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Anyway, I love the tension between You Qing and Da Ren now that Ding Li Wei is back!!! In Time With You is gonna be waaaay more interesting now that Da Ren has some real competition.


Ding Li Wei begins Operation: Re-woo You Qing. He sends her a huge bouquet of roses with a card saying that he stayed at the temple when she stood him up. You Qing drags around her huge bouquet everywhere, attracting attention from all her coworkers. She finally gets rid of them because she doesn’t want Da Ren to get the wrong idea when they meet.


Da Ren and You Qing meet up at a convenience store. As You Qing approaches the store, she looks at Da Ren sitting by the window..

“This Li Da Ren is quite handsome. If we never knew each other, or if we didn’t change from enemies to friends, then maybe our ‘never’ can be changed to ‘fated to love’. Sad. Really sad.”


You Qing helps out Da Ren with his work. He obviously checks You Qing out, and reaches over to tuck her hair behind her ear and thinks

“This Cheng You Qing is the best looking, so good looking that you can never get sick of seeing. Sad. Why does ‘being familiar’ make ‘I love you’ so difficult?”

Ok, these two just need to get together already.

You Qing spills the beans to her relative that Ding Li Wei was hte one who sent her the flowers. Da Ren overhears, and awkwardly looks away.


Ding Li Wei continues on Operation: Re-woo You Qing, sending tons of flowers to her office. She literally has huge garbage bags stuffed with flower bouquets.

Now that Da Ren and Maggie are officially ‘just friends,’ Maggie is way less annoying now. I like them a lot better as just friends who console each other about their love life. Maggie is probably the only one Da Ren has told the truth to about You Qing. Maggie asks a question that’s been on her mind–what about You Qing makes his heart thump?

“There’s a lot. It’s often. Too many to mention one by one.”

Maggie asks about their progress, but Da Ren says that they’ve had no progress because it seems like they’re not meant to be.


Meanwhile, Li Wei continues to be a very hot stalker. You Qing rushes to deliver a pair of shows to a client, while Li Wei JUST HAPPENS to be watching her from afar. He texts her telling her the color of her shoes. She freaks out when he ‘guesses’ right, but tells him he’s wrong.


You Qing delivers the shoes to a stuck-up actress who calls You Qing a bumpkin, and is unsatisfied with the shoes. Li Wei texts You Qing, making a pun about the actress. You Qing realizes that Li Wei must be around somewhere, and runs out the building looking for him. At first Li Wei is no where to be found, but suddenly it starts raining, and Li Wei runs out in the rain to cover You Qing with his jacket.

Part of me thinks that Li Wei somehow planned this entire thing…


“Why do we have so much fate with rain?”

They have a flashback to when Li Wei and You Qing first met. You Qing is dancing at the temple out in the rain, when Li Wei runs out to shield her from the rain. She asks him why he’s doing this when she doesn’t know him..

“You looked very lonely getting drenched in the rain, so I’m here to accompany you.”

You Qing runs around trying to shake him off, but Li Wei follows her around holding up his jacket. ROFL.

Back in the present, Li Wei cutely says that You Qing is still really cute. You Qing angrily says that her clothes are really expensive.

“My suit isn’t cheap either. But, helping you block the rain, it’ll proudly sacrifice itself. Today, you’ve worked hard.”



So…You Qing ends up going to Li Wei’s house since she’s drenched. In the bathroom, she asks herself why she’s here when this is such a dangerous place. Her other self in the mirror observes that Li Wei doesn’t seem to have a woman living here.  She still cares about him!

Li Wei gives You Qing sweats and warm milk to drink. While she drinks the milk, Li Wei sits behind her and starts to blow dry her hair. You Qing freaks out, and he innocently says that this way she won’t catch a cold. Then Li Wei changes his clothes in the kitchen.


You Qing gets too nervous and dashes for the door. Li Wei blocks the door, but lets her go. Right when she’s about to leave, he closes the door and takes back his towel that she was about to run off with.  And then he kisses her.  O:  You Qing starts to kiss back, but she comes to her senses and pushes him away. She slaps him and storms out of the house, leaving Li Wei very confused.


You Qing realizes that she forgot Da Ren’s birthday. So the next day after his birthday, she brings him a birthday cake and sings him happy birthday. She cutely opens his own present for him. Da Ren attempts to tell You Qing that he broke up with Maggie, but gives up when they keep on getting interrupted by her cellphone.

You Qing finally answers her phone, and is about to tell off Li Wei, but he beats her to it and quickly says that he wants to start over again.


The next day at work, You Qing finds Li Wei there. He cutely says he’s here to pick her up after work. She harshly says she doesn’t need him to pick her up. Li Wei is unfazed, and simply stares at her in adoration. He leaves and tells her coworkers he likes it when she’s angry. ROFL. I love his guts.

Continuing with Operation: Re-woo You Qing! While You Qing is finding a pair of shoes, Li Wei climbs on the ladder with her and tries to help. Omg he cracks me up.


Li Wei gives You Qing an electronic tablet complete with a handmade guide on how to use it.

YQ: What do you want?
LW: To let you find out that it’s nice to have me.

You Qing says that if she does, then Li Wei will find it a hassle, and want his freedom. The cycle will just repeat itself all over again.

“I won’t leave you again. Starting from now, I’m giving you my freedom.”

Li Wei hands over his passport.


You Qing asks Da Ren what he’d think if she got back together with Li Wei. She asks why Da Ren gave Li Wei her number if he doesn’t want them to get back together. Da Ren asks why You Qing can’t just reject him. You Qing replies that Li Wei makes her unable to resist.

Da Ren criticizes her taste in men, asking if her love is this simple.

“I’m already 30 years old. It’s already been 2 years since someone has properly loved me. No one has said they love me.”

Da Ren comments that You Qing is just being self-centered.

“Correct. The feeling of being loved allows me to feel self-importance.”

Da Ren starts to leave, but You Qing tearfully says that he has to take responsibility since he’s the one who started this. Da Ren thinks…

“If I were willing to take responsibility for you for the rest of your life, then would you be willing to love me?”

But he tells You Qing he can’t congratulate her if that’s what she wants.


You Qing finally agrees to meet up with Li Wei. Li Wei tells her why he came back:

“Because Cheng You Qing is here. Because distance made me understand regret. Because I love you.”

You Qing breaks down crying, and Li Wei silently hugs her. 

Li Wei drives You Qing home.  Da Ren has just turned down the job offer of his life, his reason being that ‘he has to take responsibility for someone’.  Just imagine how crushed he is when he arrives at You Qing’s house to see Li Wei hugging her.  He tells the taxi driver to leave instead.

Da Ren drinks away his troubles and gets sick.  SO…You Qing cooks him soup and takes care of him at his house.

Other thoughts
Hehehehe this episode is AMAZING.  You Qing IS aware of her compatibility with Da Ren!  But both of them never act on it because they’re JUST FRIENDS, and love is going over the boundary.  I really want Da Ren to get his act together and finally decide to take the first step toward telling You Qing about his true feelings.

Li Wei is a very smooth talker and is quite persistent in pursuing You Qing.  He’s basically the complete opposite of Da Ren–he knows what he wants and he goes for it without hesitation.  I love how he adorably admires You Qing.  Although I know Da Ren & You Qing are the OTP, I can’t help but want to see how You Qing/Li Wei’s relationship will turn out.

Quote Translation Credit / Where to Watch: In Time With You is subbed on Viki.


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