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I’m actually kinda glad that Jong Hee showed up on the scene because it gives Eun Jae a dilemma over her love for Moo Yeol. Jong Hee is not over-the-top cutesy annoying, but she clearly makes an effort to act cutesy cute rather than just BEING cute. Episode 8 was really enjoyable because Moo Yeol was like a puppy dog in love.

Episode 8


Eun Jae & Jong Hee have an unspoken challenge to drink as much as possible to prove their drinking capabilities. Eun Jae is uncomfortable seeing Moo Yeol and Jong Hee rekindling their old flame, so she gets in their way and tries to send off Jong Hee ASAP with Dong Soo & his wife.


After seeing Jong Hee’s beauty and femininity, Eun Jae feels bad for being so plain and tomboyish. She thinks to herself, “Love is about change.” Oh no. We get our long-awaited SELF makeover (NOTE: SELF MAKE OVER, THIS CANNOT GO WELL) She cutely tries to powder her face and…shave her eyebrows? T__T She also straightens her hair and wears some lip gloss. I was expecting a bigger change with her straightened hair, but it really doesn’t make a big difference since her hair is so short anyway. I think they should’ve made her hair a bit longer or at least given her some more volume, like Baek Hee’s hairstyle in Dream High. But at this rate, her hair will stay this length so I think they should just part her hair to the side or something.

Eun Jae, now with her “make over,” encounters Moo Yeol’s new make over..HE SHAVES OFF HIS MUSTACHE!!! AHAHAHAHA. The two of them look at each other like they’re aliens, but neither of them say anything about it until they get into the elevator. Moo Yeol notices that half of Eun Jae’s eyebrow is missing. ROFL.

We also get an apology from Reporter Go for ruining Moo Yeol’s reputation. The two of them reconcile with the help of Dong Soo’s prodding. Dong Soo even encourages them to shake hands. (at which Eun Jae comments that’s too much, and the two boys bashfully put their hands in their pockets) AHAHHA I love Reporter Go now!


EJ turns into the third wheel when Moo Yeol & Jong Hee go out together. Moo Yeol cutely asks EJ what she thinks of Jong Hee. EJ compliments Jong Hee’s style and personality, but then she smashes down MY’s hopes by commenting that there’s no way such an amazing girl is single. HAHAHAHAHA. It turns out that Jong Hee is single and quite available for Moo Yeol. Poor EJ!!


Back at home, EJ looks in the mirror and tells Dong Ah that she wishes she could be prettier and cuter. She asks Dong Ah if she thinks a guy would fall for her, and why. Dong Ah somehow comes to the conclusion that EJ likes REPORTER GO. AHAHAHAHAHA. Dong Ah advises EJ to find her best quality and focus on that, rather than trying to change.

“Love doesn’t look at your overall status…Love gets fixed on one charm…Something that others don’t have, find that.”

EJ imagines the ‘charm of jewels’ and compares herself to Jong Hee in terms of stylem cuteness, etc, but finds herself lacking in every way. Dong Ah points out that there’s one thing EJ can’t be rivaled in–HER STRENGTH. LOL.



I guess that Moo Yeol had nothing else to do on New Year’s, so he decides to call EJ over for some beer & a take-out dinner. Moo Yeol talks about the ‘string of fate,’ but EJ adamantly says that there’s no such thing as fate. MY says that there’s no way EJ could know true love, but EJ slaps down that offhanded remark by telling him about her mom’s affair when she was just a kid. ANNND SHE CONFESSES. GO EJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“…I started to like you. I like you. But if there is such a thing as fate, my fate is you.”

Moo Yeol is probably going through extreme shock, so all he can do is sit there and stare at EJ.

Episode 9

With PERFECT TIMING, Jong Hee shows up to visit Moo Yeol. AWKWARRRRRRRRRRRRRD. Jong Hee asks if she was interrupting anything when she notices that MY and EJ look a bit uncomfortable. Suddenly EJ starts laughing to herself and says that she can’t do this anymore. I almost thought she was having a break down, but actually she’s putting on an act–she calls Dong Ah and says that she ‘lost the bet’. Then she tells MY and Jong Hee that this was all a bet to see if she could confess to a guy. OUCHHHHHHH. EJ just shot herself in the foot!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

I really wish that EJ didn’t back down just because Jong Hee showed up. She could’ve at least left with her pride rather than make up the lie about the bet. (although she made up that lie just to protect her pride, but really..) THIS IS STILL PRETTY AWKWARD….and I think Moo Yeol can tell it’s a bit fishy.


Things get very awkward…i.e. Moo Yeol is about to ruffle EJ’s hair like usual, but he stops himself. He almost asks her if EJ was really confessing, but he leaves his question unfinished.


MY is shaken up by EJ’s confession the next day…but not enough to keep from going out on a group date with Jong Hee & Dong Soo. EJ is the third wheel AGAIN, standing by the whole time while the group has a lot of fun together. Poor EJ pretends to enjoy herself as she watches them.


Dong Ah & Secretary Kim update: Dong Ah gives Secretary Kim a card. She says she made it out of her pictures, and then whispers “bikini”. Secretary Kim opens the card, and there’s a picture inside of her when she was a kid, wearing a bikini. Hehehehe.


Dong Ah takes a part-time job to investigate Seo Yoon Yi. She mistakenly thinks that Reporter Go is in on it with Yoon Yi. When she sees Reporter Go, she tries to hide next to Secretary Kim, and tells him to pretend to kiss her. “Haven’t you seen the movies?” AHAHAHA.


Dong Ah realizes that this is THE Reporter Go, the guy she thinks EJ likes. So she asks him what his type is, while Secretary Kim sits there uncomfortably. Reporter Go bashfully talks about his ideal type.


Moo Yeol sees Eun Jae practicing how to cutely giggle and dance like Jong Hee. OMG EJ IS SO ADORABLY FUNNY. Moo Yeol chuckles to himself, and then hides behind the wall so she doesn’t see him watching her.


Annnnnnd we get a kiss between Moo Yeol & Jong Hee…NOTE THAT IT WAS INITIATED BY MY.

Episodes 8 and 9 were pretty entertaining, but episode 10 was way too slow paced for me.  We’ve already gone through EJ’s initial phase of innocent puppy love where she’s energized and eager to change herself…now we’re getting into the depression-I-will-be-rejected-phase of love.  I hope EJ’s angsty phase won’t be dragged out too much.  I thought the confession would be a step forward, but EJ herself took a huge step backward by MAKING UP THE THING ABOUT THE BET.  AUGH AUGH AUGH!! 

I really hope that WR doesn’t lose its momentum or go down the road of facepalming and head-banging.  PLEASEEEE, GIVE US MORE PLOT.  Also I hope there’s more progress on the mystery, because I mean…at some point just sending photographs and showing the silhouette of the culprit is not going to cut it.

I love the little scene with MY watching EJ dancing because it really shows how fond MY is of EJ regardless of how much he teases her.  But as I said before, it still feels like he regards her as a little sister.  I like that EJ’s ‘make over’ did not include radically changing herself into a super girly, stylish person.  I’m glad she basically remained the way she is instead of changing her whole persona.  Something about the whole I-can’t-measure-up-to-the-girl-my-love-likes and I-want-to-be-like-her is just so sad and poignant that it really gets me. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • This is the first site that I have found that is taking about Wild Romance. I have been iffy on whether or not I want to watch it, but juding from this site I think I may have to find that time for some fluffy, brainless drama. 😉

    • Be warned that WR is not entirely fluff and cuteness, there is some trolling and going-to-the-dark-side in the later episodes…but overall it’s still pretty much fluff.

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