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Episode 29 is SOOOO GOOOOOOD. There are tons of great 13th/Ruo Xi scenes!!!!


In full emperor garb, 4th goes to visit his mom, who’s on her deathbed. But instead of being glad to see him, she refuses to acknowledge him as her son, and tells him to get out. She’s ashamed to face her ancestors.

“In my heart, I just have one son. He is 14th prince. You are not my son. You are not my son! Get out, disappear.

4th is on the verge of tears as she spits out her insults at him. The last words he hears from his mom: “You are not my son.” That’s gotta suck. De Fei dies. (I think 4th’s visit just made her stress out even more) 4th carefully removes his Emperor’s hat and places it by her bedside. He cries silently and slowly bows before her.

Ok, so let’s just clarify a bit as to WHY De Fei is so biased against her own son. Why does she favor 14th so much? It turns out she personally raised 14th, but 4th was raised by another woman. So De Fei and 4th are basically no more than distant family members/acquaintances. It still doesn’t justify why she hates 4th so much, but she did have a motive in the beginning.


14th, always a step too late, arrives at his mother’s room. He’s devastated to find her dead. AUGHHH 14TH ANGST! He stands before his mom, with his shoulders slumped, before he drops to his knees and sobs. AHHH 14TH. :'( He looks like a little kid as he sobs his heart out. 4th promptly walks in along with a lot of eunuchs who are prepared to get her ready for the funeral. 4th calmly says that 14th should let De Fei sleep and be buried.


14th still hasn’t come to terms with his mom’s death. He needs more time to process it before they perform the burial. 14th refuses to let the eunuchs begin the burial, yelling at them to get out. The eunuchs obey 4th’s orders and attempt to approach De Fei’s bed, but he pushes them away.

4th walks up to 14th, telling him that she’s already left this world. 14th is still in denial. He grips 4th’s robe..

“Nobody is to touch my mother, especially you!”

Outside the house, we see Ruo Xi watching from afar. The eunuchs start yelling 14th’s name and call for a doctor. (It’s implied that 14th fainted.)

“Mothers and sons, who is right and who is wrong, comes an ending where all three are hurt.”


Ruo Xi enters 14th’s room. 14th is laying in bed, still desolate over his mom’s death. Ruo Xi tells him to take his medicine.

“Ruo Xi. When Imperial Father died, you were there. Did he really give the throne to 4th prince?”

14th says that his mom said for sure that the emperor said he was going to hand over the throne to him. Ruo Xi says that perhaps his mom twisted the emperor’s words. But it’s certain that the emperor gave the throne to 4th.

14th fully trusts Ruo Xi, and it breaks my heart because Ruo Xi knows the truth..

“Alright. I believe you. I’ve finally put down a worry. He’ll be his emperor, and I’ll be my own unconcerned person.”

14th lays back down on his bed with a sad smile, and Ruo Xi visits an altar to pray.

“This kind of lie may be the best for the emperor and 14th prince. Ancestor, De Fei Niang Niang, I hope that you can understand and forgive me. Forgive the emperor.”



13th and Ruo Xi have tea together. Ruo Xi is helping Hong Li prepare a birthday gift for Cheng Huan. 13th asks why Hong Li is the one giving the gift. Ruo Xi quietly says that he’ll understand in the future. 13th doesn’t question her motives, and turns to leave.

13th: The Imperial Brother is now the emperor. It’s what I have to do…We are no longer the 4th and 13th brothers from the past. We are now ruler and government official. Facing these changes, I have to get used to it slowly.

Ruo Xi: But he doesn’t wish that you see him as the emperor.

13th: I know. But Ruo Xi, since a person has risen to that position, it doesn’t matter if he wishes it or not. he would have to face the loneliness and respect of being at the very top…Slowly, he’ll get accustomed to it. In the future, unknowingly, he’ll get used to the absolute power that his position gives him…

Ruo Xi confidently says that 4th won’t get used to it, but 13th replies that Ruo Xi is the one who needs to accept something.

“I will see him not only as my 4th brother, but as the world’s emperor. I am his subject. I will hail to him as a brother, but stay loyal to him as a subject.”

AHHH THIS NEXT LINE REALLY GETS ME. 13th shakes his head with a small smile:

“Royal brother understands everything. The one who doesn’t understand is you.”

OMGGGG. This scene was so perfect!!! And 13th’s last line “The one who doesn’t understand is you” is so powerful.


Ruo Xi talks to 13th after he leaves the court. She catches on that something is wrong, and of course 13th can’t hide anything from Ruo Xi. He says that 8th was yelled at by 4th. 8th is punished to kneel the whole night outside the temple. Ruo Xi is about to go into the court to confront 4th and beg forgiveness for 8th, but 13th stops her. He says she should let go of 8th bro. She asks if she were in the same situation, could 13th stand up for her?


“If you were in situation, if the same thing happened, will you become a stranger? Can you stay unconcerned?”

13th looks away in reply. He reminds her that she has no relation to 8th anymore, now that she’s out of his household. If she keeps on caring about 8th, it will end up hurting him in the long run.

“The us from now, is no longer the us from back then. Then he was 4th prince. Now he is the emperor.” If you really want good things for 8th brother, just let it go.”


Ruo Xi is bothered by 13th’s advice. She visits the altar to pray. 4th comes to visit. She’s been kneeling for 2 hours and hasn’t even eaten. He tells her to get up, but Ruo Xi just continues to kneel there. She recites a few proverbs, and asks him,

“Why can’t you just forget about what happened in the past?”

He simply replies, “Every action has its consequence.” and leaves quickly.


Ruo Xi is still kneeling by the altar even when it becomes nighttime. She wonders to herself how 8th can endure kneeling on the concrete at his age. 4th comes to visit Ruo Xi again. He asks if she intends on accompanying 8th. Ruo Xi continues to kneel there, so he orders her to get up.

“Now you’re being the emperor to order me?”

This scene is sad because exactly what Ruo Xi doesn’t want to happen is happening–the emperor/subject relationship is being established.


Since Ruo Xi can’t kneel, she stands in her room the entire night. Morning comes, and Ruo Xi wonders what she should do next. 4th visits her, and notices that she’s wearing the same robe she wore the night before. He concludes that she stood the whole night, and angrily throws a tray of tea on the ground. Before storming away, 4th informs her that he let 8th return home. Ruo Xi crumples to the ground after 4th leaves.

(I feel kinda bad for Ruo Xi’s maids because it feels like she falls to the ground in every single episode.)


Ruo Xi stays at Yu Tan’s house for a while. Yu Tan and Ruo Xi drink tea together. Yu Tan talks about rumors about the imperial court, but understandably, Ruo Xi doesn’t want to hear any of it.


13th and Ruo Xi banter about political matters.

“Once you’re at the top, the only place to go is down.”


The conversation inevitably turns to 4th/Ruo Xi’s relationship. 13th is here to mediate between the two. He says that ever since Ruo Xi left, 4th is always uptight. Why can’t they reconcile and get along? The whole time, Ruo Xi quietly sips her tea.

Why do you bring misery upon yourself because of love?

Ruo Xi begins to tear up, but remains silent. 13th takes Ruo Xi’s tea cup out of her hands to make his point:

Ruo Xi, allow yourself to live more freely. Some things, if you can let go, just let them go.

13th leaves, and Ruo Xi looks over at her tea cup (which is now on the table) with tears in her eyes.


A eunuch is ordered to take Ruo Xi home. At first Ruo Xi refuses to go, but gives in when the eunuch begs her to go home for his sake. Again, I feel pretty bad for the eunuch because if Ruo Xi really didn’t go, he’d be punished by 4th.


4th is happy to see Ruo Xi back, but Ruo Xi gives him the cold shoulder. I actually thought this scene was hilarious because Ruo Xi and 4th are just like a married couple. 4th is at loss at how to handle Ruo Xi’s anger, and just like a husband admitting defeat, he begs her to forgive him. ROFL.

“The emperor is also human.”


Ruo Xi eventually tells him that she memorized some of his favorite poetry. She thinks he’s like the person in the poem–he cares about the wellbeing of his people. 4th grins at this compliment, and asks when she memorized the poetry. Ruo Xi refuses, and the two of them cutely smile. They made up!


The next day, Ruo Xi serves 13th & 4th special tea and pastries. 4th’s shoulder is hurting, so Ruo Xi insists that the doctor check it. The doctor says that something heavy was leaning on his shoulder. ROFL. 4th, 13th, and Ruo Xi just stand there like they don’t know what to do with that diagnosis. The doctor leaves, and 13th and 4th crack up. Ruo Xi quickly runs out of the room in embarrassment. ROFL, I cracked up so much during this scene!!

Other thoughts
Again, we see the “Just let go” theme pop up. This time it’s 13th, her most trusted friend, telling Ruo Xi to let go. Obviously 13th’s advice weighs heavily on her mind, moreso than when 14th or other princes told her the same thing. Ruo Xi is perplexed as to HOW she can let go. When she visited the altar, she acknowledged that all the advice she’s read about is good, but in real life, they can’t be used.

I think a lot of viewers are frustrated with Ruo Xi’s indecision and inability to let go of the past. Everyone is raising their hands in exasperation, telling Ruo Xi “JUST LET GOOOOO RUO XI. LET GOOOOOOOOOOOO ALREADY!!!”


Hopefully BBJX has made you think a bit about your own life.  I was just thinking about BBJX recently, and suddenly I had this huge epiphany that I have many things I have yet to let go of. It kinda sucks when you want someone to let go, when in fact you’re the one who needs to let go the most.  And it sucks that it’s so hard to let go of the past.

If Ruo Xi just magically went, “OK, I LET GO! I FORGOT ABOUT ALL THE PRINCES, AND I WILL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH 4TH!” that would be completely unrealistic. Letting go isn’t something done in an instant, and it sure isn’t easy. However, this is also Ruo Xi’s weakness–she ends up not letting go for the rest of her life.

We all know that 4th, Ruo Xi, and 13th can never be the same again. They can’t go back to their old relationships–things are different now that 4th is emperor. It’s unfortunate, but true. Of course, the three of them don’t want their relationship to change. But it’s inevitable, and 13th accepts it as a part of life while Ruo Xi struggles to come to terms with it.


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