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I marathoned Love Forward up to the latest episode yesterday. Love Forward is a pleasure to watch because it’s HILARIOUS.  There are a lot of scenes that try to be serious, but the scenes that really stuck with me are the funny ones.  I cracked up so many times throughout all of these episodes and I’m growing to like it more and more. I will be reviewing this drama, not recapping it.

When they first got back together, the thought ran through my mind…”Wait..that was WAY too easy!”  So of course, these two encounter several obstacles along the way as they restart their relationship.  I KNOW they will most likely end up together ’til the end (admittedly I think this because they are together in the MV and on the posters.  The posters do not lie.)  but I just cannot get invested in their relationship.  The few times I fell for this pairing was because of Tian Ze.  There was this one scene were Tian Ze had this absolutely smitten look on his face while he gazed at Jing Jing.  At that point I found myself warming up to this OTP  abit because I could tell he adores her with all his heart. The other time was when he told her that he waited for her for 4 years because he wanted her confirmation as to whether their relationship was truly over.  Cutest thing ever.

Jing Jing & Tian Ze got SO many cutesy scenes together that even I had to admit they are cute. But even so, this OTP just doesn’t really interest me.  Whenever they fight/make up (the cycle repeats over and over) I’m just not feeling it.  Clearly they’re gonna have a lot of struggles as they try to make their relationship work, but I feel like they’re not really progressing after each fight they have. 

It feels really weird seeing Leroy play such a different role from his role in Who’s the One. We begin to see that Ren Wei thinks love and women are troublesome. Ok, that could work. But then he also uses women for his own advantage and manipulates people. UGH I cannot jump on Ren Wei’s ship just yet. I think a lot of people are charmed by Ren Wei’s mysteriousness and coolness, but I’m not buying into his act so far. This guy really reminds me of Ding Li Wei from In Time With You. They’re sweet and smooth talkers, but will they really commit to someone? HMMMMM.

Love Forward is just as much a friendship drama as it is a romance drama. I found it a bit hard to believe that Ai Xing and Jing Jing instantly became besties again after 4 years of separation. But I think their friendship works because of Ai Xing’s unwavering loyalty and Jing Jing’s never having true friends when she was abroad. Ai Xing never once considered her friendship with Jing Jing to be over. I was really surprised by how loyal and deeply connected she remained towards Jing Jing. Maybe some people still think Ai Xing is annoying but I think that at this moment, we can all agree that Ai Xing is a true friend.

As for our threesome, they are now instantly besties. Even though Jing Jing & Tian Ze are going out, the threesome sticks together and is completely comfortable with each other.  Ai Xing approves of the relationship, and is even the one that brings the two together.  But she still has times when she feels like the third wheel. This is where I really feel bad for her. :'( Like when she looks over at the two of them laughing together, or the two of them happily talking together, and she has this sorta curious and sad look on her face.  Ai Xing claims love is troublesome, but she still seems to want a nice relationship too.  Seeing Jing Jing & Tian Ze together is a reminder of the sort of connection/understanding with Tian Ze that she could never have. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I WILL FINALLY UNLEASH ALL OF MY TIAN ZE/AI XING LOVE UPON YOU!!!! I AM OBSESSED!!!!!  To all non Tian Ze/Ai Xing shippers, I know, they’re JUST FRIENDS and they have no romantic feelings toward each other yet. BUT I’m already so invested in their relationship that I will be a Tian Ze/Ai Xing shipper ’til the very BITTER END. So if you’re not into this OTP, and you don’t want to hear all of my shippy thoughts, stop reading now.  Because all I will do is rant about them for the rest of this post. >.>

Episode 5 felt like it was made just for me. Ai Xing & Tian Ze managed to clarify that THEY ARE NOT in love, but not without some very funny scenes along the way. HEHEHEHE I love how the grandpa went, YOU’RE FULL OF LOVE FOR EACH OTHER.

Tian Ze & Ai Xing are often our source of comic relief, but there are also many serious moments. Although Tian Ze jokes that he sees nothing in Ai Xing, we all know he knows just how hardworking and loyal she is. The look on his face when he saw Ai Xing drunkenly crying and ranting about how she saved up money to pay back Jing Jing was so fond and understanding. Likewise, Ai Xing knows Tian Ze is a good guy. She even begins to tell Jing Jing that Tian Ze is kind, righteous, and…and then she stops because she realizes she’s complimenting him.

The thing that I don’t get from Jing Jing/Tian Ze’s relationship is the feeling of HEARTACHE. They have so many big scenes together that could pull my heartstrings, but they just don’t. Whereas with Ai Xing & Tian Ze, they don’t even have to have a huge long fight, but my heart hurts just from one short scene.

For example: Ai Xing nags Tian Ze to think up of a plan to make sure they won’t lose touch with Jing Jing again.  She becomes a bit too overbearing, so Tian Ze snaps that she’s not the only worried one and shrugs her off.  OMGGGGGGG this moment was so short but so tense!!!!! Ai Xing & Tian Ze always end up saying things harsher than they meant to. Whenever this happens either one of them (whoever was hurt) takes a step back and doesn’t really respond with a spiteful remark. OOOOF. My heart!!!!!!!

And in another scene, Tian Ze mentions that he’ll be able to move out soon because he almost has enough money to rent a new place. Tian Ze asks if she’ll miss him in an offhand tone, and you know he’s not expecting her to take this seriously…but then the look on Ai Xing’s face says YES. Of course she covers it up by saying there’s no way she would miss him. 

Yet another scene that got me right in the heart:

Ai Xing finds Tian Ze fast asleep on the sofa.  She sits next to him…

“Seeing you so upset also makes me unhappy.”

:'(  *sniff* She covers him with a blanket before leaving.  *sniff*

And Tian Ze realizes…wait, what if Ai Xing really DOES like him?  He tries to make sure that the two of them are only friends and that she has no feelings for him.  She falls asleep while he’s trying to ask her so he gives up.  Tian Ze may be harsh towards Ai Xing sometimes but scenes like this really show how careful he is not to hurt her feelings.

You know by now who I’m shipping.  I can’t help it.

On a side note, I got over Ai Xing’s bangs and I no longer think Ai Xing is a very annoying character.  At first I didn’t really like her character in ep1 but now her character has grown on me and she’s my favorite.  Of course no character is perfect and she still has her flaws, but she has a lot of heart. 

Love Forward is a solid drama so far, with less dragging than most tw-dramas, so I’m pretty content.  Some have complained about Chen Yi Rong’s acting but it doesn’t really bother me.  Usually tw-dramas make me facepalm and give up after a while, so I’m REALLY REALLY hoping that Love Forward will keep up the momentum and not lose its charm.  However I know I’m gonna end up facepalming in the end because my favorite OTP is doomed.  There IS the possibility that maybe the relationships will be reversed in future episodes (and also the synopsis makes it sound like maybe it IS possible between Tian Ze/Ai Xing) I kinda doubt it.  They would be paired together in the OP and the posters if they were the OTP.  DARN IT.  Why platonic friends….WHYYYYYY. 


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