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Hehehehe I love Honey and Clover no matter how many times I watch it.


Takemoto buys lottery tickets in hope of winning a TV. “THIS YEAR TOO! GIVE ME A TV THIS YEAR!!!!!!!” He hides his lottery tickets when Morita comes running up to him.

Morita and Mayama decide to have some fun by dressing up Takemoto in a suit of armor and making him stand in a nude art class. Takemoto is forced into doing it after losing a game of rock-paper-scissors. Poor Takemoto stands in the classroom while holding up a heavy axe. Eventually his arm starts weighing down as the axe gets too heavy for him. Morita and Mayama are disappointed that nothing has happened yet, so they pull the fire alarm. The class begins to evacuate, leaving Takemoto no choice but to charge towards the door to evacuate as well. The whole class starts screaming when tehy see the suit of armor running towards them. Shouda-sensei yells to stop. Takemoto lays down the axe, and runs for the window in an attempt to escape.


Shouda-sensei punsihes Takemoto for peeping while Mayama and Morita go unpunished. Morita starts doing the move “Comenich”. He lies to Hagu that everyone does the move “Comenich” in Tokyo, and teaches her how to do the move. After Takemoto’s punishment, Mayama asks why he’s so pissed off, and how he can earn forgiveness. ROFL. Takemoto sullenly says he’ll never forgive him, now that his reputation is ruined.

Morita tells him to go ahead and cry, handing him lots of kleenex tissue packets. He turned in Takemoto’s lottery tickets for him and got his prizes–the kleenex. ROFL. Morita is determined to win the lottery…by forging the tickets.


Takemoto takes Hagu to the supermarket. They run into Yamada’s dad, who’s the head of the shopping district that’s holding the lottery. He issues the challenge to Morita with his unforgable lottery ticket.


Back at Hanamoto-sensei’s hang out, Morita sets to work to make the lottery tickets. He tells Yamada not to tell her dad, or else he’ll tell everyone her New Year’s wish about Mayama. Her reply? She kicks his paper in half. Yamada smugly shows him a stamp that he forgot to forge. So, Morita promptly starts sculpting the scamp. The two of them accidentally knock over a picture of Hanamoto-sensei and Rika. Yamada vents about Mayama’s crush on Rika, while Morita works on his stamp.

Meanwhile, Mayama asks Rika if he’s no good, and if he can’t win against ‘that person’. Rika apologizes and lays him off.


Takemoto takes Hagu to an arcade, and offers to win a prize for her. He ends up trying several times to win the prize, finally winning a toy ring on his last try.

“That game is tormenting..because what you want is right in front of you, but you can’t get it.”


Yamada wakes up to find Morita with a newly made “Mayama is an idiot” stamp. ROFL. Morita says that Yamada must be tired of complaining about Mayama. He starts stamping the “Mayama is an idiot” stamp everywhere.


Yamada asks if she’s ever thought about giving up painting.

Yamada: “Even for something you like, sometimes it’s exhausting..right?”
Hagu: “I’ve never thought about giving up.”
Yamada: “I see. If you really like it, that’s how it is, huh?”

Love this little bit, because in Hagu’s case, she’s talking about painting, but we know that in Yamada’s case, she’s thinking about her love for Mayama.

Morita tries to use his forged lottery tickets, but he finds out…the real tickets don’t have the special stamp. ROFL.


Yamada casually asks Hanamoto-sensei about Rika. She finds out that Rika is a widow. Yamada tries to get Mayama to give it up; there’s no way he can compete with Rika’s deceased husband.

Yamada: “Stop it already. Just stop chasing after her already. Even if you wait, she isn’t going to look your way. There’s no way you can win against someone who doesn’t exist in this world. It’s impossible!”

Mayama: “I know it already. But I just can’t help it. Stop caring about my already. Stop having feelings for me.”

Mayama walks away, leaving Yamada in tears. The camera focuses on Takemoto, who saw the whole exchange. Takemoto narrates:

“Even though it’s right in front of you, there’s something you can’t have. No matter how much you reach out your hand, there’s something that you can never touch. Even though you can’t obtain it, is there a light at the end of the path if you continue to search? Like Hagumi-chan said, even if your wish didn’t come true, is there a small bit of happiness waiting somewhere?”


Yamada sobs in the pottery room. Of course, Morita cheers her up.

Yamada: “I can’t face Mayama anymore.”
Morita: “It’s fine, you don’t have to look at his face. Just look at my dependable back or something.”

ROFL I love Morita and Yamada!!


The group turns in all of Morita’s authentic tickets at the lottery. They only win…a swimming set. Morita is furious that even with real tickets, he only got one prize. He’s about to attack the lottery people when Takemoto suggests that everyone goes to the beach, since they have a swimming set.



At the beach, the group plays around in the water while Takemoto happily observes.

“I don’t have anything that I desperately want to feel, nor do I  have something that I want to obtain so badly that I would cry, but this moment I just happened to grab something that seemed to sparkle too much to just call it an ‘extra’.”


This is one of Honey and Clover’s best Yamada/Mayama scenes ever. Yamada gets drunk, so Mayama offers to give her a piggyback ride back to the car. Yamada repeats “Mayama, you idiot,” and then starts sobbing as she repeatedly confesses “I like you.” The entire time, Mayama simply replies “Yeah” and thanks her.


Meanwhile, Morita, Hagu, and Takemoto search for Hagu’s lost ring. (that Takemoto won for her at the arcade) Takemoto finally finds it, but Morita beats him to it. Morita puts a piece of an empty bottle around Hagu’s finger, and reflects the moonlight through a blue bottle to make the ‘ring’ blue. Right when Takemoto begins to announce his finding, he sees Morita kiss Hagu.

Other thoughts
POOR TAKEMOTO, always one step behind Morita!  I like Takemoto’s character a lot better in the drama version than the anime/manga for some reason.  He’s just so earnest and..Takemoto-ish! 


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