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I didn’t have very high hopes for this episode because of the previews about the possible birth secret.  It turns out that they really didn’t drop the bomb…instead it just sorta sailed right by and left me wondering why it was even included.  Unfortunately even without the birth secret episode 11 slowed down a lot and I felt like it lacked its usual charm.

The only saving grace in this episode was the couple Tian Ze/Ai Xing scenes.  Thank goodness for Grandpa!!!  He’s so hilarious, I love him.  I’m glad they brought him back during Tian Ze’s all time low.  With Tian Ze moping around all the time, we need someone to brighten things up.  I picture Grandpa as the cupid or the god of love or something because he’s always trying to bring Ai Xing and Tian Ze together.  BLESS HIS HEART, there is actually a character in this drama who understands us Tian Ze/Ai Xing shippers!!!! 

Grandpa’s chant:

“Drive away Jing Jing, replace Ai Xing.”


Anyway, Grandpa begins operation: revive Tian Ze.  He instructs Ai Xing to be nice to him and then forces the two of them to sleep in Ai Xing’s room.  It’s hilarious to see Ai Xing trying to be nice to Tian Ze and then instantly reverting back to her usual self when it doesn’t work.  HEHEHEHE.  There’s a cute moment when Tian Ze admits to Ai Xing that he got owned by Ren Wei, and that he feels like a loser.  Ai Xing confides in him that she also blew up at Ren Wei and maybe she’ll lose her job. 

Tian Ze: “You’re such an idiot.”
Ai Xing: “It’s all because of you…and Jing Jing.”

Yeah yeah Ai Xing, you almost forgot to tack on “And Jing Jing” at the end.  WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. 

Grandpa also tries to talk some sense into Tian Ze. These are the lines that this episode got right: (there was another scene that didn’t have very good dialogue, but this one was great.  Probably because it was Grandpa.)

“When it comes to love, love at first sight  might not be right for you.  The person right for you, you might not love at first sight.” *Grandpa motions in the direction of Ai Xing’s room*

YESSSSSSS.  THE DRAMA FINALLY DARED TO SAY IT OUT LOUD.  Now if only it would take MORE steps in that direction. 

At breakfast Ai Xing continues to act nice towards Tian Ze, and effectively freaks him out.  It’s when Tian Ze realizes she’s doing this to make him feel better, when he grabs her face and tells her to cut the act…

“I made a mistake when I fell in love with that girl.  I won’t mention her again.  From today on, I’ll forget her.”

I don’t believe him but it’s a step forward. 

The divide between Jing Jing & Tian Ze continues to deepen, this time thanks to Tian Ze’s own actions.  Jing Jing clearly still cares for him (like when she’s about to put her hand on his arm, but doesn’t..) whereas Tian Ze is trying his hardest to turn the cold shoulder to her.  Unfortunately Tian Ze turns to the dark side as he drops the bomb that..oh wait, Ren Wei didn’t officially agree to pay their debt, did he?   Tian Ze takes a stab at Jing Jing, saying that Ren Wei’s ‘promise’ doesn’t mean anything, hmm sounds familiar to a certain someone…

“That sounds as unreliable as a woman’s promise to be with a man for life.”

OHHHH SNAP.  Tian Ze KNEW this was Ren Wei’s plan and he just let it happen.  All for his petty revenge against Jing Jing.  I don’t even know what to think because I wasn’t expecting this at all.  I guess in a way it’s good that Tian Ze is no longer the idealistic lawyer, but then again I don’t want him to go down this road.  Ironically his revenge just puts him on the same level as his dad and Ren Wei. 

Ren Wei, Ren Wei.  Does he care about Jing Jing?  Why is he so possessive over her when they’re not even really in a relationship?  The way Ren Wei is now, he would be in a dysfunctional relationship.  I just do not see how he will change.  However, there IS hope that maybe Jing Jing’s tenacity is growing on him.  He seems to be intrigued by her (in a different way than he was with Ai Xing) because she still had her pride even as a poor person. 

“Why did I unconsciously come here?  Do I really care about her that much?”

Actually I think Ren Wei is a much better match with Ling Li than with our two heroines.  Ling Li is sharp and mature, and in my opinion, fit to be by Ren Wei’s side. 

Ai Xing remains a great friend to Jing Jing in her darkest hour.  It’s the little moments like these (i.e. when she diverts the reporters) that make the drama enjoyable. 

It seems that Jing Jing’s dad is most likely also Ai Xing & Zhi Xing’s biological father.  Either that, or this whole thing was just a ruse to give more impact to the fight scene between Jing Jing’s parents.  The birth secret didn’t really add anything to the plot. 

Jing Jing is still ridden with guilt, especially since now she thinks that Ren Wei abandoned his promise after she rejected his advances.  We begin to see that the Mengs are learning to support each other through their time of need.

The Meng fight scene should’ve had a lot of power and tension in it but I couldn’t really take it seriously because of the way it was executed.  It does make me more sympathetic towards Jing Jing’s mom, who’s finally breaking under all the years of pressure that have built up. 

“If I married you for your money, then I wouldn’t be here seeing you lose everything.  Why did I stay in this marriage?”

I was also cheering on Jing Jing’s dad when he forbade Jing Jing from seeing Ren Wei alone anymore.  He acts like a true father, protective over his daughter. 

In contrast to the Meng family argument, Ai Xing and Tian Ze’s argument is extremely short, no one cries, no one has super long lines, but OMG.  Again you could feel the tension.  Ai Xing finds out about how Tian Ze pretty much betrayed Jing Jing.  She pointedly criticizes Tian Ze for his wrongdoing and even goes so far as to liken him to his dad.  OUCHHHH.  Obviously this hurts Tian Ze’s pride because he’s determined not to be like his dad.  The sad part is that it’s true.  Tian Ze instantly stands up and yells her name (OMGGGGG) but she stands her ground and stares him right in the eye.  GO AI XING YOU TELL HIM.  Grandpa diffuses the fight a bit and Ai Xing storms off.  As she leaves, Tian Ze closes his eyes, trying to regain his composure. 


I seriously think the screenwriter is a troll.  How can there be SO MANY Ai Xing x Tian Ze scenes, such great chemistry, SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and yet they most likely aren’t the main OTP.  HOW?  HOW?  We’ve had 11 episodes of Love Forward dangling a carrot in front of us.  IT’S TIME TO GIVE IT TO US. 

Anyway, as I said earlier, overall this wasn’t one of Love Forward’s bests.  I think it focused too much on the Meng family’s situation.  Unfortunately it seems like the next episode will also continue with the Meng crisis, this time  turning it into another Tian Ze crisis.  Poor Tian Ze, I think he really needs a break.  I’m mainly looking forward to seeing if Ai Xing & Tian Ze will make up.

Lastly I think Love Forward is trying too hard to get across the “Money or Honey” theme.  Love Forward is not all that subtle when it tries to go deeper into its themes and philosophical dialogue.  In one of the beginning scenes, it attempts to be all deep by having Mr. Meng ask out loud “What is the meaning of life?”  and then having Ren Wei offer his perspective  T______T  It just didn’t feel natural because it was so obvious.  On the other hand, Grandpa’s advice was great and natural, so I think Love Forward has the potential to get in some of those ‘life lessons’ it’s trying to include.


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  • i know the posters says so, as well as the opening sequence, but i still ship TZ with AX. but oh boy, are they keeping me waiting. ugh!

    i’m so NOT interested in the others right now. and with a week between each episode, the wait is torture!

    heisui: i remain a loyal reader here (will probably re-read this a couple times until the next recap).. . thanks for your hard work.

  • I think TZ and AX are the main OTP there are too many hints that they are supposed to be together. How quickly JJ and TZ got together made me think from the beginnning that they wouldn’t last very long. Ren Wei doesn’t make sense with anyone and I think JJ is annoying. I still haven’t brought myself to watch the latest episode, but I have a feeling that I may just read your recaps instead…

  • I am so glad I found your blog! I love hearing your thoughts and I also am shipping Tian Ze and Ai Xing.
    Their chemistry is just… gahhh! Can’t wait for the next epi

  • Actually, if you break down the opening and ending sequences, as the trolling cat says, “silly boy”. So they of course think that it is the gifts that need to be changed, which is what the girls want consciously, but as this drama states so many times, we don’t get to choose who we love. So there is hope there.

    Also, in the ending sequence, Jing Jing and Tian Ze actually seem familiar but coldly distant, esp when he is giving her the hankie. I know this is wrong of me, but I’m really hoping that is their way of saying that they’ll remain on speaking/meeting terms, but not together.

    I don’t know, maybe this is me reaching, but I’ve actually taken the time to rationalize my shipping, because I really REALLY want to think that this drama isn’t going to fail us in the end, not when it has started and run so long so far with so much potential.

    • Oh I thought it meant that they were silly for not realizing they were offering the girls the wrong gifts.

      Haha don’t worry, I’ve been rationalizing my obsession over Ai Xing x Tian Ze since day one!

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