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Brother Beat is such an enjoyable drama to watch.  There are a couple annoying side characters, but they only last for about an episode at the most.  The main characters are great and not as 1D as you would first expect.   All of them have their flaws and their strengths and there’s actually character growth in each episode. 


Episode 6 was really one of my favorite episodes because it had a lot of humor mixed in with some bittersweet unrequited love.  Noguchi has always looked after Haru and the boys ever since her husband died…and he’s always dreamed of marrying her.  He finally proposes to her (for the second time) before he transfers jobs.  It was so sad that basically everyone knew Haru would reject Noguchi, and yet Noguchi still tried.  Usually this would be a tear-jerker episode of angsting over rejection, but instead it was strangely heartwarming to see how earnest and hopeful Noguchi was.  :'(


These few episodes also focused a lot on the romance between Riku/Ai and Tetsuya/Chisato.  I think the romance parts dragged down the drama’s pace a bit because they lagged on too much.  Brother Beat relies on lots of coincidences and oops-I-was-late-and-broke-our-promise WAYYY TOO MUCH.  HOWEVER…the outcome of all these angst scenes, misunderstandings, and setbacks is worth it…


…because in episode 8, Tetsuya proposes to Chisato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BY THE FERRIS WHEEL.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  They are such a cute innocent couple. *-*

This was really a breakthrough episode because it’s the one where Tetsuya has to choose what’s most important to him–his exgirlfriend or his current girlfriend.  His job or his relationships.  His word or his work.  I love the scene where Haru and Riku scold Tetsuya and ask him what’s really important to him.  Haru questions whether there are more important things than his work.  Tetsuya blows up and yells that he has to work for the sake of the family because he’s the oldest son and their sole support.  We see that Tetsuya has always been working hard to live up to his deceased father’s expectations and to fulfill his ‘duty’ as the head of the  family. But Haru shows him that being the most responsible one isn’t always what’s most important.  She wants him to be happy too, instead of always thinking about his family members’ happiness.

Chisato also experiences her own transformation, but in her own way.  She doesn’t become super bold and confident, nor does she have a makeover.  But she learns that even she can be loved by someone like Tetsuya, whom she considers to be a knight in shining armor.  Chisato gradually learns to treasure herself more and that she can also look forward to her future happiness. 

Other thoughts

IT’S THE GUY WHO WAS KATAGIRI IN BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I didn’t recognize him without his mustache.  I really wonder why he doesn’t have many other leading roles…


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