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Sorry for the wait on Love Forward, it took me a while to finally get around to watching the next few episodes.  The thing I like about Love Forward so far is that it progressed pretty quickly to our time jump and the reunion of Jing Jing & Ai Xing. 


Tian Ze & Jing Jing are like new lovebirds, cutely in love.  Ai Xing encounters the two of them riding on Tian Ze’s motorcycle.  At first she’s about to go over to say hi and “rescue” Jing Jing from Tian Ze, but then she sees the two of them kiss.  She realizes that they’re actually in love and only watches them from afar.  Ai Xing decides not to interrupt the two of them and rides away instead.  I felt kinda sad for Ai Xing in this scene because seeing her bestie in love with her archenemy must make her feel like the outsider.

All throughout this scene and the next few scenes we hear Ai Xing narrating.  Jing Jing & Tian Ze get in an accident..both survive but Jing Jing ends up moving to America and cutting off contact with them.   Ai Xing is quite affected by Jing Jing’s disappearance even though they only knew each other for a short time.

We jump forward 4 years later.  The first thing I have to point out is that Ai Xing got a haircut…and not a haircut for the better.  HER BANGS ARE CLEARLY CROOKED!!!!!!!!!!  It’s not even like, her head is tilted so her bangs are a bit off-center.  It’s not even that half of her bangs have more volume and half doesn’t.  THEY ARE CROOKED.  AUGHHHHHH.  This is really gonna bother me.

In terms of personality, nothing much has changed with Ai Xing, which is a bit disappointing for me because she got on my nerves a bit in ep1.  Now I don’t really have a problem with her because I get that she’s supposed to be a witty, street smart girl. I like her better than Jing Jing because she really does bring life into this drama. Anyway, Ai Xing is still saving up money to repay Jing Jing, even though they’ve been separated for 4 years. This just shows how determined and loyal she is.


Ai Xing runs into Jing Jing by pure coincidence (or should we say fate?).  She immediately recognizes Jing Jing…but Jing Jing doesn’t remember her.  OHHHHHH so we’re playing the amnesia card, eh?  Although Jing Jing has no recollection of Ai Xing, she’s bothered by her encounter and contemplates calling her.  (Ai Xing gave her her #)  Jing Jing’s memory loss seems to be pretty convenient for her parents, because they keep her lost past a mystery.  They also force a rich fiance on her.  In other words, nothing has really changed with Jing Jing either.  She’s still stuck in her unhappy family, restricted by her parents, and to top it off, she’s ridiculed by her new coworkers who think she’s just another spoiled rich girl. 


But what REALLY made me come back to Love Forward???  TIAN ZE & AI XING.  I SHIP THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!  They make this drama worthwhile because they’re so cute together.  Even though Ai Xing moved to a different city…Tian Ze is right there along with her, still living with her.  AHAHA.  She tries to get rid of him, but to no avail.  She’s stuck with Tian Ze and I love it.  They’re so comfortable with each other, and Ai Xing can read Tian Ze like a book.

They have pillow fights, they scoff at each other, they bicker…every scene with these two together is GOLD. They crack me up.  i.e. Ai Xing makes Tian Ze wait for Jing Jing at a restaurant and orders him not to budge from their table no matter what.  He asks, what if he has to go to the bathroom?  She hands him a cup and walks away.  AAHAHAHA.  I love these two!!!!!!!


At first I watched Love Forward for the sake of Leroy Young (from Who’s the One) but once he actually showed up I really didn’t want him to.  I’m already on Tian Ze/Ai Xing’s ship.  I’M SORRY LEROY!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I have to say that Ai Xing & Ren Wei’s (Leroy) first meeting is hilarious.  At first Ai Xing thinks that Ren Wei is a rich buyer of a house she’s selling.  But then she finds out that he’s actually the CEO, HAHAHA.  Instead of being put off by Ai Xing, Ren Wei is amused by her bubbly antics and random spazz attacks.


I’m rather curious to find out what kind of guy Ren Wei really is.  So far he’s your typical smooth rich guy but his interest in Ai Xing makes me wonder if there’s really something more to him.  Considering he wasn’t in ep1 he’s still sorta a mystery.  Ok I admit that I also want to see Tian Ze’s face when he sees that a rich handsome cool guy is interested in Ai Xing. (I quote Ai Xing’s description of Ren Wei, hehehe)


Speaking of Tian Ze, the poor guy still hasn’t quite gotten over Jing Jing.  FATE comes into play once again when they end up bumping into each other TWICE.  The first time, Jing Jing pays him no mind and walks right past him because she doesn’t remember him.  But the second time the two of them end up running away from her arrogant fiance together.  VERY realistic, I KNOW. 


They’re still pretty cute together, and they seem to click AGAIN when Jing Jing has a flashback of when she first met Tian Ze.  OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  TIAN ZE BELONGS WITH AI XING!!!

Did anyone else realize how many scenes there are where the characters get real close to each other?  (I don’t remember if I already mentioned this before..)  This has got to be the drama with the most super close face-to-face conversations ever. O_O 

I’m enjoying Love Forward’s fast pace as well as the characters’ relationships.  Ep 1 wasn’t quite enough to make me desperate to watch the rest, but ep2 certainly did the trick with all of the Ai Xing/Tian Ze scenes.  And for Jing Jing/Tian Ze shippers, I know, they’re the real OTP but…I just cannot let go of Ai Xing/Tian Ze.  UGH I always ship the wrong couple. 

By the way, in my ep1 post, I mentioned that the quality wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be, but now that I’ve switched to a higher quality video, I can say that everything looks MUCH better.  🙂 That being said, I leave you with another MV for Love Forward: (I think this is the ending theme song)


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