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I was so disappointed (and surprised) when Brother Beat ended at episode 11!  I would’ve loved to watch many more episodes of Haru and the Sakurai kids.  These episodes tied of the loose ends: resolving Tatsuya & Chisato’s marriage problem, giving everyone a happy romantic ending, addressing Junpei and Riku’s problems, etc. etc.


I loved the episodes dealing with Riku because they were all about Riku finding something he wanted to do with his life.  Riku was a slacker and no one expected anything from him..which only made it worse.  When his boss fires him, Riku pretends to go job-hunting but in fact he’s just wasting his time, spending extra allowance money, etc.  All the people important to him only scold him and tell him to get his act together, which just hurts him even more.  I love that Tatsuya is the one to get Riku to see that maybe there is a passion that can be turned into a living.  Those two brothers always butt heads but actually they care about each other a lot.


It’s great to see Riku finally grow up and take control of his own future.  Funny enough, in ep 11, Junpei turns to Haru and comments that Riku is actually more mature than Tatsuya now.  Haha.  So, their deceased dad’s hardworking nature inspires Riku to reopen the laundromat shop.  Overall we haven’t really seen much of the dad’s influence on the sons, but here we see that the sons want to follow in their father’s footsteps of working hard for their family. 


There was a lot of drama with persuading Chisato’s father to accept their marriage.  At some point I just wanted Haru to punch him in the face and have Chisato & Tatsuya elope.  But all of this build-up just made the fall out even funnier…Chisato’s mom speaks up for her and asks the dad to accept the marriage.  The dad scoffs at her and tells her not to interfere.  Chisato’s mom indignantly says “I have an opinion too” and when he tells her to get out if she doesn’t agree, she promptly prepares to move back to her parent’s house.  ROFL.  This was just the funniest thing ever.  Also, stalling the marriage approval made Chisato’s dad decision even more touching. :'(  It was so cute when they got the marriage gift from her dad.

Also Chisato YELLED at Tatsuya.  Obviously there are problems with Tatsuya’s tendency to always take charge and make ALL the decisions.  The two of them straighten that out by the end of BB. 


And of course, Tatsuya & Chisato finally got married and all the couples have a happy ending. 

I loveeeee Brother Beat and was so disappointed when ep11 came around.  It felt too short because I wanted to see what would happen when Tatsuya & Chisato adjust to being a married couple…and I wanted to see Riku & Ai’s wedding, let Junpei have a happy ending, etc. etc.

Haru was such a loveable character and it showed that even though she may not be the ‘perfect mom’ she loves her sons dearly.  I loved her attitude and her pride in her sons.  Of course, all three sons were adorable.  Each of them matured in their own way, even though they already had to mature after their father’s death.  There’s always room for some sort of growth or transformation no matter how grown up they thought they were. 


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