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What do you do when there’s not many good dramas around? Watch some old ones! I just started watching the old comedy/family drama Brother Beat. It’s not exactly your typical family drama because the family isn’t your conventional family. There’s some romance but the real fun is with the family members’ interactions.

Brother Beat focuses on a widowed mother and her three sons. The drama picks up several years after the father’s death, when all three sons have grown up to be young adults. You’d expect the mom to turn into super-mom but in fact she turned into the exact opposite. She wears jerseys, lazes around the house, lets her youngest son do the cooking, etc. etc. Her sons call her by her name Haru. The thing about Haru is that she fits right in with her sons. Even though she’s not exactly the usual Japanese idea of a motherly figure, she’s always talking with her sons and messing around. Haru is pretty awesome.


The eldest son Tatsuya is sorta the main character of the drama.  He’s the head of the family and the one who brings in the dough.  He’s straightforward and upright, always keeping his family members in line and caring for the family.


The middle child is Riku (Hayami Mokomichi from Zettai Kareshi, Hammer Session).  He’s basically a carefree playboy who strikes it big when he tries out the hosting business for a while.  Of course there’s lots of bromance between him and Tatsuya because he always challenges Tatsuya’s authority. 

Lastly we have Junpei, the youngest son.  Funny enough he ends up being the family housekeeper and cook.  HE’S SO CUTE, BLESS HIS HEART. Junpei is the most innocent and kindhearted of the three brothers.  It’s hilarious in ep3 when he rebels by confiscating breakfast from the family.


The first few episodes have are short character arcs focusing on each of the three brothers.   The plots aren’t exactly the most original but what really makes the drama is the humor and the way the family reacts to all the brothers’ predicaments. 



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