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I think the last few episodes, including this one, have been the stepping stones leading up to Ren Wei falling in love with Jing Jing.  I can’t wait for the moment when he actually realizes it and goes “Oops.”  I now have a much different view of Ren Wei now that I see him in a different light. 

Jing Jing & Ai Xing’s friendship is always so heartwarming.  After Mr. Meng’s death, Jing Jing has even more weight on her shoulders.  However she can be assured that Ai Xing will always be there with her every step of the way.  I’m curious as to how Jing Jing could ever take over her dad’s company because she’s way too inexperienced.  Like Ren Wei suggested, I think the only way for her to go is to get help from him.  Unfortunately that also means she’ll continue to depend on him and see his face everyday.

“I’ve lost so much…So many things have happened, but you’ve never left me. You never left me all alone.  That’s already a great help.”

The scene in the park made me realize that Jing Jing has matured even more than I thought.  I think most people don’t give her much credit because she does seem to be stuck in a mopey, “woe is me” rut.  But in this scene I felt like Jing Jing had suddenly matured much more because she seemed so much wiser than Ai Xing.  Jing Jing is finally growing up, it’s the step we all must take and obviously it’s not easy.  Moreover Jing Jing has to grow up in a matter of weeks because of how quickly everything has happened.   There’s a limit to how much pressure you can take and Jing Jing is barely hanging in there.  However I think she’s handling it as well as she can.  Like when her mom complains about switching homes, Jing Jing tiredly says that she’s done the best she can. 

Jing Jing’s world is already falling down, now her dad’s death (as well as the fact it’s caused by Ren Wei) just makes it worse.  Let’s cut her some slack, eh?

Speaking of Ren Wei, this guy just cracks me up now.  I no longer want to slap some sense into him because I view him in a much more humorous light.  If you just look at him from a more comical standpoint, he’s such a funnier character.  Ren Wei is such a troll and a doofus when it comes to love.  He literally has no idea that you’re supposed to kindly woo your loved one because he’s so used to all the girls flocking around him.  AHAHAHA.  Whenever he trolls a scene, I just go, please leave Ren Wei.  He’s like a little kid that wants attention.  The look on his face when Jing Jing & Ai Xing exclude him to eat with Tian Ze was HILARIOUS.  He cannot stand being left out of the loop or cast aside. 

He also has no clue that he’s falling in love with Jing Jing.  He tells Jing Jing she’s mistaken–he doesn’t love her.  Right when he says his words, HE TOTALLY JINXED HIMSELF.  NOW I KNOW HE’S GONNA FALL FOR HER, I JUST KNOW IT.  And Jing Jing also tells him she could give him her body, but not her heart.  Right when she said those words, she also doomed herself to her fate.  This is just my prediction; clearly Ren Wei is going to fall for Jing Jing (there are hints everywhere) but I’m not so sure about Jing Jing falling for him…

Unfortunately, Ai Xing accidentally plants the idea in Ren Wei’s head that marriage for when you truly care about someone.  Apparently he thinks he doesn’t care about Jing Jing, but he sorta cares about her, so of course!!! Marriage, for revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All for revenge, no feelings at all!!!!!!  Knowing Ren Wei, he’s going to order Jing Jing to marry him and then have his mind boggled when she refuses.  Heheheh.

And for my other favorite pair: Ling Li & Ren Wei.  Ling Li is so smart, I wish she were part of the love square!!!!!!!!  She’s the only one Ren Wei will feel uncomfortable with (as in, when she’s telling him everything he’s thinking) because she can read him like a book and she doesn’t buy into his games.  She’s also the only one who can totally OWN him and leave him in the dust. 

“You don’t have the ability to love anyone.  You only love yourself…love is worth nothing to you.”


“…I still don’t need your sympathy yet.”


“The risk of revenge is that you might also get trapped by it.”

^That pretty much sealed the deal.  Like I said before, this twist is awesome.  It will be so much better once Ren Wei falls in love with Jing Jing.  Although I think he’s better off with Ling Li.  Buuuut..Ling Li deserves a better man.

^The screencaps say it all.

So, if Ren Wei & Jing Jing get together for real…………SHOULDN’T AI XING & TIAN ZE?????  It’s so funny when Tian Ze turns on the charm because Ai Xing is never swayed by his act. (I totally would be)

This is the one scene where Tian Ze actually LAUGHS AND SMILES genuinely.  Because of Ai Xing!!!

^I’m glad they’re slowly easing into changing Ai Xing’s bangs into side bangs.  I think it’ll look so much better.

Ai Xing has an influence over Tian Ze like no other.  She even manages to make him visit his dad.  Up until now everything about Tian Ze’s family past has been sort of a mystery.  Now we see that Tian Ze resents his dad because of his dad’s new wife (or gf, not sure).  I have a feeling this family issue will be addressed again in the future episodes. How awesome would it be if Ai Xing were the one to get him to reconcile with his dad.

On a side note, I love Tian Ze’s dad.  He’s so sarcastic and sharp.  Maybe Tian Ze feels like he’s always lived in his dad’s shadow just because of how powerful his dad’s presence is. 

They fight over an eggroll.  Tian Ze wins but Ai Xing simply holds out her bowl and he has no choice but to hand over the eggroll.  I LOVE THEMMMMMMMMMMMMM. 

Daddy Du: “how long have you been dating?”

Is it just me or did Tian Ze look a bit bothered after Ai Xing quickly denied it.  It was probably my shippy heart. 

Tian Ze is still like a little kid when it comes to his family issues.  He’s still got so much pain built up and Ai Xing is the one to get him to open up a bit.  She’s probably the only one he’s ever told this to.  :'(  I like that Ai Xing knows not to push too far because Tian Ze is actually quite vulnerable and hurt.  She may have a big mouth at times but she also knows how to be gentle and prudent with her words.

“Silly girl, why are you so good to me?”

^That line was like gold to me because it reminded me of a scene in episode 9 when Tian Ze asks Ai Xing why Yanan can’t live with her, but he can.  In that scene, I thought maybe Tian Ze wasn’t just joking around, but he actually wanted to know why.  AND HERE, WE GET PROOF that he knows how good she is to him.  Tian Ze & Ai Xing joke around a lot and make jabs at each other, but Tian Ze actually appreciates Ai Xing a lot.  I want to see him caring for her more in the future episodes. 

So, I was actually greatly disappointed by this episode because I was misled by the previews.  Sometimes Love Forward puts in previews from the next NEXT episode, not the next episode.  WAS I THE ONLY ONE WAITING LIKE CRAZY FOR THIS:

AND THEN IT WASN’T IN THIS EPISODE.  AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  NOOOOOOOOOO.  So, it’s confirmed it’s in episode 14.  I was looking forward so much to this that I was disappointed when it wasn’t in ep13. 

Anyway, I actually think this episode was alright overall.  The pace still feels a bit slow to me in terms of Jing Jing/Tian Ze/Ai Xing’s relationships.  How long will it take for Jing Jing to get over Tian Ze? (And vice versa?)  Like when she looks hurt when Tian Ze gives her his blessings to be with Ren Wei, she looks so hurt like she expected him to still be fawning over her.  JING JING, HE NEEDS TO MOVE ON.  However it seems like Love Forward is finally taking the risk of letting Ren Wei fall for Jing Jing.  I’m glad they’ve clarified that Ren Wei is not just a jerk…he’s also incredibly dense when it comes to understanding other people’s feelings and expectations. 


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  • (I’m Italian so I apologize for my English!)
    My OTP is Ai Xing & Tian Ze…I can’t stand Jing Jing, since the first episode! But I see what she is going through now and I feel sorry for her! Ai Xing, instead, is wonderful…she had a tough life, but she didn’t give up; she’s both strong and fragile. I admire her.
    Can I ask a question? How many episodes have Love Forward?

  • Nope, you weren’t the only one waiting for that scene. When you mentioned that a certain scene was missing from this episode, under your ‘what’s new’ section…. I was like, ‘oh no, not the comfort/hug scene’…………………. booooo for them teasing us so.

    But still, so many shippy moments… this shipper is happy, even if it is a burning ship 😀


    edit: I take it back, it is not a burning ship…. they are the OTP, forever. yes.


      At least there were some cute scenes for our favorite OTP in this episode. 😀 They were so heartwarming~~

  • I too was also disappointed that they didn’t show it!
    During the scene where Jing Jing went to Ai Xing’s house and they weren’t there.. I thought that was gonna be it but i realized… NOOO it’s daylight!
    grr. But we still got some cute scenes with our OTP 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next epi!

  • They are not the only drama that does that and it is soooo annoying. I’m now 2 episodes behind with recaps for this series. Oops. But I enjoyed my vacation and reading your thoughts about what’s going on. I can’t wait to see how the relationships develop. Will Jing Jing remain aloof, or will she fall for Ren Wei who is already falling for her?

    I totally think that Ling Li is perfect for Ren Wei as she doesn’t take his crap and she could totally beat him into submission, but Jing Jing’s aloofness and always saying it like it is, could really be the wake-up call that he needs. I am a bit annoyed how the beginning of the series started out with Ren Wei chasing after Ai Xing and opening up to her so you think he might really like her and then they pull a switcheroo on the couples, but I won’t care if Ai Xing and Tian Ze end up together. They are the best!

    • Welcome back! Yeah, Ling Li is the best for Ren Wei because she’s a strong and independent woman. But my second choice would be Jing Jing, she also has what it takes to put Ren Wei in his place.

      I know!!! They’re totally messing with us!! I think Ren Wei is way more interested in Jing Jing than he was with Ai Xing though..

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