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The past few episodes of Love Forward have begun to tone down the humor a bit as we make our way into Jing Jing & Tian Ze’s REAL test of love.  Overall I felt like these episodes were not as fast-paced, but they did a good job of setting the groundwork for the big twist in ep9.  Again, not recapping, just reviewing.  For some reason I feel like my overall tone is kinda a downer in this post and I really don’t know why.  These episodes still had a lot of cute funny scenes but I guess after ep8, I’m focusing more on the darker side of the plot.

Ren Wei

First I want to talk about the most confusing character of all in Love Forward: REN WEI.  This guy always confuses me because his words and actions tend to contradict each other.  One moment he’s a jerk, the next moment he’s a gentleman.  He says women are troublesome and yet he goes after Ai Xing AND Jing Jing.  Sometimes he sounds like he’s genuinely interested in Ai Xing, but then he tells Tian Ze that whiskey is better than women.  UHHH WHAT?

Ren Wei is way too overbearing and touchy feely with Ai Xing even after she tells him she doesn’t like him TO HIS FACE.  I got the impression that even though he is genuinely amused and intrigued by Ai Xing, he’s not interested in seriously getting into a relationship.  I mean, “Be my woman, but don’t cry or linger when I tell you to leave?”  Seriously?

My conclusion on Ren Wei is to get away from him ASAP.  He’s an intriguing character, but not one I would want either of our heroines to get involved with.  We’ve already seen all sides of Ren Wei–his professional facade, his manipulation of women, his ruthlessness when it comes to establishing his power, etc. etc.  I like that he’s a 3D character but he also scares me because I don’t know what he’s gonna do.  This guy is bent on revenge ON JING JING’S DAD and there’s no telling what he’ll do to accomplish it.  He’s really scaring me right now.

Ren Wei / Jing Jing

^I liked Jing Jing’s hairstyle much better this way.

On a more positive note, Ren Wei is actually quite perceptive and I was really relieved when he brought up a point that I thought the drama had completely overlooked:  There’s no way it’s 100% love or 100% money in a relationship.  Jing Jing has always been harping on the whole “Money doesn’t matter as long as there’s love!” thing, but in reality, money matters.  Ren Wei is the one to point out to Jing Jing that her single minded focus on love is idealistic and that not everyone thinks that way.  Sure maybe Jing Jing can say now that money really doesn’t matter since she’s financially stable (I don’t mean in ep8, I mean in eps 6-7) but once the tides turn, she’ll no longer be able to say that.

And the scene when Jing Jing cross examines Ren Wei????  BEST JING JING SCENE EVER.  OMG, that was THE scene where Jing Jing got the chance to shine.  I was so proud of her in that moment. :'(  Jing Jing & Ren Wei’s scenes together are great because they are both great matches for each other.  Ren Wei usually has the upper hand because he’s always the manipulator.  With Jing Jing he has to take a step back since she’s so straightforward and smart.  Jing Jing has what it takes to stand up to Ren Wei and I loved seeing him finally with someone who wouldn’t play along with his games.

Jing Jing

Jing Jing is finally becoming a much more interesting character now that she’s trying to be independent.  I feel like she’s still in the teenager phase with her mom because she always blames her for trying to control her.  In spite of her mom’s prejudices, she’s still genuinely thinking about what’s best for her family and for her daughter.  Jing Jing is always  trying to get her mom to understand her but at the same time Jing Jing never tries to understand her mom.  I think Jing Jing actually knows that she’s hurting her mom a lot.  Her pride just gets in the way all too often.

Anyway I’m glad to say that I like Jing Jing much better now that she’s trying to make it on her own.  Jing Jing’s character development is much like a coming of age experience.  I’m looking forward to the next episodes which will be great opportunities for character growth as she faces the harsh reality of her family’s downfall.  Jing Jing is a strong character, she just needs the chance to harness that strength and independence.

Our threesome

Ai Xing continues to strengthen the bond between Tian Ze & Jing Jing.  She understands both of them in ways that the couple doesn’t understand each other, so she’s able to resolve their arguments and bring the two of them back together again.  She may be the third wheel a lot of times, but she’s actually invaluable to Jing Jing/Tian Ze’s relationship.  But could she also possibly be an obstacle to their relationship?

At one point Jing Jing wonders out loud as she looks at Ai Xing sleeping…

“Is it me that Tian Ze cares so much about?”

I think that Tian Ze’s relationship with Ai Xing could become a problem for Jing Jing in the future.  I’m really wondering what will happen to our threesome if Tian Ze and Jing Jing ever break up.  Will Ai Xing & Jing Jing still be best friends?  Seeing the three of them together makes me a bit sad because I know that maybe they won’t be together in the next episodes.

Jing Jing / Tian Ze

^This is what I often feel like whenever Jing Jing and Tian Ze fight. 

These two continue with their lovey dovey ways and act just like newly weds.  They’ve gone through plenty of fights and parent issues but I still feel like they’re in a bubble of newly wed love.  The bubble will eventually burst, and I’m not too sure if their relationship will survive.  As much as they’ve been repeating over and over that they’re never gonna give up on their love, fate usually has a way of ruining these sort of things.

Ai Xing / Tian Ze

Tian Ze & Ai Xing continue to have such insane chemistry that I cannot help but ship them.  Ai Xing is my favorite character because she has such a big heart.  She’s materialistic yet selfless.  Her dreams are all for the sake of others.  She brings so much heart and warmth to the drama.  Love her!  As for Tian Ze….I feel so sorry for him because I know of what’s to come in the next episode!!!!!!!!  Poor guy, he’s working so hard for Jing Jing’s sake!  I really don’t want to see all of the effort he’s put into their relationship to go to waste.  Then again, if he would just look next to him and realize that AI XING is for him…

Favorite Tian Ze/Ai Xing scenes

Tian Ze cares a lot about Ai Xing, not that he’d ever admit it.  Tian Ze guesses that Ai Xing spent the night with a guy.  When he realizes his guess must be right, his whole attitude changes.  He instantly grabs Ai Xing and demands that she come clean about what happened.  Jing Jing seems a bit bothered by Tian Ze’s concern and makes him let go of Ai Xing.

It was this scene where I really got Jing Jing’s concern and discomfort…it’s kinda hard to see your boyfriend all worried over another girl, even if she’s your best friend. Tian Ze is so protective of Ai Xing, so direct in confronting her, that you can’t help but there something more?  (There better be.)

Obviously Ai Xing feels like the third wheel when Jing Jing moves into her apartment, so she decides to secretly stay at Ren Wei’s place.  Tian Ze guesses that Ai Xing isn’t staying at Ren Wei’s for the extra money, or for the luxurious apartment…it’s to let him and Jing Jing have some space.  He tells her to move back home. 

T_______T  “Hey, why don’t you move back to your own house so you can feel like the third wheel?” FACEPALM.  There’s a reason why she moved out, you know…

Ok I admit it I included that scene because of the screencaps. 

This is one of my favorite Tian Ze/Ai Xing scenes because it really got me in the gut.  Jing Jing/Tian Ze scenes just don’t have this level of tension.

Tian Ze confronts Ai Xing about her trying to cross examine Ren Wei with Jing Jing.  At first I thought it would be their usual bickering but then Tian Ze crosses the line by blaming her for dragging Jing Jing into her stupid idea, and calling her lowly.  To make it worse Tian Ze says that he thinks she’d go to the hotel with Ren Wei and then play innocent.  OMG, the look on Ai Xing’s face is so shocked and hurt, I seriously thought she was either going to slap Tian Ze or start tearing up.  But she does neither, instead she bursts out that she already told Ren Wei she didn’t like him.  *sniff*

Tian Ze and Ai Xing’s separation is inevitable!!!!!  Tian Ze finally rented out a new place!!!!!!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  And if Jing Jing and Tian Ze break up, then his moving out will be pointless.  AUGHHHHH. 

Ai Xing and Tian Ze both act like they’re eager to get rid of each other.  But the look on their faces says otherwise.  :'( 

…am I the only one utterly obsessed with Love Forward?  I cannot get enough of it and yet I can’t find many reviews/discussions online.  T_T

I’m really anticipating ep9 even though it might not have as many humorous scenes.  I feel like Jing Jing’s changing family situation is what the drama needs to get the plot moving.  Jing Jing & Tian Ze can’t always be innocent lovers…reality’s gonna hit hard and I’m bracing myself for it.  The relationships between our threesome has been pretty static lately and I really need them to change it up a bit. 

I have so much to say so I just jam it all together in one massive post.  That’s partly because I marathoned these episodes to catch up, so maybe my next few posts will cover one or two episodes max. 


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  • I’m now terrified to watch this and addicted of this show at the same time.. how can I be both, I don’t know! Thanks for your post! ^_^

  • P.S – I wish I could vote for the 2 girls as my favorite “couple”.. they have the cutest friendship EVER! I really really hope nothing happens to it! =.=

  • This drama sounds really good. If the quality doesn’t dip, I think I’ll check it out after it finishes airing. Thanks for reviewing/recapping the episodes!

    • That’s pretty smart because you never know if it’s going to go off a cliff…that’s what I’m really scared of. This drama pulls off the humor well but I’m not sure if it can handle the angst.

  • *hug u tight*
    hihi! i found u today! i’m so happy u’re reviewing the drama and esp we ship the same pair ne!
    i’m rewatching these luvluv clips as i’m reading ur review.
    basically, i ship Ai/Tian from the very beginning! i donna if it’s Amber’s acting or the character… but i feel nothing from Jing at all! in fact, Jing/Tian’s relationship do nothing for me. i’ve never seen a couple so dry! how anyone ships this couple, i have no idea!
    anywayz, when i was watching Tian’s problem with the lease.. i always thought that he’s just frustrated because he lacks money.. the thought of him doesn’t wanna move out never crosses my mind~ i should rewatch these scenes and think of it this way. hahahahah~

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