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:'( 8THHHHH!!!!!!!! AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Ruo Xi takes 9th aside to ask him about Yu Tan..

“Towards Yu Tan’s death, do you feel any guilt at all?”

9th’s eyes lower a bit, but he quickly recovers himself, and harshly points out the servant-master relationship between him and Yu Tan.

9th: “What guilt are you talking about?”
Ruo Xi: “Do you mean to say Yu Tan is just a chess piece you’ve hidden in the palace for 20 years?”

9th haughtily says that it should be Yu Tan’s honor, since she’s only a lowly servant. I’d say that 9th is just as clever with his words as Ruo Xi is:

“If you want to say something for your sister, then you should go search for the Emperor. He’s the real murderer.”


We know that 9th is actually a big softie, because when he goes home, he broods over his happy memories with Yu Tan. (It’s hinted that they had a romantic relationship, not just a servant/master relationship)

He thinks to himself:

“4th, you owe me too much!”


9th talks about how ridiculous it is that 8th got punished for 10th’s doings. 8th calmly tells him to get 10th to hurry up and stop looking for trouble.

9th doesn’t want to back down:

9th: “8th brother, we can’t keep retreating! He’ll only go overboard! The one who led us brothers to fight for the throne was you. The one who is suffering now is also you! Can’t we fight properly one more time? It’s better than being forced into a corner by him!”

8th: “The dust has already settled. He is the Emperor. What he wants me to do, I will do. Whatever he wants, it’s up to him, even if it’s confinement. With things as they are, why bother doing more, only to let him find more to blame us for?…Going against him, you will only bring harm to those around you.

8th advises 9th to keep his temper in check and to stop going against the emperor.

After 8th leaves, 9th asks Ming Hui for her opinion. She advises him to follow 8th’s advice, because in the end, it’s for everyone’s own good.

9th: If we’re going to be brought down, he [the emperor] is going to suffer along with us.
Ming Hui: “We all need to hide from him [the emperor], how are we going to do that? Forget it.”


Ruo Xi is still desolate and heartbroken over Yu Tan’s death. 4th sends in Qiao Hui to wait on Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi quickly tells her to leave, because she doesn’t want her in the palace. (Ruo Xi doesn’t really say why, but I think it’s because she doesn’t want Qiao Hui to get caught up in any palace matters. After everything that happened with the eunuchs and Yu Tan, Ruo Xi doesn’t want anyone to be hurt because of her.)

“In my heart, I’ve already thought of of Madam as my elder sister, and second miss as my biological younger sister.”

Qiao Hui urges Ruo Xi to take care of herself for the sake of her baby. Ruo Xi breaks down in Qiao Hui’s arms.


Cheng Huan convinces Ruo Xi to listen to her zither playing. 4th visits, but Ruo Xi is still distant and formal. Ruo Xi says that she’d like a girl, not a boy:

“I don’t want my own children to be fighting among themselves, without regards for each other.”

BURNNNNNNNN. Things get a little awkward because that was basically an indirect insult towards 4th. Everyone except Ruo Xi is dismissed. Ruo Xi tries to excuse herself, but 4th stops her and tells her he must give her a title now that she’s pregnant. She refuses, asking him to let her out of the palace.

“I will never let you and the child leave me. Don’t even think about it! Do you only have hate for me now?”

Ruo Xi pulls out of the hug and faces him: (Love LSS’s acting here)

“How I hope that I have only hate for you. But even if I wanted to, I can’t bring myself to hate you. I’m only afraid of the palace, afraid of the emperor. Why is he so cruel? So much that I’m petrified.”

4th is heartbroken over her words, but maintains his composure:

4th: “…I will always be your 4th prince. But I am also the Emperor. There are a lot of things that I can’t help.”
Ruo Xi: “There may be a lot of things that can’t be helped. But maybe when handled by someone else, there is a different way of doing it. Yet you have always chosen the most extreme methods. You just end up hurting people around you. Why? Why are you so cruel to such an extreme?”

4th has no answer, and can only look at Ruo Xi with tormented eyes. Ruo Xi leaves him standing there with tears in his eyes.


Ruo Xi asks Cheng Huan about the song she played on the zither. Cheng Huan says that her new servant helped her choose it, and instructed her to tell Ruo Xi:

“As long as you’re willing to give up, Er Qi will follow accordingly.”

Ruo Xi wonders to herself who “Er Qi” is, and realizes it’s 14th. She understands why 4th is so paranoid and strict with the servants now. (Because the princes still have the power to plant servants in the palace)

4th sends over a list of titles for Ruo Xi to choose from. Ruo Xi sets it aside and goes for a walk..

“Qiao Hui, with a title, I will have to be tied together with this Forbidden City.”

Ming Hui has a conversation with Ruo Xi. And omg, this scene is OJOIAEJTAWIOJTWJGTIWAJAWETJAWIOTJ. SOOOOOOO INTENSE.


Ming Hui tells Ruo Xi about the troubles with 10th and 8th.

“Now, Wang-ye never bothers much about these issues. Whether things go up or down, he doesn’t dwell on it. Whatever the emperor commands, he will do…With things going as they are, what else is there to fight for? The Emperor has been testing us, discouraging us. We have always been giving way, but he’s always taken advantage of us.”

4th and the court officials always take every opportunity to find fault in 8th, making his life a living hell. Ruo Xi keeps a straight face the whole time, but it seems like it’s painful for her to hear all the details of 8th’s downfall.

“Who knows how much longer we’re able to live. We all know that the knife will come down one day. But we still have to worry when it will. I was still terrified in the past, but now, I feel that the sooner it is, the better.”


Ming Hui finally gets to the point. She mentions the time when 8th’s plan ended up with 13th’s imprisonment. She questions why 8th targeted 4th back then, when they were still on good terms with each other. And why didn’t 8th target other princes, like 3rd prince? Ruo Xi still doesn’t understand yet.

Ming Hui gets closer and closer to Ruo Xi..

…back then someone, not just once, especial warned Wang’ye to be careful of the emperor, and even listed a whole list names. Although Wang’ye was dubious, but to be on the safe side, he decided to do something about it. If that’s the case, the emperor seems to be hating the wrong person…the mastermind is someone else.

Ruo Xi is startled by the implications of her words, and steps back. All she can say is “Someone else” over and over. Ming Hui wonders which will be stronger: 4th’s sadness or anger. Ruo Xi is so grief-stricken that she falls to the ground in tears.

“You came out of Bei’le’s estate, and received so much from Wang’ Ye over the years, he wants you to cute off all ties with us, how can it be that easy? Right, 9th brother wants me to tell you, if we have to suffer pain, we’ll give you at least 50% of it!

I have to admit, Ming Hui completely owned that scene.

Back in her room, Ruo Xi is ridden with guilt.

“Qiao Hui, it was me. It turns out everything was because of me. I was the mastermind…I’ve never thought that his [8th’s] ending was caused by me. If not for me, he wouldn’t have gone against 4th, and maybe 13th wouldn’t have been confined….”


13th comes to visit Ruo Xi. WORST TIMING EVER. :'( Ruo Xi is still having trouble coming to terms with what was probably the biggest revelation in her life.

“It’s not you who have done wrong, it’s me. It’s me!
(In her mind:) Because of me, you suffered for 10 years, ending up with such ill health.

13th asks if 9th knows about Ruo Xi’s past with 8th. She says that 9th, 10th, and 14th all must know already. He cautiously asks how far she want with 8th. Ruo Xi only asks “Is that important?”. Definitely not the right answer, because it only creates a misunderstanding.


Ruo Xi suddenly collapses. She whispers, “My baby” as blood begins to pool on the ground. 4th rushes in, and is shocked to see Ruo Xi having a miscarriage. The doctor tells 4th he can only do his best to save the mother, but not the baby.


In court, 4th angrily throws a report at 8th and blames Ming Hui for everything. 8th takes a deep breath, gets on his knees, and asks for his punishment. 4th orders 8th to divorce Ming Hui within 3 days. WHAT THE HECK, 4TH? 8th is just as shocked as we are, and finally speaks out:

“I have always been giving into you, but why are you still forcing me into a corner?”

4th says that if he divorces Ming Hui, he can save his life.

“Ming Hui’s crimes, I will take upon myself. As a man, I will not let my wife suffer! To have to divorce my wife, I’d rather die than obey.”

4th reminds him that he can execute 8th’s entire family for refusing to obey. 8th only smiles.. (OMGGGGGGGGGGGG 8THHHHHHHHHHHH)

“Ever since you’ve become the emperor, my whole family has already become offerings. You can do whatever you want. I have no more inspirations or goals. I just want to grow old with Ming Hui. If this is so hard to grant, you might as well kill us.”

4th orders 8th to kneel outside the palace, and 8th only laughs in response. Heh, probably NOT the response 4th wanted.


8th kneels in the rain, with fists clenched and his hat on the ground by his side. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

13th, bless his heart, appeals for 8th:

13th: “..if he continues kneeling like this, he’ll lose his legs.”
4th: “Have you forgotten how he treated you back then? Didn’t he also give you your leg problems?

4th tells 13th the news that Ruo Xi can no longer have children. 13th can only look at 4th in silence as 4th orders that 8th be sent home. But there’s a catch–8th has to WALK the entire way home. Now, if you’ve ever been to the Forbidden City, you know how freaking huge that place is.  It’s no walk in the park, that’s for sure.  And 8th has to walk the whole way home. :'(((((((((((


I really started tearing up in this scene. 8th slowly limps home while holding his hat, which is now ruined by the rain. 8th finally reaches home at nighttime. Ming Hui is waiting outside for him.

8th smiles tiredly, but suddenly trips and falls in a puddle. AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH 8THHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Ming Hui cries by 8th’s bedside. 8th reassuringly holds her hand, and doesn’t blame her for his punishment. Ming Hui doesn’t tell him what she really told Ruo Xi.

“You didn’t do anything, how would the Emperor be able to fault you?”

8th pats her hand (the same way Ming Hui patted his hand before) before going to sleep. Ming Hui puts his hand back under his blanket before leaving his bedside. But wait! The edict ordering their divorce falls from 8th’s robe, so Ming Hui finds out about it. :'(((((((((((

Ruo Xi drifts in and out of consciousness. When she finally wakes up for a long time, she finds out that 4th has been attending to her night and day.

Other thoughts
I continue to be a fan of Ming Hui even though she said such harsh words to Ruo Xi. Really, this was 9th’s last wild card against 4th. 8th’s group doesn’t have any other way to stand up to 4th.

I don’t think Ming Hui can be completely to blame for Ruo Xi’s miscarriage. Even if Ming Hui hadn’t talked to Ruo Xi, I think the miscarriage was bound to happen. Ruo Xi has been way too stressed, and her health is already quite poor. Let’s say the miscarriage didn’t happen…I don’t even know if Ruo Xi would be strong enough to survive giving birth.

Nowww for 4th’s harshness. I think the miscarriage and Ruo Xi’s inability to have children really solidified his decision to get revenge on Ming Hui and 8th. I sound like a broken record, but really? Was the divorce necessary? NO! In this case, 4th’s harsh order isn’t because it’s necessary to consolidate his power or keep 8th in check. It’s because he wants 8th to suffer.

A lot of people say that Ming Hui was asking for it. I’m not quite sure why Ming Hui decided to provoke 4th, when she already knew how harsh 4th was. But I do think that if she knew it would result in their divorce and 8th’s punishment, Ming Hui would never have done it. She treasures 8th so much and would never want to implicate him in any way. On the other hand, Ming Hui is a very proud woman, and perhaps she didn’t want to go down without a fight, just like 9th.

I agree with a lot of what Ruo Xi says.  No, she doesn’t hate 4th.  She can’t help but love him no matter what he does, which is why it hurts so much.

Lastly, for 8th.  AUGH AUGH AUGH.  Just the way he held his hat and LIMPED home really got to me. OMGGGGGGG.  I also loved the details during the scene when 4th ordered him to divorce Ming Hui.  The way he takes a deep breath before he kneels and asks for his punishment is so saddening.  It’s like he’s readying himself for his humiliation, and is taking a deep breath to help him lower his head.  We all know this isn’t the first time he’s been humiliated in court, so 8th is simply preparing himself to take the blame again.  :'(

But was 8th expecting his beloved Ming Hui to ever get caught up in all this mess?  NOOO.  8th is quite adamant that the princes’ wives shouldn’t get caught up in the princes’ conflicts.  He thinks it’s a “man to man” issue, not something that the wives should get punished for.  So you can tell that 8th is quite shocked when 4th orders Ming Hui’s divorce.

Another part that really gets me is when 8th asks why 4th is still pushing him into a corner, when he’s meekly accepted all the humiliation, punishments, dishonor, etc.  8th ISN’T FIGHTING ANYMORE.  HE JUST WANTS TO LIVE HAPPILY WITH MING HUI.  AUGHHHHHHHH. When 8th asked that question, it was especially heartbreaking because you could just hear his frustration.  He’s done everything 4th wants him to, and he’s given up on the throne.  So WHY is 4th still kicking him when he’s down already?  ANSWER: REVENGE.

Another amazing part in that scene is when 8th SMILED and LAUGHED while 4th was trying to be all harsh.  You know he really has it bad when he LAUGHS in response to adversity.

All I can say is…poor poor 8th.


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 32
  • i stopped at ep.29, couldn’t bear to watch the continuosly tragedies 🙁
    Thank you for your recaps.. I’m a recapper too. I know it’s hard to recap sad scenes especially when you type with all your tears keep falling down :'(

  • Thank you so much for recapping BBJX episodes. It’s been a few weeks since I finished watching BBJX so the sadness and the pain I feel for all of the characters aren’t as overwhelming anymore. I still enjoy reading the recaps though and I hope you will continue on writing BBJX recaps until it’s finished. Thanks again 🙂

  • What’s sadder for me in this episode was 4RX losing their child. 8th’s kneeling and humiliation was nothing compared to that loss. And not to justify 4th or anything, but he was functioning on a purely emotional/ vengeful mindset at that point- he lost the only child he and RX could probably ever have, then Ruoxi nearly died too, coupled with the blow that she could never conceive again, apparently all because of what Minghui did to RX right before that. To 4th that was unforgivable- nearly losing RX, losing their chance at happiness and having a family.. So he meted out that punishment, w/c if not for RX, could’ve been even more severe.

    That’s how I see it anyway. Everyone is so wretched these last few episodes, and it’s easy to make 4th the villain now given his choices, but aside from his added animosity towards 8th’s camp, as an Emperor of that period, he was perfectly justified in doling out those edicts and punishments.

    • I agree it was a horrible loss both for 4th and Ruo Xi, especially now that she can’t even have another kid. :'( In the next episode, it was a bit glossed over by Ruo Xi’s reaction. (not gonna say anymore so I don’t spoil it)

      Again I think 4th could’ve handled it better, but he has his own rationale as well. I’m sure he would’ve executed Ming Hui if it weren’t for Ruo Xi, and his punishment was probably completely justifiable in his eyes because he’s EMPEROR. Again, different perspectives in different time periods…

  • I like how at this point, the characters and story has been developed enough that everyone is justified to say/do what they are doing… the lines of right and wrong has been blurred.. hence, the reason why there is so much discussion going on in all the forums.

    thanks for recapping.. i love love reading recaps because it brings me back into the drama again!!!

    nicky wu did a fantastic job bringing the miniature warmth and ruthlessness as 4th and emperor. his face just speaks volumes.

  • what I’m not so sure about is why she create the misunderstanding in her reply to 13th question regarding how far she went with 8th for, was it so that he can recap 4th?

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