI XING.  She’s so good to everyone.  She’s so hardworking and earnest.  And of course she hasn’t lost that spunk…she gives Ren Wei an attitude because she’s mad at him.  Ahahaha.  I just love Ai Xing.  Her heart is gold.  I don’t even know what to say about her anymore. 

And lastly, I love Ling Li & Ai Xing’s friendship.  They are such unlikely friends and yet they’re so much fun together.  The scenes with Ling Li were so heartwarming. :'(

And of course, her insight is always spot on!

“Actually Ren Wei’s heart is really lonely.”

Ren Wei x Jing Jing, what a pair.  They have great chemistry together.  Story-wise I think it would be a wise move to have Jing Jing marry Ren Wei, just for the irony of it all.  However I’m not sure if they would dare to go through with it.  Of course I don’t want Jing Jing in an unhappy marriage..I want Jing Jing & Ren Wei to truly fall in love with each other and get past their problems. 

I feel like Ren Wei & Ling Li’s dialogue is being used as a sort of narrative tool for the story.  Their lines are in no way subtle, but since Love Forward isn’t exactly all the best at story telling, I guess it’s the only way.  Love Forward has obviously done a great job at showing us Tian Ze & Ai Xing’s bond, but this episode basically spelled it out in huge neon letters for us.  Not that I don’t appreciate it (I completely ate it up, I was grinning the whole time during these scenes) but I think it could’ve been done better.

As always, I’m hoping that Ai Xing & Tian Ze will get together.  I feel like this episode confirmed it, so now I feel like I have even higher hopes for this OTP.  Maybe it’s just my shippy self, but there were way too many hints for it not to happen.  Everyone, FIGHTING!!


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Love Forward: Ep 15
  • I love your reviews. They are so akin to my thoughts while watching the episodes. lol

    I hope the writers touch on some points that have been quietly raised in the drama, but hasn’t really been given much attention.

    I feel like each character has so much more growing to do before this drama can end.

    I hope Ren Wei can redirect his anger positively towards the question of what really caused his father to commit suicide and why he had to be selfish enough to take his little brother. He has yet to realize that Jing Jing’s father died of a heart attack while his own father chose to escape in a tragic way. Even though both fathers are gone, I still have respect for Jing Jing’s father because he wanted to face his problems and fix them. I just couldn’t dislike her father, his face just said he was as confused and fragile as anyone else could be. I hope Ren Wei stops his revenge and finds true friendship and love to cure his cold heart.

    I hope Jing Jing can come to a place where she accepts that she and Tian Ze are just not something that can happen. It’s just hard for me to see them loving one another when they don’t let each other see the other’s vulnerable side. Instead, I hope she helps Tian Ze and Ai Xing realize their feelings without ill intentions. I hope Jing Jing finds a place where she can be at peace and work earnestly at what she loves.

    Tian Ze (I love him!) actually has few probs to fix. I hope he and his father reconcile along with that mysterious woman that is at his house. I feel like he is the spitting image of his father and they are actually good people but just caught up in life’s problems. Ah Gong did a good job raising them lol. I also hope he starts to get over Jing Jing and can truly help her as a friend! [Ai XingxTian Ze FTW!]

    Ai Xing, she is just so friggin’ awesome, she like has no flaws. I just want her to find out the relationship between her mom and Jing Jing’s father and mom. To me, I believe that they are actually half-sisters and that Zhi Xing was spot on when he called Jing Jing’s father “Pa”. I also think that Jing Jing’s mom is the friend of Ai Xing’s mom. There is so much that needs to be cleared. Hopefully, she will find the picture and understand that she and Jing Jing are made to be close friends.

    I love this show! I just had to get that off my chest….lol

    • There are hints that his revenge didn’t really make him any happier. Like when he wonders to himself why he’s not happy even though he achieved his goal. Like Ling Li said, after he achieves it, then what will he do? I also hope Ren Wei will decide to live for something other than revenge.

      OH YES I love your comment about Jing Jing!!! Ai Xing was the one to bring Jing Jing & Tian Ze together, so now it’s time for Jing Jing to bring Ai Xing & Tian Ze together!!!!!!! That will be so perfect! I also hope Jing Jing will let go of Tian Ze and help her two best friends realize their feelings for each other.

      I don’t really care about the family secrets because I don’t really think it will do anything for the plot. But it will be revealed eventually so, oh well. Maybe Jing Jing’s mom will get closer with Ai Xing and they’ll all be one happy family!

  • Agh, I am 2 episodes behind now! I shall be forever happy if this really is a prelude to Ai Xing & Tian Ze becoming an official couple.
    I wonder what will become of Jing Jing & Ren Wei as the official site hints that Ren Wei already has a wife (in name only, but that’s still legal, right?)
    When it comes to love, it’s so funny to see how the experienced Ren Wei fails epically & childishly.

    • YES I hope it is. But in the preview it shows Tian Ze punching Ren Wei after he finds out he wants to marry her. So I doubt Tian Ze will get over Jing Jing anytime soon. T___T BUT I WILL STILL HOPE!!

      Yeah I think it was in the character description it said Ren Wei has a wife and when she appears it will complicate Ren Wei & Jing Jing’s relationship. I dread the wife’s appearance because it will only make the drama more melodramatic. I just want Jing Jing & Ren Wei to get together already, they’ve had enough obstacles.

      I know Ren Wei thinks he’s all that, but he’s actually really bad at wooing girls. He cracks me up.

  • Wooo hooo!! If I had voice I would have screamed out loud (was busy screaming at the kpop concert in Mountainview.. hehehe)

  • AHHHHH! My Ai Xing/Tian Ze feeeels!
    I really hope by the next two episodes, we get some confirmation from Ai Xing and/or Tian Ze about their unresolved lingering of the feels.
    Me too! I did not know what Tian Ze meant by telling Ai Xing to not answer such questions seriously… Tian Ze, why you so ambiguous?
    And Ren Wei THANK YOU for talking about the very big elephant in the room and pointing it out to all the parties involved. I semi-like you now 🙂 He is such a little child when it comes to expressing his feelings.
    Thank you again for your wonderful recap and insights!

    • Yes, I’ve been wanting these two to get together for 14 whole episodes, WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN!?!?!? Maybe Tian Ze is beginning to realize how close he is to Ai Xing?

      Haha, I’m so glad Ren Wei pointed out the obvious and just got it out in the open. At the rate they’re going, they needed that push from Ren Wei. How funny is it that Ren Wei, the doofus of love, understands everyone’s feelings, but they themselves do not.

      • Same here! Been on their ship since Episode 1! haha. I know, I think Tian Ze is the one realizing more in a sense… and Ai Xing is is in the “Oh-I’m-just-helping-my-friend-get-over-my-bff…” la di dah perspective of things but really she is in deeeep..!

        Yeah Ren Wei is so good at analyzing TIan Ze and Ai Xing’s relationship (actually anyone with a pulse can sense it) but he doesn’t get why Jing Jing loathes him to such degrees… very ironic

        • I really hope Tian Ze realizes his feelings for Ai Xing first!!!!!! Yeah I think Ai Xing is still oblivious to her deeper feelings for Tian Ze.

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