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I put off recapping this episode as long as I could because this is “the turn” in the drama where it gets even more depressing.


This is definitely one of my favorite scenes because of how beautifully it’s filmed and the great little details:

8th takes a walk outside, admiring the cherry blossoms. (If I could just have a garden full of those trees..I would be happy.) He comes across a feathered toy (I don’t know the name for it) on the ground. 8th picks it up and has a flashback of young Ruo Xi, when she was playing with it happily. He smiles sadly as he holds the toy in his hand. AUGHHHHH 8TH.


Ming Hui comes and walks with 8th. She comments that thanks to Ruo Xi, 8th was able to escape 4th’s punishment. 8th agrees that it was worth knowing Ruo Xi, since she still remembers them as old friends from the past.


8th: “I would prefer that she just forgets it all. Although I’m thankful, I hope there won’t be a next time…She can help this time, but won’t be able to help a second or a third time. I just hope she can live peacefully in the palace, and stop being caught up with us brothers and the matters of the court.”

Ming Hui: “Why not just let go, and have some peace? You have me, and the children. From now on, spend more time with us. It’s better than gaining position and land.”

^I LOVEEE the part when Ming Hui says “It’s better than gaining position and land” because it shows her tapping 8th’s hand. (top right pic) Just a great little detail in this scene that makes it even better.

8th smiles sadly and puts back down the feathered toy on the grass.

8th: “At this point, even if I wanted to put it all down, it’s not that easy now.”

He smiles sadly again, and takes Ming Hui’s hand. Ming Hui pats his arm and they continue on their walk.

I love this scene because it really ties back to what I was saying about episode 29–even if they want to let go so badly, it’s really not that easy. 8th is also quite wise in his wish that Ruo Xi won’t save him again. If she does, it’ll only make things worse for her because of 4th’s hate for 8th. We all know that Ruo Xi can’t help but care about the other princes, and in doing so, she carries a heavy burden for her whole life. Some people don’t understand why Ruo Xi can’t just stop caring about the princes and just move on already. To me, it’s more like the princes are Ruo Xi’s FAMILY. She can’t just abandon her family after rising to the top.


Ming Yu visits Ming Hui after staying in Mongolia for a long time with 10th. She observes that Ming Hui seems like an entirely different person. Ming Yu vents her anger over the unfairness, etc. etc., and asks Ming Hui why she doesn’t want to fight back.

Again, I admire Ming Hui so freaking much:

“Being part of the royal family, I cannot enjoy what ordinary people cannot experience: wealth. Then of course, we also experience pain that ordinary people don’t have. Instead of crying about it everyday, why not let it go and live happily? If in the end, if life really is about to end…faced with confinement, I’ll accompany my prince to confinement..This life, we’ve fought, and smiled. What is there to regret?”


Ming Yu is following in Ming Hui’s footsteps; she agrees wholeheartedly…

“…This life, we have our own prince. Just that is enough.”


After visiting Ming Hui, Ming Yu talks with Ruo Xi. We don’t hear their conversation, but it’s implied that Ming Yu told Ruo Xi about 10th’s bleak situation.

Afterward, Ruo Xi goes to visit 4th. 4th seems to know what Ruo Xi’s gonna talk about, because he’s uptight and tense. Ruo Xi simply says that she talked with Ming Yu. 4th hands over a report to Ruo Xi, which talks about 10th getting imprisoned because he caused a ruckus.

“I will never pardon them.”

Ruo Xi asks 4th to be more lenient on the princes…

Ruo Xi: “8th prince has already given up the imperial throne. Why are you still unable to forgive him?

4th: “He gave up because he couldn’t not give up.”

4th worriedly opens up about all the troubles he’s facing with corruption amongst high ranking officials. He says he needs to be harsh in order to keep the officials from supporting 8th’s group. Ruo Xi is quite insightful when she points out that 4th makes sense, but is all he doing really for the sake of outwitting his enemies? (the implicit meaning–is this really his only motive? Is it not for revenge?)

4th takes Ruo Xi’s hand, and reminds her of 13th’s imprisonment and her poor health. He blames it all on 8th’s group. Ruo Xi assures 4th that it’s not 8th’s group’s fault, and that 13th holds no grudge against them either. 4th says that he doesn’t want the rest of the family to drag her into these issues. He thinks that Ming Yu doesn’t care about Ruo Xi at all.

“I can only promise you that I won’t take their lives.”


For some reason, Ruo Xi decides to visit her old laundry department quarters. The laundry girls all greet her in respect. Ruo Xi asks where Eunuch Zhang is. The laundry girls all whisper to each other, but tell her that Eunuch Zhang left the palace. Ruo Xi thinks to herself that it’s highly unlikely that he left the palace unless he messed up big time. (Eunuchs usually stay in the palace until very old age.)


Ruo Xi thinks that maybe Eunuch Wang knows something about Eunuch Zhang. She visits his house, and is puzzled to hear him crying before she knocks on the door. Turns out Ruo Xi picked the perfect day to visit–it’s Eunuch Li’s death anniversary. OMGGGGGGGG.

Ruo Xi questions Eunuch Wang, noticing that he has incense burning in front of a platter of desserts. Eunuch Wang attempts to make stuff up, but Ruo Xi notices that the desserts are all Eunuch Li’s favorites. OMGGGGGGG.

Ruo Xi’s crying scenes don’t usually affect me that much, because she always does the same single-tear thing, but this scene really got me. Points for the voice actor as well, because LSS and the voice actor really nailed this scene.

“What happened? Tell me honestly. By now, what else is there to hide? From the moment I entered the palace, I’ve been with Eunuch Li. He treated me very well. Even in the end, he tried to bring me back to our previous emperor’s side? He’s gone. Yet I don’t know anything. How can I feel at peace?”

Eunuch Wang fesses up and tells Ruo Xi the truth–Eunuch Li committed suicide.

“Why? Why? Why else? How can His majesty let him go? I’m too naive, forgetting how the mind of royalty works.”

Ruo Xi slowly walks back in the rain. We hear the rest of her conversation with Eunuch Wang. (Again, love the directing here.) She finds out that Eunuch Zhang’s tongue and hands were cut off before he got kicked out of the palace.


(top left pic) It’s nighttime. Ruo Xi worriedly sits up at night, still disturbed over all that she’s found out. 4th visits her, worried that she skipped dinner. After he leaves, Ruo Xi thinks to herself..

“I actually learned how to reply cautiously. I don’t dare light the lamp because I’m afraid he’ll see my scared expression. Back then, even though I knew he was harsh with 8th prince, I thought he still loved me, won’t ever hurt me, but now I can’t help but fear him and agonize over his every word.”

Unfortunately Ruo Xi is now experiencing the same thing 8th experienced–doubt in the one she loves.

(middle pics) 4th’s son, Hong Shi (now the 3rd prince) BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART, actually has the guts to request that 8th return to politics and help out 4th. OMGGGG, I cringed for the poor guy. And the funny part is that he goes, “I have a suggestion, I don’t know if I should say it or not..” Me: DON’T!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like one of those happy-go-lucky kids, so I felt pretty bad for him when 4th flipped out.

4th flips out and calls him an unfilial son.  (HMM does 4th seem similar to Kang Xi much?)  Hong Shi runs for his life. Ruo Xi overhears 3rd prince and Yu Tan talking together after 3rd prince got reprimanded.

(bottom two pics) Nighttime again! One of 4th’s concubines comes to visit him. (HMM.  I wanna see all of 4th’s other wives!) She happily says that he’s finally remembered her! 4th apologizes for neglecting her, making the excuse that the war has him occupied. He tells her to pass on a message to tell Nian Ge Yao that he’ll be rewarded if he wins the war. She assures him that he’ll definitely do his best. 4th holds her hand, and she smiles happily.



4th and 13th talk politics while Yu Tan and Ruo Xi drink tea together. 4th pointedly looks at Yu Tan while loudly telling 13th his ‘plans’. (This will be an important point later on..)

Cheng Huan runs to tell Ruo Xi that someone is being steamed. That’s right, STEAMED. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Cheng Huan tells her that 4th ordered that all the servants must go watch the steaming. Ruo Xi frantically asks if she knows who it is, but Cheng Huan doesn’t know. Ruo Xi runs out of the house, only to be stopped by a eunuch. Again, I feel bad for the eunuch, who’s been ordered to keep Ruo Xi from leaving the house. Ruo Xi refuses to stay put, and runs outside. She sees the steaming bin, and has trouble keeping her food down. All the servants watching are throwing up. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Ruo Xi orders the eunuch to tell her who it is. At first he refuses, but when she runs forward, he desperately yells that it’s Yu Tan. Ruo Xi faints right then and there. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.


Ruo Xi wakes up in her bed, with 4th carefully tending to her. She immediately flips out at 4th, still distraught over Yu Tan’s cruel death.

“Get away. Why have you done this?…She’s my sister!!!”

4th replies that Yu Tan didn’t think of Ruo Xi as her sister, and he did what he had to do. He breaks the news that Ruo Xi is pregnant.

“I hate you.”

4th is heartbroken, but calmly says..

“If you want me to leave, then I will leave right now. But please take care of yourself and the child.”

4th tries to wipe Ruo Xi’s tears, but she pushes his hand away. He turns to leave while hearing Ruo Xi cry her heart out.


^love the bottom left pic. Great directing again, when 13th leaves and the camera pans over to focus on 4th. (bottom right pic)

13th congratulates 4th on Ruo Xi’s pregnancy, but is shocked to find out that 4th steamed Yu Tan. 4th explains that Yu Tan was being used by 9th to get his son to fight for the position of Crown Prince. 13th wisely says that he’ll find the time to explain everything to Ruo Xi.


Ruo Xi has flashbacks of her times with Yu Tan, and thinks to herself that she wasn’t able to protect Yu Tan even with 4th’s love for her. Ruo Xi feels guilty because she promised Yu Tan to protect her. She suddenly faints and collapses, and only then do we see that she was kneeling in front of an altar. Great little detail there.

Eunuch Wang secretly delivers a letter from Yu Tan to Ruo Xi. Yu Tan’s letter has a sense of urgency, because she wrote it when she knew her time was almost up.

“I have no regrets and no complaints.”


13th visits Ruo Xi to advise her to care for her baby.

“I’ll do my best, but I can’t stop this heartache.”

13th tells Ruo Xi the truth about Yu Tan–Yu Tan was a spy for 9th, and although 4th warned her various times, Yu Tan didn’t heed his warnings. Ruo Xi slyly says that perhaps 4th allowed Yu Tan to stay in the palace because it’s better to keep your enemies close, to know their plans, rather than not knowing anything at all. She’s got a point there…

She bitterly says that while Yu Tan and Eunuch Zhang might’ve been at fault, they didn’t deserve such cruel punishments.

“In the palace, all I know now is fear, and more fear.”


Ruo Xi peeks into the court, and overhears 4th harshly reprimanding 8th and 9th. 8th and 9th meekly take his criticism and leave the court with defeated faces.

“They are all blood brothers, but he’s shaming them in front of everybody, leaving them no pride at all.”

Ruo Xi greets 8th and 9th. 9th says not to bother; she’s of high status, and she’s bowing to him? “Isn’t that just another crime I’ve committed?” ROFL. If there’s one thing I love about 8th’s group, it’s their ability to make sarcastic jabs at their misfortune.

Other thoughts
This episode is quite controversial, not necessarily because of Yu Tan getting sentenced to death, but because of the method 4th used. I agree with Ruo Xi’s point that no matter what Eunuch Zhang and Yu Tan did, they DID NOT deserve such harsh punishments. And even if the death penalty was necessary for Yu Tan, 4th could’ve given her a quick and painless death, not a long and cruel one.  And although 4th feels this was the only way, in fact he most definitely had the choice to handle these issues differently.

4th’s view is that Yu Tan betrayed Ruo Xi, so of course Ruo Xi should understand his decision. The point is that Yu Tan was Ruo Xi’s best friend. Of course Ruo Xi wants to believe in Yu Tan no matter what, and even when she finds out the truth, she forgives Yu Tan because she knows Yu Tan loved 9th dearly.  From her point of view, she’s surrounded by pressure–her mentor (Eunuch Li) and best friend (Yu Tan) were killed. Her beloved family members are being shamed and stripped of any honor they once had. And all this is caused by the one she loves most–4th. Obviously that’s hard to accept. 

And for this argument: “the princes and Yu Tan brought this all upon themselves, so they’re simply getting what they deserve.” 

NO.  NO. NO.  8th has already given up on the throne, and even asked 9th to give up too.  If the princes need to be punished, it would be 9th, because he’s the one causing all this havoc.  And as much as I don’t really like 9th, let’s look at it from 9th’s perspective: who wouldn’t want to fight back?  He and his brothers are being treated like dogs.  Shouldn’t he have the right, as a human being, to fight for his dignity and honor? 

I know I sound like an 8th group shipper, and I actually am in these next few episodes.  8th’s group has suffered enough.  WHY CAN’T THERE JUST BE A HAPPY ENDING? T_______T


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Lin Geng Xin & Liu Shi Shi playing charades
Honey and Clover: Ep 1
  • Again.. I friggen love your screencaps. It makes BBJX seems even more prettier than it already is.. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks dear!

    I lolled at the picture where 4th is probably lecturing his son. Hahaha. His mouth..

    I have said this on another blog as well. But I truly think “steaming” isn’t as scary and inhuman as it sounds.. But well.. everyone thinks differently.

    On a sidenote, I found a small mistake: “..she forgives Yu Tan because she knows Yu Tan loved 8th dearly.”
    I think that should be 9th.

    • Glad you like the screencaps!! BBJX is just too pretty…and this episode was especially beautiful o_o

      Yeah I felt pretty bad for 4th’s kid. He looked scared out of his wits!

      Well I think the part that gets me is that it wouldn’t be an instantaneous death. And it managed to make all the servants throw up…so…..there must’ve been something about it that repulsed them.

      Thanks, I’ll fix the typo!

      • About Yutan’s punishment, her’s was actually the cleanest out of all the top 10 cruel punishments at that time. The worst being the slow peeling of the skin of the criminal until the person eventually dies of pain/the mincing or dicing of the person. Then there’s 五马分尸 of the official as shown in the earlier episodes where the head, hands and legs are each attached to one horse and the body is pulled apart. *gulp* I’m not arguing that 4th’s choice of punishment was kind (poison would have sufficed!!) but I’m just glad they didn’t choose to show those punishments instead.

        • I read about the ‘top 10 punishments’ on the BBJX forums and I’m glad they didn’t show those. I agree, I think the worst punishment they showed on BBJX was the horse one.

  • The concubine is Nian Ge Yao’s sister who is married to 4th Prince..Eunuch Zhang’s punishment of having his tongue and hands cut off were probably due to his indecent behaviour towards Ruo Xi during her time at the laundry department..4th Prince knew of this and cut off his tongue to stop his nonsense (Zhang probably telling pp of his ways with RX) and his hands (touching RX).

      • 4th Prince is a very proud man and that at time, he was not able to protect RX at that time and with the guilt and the shame for not protecting the woman he loved.. he resorted to such methods to torture him.

        Only RX knew of his indecency towards her and she can’t wait to forget about this and kept it to herself, so Zhang must be the big mouth one to leak it out.. so what ever rumours that reached 4th prince must be quite disgusting….how could 4th prince tolerate that !! His punishment came with emotional reasoning. But Zhang was indeed pitiful…

        Bribes he got were mostly from 14th Prince to make things life easier for RX..the drama tone down his ‘bullying’ of RX. In the novel, RX lamented about the tricks Zhang used on her and his tricks only lessened after 14th Prince became powerful and prominent…

        • Ohhhh I thought the bribes were from 14th. I thought (and would’ve expected) that 4th still kept a close watch on Ruo Xi while she was in the laundry department, so I assumed he was the one who got Eunuch Zhang to back off.

          Yeah there’s definitely a disparity between the drama and the novel…I was under the impression that Eunuch Zhang and Ruo Xi got along fine after that one incident. I thought it was a one-time issue.

      • the drama follows closely to the novel.. but the novel is more detailed…

        I love BBJX and how the characters could generate so much discussion and analysis…

        Really appreciated your recap, though I already read and watch many times… 🙂

  • I am new to BBJX and I am feeling all the angsty-ness now at Episode 32!
    I expect to cry buckets by the time I am done with the series!
    May I know which forums I can read more about the show etc?

    And, I am looking forward to the remaining 5 episodes ^^

  • The 3rd prince is actually Hongshi (Hongwang is 8th’s son). He was the young kid who shot that arrow that nearly got Ruoxi in episode 22 (how fast they grew up huh?). From what historians tell us, he really had been incited by 8th’s group to rebel against his father and vie for the crown prince position, which was one thing 4th really hated because of what happened to him and his own brothers in the past. In the end, Hongshi was removed from the Imperial family to make way for a peaceful transition for Hongli, who will be the future Qianlong emperor. In the drama I guess he was just an innocent kid who was made a pawn of by 8th’s group, so yeah I feel bad for him too.

    As for Nian Fei (4th’s other wife), we’ve already seen her, twice if I’m not mistaken. She’s Nian Gen Yao’s sister and in one episode (I think 11 or 12), she was shown to be one of 4th’s Cefujin who visited 4th while he & Niangenyao were meeting back when NGY was still a lowly official & 4th was scheming for him to be put to a top position. NGY was actually complaining why 4th wasn’t paying too much attention to his sis, but 4th cuts him off obviously. 4th ended up spending the night with her anyway just to appease NGY, who turned out to be one of his biggest supporters when he came to usurp the throne later.

    Then we see her again from Ruoxi’s imagination (back in episode 27) as she imagined 4th and Nian Fei in bed being all lovey-dovey. I don’t really know why, but Ruoxi seems to be really jealous of her, and she keeps on bringing her up (i.e. don’t see Nian Fei anymore, let Nian Fei comfort you etc.) whenever she and 4th have a tiff. In this episode, 4th was, in a way, being sweet to her as her brother was doing a good job fighting the Mongolians in the northwest, but that’s it.

    As for the continuing breakdown of relations between 4th and 8th’s group, my take is that there is really no one in the wrong, it’s just a matter of perspective. For 4th, the crime of imprisoning 13th was unforgivable, and it has tainted how he he will treat 8th’s group from then on. For 8th, they have their pride as princes to uphold, so they can’t just take things lying down (well, 8th, thanks to MH can, but not, apparently, can 9th, 10th and 14th).

    As to how 4th treated Yutan and the eunuchs, I’m not saying it’s right, but if we look at it from a modern perspective (like RX does), it makes it all the more terrible. For Zhang eunuch, him touching and spreading rumors about RX was to 4th a very great crime as to him RX is the most important person to him. For eunuch Li, there was no other way because 4th had to protect his position and must eliminate anyone in the way. And finally, for Yutan, she may have been a pawn, but she knew what the price was if she had been caught: spying on the emperor (and in her case, make that 2 emperors!) is a treasonous crime enough to warrant a 9 generations punishment (where you and your entire family including children, cousins, grandparents etc must be executed). In the end, 4th had had enough when his own children were being used by 8th’s group to cause instability in the court, and steaming Yutan (but Yutan alone, not her family) was a strict warning to 8th’s group not to anger him any further.

    That’s just my POV. Sorry for the long post. I’m neither pro-4 or 8, but I understand where each is coming from. To quote 13th, if they had to blame anyone, then they must blame the heavens for giving them this cruel fate. Everyone was in a downward spiral at this point, there would be no stopping their destinies anymore.

    • Whoa. I was surprised by your huge comment! How do you remember all this o_o And thanks for correcting the name of 4th’s son.

      I agree there is no black and white. 4th has blamed 8th for the past decade, so it’s understandable that he’s giving them little mercy. Really, Ruo Xi and 13th are the only ones holding him back.

      I used to be completely pro-4th (especially during the imprisonment episode) but……in these next few episodes I just feel SO BAD FOR 8TH. :'(((((((

      Hehehehe I will stick by my modern POV. Interesting point you have there about Ruo Xi viewing this from a modern perspective. I can forgive 4th for Eunuch Zhang and Yu Tan but…EUNUCH LI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

      • LOL yeah I just had that much to say. I remember these little things about BBJX cos that’s how much I love it? Hehehe

        Anyway, 4th and RX are such complicated, well-nuanced characters that it wouldn’t justify the story if we compartmentalize their actions and decisions into simple rights and wrongs. I read complaints about why RX’s having a beef against 4th when she knew history, knew what she was getting into when she chose him; some commented about 4th and how despicable he was and unnecessarily cruel. All of those are valid and guess it’s up to the audience to reconcile their feelings about the story even after seeing these terrible things.

        Now as for 8th’s group… Maybe the only consolation here is that, had the situations been reversed and they were in control of the throne/ country and not 4th (say, 14th or 8th became emperor), I’m surmising they will treat 4th’s faction with equal severity: 13th would still be imprisoned, 4th would probably be stripped of his titles or put under house arrest along with his lackeys, etc etc. Because that’s just the way it was. Once emperor and ruler of the world (as they believed), they can’t take half-measures; anything they did must go all the way, otherwise their sovereignty will be questioned. If 14th had been emperor, I think he’d have been easily influenced by 9th and 8th anyway, so more or less everybody still loses. Sucks to be in the imperial family.

        Ok I’m going out of topic. Great recap btw! 🙂

        • I actually think 14th would’ve released 13th from prison since Ruo Xi would probably beg him to. I agree though, it sucks to be in the royal family.

          4th’s rationale is understandable since he’s only acting based on the social norms of that time. But I do think part of his torturing 8th’s group is more motivated by revenge, rather than just trying to subordinate them.

  • I love your recaps!

    The only thing I felt was lacking was the story behind Yu Tan and 9th. I’m not sure if the novel discussed their relationship more in detail, but I felt that the drama should have elaborated more. I know they previously hinted at a man helping Yu Tan when she was young, and we only later find out that it was 9th. But from Yu Tan’s letter, we find out that they had a love relationship going on. I wished the drama had more about the two.

    As for 4th’s treatment towards 8th, it is definitely a perspective issue. 4th feels that it was 8th’s group that caused Ruo Xi and 13th all their pain and suffering over the past years. He is upset that he wasn’t able to protect the two he loved the most in his life. Everything he is doing is to ensure that he stays in a position of power to protect everyone he loves – to stay in power means to suppress 8th and all his supporters. He can’t just forgive 8th because be knows that those around 8th (like 9th) still haven’t given up the fight. 8th’s group sees this as revenge because they probably would have treated 4th the same had 8th won the throne, but their reason would only be for revenge.

    I think the best possible solution was if 14th got the throne. 14th wouldnt’ have hurt 8th because they were in the same group. 14th wouldn’t have hurt 4th because they are siblings from the same mother. 14th wouldn’t have hurt 13th since Ruo Xi would beg him to forgive him.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is definitely a perspective issue. I think that 4th’s actions are motivated partly by revenge, partly to consolidate his power, and partly to protect the ones he loves most.

  • After reading everyone’s comments, I think pretty much everything’s been said. I voted for “WRONG” for the poll because I think 4th definitely could’ve handled this a little bit better. Like, I don’t know, tell Ruo Xi /first/ and give her a heads up /before/ steaming her faithful friend and sister??
    But I blame 9th too, he’s the one that forced Yu Tan to spy on 4th and he seems to show little remorse (in this episode anyways..).

    • Yeah, he could’ve at least let Ruo Xi see Yu Tan one last time, or something!!!!! Well I don’t think Yu Tan was forced; she did it because she loved 9th and wanted to help him.

  • Okay I just realised something. Nian Fei is actually the same girl who used to be under RX back during Kangxi’s time. (Her name was YunXiang I think) Is it just the production ppl cutting down on costs by reusing the actress or is Nian Fei’s name Yun Xiang?

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