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**Warning: Contains spoilers about who’s after Moo Yeol!!

Wild Romance bored me in ep 10, but thankfully it picked up pace in Eps 11-12. Finally we get some breakthroughs relationship and plot-wise.

Episode 10
Episode 10 was slow and boring and all I really cared about was Dong Ah and Secretary Kim.


Dong Ah talks with Yoon Yi about her parents. She reveals that both of her parents died when she was in high school. I actually like Dong Ah and Yoon Yi together (not as a couple, just as possible friends)…both of them are super smart, suspicious of each other, and have some sort of secret. I think the two of them are actually some of the most interesting characters in WR…

Anyway, Secretary Kim gets jealous of Yoon Yi and ends up asking Dong Ah to date him. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Other kinda cute scene: MY saves EJ from an angry guy. The only thing is that the dialogue was kinda cheesy. T_T BUT MY WAS COOL. Not that EJ would’ve needed his help, but MY is still very protective over EJ. It’s cute seeing how fond MY is of EJ (again, still can’t really see this turning into “wild romance”) especially when he affectionately messes up her hair after scaring off the bad guy. Actually I feel like I’m not even watching WR for the ROMANCE, I’m watching it more for the friendship between MY and EJ. They have chemistry as bickering siblings/besties, but not as lovers.

Episode 11


Eun Jae comes back to bodyguard Jong Hee, so of course it gets much more entertaining! It’s cute seeing how much MY worries about JH, and how he kisses up to EJ to make sure she continues to be JH’s bodyguard.  Now JH and MY are past the first stage of fluffy love, so now they have to see if they can overcome obstacles together.


I pretty much feel bad for EJ every time she sees MY and JH together.  (Which is like everyday…)

I really liked the development of EJ and JH’s friendship.  At first they were complete enemies, but eventually JH grew to appreciate EJ.  They are the most unlikely ones to be friends, and yet they could probably become much closer.  Now EJ can see that JH doesn’t really have it all, and that having the looks, talent, and cuteness doesn’t really mean she has everything easy. 


Episode 12


OMGGG Ep 12 was the best out of these last few episodes.  First off, there was actual progress in Dong Ah’s undercover investigation of Yoon Yi.  Yoon Yi pretends to get led on by Dong Ah, when in fact he suspected her all along.  He brings her to an isolated place and questions her true motives.  Dong Ah tries to make something up and escape, but Yoon Yi PUNCHES HER IN THE GUT and makes her spill the beans.

POOR DONG AH!!!!  I kinda expected Dong Ah to have some super surprise judo moves since she seems like the jack of all trades, but unfortunately she didn’t.  Thankfully Dong Ah gets saved by a passerby…OR WAS IT JUST A COINCIDENCE THAT THAT PASSERBY WAS MY’S HOUSEKEEPER??? HMM. 

After her close encounter with Yoon Yi, Dong Ah tells Secretary Kim all the details.  She says it in a sort of offhand manner, as though it wasn’t as serious as it really was.  Secretary Kim gets mad at her because he thinks that she treats everything like a game.


Basically more cuteness with MY + EJ + JH.  I felt like WR was kinda ‘restored’ at this point because it regained its old charm of EJ and MY’s quirkiness.


JH observes EJ and concludes that she must like MY.  JH asks her right out why she didn’t confess to MY yet if she likes him.  Of course EJ denies liking MY.  JH lets it go, but says that maybe she doesn’t like MY enough if she hasn’t confessed yet. 

JH makes her next move–she asks MY if they can start over their relationship again (IN FRONT OF EVERYONE…).  MY doesn’t give JH an answer yet.  He’s happy but for some reason he doesn’t jump at the chance.


MY cutely imagines what it would be like if he and JH got married.  He imagines lots of happy scenes, and then wonders to himself why he can’t make a decision if his future with her would be so great.  Meanwhile, EJ and her brother go to a restaurant, expecting to meet their dad’s new girlfriend.  EJ is disappointed and shocked to see that it’s NOT a new girlfriend–it’s HER MOM.  EJ rushes out of the restaurant, angry at her dad for going back to the woman who hurt him so much.  She asks why his dad can’t just get a different girlfriend, and why he has to love one person for the rest of his life.


So both EJ and MY vent out their stress by boxing together!  AUGH I LOVE THEM!!!!!!  They agree that the loser must fulfill one wish for the winner. 


EJ pretty much owns MY, laughing victoriously the entire time.  At one point EJ is open, but for some reason MY can’t bring himself to take the opportunity to make the punch.  He suddenly stops and has some sort of epiphany.  He stands there in shock…so EJ quickly punches him in the face.  MY collapses and has flashbacks of all his memories with EJ. (OMGGGGG?  DID HE FIGURE OUT THAT SHE REALLY LIKES HIM??) 

After he recovers, he fulfills EJ’s wish to tie her shoe.  It seems like a wish wasted, but EJ is all pleased that he tied her shoe just for her. (because he tied JH’s shoe before)  The sad thing is that her unspoken wish is for him to like her.

On a side note, I seriously wonder where they’re getting all of these sweaters/winter gear. I mean I know it’s supposed to be the wintertime but sometimes I wonder WHY they just pile on as many layers as they can on EJ. It looks like she’s supposed to be out in the Arctic or something.

Anyway, now that it’s been revealed that MY’s housekeeper is obsessed with him and hates Jong Hee, it feels like the whole Yoon Yi-side-plot is pointless.  Now we have to wait for the other characters to find out who the culprit is…and now that I already know it, it’s kinda aggravating because I WANT THEM TO FIND OUT SOON!!!  I would’ve liked it better if we got to find out along with the characters.  I was kinda relieved and kinda disappointed at the same time when I found out it was the housekeeper.  I didn’t want it to be Dong Soo or anyone super close, but at the same time, there’s no super-dramatic-betrayal. The thing is that it’s kinda easy to figure out the housekeeper’s motives, and she feels more like a 1D character.  Now all of a sudden we have to develop the housekeeper’s character, whereas some of the other suspects already had several episodes for character development. 

I think WR would’ve been much better if it were simply a friendship drama, not a rom-com…at this point I’m just wondering how’ll they’ll resolve the case with MY’s housekeeper, and how they’ll even get MY to develop feelings for EJ.


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