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I haven’t been watching the recent episodes of In Time With You. Somehow it turned into a meh drama for me after a while because it just dragged on and on with Li Wei. Really the last episode is amazing because it has everything I wanted…like 6 episodes ago. It’s basically You Qing and Da Ren being the cutest couple ever. It’s refreshing to see the two of them FINALLY get together after so many obstacles.


You Qing stands outside the karaoke place in the rain. She holds the tape and tearfully thinks to herself…

“How could you be like this? How could you do this to me? How am I supposed to marry Ding Li Wei like this?”

Meanwhile, Da Ren sits outside You Qing’s house in the rain. He writes a short note for her…

“I’m back. Using the pen you gave me, I’m wishing you well in my own handwriting. Even though it’s difficult, since there’s a little space, and the sentiments run deep, but the words I can’t bring myself to write, surely you know it all.”

The ink gets smeared in the rain :'( He says he’s going to Singapore and can’t attend her wedding. He puts the note in her mailbox and turns to leave.

“That’s right, I lost. I lost to you, whom I love so much. But it was really worth it.”


As he walks away, he imagines You Qing back in her high school days at the door. She fumbles for her keys to enter the house. Da Ren walks up to her and says he has something to say to her.

“Could you let me wipe your tears dry? Could you let me listen to what’s in your heart? Could you let me be your friend? But not just a friend. Could you let me love you?”


High-school You Qing starts to cry, and suddenly it switches to the current grown-up You Qing standing at the door crying. Da Ren isn’t there. She walks away from the doorstep to cry in the rain while holding his soaked note. OMGGG can there be a scene any more beautiful than that???

You Qing confesses to her mom that she can no longer marry Li Wei. Her mom instantly gets up and asks what happened. You Qing is in tears as she says she can’t marry when she has doubts. Bless her heart, mom says that it’s no problem, because marriage is for a lifetime. She says not to worry about all the preparations that have already been done or about losing face.

“Face is not important, your happiness is more important.”

You Qing cries in her mom’s arms and apologizes. Mom plans which relatives to notify about the break up. Dad gets up and bluntly says that’s not important–the fiance should know first. He says to get changed so they can all go apologize with You Qing to Li Wei. AWWWWWWWW. Her parents are prepared to get his forgiveness along with You Qing, even if they have to kneel before him. THESE ARE SUCH GREAT PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!

You Qing says that that’s not necessary–she’ll go by herself to ask for forgiveness since it’s her responsibility.

Uncle Bai visits Da Ren’s mom in the middle of the night. He’s spooked out by a dream he just had–he dreamed that Da Ren’s mom left. HE IS SO CUTE!!! He asks if he can stay, and mom says he can go sleep in Da Ren’s room. Uncle Bai CRIES when he hears this. AND…RIGHT WHEN DA REN IS STANDING OUTSIDE THE GATE TO RETURN HOME. POOR DA REN!!! He sadly thinks to himself,

“Everyone I love has found their true love.”


You Qing goes to break the news to Li Wei.  Li Wei is laying in bed when she quietly asks him to get up so they can talk.  Li Wei is clearly startled that You Qing is there and tries to get her to go back home.  The bathroom door opens and out walks another woman wearing only a bath towel.  Li Wei’s face says that he’s screwed.  He tries to explain and ends up using the last resort:

“Cheng You Qing, I love you, my heart only has you.  You have to believe me.  You have to trust me.”

HAHA, TOO LATE NOW LI WEI, you just gave her a better excuse to break up with you! You Qing is numb with shock as she looks at Li Wei, and then at the other woman. Although she was about to break off the engagement herself, you can tell she’s hurt by Li Wei’s betrayal. She faints. Li Wei rushes to her side. Clearly he was cheating, but interestingly enough, he seems to be sincerely concerned over You Qing.


We fast-forward to the future. Thankfully the Li Wei/You Qing issue wasn’t dragged on any further. You Qing broke off the engagement, quit her job, and went traveling around the world for 8 months. Da Ren regularly receives post cards from You Qing’s travels.

“I have really changed. Now I know that such a change is what I really want, and what I really needed. Li Da Ren, I know you’ll understand. So, ever so gradually, I began to understand that the things I couldn’t have were destined to belong to each other.”

Da Ren says his farewells to his friend who’s going overseas or something. (the one who’s in love with her bestie also.) Um, isn’t this begging for a second season, except this time it’s the GIRL best friend who’s in love with the guy bestie?!?!?! I SEE IT, I SEE IT NOW.

Da Ren’s mom and Uncle Bai get married. FINALLY! I think this should be a hint to a CERTAIN PAIR OF BEST FRIENDS!

“At first, I wasn’t going to marry him…but then eh promised he would outlive me. He dared to promise that he wouldn’t let me endure the pain of another parting. So, I decided to marry him.”


You Qing returns home and gets a new job with Ikea. It’s her birthday. At work she supervises a store display. Suddenly the lights go out and Da Ren appears to wish her a happy birthday. The two of them sit on the couch as though they’re in their own home and talk about what to eat.

“This is pretty comfortable. Sitting in a living room like this, thinking of what to have for dinner…”

Da Ren sits a bit closer to her and asks

“Then, do you want to sit like this for the rest of our lives?”

You Qing jokingly says sure, and pulls out the bill for the room. ROFL. He asks if the bill includes her. She slyly says she needs to consult her bestie. She pulls out her call Da Ren. The two of them talk on their cellphones while they sit right next to each other. THEY ARE TOO CUTE.

YQ: What do you think of Li Da Ren?
DR: Your taste in men has finally improved.
YQ: Are you sure it’s improved, and not that I’m ‘settling’?
DR: I’m sure. And I’m also sure that your love won’t reach high peaks or involve earth-shattering moments…because for the past 15 years, we’ve never run out of things to say for each other, so for the next 15 years, and the 15 years after that……
YQ: …I just want you to promise that whether Li Da Ren and I split up or not, you’ll always be by my side.

Da Ren puts down his cellphone to look straight at YQ.

“I’ll always be by your side. Happy birthday.”

He leans in for a kiss, but it gets kinda awkward because he doesn’t know how to kiss a good friend. He asks which side she’s used to and then tries again. They have a sweet first kiss. Aw!


Da Ren smiles sweetly and then leans his head on her shoulder. The two of them crack up like little kids. You Qing initiates another kiss.


And thus begins Da Ren and You Qing’s relationship–not just as friends, but as BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. FINALLY!!! They maintain a long distance relationship since Da Ren is still working in Singapore. You Qing goes to Da Ren’s house while he’s at work. He puts little notes all throughout the house for her. THIS IS TOO CUTE. You Qing also runs into Li Wei at the airport while she goes to visit Da Ren…AWKWARD…but at least he apologizes to her..while he’s with his clingy “assistant”.


One day, You Qing tells Da Ren over the phone that she applied for a transfer to Singapore. Da Ren glumly says that he already applied to transfer to Taiwan. She freaks out. Suddenly Da Ren enters her room.  They decide to toss a coin to decide whether to stay in Taiwan or Singapore. Of course, they decide on Taiwan.


But after they cutely smile to each other over their decision, Da Ren sighs and turns serious. He says that he needed a good reason to put on his transfer application. So..he wrote ‘marriage’ on it.

You Qing starts crying, calling it one of the worst proposals ever. He cheekily pulls out “the worst ring ever”…a ring MADE OUT OF PAPER. ROFL. He puts it on her finger as she cries and then leans in for a kiss.


She pushes him away, but then makes out with him anyway. THEY ARE TOO CUTE.


Unfortunately they don’t even show the wedding…just the reception and the after-party. I wish they would at least show You Qing in her wedding dress close up. T_T Da Ren and You Qing spend their first night…with their friends. They end up falling asleep after their long party. They wake up to find that their friends didn’t even leave the hotel room–they were all so drunk that they fell asleep there.


You Qing and Da Ren go on their honeymoon! On the plane, Da Ren suddenly sings to You Qing..OVER THE LOUDSPEAKER.  He sings really off-key while You Qing face-palms in embarrassment. Da Ren enters the cabin and continues to cutely sing right to You Qing. After finishing the song, he announces to everyone that You Qing is his new wife.

“Wife, I can’t live in a city where you don’t exist.”

You Qing cracks up. He says that he practiced a long time. You Qing says he still sang badly…and then he says he meant the line, not the song. ROFL.


You Qing and Da Ren continue to be incredibly cute at the hotel. Da Ren awkwardly says that he’s never been in bed with a good friend. He giggles and tells her “I’m coming.”  She stops him and says she thinks they should wait a couple years before having kids. Da Ren agrees. It takes a while for Da Ren to get what she means. He quickly looks for you know what but hurts his toe in the process.

You Qing is angry with Da Ren for being such a kid, but they kiss and make up.


You Qing happily narrates about their ordinary married life. She says it’s not perfect because they have fights like any ordinary couple. But Da Ren remains her bestie. When they have fights, she calls and confides in him, talking about their own marriage like the BFF’s that they are.

“My principle this lifetime, I’ll never let you leave my side.”

The episode ends with You Qing and Da Ren making up after a quarrel. They kiss in the taxi on the way home.

“13th charm of a mature woman: Have a job you love, have a home you cherish, have..him.”

Other thoughts
I was really satisfied with this episode. It really had a strong ending showing You Qing’s and Da Ren’s married life. It still had the charm that enamored me in the first few episodes. I especially like that little detail with You Qing calling up Da Ren to talk to him about her marriage problems. It really shows that they are still best friends, even more than lovers.

I do like that it was You Qing herself who realized that she can’t marry Li Wei when her heart is with Da Ren.  This episode was full of rainbows and bunnies.  I love seeing the two of them together and really wish that it happened sooner.  I also think that a few scenes could’ve been cut out (like her relative’s divorce issue…the reception..) to make room for the actual wedding.  Sure, we may not absolutely HAVE to see the wedding, but they’re giving us so much fan-service that they might as well go all the way and INCLUDE THE WEDDING.

I do like that the ending remained realistic–no, You Qing and Da Ren’s marriage isn’t perfect, but they still work out their differences, and always have a happy ending after they make up.

Quote Translation Credit / Where to Watch: In Time With You is subbed on Viki.


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