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After posting about episodes 21-23, I watched episode 24.  This is the first time I’ve posted on only a single episode of Soldier…I just could not wait to post about it.  This episode definitely picked up the pace again with a great twist at the end, MORE awesome character development, everything I could want..

Even though the very awesome General Choi (the general who refused to surrender) deservedly stole much of the limelight, Yak Seon is the one who made the biggest impression on me.  We’ve seen glimpses of Yak Seon’s darker side, but we haven’t actually heard him say anything straight out in the open.  But finally we get a scene where Yak Seon reveals all that’s weighing down on his heart for several years.

“My wife’s heart, since the beginning never belonged to me.  It belonged to someone else.”

Yak Seon has always implied that he knows all about Song Yi’s true feelings, but this is the first time he tells someone.  HE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HE KNOWS THAT SONG YI DOESN’T LOVE HIM AND STILL LOVES GIM JUNNNNNNNN.  It was so hard to hear Yak Seon tell Song Bi that this whole marriage is a mistake and that Song Yi made those Buddhas for “the hero,” (aka Gim Jun) not for him.  And to make it even more heartwrenching, Yak Seon says that he’s not the one who should’ve been chosen as Hapha’s successor.  

Sadly enough Song Bi continually denies Yak Seon’s words even though he knows very well that they’re true.  And Yak Seon knows that Song Bi knows.  Even Song Bi doesn’t console Yak Seon…I felt like in this moment, Yak Seon must’ve felt all alone.  You can see the sadness in Song Bi’s eyes as he sees what he helped make Yak Seon become…an unhappy person, who must live for the sake of succeeding Hapha. 

“We might as well pretend to know how to live.”


In hindsight Yak Seon & Song Yi are quite similar.  Yak Seon changed himself to meet Hapha’s expectations, even though he didn’t want to.  He’s gone along with the act all this time but in actuality, he’s so unsure of himself and unhappy with his circumstances. 

Oh, and for the other AWESOME guy, General Choi!!!!! This guy’s surrender was perhaps even more heartwrenching than General Gim Gyeong Son’s. (Yak Seon’s bro) I have no words for this guy.  Talk about undying loyalty and fierce pride. 

“If we surrender, Goryeo will no longer exist.  Tell them, this Choi Chun Myun would rather die than accept such an order.”

“Your majesty, your majesty, why is there no life at the end of our death?” 

^On a happier note, the Gim Jun/Yang Baek bromance is BACK!!!!!

Right off the bat we see the repercussions Goryeo’s surrender has incurred.  Hapha is worried that the Mongols will continue to extort them until nothing is left. 

The twist at the end, with Gim Jun proposing that Hapha shoulder ALL the blame for the war for the sake of saving Goryeo’s roots…………I DIDN’T EVEN SEE IT COMING.  IS IT EVEN A POSSIBILITY?   GREAT twist, I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next. 


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