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If you couldn’t handle the last few episodes, then I would advise you not to watch episode 32. It is the saddest episode yet. Basically, if you don’t want to see 4th, 8th, Ruo Xi, and Ming Hui suffer then don’t watch this episode.


Ruo Xi recovers from her coma. 4th comes to see her fully awake for the first time. The two of them cry while clinging to each other in relief. With a weak voice, Ruo Xi apologizes..

Ruo Xi: I’m sorry, I know you were looking forward to this child.
4th: It’s ok. Your health is the most important.
Ruo Xi: The heavens don’t want our child to come to this world to suffer. So they took him back.

Despite her weak condition and exhausted mental state, Ruo Xi has a smile on her face as she talks about how their child must be happy in heaven now.

Don’t blame anyone, ok? If you want to blame anyone, it would be my fault.

Too late, Ruo Xi!!! 4th averts his eyes, but Ruo Xi doesn’t seem to suspect anything when he advises her to worry about herself, not other people. He promises to take her on a walk after she recovers, and sheds a tear as she cries against him once again.


And for the BEAUTIFUL walk scene. LOVEEE it. It seems like the two of them are back to their cute selves, as they admire the plum blossoms. 4th offers Ruo Xi a flower to smell. Ruo Xi comments that the smell of the medication covers the smell of the flower. 4th says the CUTEST THING EVER:

I can smell only your fragrance.

4th leans in for a kiss, but Ruo Xi covers his mouth with her hand, playfully saying that he’s the emperor–he shouldn’t be doing such things in public! 4th is all, hey it’s my concubine and I!! Why wouldn’t I?

At the word “concubine,” Ruo Xi looks a little uncomfortable. She thinks it’s unnecessary now that she no longer has the child. On the other hand, 4th wants to give her a title ASAP no matter what.


4th: I’m only afraid of losing you.
Ruo Xi: I’m also afraid of losing you.
4th: How will you lose me?
Ruo Xi: Actually, I’m not from here. I’m Zhang Xiao. I’m not part of this time period. I’m afraid that one day, I’ll have to leave this place unwillingly. Like how I didn’t want to come here.
4th: …You want to leave?
Ruo Xi: I don’t.
4th: If you leave here voluntarily, no matter where you are, I will go find you.

Loveee that last line of 4th’s. Such a short scene, but such great stuff said. 4th dismisses Ruo Xi’s comment about her coming from a different time period as nonsense that Ruo Xi is randomly sputtering. I don’t know, maybe he thinks it’s just part of Ruo Xi’s quirkiness, since she’s always had odd ideas? I don’t really know why 4th doesn’t try to make sense of Ruo Xi’s words. Wouldn’t you at least go, “Huh? Please explain.”


We switch to 8th’s house. Ming Hui is on her knees, tearfully begging 8th to obey the edict and go through with the divorce.

“Wang’Ye, if it’s asked that I accompany you in death, I won’t even furrow my eyebrows, but now, the ones who will die are not just you, but there is also Hong Wang and the hundreds of lives in this whole household.”

Ming Hui scoots closer to 8th, still on her knees. She grabs his knee with both hands, and implores him to think of the consequences of disobedience–her family, his followers, everyone will be implicated by it. 8th tightens his grip on his tea cup, brooding silently.

Ming Hui calmly gets up to go to the desk. Just like the time when she wrote the divorce request for Ruo Lan, she now writes the letter for her very own divorce. 8th looks to the side, as though he’s trying to hold back and hide his tears. Ming Hui brings the letter and 8th’s seal to his side.


“Wang’Ye, for Hong Wang, for everyone, for my family, I beg you.”

Ming Hui bows her head and holds out the letter. 8th, still gripping the tea cup, finally sets it down on the table beside him. He reaches out with trembling hands to receive the letter from Ming Hui. 8th’s tears begin to fall as he grips the letter and his seal. OMGGGGGG THIS MOMENT. AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


8th holds back his cries as he stamps the letter with his seal. Right when the seal hits the letter, 8th closes his eyes and his tears FALL ON THE LETTER. OMGGGGGG. Ming Hui has a little sad smile on her face.

8th breaks down. AWTJAWIOGTAWWAIJEGTOAJSGHAEHJIOAEHJ!!!!!!!! Ming Hui takes the letter from him and thanks him. With nerves of steel, Ming Hui turns to walk away, still carefully composed. But 8th hugs her from behind. Ming Hui cries, but 8th doesn’t know, because she’s completely silent.


“Ming Hui! back then, I only saw your position and status, and not your deep love, causing you to be in this state now. Letting you go back, you may be able to save your life. There’s no need to be worried everyday now, or to be sacrificed.

Ming Hui visibly forces herself to put a smile on her face. Without turning around, Ming Hui slowly reaches toward 8th’s face to hold his cheek.

“Wang Ye, I understand. In my heart, you will always be here.”


Without another word, Ming Hui walks away, leaving 8th standing there. Ming Hui entrusts 8th to the care of one of the eunuchs. She bows, as the eunuch kneels on the ground and assures her he will always take care of 8th. Somehow the simple gesture of how she curtsies to the eunuch, and the eunuch’s deep loyalty, is just so heartbreaking. We see Ming Hui’s retreating silhouette, with the eunuch bowing his head as she leaves.


Ruo Xi asks 13th what 4th’s order is. 13th spills the beans about the divorce. 8th still hasn’t complied yet. (the letter hasn’t been sent yet..) Ruo Xi quickly moves to take action, instructing 13th to persuade 8th, while she persuades 4th. But 13th doesn’t move.

13th points out that 8th wouldn’t believe him. Ruo Xi has incredibly determined eyes. She decides to go with 13th to visit 8th.


Ruo Xi and 13th barge into 8th’s room. 8th is drunk and irate.

What else do you want to do? Do you plan on taking my life until you’re happy? If the king allows it, I want to.

Ruo Xi implores 8th not to divorce Ming Hui. 8th laughs bitterly, and throws the edict at Ruo Xi’s feet.

You should tell him.

Ruo Xi tells 8th to go find Ming Hui before something bad happens. She tells him to wake up and implies that 8th doesn’t understand Ming Hui’s heart. (The first time I watched this, I just wanted Ruo Xi to be quiet, but the second time through, I realized she’s simply trying to prevent anything bad from happening to Ming Hui.)

8th: I understand. Of course I understand. When everyone gave up on me, only she was there to take care of me, comfort me. When I was fighting, she always supported me. When I gave up, she also didn’t say anything. No doubt, I’m crazy, stupid and a fool. I had such a precious pearl beside me, but I still went looking for one. I’ve sworn I’ll use the left of my life to treat her well. But why are the heavens so cruel? I’ve always given way, but I’m still being cornered by the the emperor. I thought, that by being careful, I could exchange that for some peace. But I’ve just recently realized that’s impossible. My ending is settled already. But she’s different. The only thing I can do for her is to let her go.

Ruo Xi: You understand everything, but why can’t you see her heart?…She’s just afraid that you don’t want her!

At this point, 8th suddenly has an “Aha” moment. The threesome ride on horseback to find Ming Hui. (Here’s where I wondered if there were any drunk horse-riding accidents back in the day.)


The three find the house in flames. The servants tell them that Ming Hui committed suicide. 8th dashes toward the house, shouting her name. 13th and Ruo Xi hold him back. 8th sees Ming Hui inside the house and lets out the most heart-wrenching wail ever. AUGHHH.

Note that 8th doesn’t know what Ming Hui really said to Ruo Xi, nor does he know of Ruo Xi’s miscarriage.

8th: “She only came to find you to express her anguish. What harm did it do to you, to deserve such an ending? Now, are you satisfied?”

13th takes offense and defends Ruo Xi…and spills the beans that Ruo Xi can no longer bear children.

No harm done to her? Did you know that because of 8th’s words, the child in her womb is gone. She’ll never be able to have a child again!Don’t forget you still have Hong Wang. Your wife’s sacrifice is for whom? You have the answer in your heart. What should you do next? YOU HAVE THE ANSWER!

NOT THE RIGHT TIME FOR A PEP TALK, 13TH. Not the time to say “Well let’s look on the bright side of things.” I think that part was supposed to be really climatic but….13th’s little speech kinda ruined it for me.

8th sadly replies…

To drift and live without purpose. Living is worse than dying.

He falls to his knees and continues to sob.


At dawn, Ruo Xi returns home. 4th has been waiting up the whole night for them. When she enters the room, he simply tells her to go rest. No doubt, he knows where she’s been. Ruo Xi distantly tells him to go get ready for court.

4th gets up and reaches toward Ruo Xi’s cheek, but she looks away. 4th gets the message and doesn’t push any further. He tells 13th to look after her.


13th: “Ruo Xi, don’t torment yourself. 8th Fujin’s death has nothing to do with you.
Ruo Xi: “I’ve always thought to survive is hard, to seek death is easy…”
13th: “It wasn’t your fault from the beginning. It was also not 8th brother or 8th wife’s fault…can’t blame Imperial Brother.”

Ruo Xi quietly asks if she really can’t have children anymore. 13th only closes his eyes and stays silent.

“Might as well. Unless I want my child to suffer in the Forbidden City.”


Qiao Hui blames herself for all that’s happened, because she was the one who let Ming Hui see Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi is like a shell of her former self as she processes all that’s happening.

“How would you know the ending? None of you know. Right now, it’s only the second year of the emperor’s reign. I originally thought there would still be a couple years of peace. Turns out, it’s already started. it’s my fault. Right now, it’s only just begun.”


Ming Yu confronts 8th in her grief over her sister. She blames 8th for Ming Hui’s death and cries distraughtly,

“I know. I know that even til death, my sister will never hate you. But I, I hate you!

Really, I think this scene would’ve had a lot more impact if 8th had said “Please, hate me.” instead of “I owe her.”

8th sits in the dark and has several flashbacks of his memories with Ming Hui, all emphasizing Ming Hui’s amazing loyalty and strength.

I believe Ming Hui would still say these words, perhaps even while she was dying:

Marrying you, I have never regretted it.

8th talks out loud to Ming Hui, his eyes mixed with love and grief.

“Ming Hui, I cannot pay you back in this life. In the next life, I will repay you a hundred fold. Ming Hui, I promise you, I won’t let you go alone…From now on, I will not back down. Even if that will incur my death, I will gladly meet you soon. I won’t let you down.”


Ming Yu visits Ruo Xi. She quickly drops to her knees before Ruo Xi.

“I, today came here to beg you. Ruo Xi, my sister already died. I can no longer stand watching 10th prince live a life worse than death. Instead of letting the emperor humiliate us and torture us so, why not just finish it off?

Ruo Xi finds out that 10th is being humiliated as a result of 4th’s scheming.

“Since the beginning, it’s always been winner takes all. There’s nothing to argue about. But the emperor…why does the emperor torture us and make things so difficult for us? First it was 8th prince, and then sister. Now it’s me, and 10th prince…”

It seems like Ruo Xi hasn’t realized just how bad it’s gotten with 10th’s situation, because she steps back and leans on the table in shock.

“10th prince. Now it’s 10th prince’s turn.”

Ming Yu continues beg Ruo Xi to ask 4th to have mercy and let it all be over quickly.

“If he’s being executed, I will follow him to be executed as well. But, to be brought back as captive and to be confined for life, this kind of suffering, do you think 10th will be able to stand it?”

Ming Yu prostrates herself before Ruo Xi as they both sob silently. Ruo Xi kneels down, takes Ming Yu’s hands, and commends her as 10th’s wife.

Ming Yu: “I have 10th prince in this life. I have no regrets.”
Ruo Xi: “Don’t worry, the ones who started this are not you all. The ones to blame shouldn’t be you. I will not let 10th Prince suffer anymore.”

This is really THE very moment when Ruo Xi decides to end all the suffering of her beloved childhood friends.


13th speaks up for 10th, asking for a lighter punishment. 4th says he’s already made up his mind.

Are you really being impartial, or are you just set on destroying him?

WORD, 13TH, WORD! 4th will have none of it, and quickly silences 13th.

4th: Enough! I’m punishing him because he deserves it! That bunch of people is scheming and pervasive. You’ve seen it for yourself. I cannot allow for a speck of compassion when dealing with them.

13th: But, have you ever thought about Ruo Xi?…if you do anything to 10th brother, you’re also hurting RUo Xi. Ruo Xi has been hurt enough.

4th: I’m doing this because of Ruo Xi. They will never see the end of me. Then Ruo Xi will have peaceful days…

13th: No, Ruo Xi will not stand aside and do anything. She’s the ‘death-seeking 13th sister’. She will not do nothing. To protect those around her, she’s willing to even sacrifice herself. Do you also want to see Ruo Xi in such a desperate state before you stop?

4th: They are the ones who refuse to stop!…It’s them. It’s all their fault.


True to 13th’s words, Ruo Xi has already been driven to the point of desperation. For the sake of her childhood friends, Ruo Xi has decided to give up her happiness. She enters the room, carrying a tray with a wine pitcher on it. 4th tells her to go back since they’re talking about political issues. (Wives aren’t supposed to interfere.) 13th echoes 4th, but Ruo Xi only smiles at him.

She pours a cup of alcohol and swallows it in one gulp.

“You could say that we were brought together by wine. Our friendship today, will also end with wine.”

4th has this look on his face like he doesn’t want to hear what Ruo Xi is about to say, because both 13th and 4th can tell that Ruo Xi is up to something.


Ruo Xi calmly reveals the truth.

I have come today to tell the truth. You’ve always thought that it was 8th Fu Jin who killed our baby. It’s actually not her. It’s me myself.

Back then, to 8th prince, who was still my brother-in-law, I said a few sentences. I told him to be very very careful of 4th prince, Long Ke Duo, Nian Geng Yao….

4th and 13th are shocked. 13th quickly tries to intervene, but Ruo Xi keeps on going. 13th can only watch helplessly.

I said all these because I know. I know everything. And it’s because I know, I tried to warn him. This is absolute.


Ruo Xi turns to 13th and apologizes for his imprisonment. Seriously, this has also got to be one of the most heart-wrenching moments for Ruo Xi. Having to tell her best friend face to face that she was part of the cause of his 10 year imprisonment has got to be difficult.

“I’m sorry. The one who caused you to be confined for 10 year was actually someone you’ve always trusted so much.”

Ruo Xi bows to 13th in apology. 13th is at a loss for words as he watches his best friend bow to him. Ruo Xi turns to 4th…

On the surface, it was 8th’s bunch that went against you, but was the instigator, directly or indirectly, who caused everyone, is me. The person you love most. All these years, you’ve been hating the wrong person!

Other thoughts
I know I was pretty harsh on 4th in the last recap. To give him some slack, I know 4th truly loves Ruo Xi and wants the best for her. Moreover, he’s emperor, and the mindset back in the day is that he’s the absolute authority. So delivering such punishments was acceptable to him. But that’s not to say that 4th is completely right in his actions. Again there’s no one in this drama who’s absolutely right or wrong.

I loved 13th and 4th’s conversation because it gives us a more concrete glimpse into 4th’s mindset. I think there’s no way that all of 4th’s actions are PURELY motivated by his desire to maintain control and to protect Ruo Xi/13th. There is definitely an underlying desire for revenge as well. 4th has been blaming 8th’s group for the last decade. He’s blamed them so much that now he completely believes 8th’s group is evil. 4th doesn’t understand that hurting 8th’s group will hurt Ruo Xi (which 13th points out). Ironically, 4th is indirectly harming Ruo Xi by harming 8th. Moreover, just like 13th’s question, 4th hasn’t realized (or maybe he just doesn’t want to realize..) that 13th and Ruo Xi don’t want revenge at all. They want peace.

I liked the resolution and strength in Ruo Xi’s eyes when she set out to save 8th and Ming Hui. It really shows how much she cares about 8th, 10th, and 14th. I know a lot of people just want Ruo Xi to stay out of it and live happily with 4th, but think about it from her view…would she really be able to abandon her friends? In Ruo Xi’s view, it would probably be a form of betrayal. Ruo Xi doesn’t want 10th to end up the same way 8th did. To Ruo Xi, this is her ultimate sacrifice, the price that needs to be paid for the sake of her friends. She feels like she’s the only one that can stop this cycle of suffering.

Now for 8th’s scenes. The divorce letter scene was PERFECT, but I didn’t really like the scene where Ruo Xi gets 8th to ‘wake up’ and the fire scene. 8th’s ‘aha’ moment when he went to find Ming Hui didn’t really make sense to me. I mean, after Ruo Xi says Ming Hui doesn’t want to be unwanted, he just suddenly thinks “Oh, maybe Ming Hui is in trouble?” Ruo Xi could’ve said straight out “Ming Hui might commit suicide” instead of going in the roundabout way. 8th is amazing in all his scenes, but I just feel that they could’ve been a lot better in some aspects.

You were probably expecting 8th to go through with his “I would rather die” statement in the previous episode.  I thought he would have more backbone, but then when you consider that it’s not just his life that’s on the line…it’s his household’s, Ming Hui’s family, and his SON’S…the stakes become a lot higher.  8th’s household went down with him, so he probably thought that the least he could do was not bring them to their deaths.

Ming Hui, R.I.P. I truly admired her amazing strength and courage. My favorite scene is when she happily wished the emperor (Kang Xi) happy new year even though he was punishing 8th. Ruo Xi admired Ming Hui a lot as well. Really, was that part where Ming Hui SMILES and touches 8th’s cheek not PERFECT?!!??!


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • heisui thank you for keep recap bbjx. my dvd doesn’t have half of this part. i always curious with minghui suicide episodes, but can’t find it. now i get more understand what make ruoxi said to prince 4. this movie totally ruin a month of my mood. no regret definately:D hard to find such a good movie like this.

  • Reading your recap makes me want to love this show again. Even if I still find 8th’s wife’s death funny. Your screencaps are so awesome. I love the part where she totally spills about who she is, but he just doesn’t get it yet.

    • The CGI didn’t cut it…and the scene was ruined with 13th’s big ‘revelation’. *sigh*
      I know…and even when he does get it….it doesn’t make a difference T_T

  • ruoxi couldn’t be with the 4th before due to 13th prison 10 yr confinement, ruoxi couldn’t be with 4th after he’s emperor because of 4th’s ruthless ways..

    love can’t be perfect for her. aiya… ma’ertai ruoxi just wasn’t meant to be in that era. i hope they do a modern follow up so that the end does get resolved in a more satisfying way.

    • It’s a sad reality for Ruo Xi :'( They have a huge emphasis on the “see you in the next life” thing, but I don’t know if I’d like a modern BBJX. Part of its charm is its being in the past.

      • yeah, to follow up on this drama would lead nowhere. A happy ending probably destroys the original intention of TongHua. Another sad ending would leave me crushed. After i read the book and saw the drama part, i think i just want some sort of reciprocated feelings, at the same time to each other for confirmation purpose. none of this lingering looks or soliloquys to signify further in depth feelings…etc the way c-dramas always entails.

        perhaps even if they did a follow up, as a companion book with this one is to tell the story from 4th perspective. just to understand the fighting, the hate, the biased feelings and inability to comprehend ruoxi’s dilemma at the end may be an answer. or even how he continued to rule for 13 years.

        also one other comment i want to make was that i never understood how ruoxi turned from respect into love for 4. it’s well interpreted in her final letter (awaiting your recap on that part.. :P) – it’s my favourite part of the book. those 3 events that had let her fall in love with him but somehow from the last event (arrow saving) till they part at the end, it’s like that gap in years were always interrupted by worries for the other princes.. she never digested her feelings for him until she allowed herself to. so i’ve constantly wondered she really loves this guy to be a washer woman for 6 years? There’s a lack of verbal confirmation of feelings!!! Each scene with 4 and RX was always done with such an undertone of what’s to come. Same with RX and 8 – but they had that “chu sai” summer to remember. RX has almost zero happy memories with 4.

  • this episode full of angst!!!the most sad bbjx episode ever!thank you for recap. i enjoy it very much.after watching bbjx for 5th time still i’m crawling for bbjx recap..its hard to get over this drama!

  • I don’t think 4th’s treatment of 8th and his group is out of revenge. It is basically a vicious cycle that can’t stop itself. 4th knows that Ruo Xi’s illness is due to her constant stress about the matters between all the brothers, and that this stress is going to kill her. 4th wants to protect Ruo Xi and wants her to be kept out of all the matters between 4th and 8th. But 8th and his group keeps bringing Ruo Xi into the matters, such as asking her to beg the Emperor for forgiveness. When 4th sees that Ruo Xi is being involved, he wants to stop 8th’s group by punishing them. However, the more he punishes them, the more they go to Ruo Xi to beg the Emperor for forgiveness. The cycle can only end if Ruo Xi refuses to be dragged in. But Ruo Xi is one who treasures her friendship and can never just sit on the outside to watch her friends suffer. That is why she keeps involving herself in the midst of 4th and 8th’s struggles.

    • I think it is notable that 8th specifically said he doesn’t want to bring Ruo Xi into these political matters. It’s actually Ming Hui and Ming Yu who spur Ruo Xi to action for the sake of their husbands.

      Of course Ruo Xi can’t end the cycle because she can’t stop caring about them. But I think 4th has the choice to end the cycle as well.

  • I think he says, if you leave here NOT voluntarily then I will find you wherever you are (paraphrased). Makes more sense with the next couple of episodes 😉

  • One line I remembered strongly from this ep is when 4th asked 13th to take care of RX when they came back to the Palace after the fire. He said “She only cares about the others, while I only care about her”

    Somehow it really showed me how intense 4th’s love is for her..

    Argh… so sad that the ending is like that… Sighz…

  • About the death of Ming Hui, I was a little confused as well… the divorce, then suicide etc… But I think it’s because by seeing and having that conversation with Ruo Xi, Ming Hui knew she would incur the full big-bang wrath of the emperor and therefore she forced the 8th to divorce her, so that he would not suffer the consequences which would most likely would be some form of torturous execution. To make sure that he did divorce her, she made it sound like she was protecting her family and their son etc… And from once witnessing Ming Hui’s bravery and loyalty, Ruo Xi knew what Ming Hui’s true intention was and went to the 8th. Ruo Xi should have probably went directly to Ming Hui to stop her though. That would have saved some time on travelling since they didnt have motor vehicles back then… However that is not how the scriptwriter/author intended it to be.

    Ming Hui did say she would make them suffer even if they [Ming Hui and Co.] had to sacrifice/suffer 10 times in order for the emperor and Co. to suffer a small amount.

    • Yeah I felt like maybe Ming Hui could’ve been saved if Ruo Xi just came right out and said it to 8th instead of telling him in the round-about way and getting him to realize it on his own. Time was ticking away and I was just like, HURRY UP RUO XI!

  • This comment is a response to the quote below:
    “8th’s ‘aha’ moment when he went to find Ming Hui didn’t really make sense to me. I mean, after Ruo Xi says Ming Hui doesn’t want to be unwanted, he just suddenly thinks ‘Oh, maybe Ming Hui is in trouble?’ Ruo Xi could’ve said straight out ‘Ming Hui might commit suicide’ instead of going in the roundabout way. “– heisui

    That scene couldn’t have happened in any other way. Even if Ruo Xi had went to Eighth and immediately told him that Ming Hui would commit suicide, he wouldn’t have believed her. At the brink of his despair, he’s unwilling to listen to anyone and is convinced that he made the right choice. She had to use this roundabout way in order to get through to him. And the words she says. It makes sense to me. For Ming Hui, Eighth prince was her everything. He was her purpose in life, she was not afraid to die and suffer alongside him. Conversely, if he’s gone from her life, if she is forced to leave his side, she no longer has a reason to live. Even after being with Ming Hui all these years, till this moment, Eighth didn’t understand the full extent of her devotion. She loves him so much, she would rather die than leave him: and just a few minutes ago, she had convinced him to sign those divorce papers.

  • I just started watching Bu Bu Jing Xin after I watched the Korean version…

    This episode and the last were really intense… Is it just me or was 4th being really lenient with Ming Hui? Only divorce? Come on, he believed she caused the miscarriage and near death of the person he loves most in this world. That wasn’t a bad punishment. This, coming from the guy who steams people.

    He does seem intent on destroying 8th and his people but the divorce wasn’t among the worst things he did.

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