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EPISODE 10.  IT’S EVERYTHING EPISODE 9 SHOULD’VE BEEN.  The break up in ep 9 wasn’t nearly as moving as it should’ve been, but episode 10 made up for it.  The “drunk breakup” in episode 9 wasn’t really necessary and obviously it didn’t keep Tian Ze from trying to rekindle his relationship with Jing Jing.  This is where the true fall out of Jing Jing’s decision begins.  So far Love Forward has done pretty well with its darker tone.  I think this is one of the most solid episodes so far. 

Amber really stepped it up.  I wasn’t quite satisfied with her acting in the break up scene in ep9, but she’s definitely at her best in this episode.  There has been some complaining about Chen Yi Rong’s acting.  (Well, mainly her cutesy voice, which I can understand.)  I actually think Chen Yi Rong is the better actress…even without knowing her acting background I first thought that she’s more experienced and seasoned than Amber Kuo is.  And when I looked it up, what do you know, Chen Yi Rong is in fact much more experienced than Amber.  So we can cut Amber some slack.  However I definitely think she’s improving her acting..who knows, this may be the break through role for her because she has the chance to portray a more complex and conflicted character. 

Now Jing Jing has to live up to what she set her mind to–protecting her family, even if that means playing nice with Ren Wei and turning her back on Tian Ze.  Clearly she has to do more than just pretend-drunkenly breaking up with Tian Ze.  Jing Jing’s efforts to make it clear to Tian Ze that everything is over show both her strength and vulnerability.  She’s trying hard to become the dependable pillar of strength for her parents, but she herself has trouble with her own weaknesses.

Basically every scene with Jing Jing & Tian Ze consists of Jing Jing looking straight ahead, putting on a brave face, while she refuses Tian Ze. 

“Compared to money, love is something I don’t need right now.”

Ren Wei has also stepped it up since he has more lines than ever before.  He’s still quite the perceptive guy, as even he knows that Jing Jing is forcing herself to be nice to him.  He accuses Tian Ze of only thinking about his feelings, and not Jing Jing’s.  Kinda true, that.  Tian Ze is only trying to stay together with Jing Jing, but he’s not thinking about her family’s happiness.  He has yet to understand just how much she wishes to protect her family. 

“…Jing Jing is not just your girlfriend..she’s also her father’s daughter. She’s trying really hard to keep up the facade… “

So what can Jing Jing do, but trample on Tian Ze’s heart again to make her message clear to him.  Jing Jing & Tian Ze were both such idealists in the past…now is time to wake up Tian Ze and make him face reality. 

I consider this to be the real break up scene because this is when Jing Jing finally clarifies that YES she’s leaving him and she wants him to leave her and it is OVER.  Plus she actually explains why she’s breaking up with him.  It’s also the point at which Tian Ze can finally feel some anger at Jing Jing, as he calls her a coward for running away before they’ve even started. 

“So I can only choose to give up on you because the one I need now isn’t you.”

I wondered whether Ai Xing & Jing Jing’s friendship would survive..what do you know, it did of course!!!!!!!!  Ahhhh they are such great friends.  Ai Xing completely accepts Jing Jing, even including her decision to break up with Tian Ze.  Ai Xing is that kind of friend you want…the kind that will hear you out and support you through your pain no matter what. 

“I only cared about my happiness and didn’t see the pain my parents were going through.”

Jing Jing has experienced her coming of age…now instead of selfishly only thinking about her own happiness, she’s trying to selflessly commit herself to her family.  I was pretty much spot on in my last post…Jing Jing knows that she wrongfully blamed her parents for everything when in fact she didn’t do anything to preserve her family ties either. 

AUGH and THIS is the best part of the scene…when Jing Jing asks Ai Xing to take care of Tian Ze…(Ai Xing would’ve taken care of him even without Jing Jing asking 😉 ) And then Ai Xing reluctantly agrees and asks..

“…who’s taking care of you”

At this point Jing Jing’s strong front falters, and she starts to tear up.  Ai Xing instantly comforts her with a hug and says she can tell her anything.  That way she can take care of her too.  :'(  I love their friendship.  I love that Ai Xing doesn’t blame Jing Jing for breaking up with Tian Ze…instead she understands that Jing Jing is struggling too. 

There are most definitely hints of Ai Xing’s feelings for Tian Ze in this episode.  Obviously there’s no way she can not have feelings for him when they’re best friends (I mean feelings as in friendship feelings not romance..) but it seems that maybe they could turn into something more.  The most obvious hint at Ai Xing x Tian Ze is when Ai Xing notices that her red cup is in between Jing Jing & Tian Ze’s cups.  Out of respect for Jing Jing x Tian Ze, she switches the cups around so that their cups can be back together.  WHAT, Love Forward is getting into symbols now?  FORESHADOWING????   

Admit it, Tian Ze x Ai Xing fans…you were waiting for this…….

At least I was.

At Tian Ze’s lowest moment, Ai Xing is there for him.  Tian Ze is as vulnerable and broken as a child.  He drunkenly rants to Ai Xing about his woes in life while Ai Xing fumes at Ren Wei’s audacity.  She vows to get back at Ren Wei for him…and then he turns to her with this look of desperation in his eyes to ask..

“Can you get Jing Jing back for me?”

OMGGGGGG.  I was getting tired of the whole “I promised never to leave her no matter what” spiel.  It was getting old.  BUT THISSSS???  And the look on Ai Xing’s face, like she knows that maybe this would be impossible, but she wants so much to help Tian Ze..

TZ: “Why didn’t I hold onto anything?…Did I do something wrong for her to leave me like this?”
AX: “No, you didn’t.  You did your best.”
TZ: “Why is it that everything I like, that I love, always leaves me in the end?”

For the kicker, Tian Ze refers to his deceased mom, whom he says left him.  Jing Jing also left him twice.  :'((( 

Could this scene get any better??? YES…

TZ: “Don’t leave me.”
AX: “Not everyone left, I’m still here.  I’ll be with you.  I’ll always be with you, always be with you….I’ll always be with you, ok?  You’re not alone.  You have me.”



For some comic relief, Ai Xing has to drag around a still very drunk Tian Ze.  Tian Ze cries on the floor, on the wall, anywhere while Ai Xing tries to escort him to his couch.  They end up falling asleep together on Ai Xing’s bed…

Before Ai Xing falls asleep, she wipes away Tian Ze’s tears and thinks to herself..

“Du Tian Ze, why does seeing you like this make me feel sad also?”

And as if it could get any better than this..

MORE humor with these two.  It’s so cute seeing them so comfortable with each other before Grandpa wakes them up…

Not much to say about Ren Wei/Jing Jing yet except that they have a very interesting relationship dynamic going on here.  Ren Wei says he’ll MAKE her come to him.  HMMM.  Oh I don’t remember if I said this in my last post but…wouldn’t it just be great if Ren Wei fell in love with the very person he wanted to use for revenge?  WOULDN’T IT? 

These two are still oil and water.  Jing Jing is clearly uncomfortable with him.  Props to Jing Jing for still standing up to Ren Wei and defending her dignity. 

Ren Wei still confuses me a lot.  Whenever he goes on one of his rants to “lecture” someone in his usual pedantic manner, I have the urge to laugh.  Tian Ze just rolls his eyes at him when he tries to go on one of his tangents.  And when Tian Ze tries to leave, Ren Wei is all EXCUSE ME, I’M NOT FINISHED.  Oh, and Ren Wei gives Tian Ze a man slap.  Ren Wei can be such a troll.  

At first I thought, oh he’s agreeing to Jing Jing’s request, to not let Tian Ze act impulsively.  And then…

“You think I robbed her from you, right.  Then why don’t you rob her back?…Pull it together!”

IT TOTALLY SOUNDED LIKE  A PEP TALK.  And of course Ren Wei just has to ruin it by saying he wants Tian Ze to see clearly so that he can see that he lost.  And Ren Wei grins like he enjoyed their brawl.  At this point Ren Wei scared me even more. 

Ren Wei had the chance to redeem himself there but he just ruined it.  I’m waiting for him to redeem himself eventually so as to become a candidate for one of the heroines but so far, NOTHING.  Overall I feel that he has a much more interesting relationship with Jing Jing than he does with Ai Xing.  (I am not saying this just because I ship you know who)  But at this point I don’t ship anyone with him because this guy clearly is not cut out for true romance yet.  Rather, he’s in the mood for revenge.  There is a lot of truth to what Ren Wei says, but at the same time he has a HUGE ego. 

Lastly, the previews show Zhi Xing calling Jing Jing’s dad “Dad”.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  IT MUST BE TRUE….A BIRTH SECRET.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I’m really scared for ep11 because of the BIRTH SECRET.  WHY WHY WHY did they have to resort to a birth secret?

However this birth secret might be what Ai Xing needs for her own character development.  Ai Xing has been very innocent and good-hearted this whole time, but she hasn’t really had THE conflict that will show her at her darkest moment.  Tian Ze & Jing Jing have already hit that point…but will Ai Xing?  Ai Xing has always been independent and resourceful, hardly ever leaning on others.  But she can’t always be the strong one that everyone can depend on.  We need to see her at the point where she finally needs to lean on someone for support. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Love Forward: Ep 9
Hotaru no Hikari: Eps 1-5
  • I had a feeling about the birth secret ever since Mr & Mrs Meng’s dual reactions to learning Ai Xing’s family was from Mei Ze. Mr Meng’s brief downturn of mood & knowing Ai Xing’s mom’s story from episode 1 really had me suspecting that since u see it a lot in these dramas.
    I also wonder if Ren will fall for his prey like Chris from Breakout. However, that relationship didn’t end well as he couldnt break from the vicious revenge cycle even with his possessive love.
    Ah, Ren Wei. Such an interesting character. It’s so hard to figure out if he masks helping as playing or if he is just that warped thanks to the tragedy he went through. And Ai Xing actually didn’t back down this time, which was great, even tho she really doesn’t want to Lise her job and regretted her actions.

    • Yeah there were hints of it when the Mengs looked a bit uncomfortable. I didn’t see it at first but it became a bit more plain later on. I’m scared that it will push things too much…they’ve already relied on fate A LOT just with Ai Xing & Tian Ze’s remeeting Jing Jing..

      Hmm that’s true…I wonder if Ren Wei would ever abandon his desire for revenge. I don’t think he’s just playing now that he knows Jing Jing is Meng’s daughter…like Ling Li said, he dose everything for a reason so he must’ve had his plan in place.

  • Much as i want to see Ren fall for his prey, to get back at him for the chaos he orchestrates, I want both guys to fall for Ai XIng. I keep thinking as I watch this why can’t they see how awesome this girl is?

    Heisui: thanks for your posts on Love Forward…. i’m truly enjoying every post (i keep re-reading them). I so ship Tian Ze/Ai XIng with you. Keep screaming in my head for TZ to look at AX and see her for who she is. In the meantime, I am baffled at what Ren hopes to accomplish when he messes with AX. I hope is falls hard and fast for her with no reasonable means of getting her.. see, cause she doesn’t have a debt-ridden father to save. She wants to be rich but she seems to thrive in the process of getting there.

    • Hmm now that’s a possibility I never thought of!! I’m not sure, though, I think Ren Wei could be “saved” by either of our heroines. I feel like Jing Jing is more of a match for Ren Wei though because she’s not as innocent in terms of relationships. Like she can sense Ren Wei’s underhanded motives whereas Ai Xing could not. I think Ren Wei’s focus has shifted to Jing Jing since he can exact his revenge by using her.

      So far Ai Xing has hardly gotten a love story, now that Tian Ze is free I really hope he WAKES UP and sees who the one really is. I want episode 11 to be the end of his moping around and the beginning of him finally being free from his obsession with Jing Jing. That’s so true, Ai Xing claims to be completely materialistic and yet she’s so devoted to her friends and family.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far, this is one of those dramas where I can’t wait to write about each episode! 😀

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