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I finally finished off Wild Romance.  Unfortunately the last couple episodes weren’t as intense and suspenseful as I hoped.  WR ended on a quiet note, tying up all the loose ends and giving everyone a happy ending.  Overall I’m content with the outcome, but kinda disappointed at the same time. 


Of course we have the dramatic pretend-betrayal of Dong Soo.  That was way more intense than the actual reveal of the REAL culprit–the Auntie/housekeeper.  This was really the part that tore up Moo Yeol and gave us the conflict that was really worth something.  Of course, both Reporter Go and Moo Yeol still believe in Dong Soo, even though Dong Soo hurt both of them with his own hands.  There’s something great about all of the bromance with Dong Soo, who’s really the mentor figure in this whole drama, always the great older brother guy who will dote on his juniors. 

It’s sad that Dong Soo, one of the most earnest and hardworking people in the drama, ends up kicked out of the baseball team early on.  I liked that he identified that there IS reason to be jealous of Moo Yeol’s success while he has to take the back seat.  Dong Soo was your sort of a ‘saint’ character and I kinda wish we had seen more of his possible struggle against being jealous of Moo Yeol. 

I’m glad he has a happy ending.  He can finally take a break and work in the countryside where he and his family can truly be happy.  The dilemma with Seu Young and Dong Soo was solved really quickly and I’m glad they didn’t drag it on and on. (Not that they could’ve anyway..)  Moo Yeol quickly accepts Dong Soo again, no questions asked.  Again the friendships, moreso than the romance, are great. 


Overall the supporting characters are what kept me watching Wild Romance, not the OTP.  Even Seo Yoon Yi was awesome.  I love love love the threesome of Reporter Go, Dong Ah, and Secretary Kim.  Dong Ah & Reporter Go are so funny together, and then there’s Secretary Kim to just stand there and roll his eyes at them.  There are so many cute humorous moments amongst the supporting characters…and nicely enough they all have some sort of background that makes them more 3D and real-life.  Aside from Dong Ah, my favorite side-character is REPORTER GO.  HE’S SO FUNNY, OMG. 


I love Eun Jae’s family because they really add that sort of WR-ish energy that I feel like we’ve been missing for a while.  I was a bit disappointed when Jong Hee left because I actually liked her character, cutesy acting and all.  Jong Hee is much more perceptive than you might give her credit for and she’s still one of the people who understands Moo Yeol best.  I felt pretty bad for her when Moo Yeol dumped her because we can all relate to that feeling you get when you realize everyone else around you is changing, but it feels like you’re not.  It sucks.  Jong Hee had a reason to be angry and frustrated with all the change going on around her.  I’m glad she was a strong character in the end and readily decided to move on with her life.  I felt like there were a lot of anti-Jong Hee watchers…but really?  You have to give her credit for recovering from Moo Yeol’s break up, and I don’t think she dragged down the drama at all. 


Of course, Dong Ah & Secretary Kim.  Dong Ah dresses up in a hanbok in the last episode.  HAHAHAHA I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!  And then she unties her hanbok to demonstrate the ‘sound’ the ribbon makes for Secretary Kim….but then she realizes she doesn’t know how to retie it.  So Secretary Kim has to tie it for her, by following instructions online.  HAHAHAHA.  I really think they’re the best couple in WR. *-*


Oh wait..I need to talk about the OTP.  I like that although Eun Jae liked Moo Yeol first, it was more of Moo Yeol needing Eun Jae rather than the other way around.  Moo Yeol needed to lean on Eun Jae when he was in his darkest moment (when Dong Soo ‘betrayed’ him). 


And Moo Yeol needed a hug after the whole ordeal with Auntie. 

Oh yeah, so for the ‘big cliffhanger’ in ep 15…Moo Yeol saves what appeared to be Jong Hee first. (But it was actually Eun Jae in Jong Hee’s clothes.)  I didn’t really by Moo Yeol’s explanation of “Oh I saw your shoes so I knew it was you”.  Does that strike you as a bit corny?  Actually, that whole cliffhanger was just messed up.  The Auntie turned out to be a big troll and I couldn’t really take the cliffhanger seriously because I was just thinking, “WHYYYYY?”.  Unfortunately I thought the cliffhanger was a huge huge fail. 


To make up for that, we get a kiss at the end!  And before that, Moo Yeol & Eun Jae play catch using baseball gloves & a baseball.  DID ANYONE ELSE THINK OF MY BOSS MY HERO WHEN THE TEACHER (IRON FACE) TELLS MAKIO THEY’RE PLAYING CATCH-BALL BETWEEN THEIR HEARTS? (I really need to start recapping that again, heheheh)

I thought that was such a cute kiss!!!!!!!!! 

The end.

WR took the easy way out by giving everyone a happy ending.  Maybe the auntie didn’t exactly get a happy ending, but they did their best to show how she’s a person too, and she had her own tragic past, blah blah blah. Of course there were so many side characters that it was a bit hard not to jump around so much in the last episode. 

The final showdown with the auntie kinda ruined the final episodes for me, but I still loved seeing all the side characters happy and all the conflicts resolved.  WR is not exactly a fluffy drama because it actually dealt with a lot of angst and backstabbing and repressed feelings.  I forgot to talk about Seu Yeung turning to the dark side…well anyway I was pretty disappointed when she took the bait because basically all the auntie did was appeal to the dark side that was already in all of her targets.  Was she really the one who single handedly ruined Moo Yeol?  No, all of her targets succumbed to the jealousy in their own hearts and contributed to his downfall.  I really wanted Seu Yeung to be the one to put an end to the auntie’s success and say NO to the dark side.  Maybe that’s too idealistic, but actually I think it’s better than explaining her break down by saying that something cooky is going on. 

But when it comes to the final judgment, what can I say?  WR was an enjoyable drama.  It might’ve not been the most solid one, but I was impressed by all the side characters and I liked that they weren’t afraid to throw in a few twists here and there. 


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