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I just started watching Love Forward, starring Amber Kuo, Chen Yi Rong, Tony Yang and….LEROY YOUNG!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH.  For most of you, this drama was probably on your radar mainly because of Amber Kuo, easily a recognizable name after the very memorable Invincible Shan Bao Mei.  But to me just Amber Kuo alone didn’t really persuade me to watch it.  Now that I know LEROY YOUNG (from Who’s the One) is in it, I’ll definitely watch. (at least the first few episodes to see where it’s headed..)


First off, Love Forward has the cutest opening MV ever.  It’s simple, it’s well-made, it has a cute message, it fits in the OTPs…it’s just too CUTE!


Yes…Amber Kuo will never escape the short haircuts……ever….


Does the bottom left picture look like a magazine shoot or what?

That being said, the basic message of the MV gets across the drama’s tagline: Money or Honey.  In other words, do our heroines want to find love in riches or romance?


Unfortunately the drama itself isn’t filmed as gorgeously as the MV was.  They’re also going for the short-bangs look, which is not really working out on Amber Kuo.  Not only that, they will CONTINUE with the short-bangs look on the OTHER actress as well in the future episodes. 

But back to the PLOT.  Amber Kuo plays Jing Jing, a rich girl.  Her seemingly exact opposite is Ai Xing, (Chen Yi Rong) a poor, spunky girl in debt.  Of course Jing Jing seems like your typical rich girl character, but later on we see that she’s actually not happy with her life and wants to break free from all her limitations.  Ai Xing also seems like your typical spunky down-to-earth penny-pinching heroine.  At first I thought she would be a bit annoying, but I soon liked her spunky, direct attitude.  She’s just too funny when paired with other characters. 


Of course the drama starts out with Ai Xing ominously narrating “She seemed really nice, BUT SHE WAS ACTUALLY EVIL.”  It made me expect that our two heroines would clash.  Instead they become the best of friends within a day.  If it weren’t for their friendship, this tw-drama wouldn’t be so entertaining.  It’s kinda weird seeing Amber Kuo being the opposite of her character in Invincible Shan Bao Mei because I just can’t get used to it yet. 


Love interest #1 is Tian Ze, a guy who randomly moves into his grandpa’s house. (which just happens to be where Ai Xing lives as well)  He clashes with Ai Xing and immediately hits on Jing Jing.  He & Jing Jing are already an OTP…I mean..they KISSED in just the first episode on the beach…

The sad part is that I already ship him with Ai Xing. T________T  

Overall this feels and looks like your typical tw-drama.  There was a bit of overacting (in the kiss scene) but it’s a tw-drama after all!  I’m mainly looking forward to see how the OTP’s will form and how Jing Jing & Ai Xing’s friendship develops. 

*Update* I continued Love Forward and am now utterly obsessed with it.  It takes a few episodes for it to pick up pace, but I definitely do not regret watching it.  Ai Xing x Tian Ze FOR THE WIN!

Opening MV:


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