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AHHHHHH. I’ve been watching the kdrama Wild Romance even though I haven’t been posting about it. The first couple episodes were pretty solid with some great humor, but starting from episode 3 we get into more angsty let’s-destroy-Moo Yeol-issues.


Moo Yeol is a pro baseball player for the Red Dreamers. Eun Jae is a tomboyish bodyguard, an expert in judo, a zealous die-hard Seagulls baseball fan, and a devoted Red Dreamer antifan. Put the two together and you get our very cute OTP. They like to fight together, insult each other, annoy each other, etc. etc.


Somehow they decided to give Eun Jae a short hairstyle AND a perm…OMGGGGGG at first I thought it was a disaster..but then I saw it really fits her personality.  Eun Jae is a tomboy at heart, as she wears the most odd combinations of clothes and judo-flips guys over her shoulder like it’s nothing. So far they’ve let her stay like herself rather than doing the whole make-over-the-tomboy thing, which I like better.


Moo Yeol…he’s a guy with a temper. The poor guy is victimized by an extreme antifan, the media, and his ex-girlfriend. He has sudden moments of utter cuteness. I regard him as a scruffy teddy bear.


Unfortunately I can’t really see our OTP together romantically…I can only see them as soon-to-be platonic friends. Moo Yeol seems more like an older brother to Eun Jae than a love interest. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really feel their chemistry romance-wise.

HOWEVER we have a winner scene in episode 6 that made me flail over our gruff teddy bear. Eun Jae gets a scrape on her forehead while she protects Moo Yeol from angry antifans. Back at home, Moo Yeol tenderly (omg it’s possible) puts a band aid on her forehead. HOW CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Aside from our main characters, I LOVEEEEEE Secretary Kim and Kim Dong Ah!!!!  Really what’s keeping me watching is the mystery over Moo Yeol’s stalker.  Kim Dong Ah is a much more interesting character to me than Eun Jae, and I kinda wish she was the heroine because she’s just so awesome.


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