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You all need Toma & Sebumi in your lives.

The opening scene is bizarre random, and…totally plausible in the world of SPEC.  Sebumi recovers from his blindness (from the finale) by BECOMING A MONK.  And Toma greets him by shooting an arrow…AT HIS HEAD.  To make it even better, Sebumi catches the arrow with his bare hands and chucks it back at her.  I LOVE SPEC.

Toma & Sebumi are BAAAAAAAAAAAACK, along with their funny bickering and awesome chemistry.  Toma is still as spunky as ever, with her usual “cut the crap” attitude.  I loved it when she goes “tch” at her new superiors. NO ONE can get past Toma.

“What’s your SPEC?  And why are you hiding it from me?”

Anyways, enough of all the humor, let’s got on to the real stuff……THE ANGST.  It sucks to see Toma & Sebumi so mad at each other, but at the same time the SP pulled it off great!  Sebumi & Toma go through a misunderstanding when Toma refuses to tell how she defeated Chii.  It’s sad because this is all a trust issue–Sebumi simply wants to be trusted by Toma, and to trust Toma, but she keeps on pushing him away. 

“Who else will save her from loneliness?”

And even though it’s hard to see our awesome OTP broken up, it also gives Mirei the opportunity to give us a glimpse of what happened after Ninomae’s defeat.  (On a side note, I was disappointed Mirei didn’t play a bigger role in the SP.  She is awesome.)  Apparently Toma had to stay strong since she was all alone without Sebumi’s support.  This made me put things into perspective because at first I really thought that Toma was like an invincible heroine.  However now I realize that she’s been battling her own demons all alone.

Of course, the major biggie of the SP is…………..TOMA REVEALS HER SPEC!!!!!!  *flail flail flail* Her left hand is the source of her power, the power to summon dead SPEC users and use their powers.  I think this is freaking awesome because it lets her bring back old character like Reisei (the fortune teller) and the doctor guy.  It definitely puts more life into the SP as it’s nice recognizing a few old faces.

However we get the sense that Toma doesn’t want her SPEC…just like other SPEC-holders, it was just thrust upon her at random.  (OR IS IT?)  Also her SPEC is so powerful that it could become too much for her to handle.  As you know, along with great power comes great responsibility.  It even makes her question whether she is justified to be a police officer for the special unit when she is actually a SPEC user herself. 

As if Toma’s moral crisis isn’t enough, Sebumi refuses to accept her SPEC.  OMG, why must they do this to us!?!?  Again, this is all a matter of Sebumi & Toma’s egos clashing.  But on Toma’s part, I think there’s more insecurity than confidence in her SPEC, and Sebumi’s adamance  against it isn’t helping. By now you can pretty much tell that the SP is centered around Toma’s role as a SPEC user, and whether or not she’ll accept it.

^all for the screencaps..

The final reveal of the real villain was quite disappointing because she was a total troll.  She was smart but not as intriguing as the previous villain, Ninomae.  However it was awesome seeing Ninomae & Satori fighting by Toma’s side, and of course Toma’s smirks when she knows she’s got the cat in the bag are AWESOME. 

“Because it’s Toma-san, everyone is willing to lend you their power.”  

I love the bond between Toma and the dead SPEC users.  The doctor guy tells Toma that even if someone else summoned him, he wouldn’t obey them.  He only obeys Toma.  The SPEC users have a choice in lending Toma their powers, so if anything, her SPEC unites them rather than taking advantage of them.  Toma is unique because she’s a SPEC holder herself, and she views other SPEC holders as humans rather than belittling them.

“I don’t want my current happiness to disappear…I didn’t know any fear, but actually I was always lonely.”

“For me who seemed to have fallen into darkness this time, Sebumi-san was my light.”

I love how the SP shows us Toma’s true vulnerable self.  She decides to erase her SPEC so that its power won’t consume her or take away her happiness.  Ultimately her decision is that between herself and her friends, so I guess it could be justified in that she doesn’t want to lose her bonds with Sebumi & co. 

What a great SP.   The case was awesome and I loved the conflict between Sebumi & Toma.  There were a couple annoying characters such as the yakuza policeman and the troll villain, but it was pretty epic witnessing Toma’s SPEC.  Although Toma’s SPEC was erased, I doubt that this is the end of Toma’s power…perhaps there will be some huge event that will reawaken it.


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