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SPEC is a great police drama, with a twist–they investigate special abilities aka super powers, or SPEC for short.  It’s fun, it’s quirky, IT HAS A PLOT.  IT HAS SUPER POWERS.  IT HAS KASE RYO AND TODA ERIKA.  SPEC is amazing. So I’m rewatching it 😀


The drama opens with an interrogation in a dark room. The investigation panel instructs the suspect “Answer truthfully.” Instead of hearing the suspect’s answer, we see his flashback:

Sebumi (the suspect) leads his SIT team on a dangerous mission. OF COURSE, it’s in a warehouse. He’s clearly the leader, as he calmly gives out orders to his team. His subordinate, Shimura is tired, but Sebumi encourages him before they enter the warehouse. But the tables are turned when Shimura suddenly shoots at Sebumi. In the blink of an eye, Shimura is mysteriously shot by his own bullets, while Sebumi is left unharmed.

Back in the interrogation, the investigation panel obviously doesn’t believe Sebumi.

But instead of arresting him, the higher-ups decide to transfer Sebumi to the “Mishou Department” which handles special cases.

Time to meet Toma!!!! Reasons why she’s awesome: She eats her gyoza in one bite. She turns the pages of her book with the same chopsticks she uses to eat the gyoza. And with just one glance at scattered puzzle pieces, she perceives that one puzzle piece is missing.


Sebumi goes to his new department, which is in a hole-in-the-wall office. He meets the chief, who explains that they handle special cases that deal with the unexplainable. Sebumi puts it more bluntly:

“Simply put, a department that handles crazy non-sense cases and complaints from claimers thrown in from other departments. And there’s really nothing to do here except to just lightly listen to them talk.”

Toma makes her entrance at the office. She lights up when she recognizes Sebumi as the guy from that ‘interesting case,’ and introduces herself…while she stares at him literally 5 inches away from his face. And to make it even better, Sebumi doesn’t even blink.


Toma watches a video of a guy with fake superpowers. Sebumi crudely comments that watching such videos is considered work in this department. Toma turns serious:

“Normally, humans only use 10% of the brain. So why does the remaining 90% exist?”

She says that there are people with SPEC, (special ability) just like there are people with Savant Syndrome. Sebumi scoffs at her assumption, but she replies that she’s met such people before.

“Isn’t it the same for you?”


The department gets a special case from a Gokitani, a Congress member. The Congress member talks all importantly in English. Toma responds in almost incomprehensible English, but she pronounces it well enough to distinguish…the F-bomb. Toma perks up when she hears that a fortune teller named Reizei is said to be able to predict the future. Reizei’s prediction is that the Gokitani will die at a party.

Mishou is entrusted with the safety of Gokitani at the party. Toma bluntly points out that if Reizei really knows the future, why don’t they ask him how Gokitani will die?


The threesome visits Reizei to ask about Gokitani. Toma is starry-eyed in front of Reizei because she’s infatuated with SPEC. She asks him to predict her future. Reizei complies and performs a special ritual before writing down his prediction.

Sebumi: “You said you could see the future. Then you know what I’m going to do now, right?”
Reizei: “Yes.”
Sebumi: “…You’re arrested.”



^Clearly, Sebumi and Toma are the best of friends!

Sebumi & Toma clash since they’re complete opposites. They bicker together all the time. Toma mentions she’s gonna go eat gyoza again…Sebumi: “You’re going to smell bad tomorrow.” So, Toma orders gyoza with extra garlic just to spite him. ROFL.


After work, Sebumi visits his subordinate, Shimura, who is currently in a vegetative state. Sebumi offers some money to Shimura’s sister, Meirei. She says she’d rather he admit his crime. Sebumi silently leaves the money in the hospital room, but Meirei runs after him and bitterly throws the money back.

“You coward. You put all the blame on my brother.”


At Gokitani’s party, everyone is on high alert for any possible food poisoning. Despite their meticulous efforts, Gokitani mysteriously dies. It’s determined that the cause of death was heart failure…but we all know better than that.

Afterward, Toma analyzes the situation. She concludes that Reizei’s power is real; this can’t just be a coincidence now that 2 predictions have been fulfilled. Toma points out that sure, Reizei wanted money. But if Gokitani were killed, Reizei wouldn’t have benefited at all. The answer is simple:

“Even if Gokitani was killed, he [Reizei] was sure he’d get 200 million yen from some other person…from the person who killed Gokitani.”

In other words, since Reizei knows the future, he knows who the murderer is, and wants hush money.


Back at the office, Toma uses her own SPEC. She writes down words in calligraphy that relate to certain clues and memories Toma has. After finishing, she gathers all the papers and tears them into pieces. Toma throws all the pieces into the air. In slow-motion, all the pieces fall, and Toma makes connections between the different papers. She announces that she got it.

Back at the gyoza restaurant, the cook completes his puzzle..but realizes that one piece is missing, just like Toma said.


Toma assumes that the murderer will show up again at the reception hall where the party was at. And what do you know, Gokitani’s secretary, Waki, shows up! Toma nonchalantly tells him that Gokitani’s cause of death wasn’t heart failure–it was an injection of Potassium. She concludes that Waki deliberately diverted their attention at the party to focus only on checking the food for poison. Moreover, he has a motive–with Gokitani gone, Waki can enter politics and take his place.

Waki points out the one loophole–Toma has no hard evidence. BUT WAIT! Toma has that covered too! If the evidence is still in this room, then the murderer will definitely come back! She points to the ceiling, where the needle is stuck. Waki is surprised that Toma was smart enough to find the evidence. He destroys the needle by throwing a tennis ball at the ceiling. So..his SPEC is super-strength.

BUT WAIT! Toma has that covered too! The needle is a fake; Sebumi & Toma already retrieved the real needle. And Sebumi videotaped the entire conversation for evidence!


Waki promptly dislocates Sebumi’s shoulder by simply throwing a tennis ball at him. Waki confirms Toma’s conclusion–there are humans with SPEC, and some of them want to rise to the top through the survival of the fittest. He knocks out Toma by throwing at tennis ball AT HER HEAD. Sebumi crouches in front of Toma to protect her from Sebumi, who has a gun pointed straight at them. OMGGGGGGGG SEBUMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waki shoots…but???? We see the same strange occurance that happened back during Sebumi’s SIT mission–time stops!!! This time a kid is there; he’s the one with the SPEC that can stop time. The kid decides that Waki will be the one to die, and sure enough, when time resumes, Waki is shot by his own bullets.

Other thoughts
I love SPEC. Toma is awesome. I’m not a huge Toda Erika fan, but my favorite roles of hers are definitely in BOSS and SPEC. LOVEEE how Toma isn’t your typical heroine. How awesome is it to have a heroine that doesn’t bother to comb her hair. And to top it off, Toma is SMART.

I love Sebumi as well.  He and Toma don’t seem to get along, but you just know that they’re gonna become besties against their will.

*Update* SPEC is super hard to recap.  Since himonotales has already recapped the entire drama, I will no longer recap the rest. T_T  However I did write a review of the special


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