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In Time With You remains a great watch.  I love You Qing’s little bits of advice at the end of each episode, as well as her moments of self-reflection. 


Maggie sets up a blind date for You Qing. With a guy who tells her to get plastic surgery. You Qing finally has enough, and is about to tell him off, when Da Ren shows up and beats her to it. The blind date asks who he is…

“A person who knows how good You Qing is, and you aren’t a person who can match her..”

Da Ren tries to take You Qing’s arm to help her up, but she angrily shakes him off and stalks out the building. Outside, she blows up at Da Ren for thinking she’s so pitiful. Da Ren follows her as she walks home.


You Qing tells him to say what he has to say. Da Ren grabs her in for a hug, and is about to confess…when You Qing ruins it by saying this is sympathy–and she doesn’t need it.


Maggie tries to make it up to Da Ren, but he gently tells her that their relationship isn’t gonna work out:

“…I love Cheng You Qing. I thought that I wouldn’t fall in love with her. I didn’t want to love her…I just didn’t have the confidence to love the arrogant Cheng You Qing. But this could possibly be the law. The more I don’t want to, the more I love.

Maggie interrupts him, angrily asking why he’s telling her all about how much he loves You Qing.

I like you. But it’s not love.

Maggie asks how she’s lacking to You Qing (she shouldn’t even ask..) and why he can’t love her. Da Ren tries to console her and apologize, but Maggie rejects his apologies and calls him a coward who exploited her love for him. Da Ren softly asks if she really loves him, or if he simply meets all the criteria for her dream partner. He says that if there’s no love, it won’t work out.

Da Ren leaves Maggie with one last piece of advice–she oughtn’t use romance just to get married. Uhh isn’t Da Ren also guilty of going out with her just for the bet? Maggie cries in the corner next to the broken wine bottle.

I only want to marry a good man. I only want a normal happiness. Is such a wish that hard to attain?” Why can’t you just fulfill it for me?”


After the breakup, Da Ren calls You Qing to tell her the ‘good news,’ but she beats him to it by saying Ding Li Wei finally called! Da Ren sits outside and imagines You Qing sitting next to him while she talks on the phone. I loveeee these scenes when they imagine each other while talking on the cellphone.


You Qing is outside in her PJ’s and glasses, with her hair messily tied up. Perfect opportunity for Ding Li Wei to pop up! He greets her and reaches out to touch her face, while You Qing is in a state of shock. She freaks out and runs away screaming.

“She hasn’t changed a bit. How can she be this cute?”

 You Qing chides herself for letting Ding Li Wei see her in her PJ’s. She ends up getting Da Ren to drive her back home. Da Ren suggests that You Qing wants to reconcile with Ding Li Wei. They have a petty argument over You Qing’s intentions.


Whenever I have a problem, the first person I think of is you. But you? You didn’t even comfort me..”

Da Ren replies that he’s also disappointed in her, for not growing up and not learning to live for herself. You Qing childishly gets out of the car. Da Ren drives away and tells himself he definitely won’t turn back. Buuuuut he does.


You Qing’s feelings waver when she receives a text from Ding Li Wei. She sits on a bench outside, next to a beer can. She wonders out loud if she’s really just deceiving herself.


You Qing texts Ding Li Wei to meet at their old place. On her way there, she has flashbacks of her fights with Ding Li Wei. She looks at her younger self, who always accused Li Wei of cheating.  You Qing suddenly realizes that these past 5 years, she actually hasn’t moved on.  She still cares about Ding Li Wei. 


You Qing decides to abandon her dream of a wedding ring.  Sooo she stands up Ding Li Wei and goes out to eat with Da Ren instead!  Da Ren and You Qing make up and hug.

In the past 5 years, I’ve suffered, have been dejected. But right now, I’m very good, very great, very happy. Because…I have you. Even though you won’t love me, but I know, compared to anyone else, you treasure me most.

6th charm of a mature woman: The thing that makes you shine isn’t a diamond, but your eyes after you cried.”

Other thoughts
I actually really liked You Qing and Da Ren’s little quarrel. They’re not exactly perfect–they have their own childish arguments too!

Maggie is just an annoying character. Whenever she popped up in episode 5, I just wanted to skip that entire scene. She’s way too overbearing and clingy. Really, it’s one of the weak point of In Time With You because I would’ve been way more interested in Da Ren’s romance storyline if he actually had a compatible love-interest to rival You Qing.

So, Maggie could’ve really shone in the break up scene, but the acting really ruined it for me.  What I could’ve related to ended up being disappointed because of the way Maggie delivered her lines.  Sure we can all relate to Maggie’s simple wish for happiness, but………I just wanted to skip her scene.  Ok, I wanted to skip all of her scenes.

The breakup was inevitable, and I’m glad we just got it done and over with.

So yes, it’s sealed, Da Ren isn’t just an oblivious guy blindly in love with You Qing. He’s aware of his feelings! Yes!  However, You Qing clearly doesn’t think he’ll ever love her.  I wonder how Da Ren will react now that Ding Li Wei is in the picture. 

The actor who plays Ding Li Wei REALLY reminds me of Narimiya Hiroki (Bloody Monday, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, etc.) because of his smile.  So far we haven’t seen much of Ding Li Wei, but judging from the previews, You Qing still isn’t as confident as she’d like to be.

Quote Translation Credit / Where to Watch: In Time With You is subbed on Viki.


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