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The 8th angst is SO SAD in this episode. I’ve always been affected by 4th angst but 8th is on a totally different level.


Happy meeting with the 8th bro group! 10th, 9th, and 14th laugh merrily together as they wish 8th’s well-being. Suddenly the mood turns sour when 8th hears his son setting off firecrackers. He orders a eunuch to stop his son, in case 4th somehow hears about the firecrackers going off. 9th says that 8th shouldn’t worry about setting off firecrackers in his own home. 10th and 8th try to silence 9th, but 9th insists on going on about how the former emperor didn’t even consider 8th as his son when he died. 8th interrupts 9th, telling him not to say anything else. 14th cautiously says that 4th may deal with 8th’s group again once he gets the chance.


14th tells the brothers about what his mom told 4th. 10th and 9th laugh happily at Concubine De’s victory over 4th. You can’t help but love how innocently happy they are at their little victory. I feel bad for 8th’s group because I know what’s gonna happen in the end. AUGH!!! 8th silences 9th and 10th’s laughter. He reminds them that 4th already tore apart one man who spread the rumors, which means that 4th knows about 8th’s group.

“He’s deep in his thinking and plots, never leaving a trace after executing his plan. Maybe, he’s already planned something and is executing it in the dark.”

9th is still overconfident. He says that there are 2 possibilities: Either 4th has compassion on them, to which 10th snorts and says “Stop dreaming.” ROFL. Or, 8th’s group still has power, so 4th won’t directly confront them. 9th confidently asks 8th why he’s given up. 8th ominously says that just like Ruo Xi predicted, 4th is his true enemy.


8th urgently tells Ruo Xi that Ruo Lan wants to see her. Ruo Lan is on her death bed. :'( Yeah, by now you should know that everyone in BBJX is dying off one by one…

Ruo Xi visits 8th’s estate. Qiao Hui is already turning on the waterworks when Ruo Xi arrives. Ruo Xi starts to cry, and 8th just has this sad resigned look on his face. He tells Ruo Xi not to cry, and to go in to see Ruo Lan. Ruo Xi holds back her tears, and looks back at 8th, as though for reassurance. 8th sadly turns and walks away.


And now for a super long conversation with Ruo Lan/Ruo Xi. Ruo Lan tells Ruo Xi about her dream of her mom and her lover.


Ruo Xi waits outside for Ruo Lan to wake up again. Qiao Hui tries to have Ruo Xi eat some food. 14th and 10th come to visit Ruo Xi. 10th informs her that he’s going to Mongolia for at least a year. Ruo Xi asks why, but then she realizes it’s because of 4th’s order. 14th asks how Ruo Xi has been, to which she just nods in reply.

“If he wants you, he should give you a title already. If he doesn’t want you, then he should release you from the palace. But now what are you? Let’s say your a palace maid, but even the palace eunuch has to bow his head to you..”


In true 14th confrontational style, 14th wonders what Ruo Xi is thinking. 4th’s not giving her a title doesn’t make sense to him. 10th hands over the soup to Ruo Xi, to get her to eat some more. She only takes a few sips. 14th and 10th look at each other worriedly.

14th says that 9th was sent to Tibet and 10th is going to Mongolia, so he’ll probably be the next one to be sent somewhere. Both 10th and 14th ask Ruo Xi if she ever wants to leave the palace.

“14th brother, this isn’t something she can decide freely. Not just her, but we also can’t do anything freely anymore.”

HMM I also wonder what Ruo Xi thinks. She’s always wanted to escape the palace life, but now that 4th is emperor, she wants to stay by his side even if it means being in the restrictive palace.

Ruo Xi: “I don’t know. There are times I wanted to, sometimes, I don’t want to.”
14th: “I think it’s because of HIM.” (aka 4th)

Ruo Xi quickly gets up to go visit Ruo Lan when she finds out Ruo Lan is awake. 14th stops her and asks if she remembers what he said to her a few years ago. Ruo Xi doesn’t seem to remember, so 14th lets her go on.


Ruo Lan gets into her final outfit–her riding outfit. She collapses and rests on Ruo Xi, reminiscing about her deceased lover.


Ruo Xi quickly goes to visit 8th. She kneels right when she gets in the room, and asks him to divorce Ruo Lan. WHAT? 14th and 10th look shocked because divorce is no light issue. 8th reservedly asks if this is Ruo Lan’s decision. Ruo Xi begs 8th to grant the divorce, because Ruo Lan doesn’t want to be married in the afterlife.

“You must’ve known that my sister’s heart was never by your side…I beg you to let my sister be free so she can be at ease to find her lover.”


10th tells Ruo Xi that if the emperor doesn’t agree to the divorce, 8th will be punished. Ming Yu pops in to say that 8th doesn’t have to do anything to get punished anyway. (because 4th always finds fault in 8th no matter what he does) Ming Hui urges 8th to grant the divorce.


AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This whole time 8th hasn’t said anything. He gets up and writes the divorce letter. OMGGGGG. You can tell 8th’s heart is getting ripped out, but he remains composed. After finishing the letter, he throws down the calligraphy brush. He stamps the letter with his seal. 8th tosses aside the seal and walks out of the room.

“My whole life, I hoped to be your sister’s rival, didn’t realize she never even tried…I actually spent my life fighting with someone from my imagination. I don’t want to fight with her even after death.”

Ruo Xi reads the letter to Ruo Lan. Ruo Lan is glad that she can finally be free from her familial ties. She talks out loud to her deceased lover, reaches out her hand, and dies. Ruo Xi folds the letter and places it in Ruo Lan’s hand.


It’s night time. 8th is standing outside, crying silently. I remain a fan of Ming Yu:

“Your heart is hurting. My heart is also hurting like yours. I know my place in your heart isn’t the same as Ruo Lan. But to my prince, I will always be true to you, never forsake you. If you want to cry, I’ll cry with you. If you’re in pain, I’ll also be in pain with you. You’re never alone.”

IS THIS NOT ONE OF THE MOST QUOTE-WORTHY SCENES EVER? During Ming Yu’s little speech, you hear 8th suppressing his cries as he begins to tear up even more. He turns to look at her, with tears running down his cheeks and this look of UTTER SORROW. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG. He cries on Ming Yu’s shoulder.

Ming Yu’s voice starts to waver as she tears up. She pats him on the back as she says..

“8th prince, lay all the burdens down.”



Ruo Xi is mad that 4th won’t let her go back home for Ruo Lan’s funeral ceremony. 4th is rather possessive, but his fears are rational.

“I’m scared that once you leave, you won’t ever come back…I’m afraid that once you return to the home you dream of, your heart will never return here.


4th visits Ruo Xi at night. He touches her face and says, “I want you.” Apparently, he’s not here just to rest this time! Ruo Xi looks down uncomfortably.

“I will wait until your heart is willing.”

And so, 4th promptly decides to have “the talk”–“What do I have to do so you won’t resist me?”

He says that he wants Ruo Xi to have children for him, so she can be happy with them like she is with Cheng Huan.

“I resist because I know everyone’s endings.”

Ruo Xi makes an outrageous request–she wants to be empress.

“I cannot hurt her.”

Ruo Xi makes another request–she doesn’t want 4th to see Nian Fei anymore. (a concubine) 4th asks why she needs to make it so hard for him. Ruo Xi asks 4th what he’s gonna promise her then.

“Now I own the entire world, but all this means nothing without you. What I can give you is my heart.”

4th explains that he hasn’t given Ruo Xi a title because this way, he can see her everyday. In a gesture of acceptance, Ruo Xi lets down her hair.



Ruo Xi and 13th talk while watching the kids play. 13th mentions that he heard Ruo Xi is troubled that 14th was sent to guard tombs. 13th says it’s actually not that bad, and that 4th doesn’t want Ruo Xi to know about the princes’ issues. 4th doesn’t want Ruo Xi to be worried about the princes. 13th says that since they’re all brothers, the worst that can happen is house arrest. (13th clearly has no idea what the other princes are in for.) He goes on to say that 14th is outspoken and Concubine De is an obstacle for 4th.

“Ruo Xi, there are some things you can do nothing about. Just let go.”

In court, 4th’s officials inform him that they can wait no longer to grant Concubine De the title of Empress Dowager. Rumors are spreading that she doesn’t accept 4th as emperor.

Other thoughts
8th was really the highlight of the episode, not Ruo Lan.  Surprisingly Ruo Lan’s parting was very gentle and not super sad.  Ruo Lan was ready to go.  So now for 8th’s angst.  Omg.  He doesn’t have to say anything.  He just..LOOKS IT.  I was actually more affected by 8th’s angst scenes in this episode than I was by 4th’s angst scenes (overall).  4th has his classic single-tear-while-clenching-fist angst.  But 8TH.  SO SAD. 4th is known for his very controlled way of crying/showing his sorrow.  However, I think 8th is just as composed as 4th in the angst department.  8th just has a different composure–he has this very resigned look of acceptance and sorrow in his eyes.  And omg, when he did that little SMIRK/SMILE I thought he was gonna start laughing crazily and break down or something.  AUGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! 8TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I…..I’M NOT JUMPING SHIPS……..NOT AT ALL…..

I have to say that 8th/Ming Yu’s scene is one of those amazing scenes that will definitely stick with me.  It was just so full of raw emotion.  All throughout BBJX, everyone is touting the message “Just let go.”  I think Ming Yu’s “lay all the burdens down” was the most touching. It felt like Ming Yu’s words were speaking directly to me.  And it was even SADDER with Ming Yu patting 8th’s back.  SO PAINFUL.  8th always looks like he’s carrying a million pounds on his shoulders.  “Lay all the burdens down” has so much meaning for him.

And for the bow chi ki wow wow scene: I actually didn’t like it.  4th was clearly having “THE TALK” with Ruo Xi…”I want you, but you’re reluctant.  SO…how long do I have to wait?  How do I get you to stop resisting me?”  So basically…when are you gonna give in?  AND after he tells her all about how he’ll give her his heart, he goes “Are you still gonna resist me?”  OMG, CAN YOU BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS 4TH? Guys will be guys. *shakes head*

As for Ruo Xi’s reluctance, she thinks to herself that she’s resisting because she knows history.  It’s implied that if she gave birth to a child, perhaps it would affect the future and mess up history.  Ruo Xi has always been extremely cautious not to change history. Another reason could be that she doesn’t have a title yet and isn’t an official wife/concubine of 4th.

But for me, I’d think 4th and Ruo Xi should think about the more practical side of this…Ruo Xi’s body is weak and her health isn’t all that great.  Giving birth could endanger her own health, especially in this time period. 


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