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OMGGGGGGG EP 7. MY LOVE FOR WILD ROMANCE IS OFFICIAL!!!!!!! Shippy cliched stereotypical OTP scenes galore..and I love it. It’s like the writers suddenly decided to bombard us with as many OTP moments as possible. Let us count how many cliches there are in here, shall we?


EUN JAE SEARCHES FOR MOO YEOL AFTER HE GOES MISSING. SHE GETS LOST IN A DISTANT FOREST ON A MOUNTAIN AND STARTS FREAKING OUT. Right at the perfect moment, Moo Yeol sees Eun Jae freaking out in the middle of no where. He’s confused to see her there and calls out her nickname. Eun Jae is scared out of her wits by his sudden appearance, full of relief that he’s ok, and still high on adrenaline since she thought she was gonna spend the night in the woods. All of this leads to her crying uncontrollably.



Then he gets up to start walking back, but Eun Jae grabs his sleeve because she’s scared of getting lost again. Moo Yeol shakes off her hand..AND THEN TAKES HER HAND IN HIS AND WALKS HER BACK. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It’s really weird seeing Moo Yeol being all nice and..SENSITIVE…but it’s great.


The two of them return to a random house in the middle of the woods where Moo Yeol is staying. Eun Jae gives him a pep talk, urging him not to give up on baseball. The next day Eun Jae wants to start walking back to the base of the mountain so they can return home, but CLICHE NUMBER 5 appears! Eun Jae comes down with a horrible fever! AND MOO YEOL CHECKS HER FOREHEAD. HE PUTS HIS JACKET OVER HER AND LETS HER SLEEP.



To get to the point, Moo Yeol gets to stay on the team. After hearing the news, he ecstatically hugs EVERYONE around him–Eun Jae, Dong Soo, Secretary Kim (idk I might’ve gotten his title wrong..was it a secretary or a lawyer or a manager or what?)…and then Moo Yeol is about to give Kim Dong Ah (who promptly holds her arms out, waiting for a hug) a hug when Eun Jae gets in his way and it ends up being a threesome hug. HAHAHA.


AND THENNNN…ANOTHER PLOT TWIST! THE MYSTERIOUS EX RETURNS!!!!! JONG HEE!!!!!!! She is the definition of an anime character in real life. Moo Yeol melts in her presence and you can tell he’s already fallen at her feet just with her first appearance. Eun Jae can only helplessly stand right next to them as they embrace. Poor girl! Things are gonna get complicated.

Other thoughts
This was definitely the most satisfying episode for me. The past episodes had some OTP moments, but they were mainly EJ and MY bickering like siblings. Episode 7 really brought on the REAL OTP scenes. Unfortunately I still don’t really see great chemistry between EJ and MY…mainly because I still feel like MY is more of an older brother figure to EJ.

I was surprised by the appearance of Jong Hee because I seriously thought that this was the one drama where there wouldn’t be a love triangle. (at first I thought it might be with Dong Soo’s wife, but they already cleared up that suspicion.) I was wrong, OF COURSE there has to be an old love interest that will appear out of no where, probably from living abroad for a while. And of course the love interest is feminine, sparkly, and beautiful. I really hope she’s NOT the typical rich pretty 2nd lead character. It’ll be quite interesting seeing how MY treats Jong Hee.

I’ve mentioned this before, but Kim Dong Ah is my favorite character in WR.  She’s smart, quirky, completely the opposite of your usual heroine.  It’s the funniest thing when she’s paired with Secretary Kim because he’s always such a serious guy…while she’s super smart and laid back at the same time. 


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  • I love reading your reactions…because mine’s exactly the same! 😀 I had to pause the video to allow myself to squeal loudly and finish the spazzing on a particular scene before proceeding with the other. you can guess how many times I did that 😉

    MY’s being all soft and nice guy is good, but I suddenly miss his temper (not that over-the-limit one. that scared me a little bit). I miss his sharp tongue, bombing words towards EJ..and with ex’s entrance into the scene, I should expect more “nice guy” actions from him, especially towards JH. hopefully he won’t discard EJ just like that! girl need to kick some ass again~

    DA-Manager Kim (I’m not that sure with his title but using this for my recaps) are one set of Battery and Robot. They only get minimal screen time, but their story is compelling on their own. Someone even mentioned in soompi that if they decide to do a spin-off about this adorable couple, he’d surely watch it. hey, I’d do so too! 😀

    oopps..sorry for flooding your comment ^^; I’m still excited about episodes 7 & 8, and waiting nervously for episode 9 tonight..

    • Hehe I really need to post about ep 8, I was screencapping the entire time with MY being like a puppy in love. Yeah it did seem a bit out of place with him suddenly being all nice…but then again he was at a low point in his life so maybe he didn’t have the spunk in him to argue with EJ like usual. I felt like it was more out of his appreciation for EJ’s being there for him, not out of unrealized feelings of love for her. Which is why even though I flailed during all the OTP moments, I still felt kinda weird because I knew MY doesn’t even have romantic feelings toward EJ. It completely changes the context of all those shippy OTP scenes.

      YESSS I would definitely watch anything with an OTP of Dong Ah and Manager Kim. DONG AH IS TOO AWESOME.

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