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Despite Lu Wu’s fate, this episode isn’t unbearably angsty. The cinematography is especially even more beautiful in this episode, and there are tons of cute 4th/Ruo Xi moments. This is another massive episode with lots of great dialogue. 

^I am not even kidding.  All of the above are true for me. T_T 


13th frantically searches for Lu Wu on horseback along with a lot of eunuchs.  Lu Wu sadly looks over the lake, and has a flashback to the night she left him.  She places a letter next to 13th, who’s fast asleep on his desk.  With a tear in her eye, she reaches out her hand to touch 13th’s face, but can’t bear to do so.  She leaves quickly.

Back in the present, a eunuch sees Lu Wu’s distant figure and informs 13th.  But 13th gets there too late.  He desperately calls her name several times, before turning away to go search elsewhere.  We see bubbles in the water…and Lu Wu drifting toward the bottom of the lake.  OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.


Back in the palace, 4th tells Ruo Xi about his worries. Without 13th by his side, he feels vulnerable because he can’t tell what the other princes/officials are thinking.

“I was thinking what’s behind their masks. Loyal on the outside, just how much is genuine. I finally understand why kings are so aloof. When 13th was with me, I never felt this alone.”

Ruo Xi grasps his hands and says it’ll be fine once they find Lu Wu. An official reports to 4th that they found Lu Wu’s body in the river. 4th instructs him not to let anyone know, especially 13th.


Ruo Xi is in the other room, behind a jeweled curtain divider. (don’t know how else to describe those things..) The camera blurs 4th and shows Ruo Xi in the background. She hears the news and raises her hand to her mouth in shock. Omg I love the way they used the curtain thing. So pretty.

“Lu Wu couldn’t be this heartless. How can 13th prince deal with this? And Cheng Huan?…who will raise her?”

Ruo Xi is shocked by the news and cries for 13th, Lu Wu, and his daughter. She falls to the ground, and cries in 4th’s arms.


10 days later, 13th is still searching for Lu Wu since 4th doesn’t tell 13th the truth. Time for 13th angst.

13th drinks away his worries while looking at a painting of Lu Wu. His tears fall on her painting. AUGH AUGH AUGH. Ruo Xi remains worried about 13th’s wellbeing. 4th asks Ruo Xi to go talk to 13th, since he hasn’t come to court in a long time. 4th holds Ruo Xi’s hand before Ruo Xi walks away to go to 13th’s house. AUGH the shot where they show Ruo Xi’s hand leaving 4th’s hand is so symbolic of what is to come. :'(

And..I forgot to add these screencaps, but 13th has a lovely memory of when he painted Lu Wu’s portrait.


Ruo Xi visits 13th, who’s drinking in a dark room full of paintings of Lu Wu. I love the way they put Lu Wu’s painting in the background during the conversation.

“Why did she have to go? In just a few words, she’s erased the past ten years of our life together. Why? Even if there was something wrong with me, what about Cheng Huan? Why? Why?”

For that moment, Ruo Xi can only stay silent and look at 13th with sad eyes. She takes a drink of alcohol before beginning her long speech.


Ruo Xi drinks next to 13th and tells her story. 13th smokes the entire time, looking thoughtful. She recites an old letter she got from Lu Wu, which talks about Lu Wu’s tragic family background.

“She stayed with you in a difficult place for 10 years. That was her love for you. Now that she left by herself was because of her filial piety. If you sincerely love her, then please don’t compel her again. Let her in Jiang’nan live peacefully.”

Ruo Xi puts down the alcohol bottle and walks out, leaving 13th with a poem..

“I am destined to be separate from this love…If I live freely to allow wild flowers on my head, don’t ask me where I return to.”


Ruo Xi visits Cheng Huan and then talks alone with one of 13th’s wives. (The one who’s basically behind Lu Wu deciding to commit suicide.) Ruo Xi asks the wife what she told Lu Wu. She pretends not to know what Ruo Xi is talking about. Ruo Xi promptly grabs the wife and fiercely says that if she didn’t have a child, she would be dead. That was SO INTENSE.


Back at the palace, Ruo Xi tells 4th what happened. She says she suggested to 13th that Lu Wu was a victim of the Ming case (which resulted in the slaughter of her family) to help him let her go. Ruo Xi says that since she had to lie to 13th for the first time, she didn’t think it’d matter if it was a big or small lie. But she sees from the look on 4th’s face that he already knows the truth–in fact, what Ruo told 13th is TRUE. Whew. So…although Ruo Xi was lying, and thought what she said was a lie, she wasn’t because it turns out to be the truth. Confusing I know.

4th explains that when 13th requested to make Lu Wu his Fu Jin, 4th investigated her background per tradition. However, when he found out her background, he was unable to grant the marriage because it’d cause a ruckus amongst 8th’s gang.


As if on cue, we get a discussion amongst 8th’s group! This scene is perfect. The dark room reflects their bleak situation and heavy moods. I have to say that this conversation is one of the most significant ones in a long while.

9th informs the group about 13th and Lu Wu’s situation. 14th comments that 13th bro must be very sad. 9th, on the other hand, is unsympathetic and indignantly says that they were sad too when 4th and 13th made them suffer. If they had used Lu Wu to implicate 13th/4th, maybe 8th could’ve been emperor. 8th quietly puts 9th back into his place, and 14th backs up 8th’s opinion. It’s clear that 9th is the calculating one, while 8th and 14th have more empathy for their brother.

8th: “Why pour salt on his wound?”

9th: “8th brother, you want to be a good man.”

8th: “A person with novel character will take things the right way. The problems between men shouldn’t involve women.”

14th: “What 8th brother said is right. 13th brother was house-arrested for 10 years. During that time, only Lu Wu stayed with him. One can imagine how important Lu Wu is to 13th brother.”

8th: “…How do you think 13th brother would endure that?”

14th: “If he weren’t born in the Imperial Family, everything would turn out wonderfully. Too bad, we, as soon as we were born, were stranded in a big cage.”


At 14th’s last comment, 9th closes his eyes tiredly, 10th straightens up a bit, and 8th looks sad and grave. OMGGGGGG. THESE FOUR!!!!!!! I can’t help it, I love them. This scene is just too good!


Ruo Xi happily goes to visit 4th. However, she overhears the eunuch ask 4th to choose which lady to spend the night with. 4th quickly chooses another lady’s nameplate. Which means he’s not staying with Ruo Xi. Yup, this is part of the sacrifice you make to be the emperor’s woman. You share him with a whole bunch of other women.

Love the way Ruo Xi’s uncertainty is portrayed with the blurred plants/objects in front of her. Ruo Xi abruptly decides to leave, angry that 4th has such divided affections. She stays at Yu Tan’s place. Yu Tan informs Ruo Xi about which lady 4th is with, but assures her that his heart is with Ruo Xi.


The next day, Ruo Xi is mad at 4th. 4th, cutely enough, is happy that she’s jealous, and catches her in a backhug. He tells her he’ll do whatever she wants him to. Ruo Xi tells him to turn around, and surprises 4th by grabbing his braid. She makes him promise that only she can touch his hair. 4th cutely says that only she would dare to. Ruo Xi holds out her hand. 4th puts his hand in hers, but she slaps his hand, and holds out her hand again. 4th is confused, but Ruo Xi says she wants the handbag. 4th tries to go get it, but Ruo Xi is still holding onto his braid. ROFL.


4th visits Ruo Xi, who’s embroidering a New Year’s gift for Concubine De. 4th says that she’d rather have a different gift–that Ruo Xi becomes his wife and bears her a grandson. AWKWARD…


4th visits his mom while 14th is drinking tea with her. 14th begins to do the special bow to 4th, but 4th excuses him before he gets the chance to. 14th insists on following the etiquette “Little brother greets the Emperor.” This is another awkward encounter–4th, 14th, and their mom all together…

4th asks his mom why she’s refusing the title of Empress Dowager. She asks him if he really doesn’t know.

“You took over the imperial throne. Who let you take the Imperial Throne?”
4th: “It’s the Imperial Father.”
“Imperial Father wants to give the throne to you, or to your little brother?”
4th: “It’s me.”

4th asks how he could possibly have usurped the throne. She replies that he has great foresight.

14th: “Mother, these lies and rumors are made up by people with intentions. Mother, don’t be angry.”
Mom: “Look, even at this time, your blood brother is still on your side.”
4th: “Can it be that I’m not your son too?”

14th tries to calm mom down:

“The truth or the lie, what’s done is done, as long as brother is a good emperor, bringing wealth to his people, who’s emperor doesn’t matter.”

I feel bad for 14th for not getting his rightful throne, but I also feel bad for 4th, who’s always rejected by his mom. :'( I think 4th really needs a hug now.


4th: “My mother just has 14th brother in her heart. It doesn’t matter what I do, I could never compare to him..Do you think I’ll be a good emperor?”

Ruo Xi: “As long as you think so, you are.”

4th: “Do you know how hard it is to be a good emperor?..sometimes I’m more strict with myself than anyone else. But I’m also human. I also have my weak moments…there are many things that I can never tell anyone.”

Ruo Xi sheds a tear for 4th. I love this scene because 4th shares his insecurities with Ruo Xi. Being emperor isn’t as easy of a task as you’d think. It’s not just having tons of wives and ordering around your underlings. It’s difficult commanding an entire country and keeping your subordinates in check. Ruo Xi and 4th drink together.


4th tells Ruo Xi he has to go back to the Empress now. Ruo Xi is clearly unhappy. Ok, you may think it sucks that Ruo Xi has to put up with this, and it DOES, but you also have to remember that all the other wives have to put up with this too. 4th can’t just spend every moment with Ruo Xi and neglect his other wives, let alone his EMPRESS. Plus I actually like the empress a lot because she’s really kind and dotes on Ruo Xi.

Later on the Empress comes to visit Ruo Xi and tells her about the time when 4th stood in the rain for her. (I believe it was episode 21.) She says that she wants Ruo Xi to feel better.

“Maybe, only the cold rain could numb the pain in his heart.”

Other thoughts
I love the empress! She’s so nice! I wish they had some more emphasis on the empress as one of the ladies of BBJX. Ruo Lan, Ming Yu, and Ming Hui are the other main BBJX wives. However, I think the empress is also quite compelling. The Empress has a similar strength to Ming Hui–although her husband loves Ruo Xi, she supports his love. The Empress doesn’t view Ruo Xi as competition, but rather, as a little sister. When we first saw her (I think back in episode 19 or so) I didn’t think she was super pretty. (I really don’t think the color orange suited her..) But omg, I love love love the colors they used for her outfit now! She’s so beautiful!

I love 8th bro’s group, although I hated 8th when his trap ended up with 13th in jail.  Later on, you’ll see that 4th/13th and 8th’s group are basically even on terms of retribution.  Yes 13th/4th suffered, but 4th is making 8th’s group suffer terribly as well.  Surprisingly I think 9th is rather similar to 4th.  He has little sympathy for 13th because of what 4th is doing to them now.  Likewise, 4th has no sympathy for 8th’s group because of what they did to him in the past. 

We’ve heard Ruo Xi and 13th talk to no end about how they’re cooped up in the palace.  We’ve also heard from 8th about how he wants to control his own destiny.  And finally we find that 14th and the rest of 8th’s group feel the same way.  Before it seemed that only Ruo Xi felt suffocated by the palace, and that everyone else blindly accepted their fates.  NO!  8th’s group feels just as oppressed as Ruo Xi does, and probably even worse. 

And lastly…for Lu Wu’s death…….

Really, it was unnecessary.  You may wonder why the heck Lu Wu would commit suicide when she loves 13th/Cheng Huan so much.  I think that’s precisely why she committed suicide though–she wanted to save their honor.  As you saw with 8th bro, status is a huge thing.  It’s inevitable that Cheng Huan would be looked down upon for having a mother of low status.  Of course, 13th could care less about reputation, but I think Lu Wu really believed  this was for the best. :'(


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Hi, thank you for all the recaps.. I have been smitten with BBJX and been reading the novel a few times and re-watching the episodes. This is one of the best dramas, no.. I would say the best as no other drama has affected me so deeply..

  • All of the above.

    I stalk BBJX and LSS forums seriously everyday. This is not healthy. And me thinking in Mandarin words I don’t know is plain freaky lol.

  • ME TOO!

    I have been stalking all sorts of English and Chinese forums, youtube channels, literally all sorts of interviews or promotions, variety shows, blogs, tieba, news articles, weibo’s. Urgh. I have pretty much been obsessed with it since the release of the first trailer (I have watched it over 30 times before the drama even confirmed its airing date). I even participate in voting (be it official or unofficial polls), which I normally would never do or waste my time on.

  • Yunno 4th is actually very fortunate with the ladies- his wives are very pretty and (some are- not Niangengyao’s sis) nice. Whereas poor 13th, his wives aren’t the least bit good-looking, one is pretty nasty, and they definitely look much OLDER than 13th. Then Luwu went ahead and killed herself.


    (Yes, I’m a self-confessed bbjx addict. Please help!)

    • Yeah I think 4th got lucky with the empress. Like he says later on, he’s been with her since they were really young, and he can never hurt her.

      Poor poor 13th. 14th & 10th pointed out that when 13th was under house arrest, his wives didn’t manage his household well at all. Whereas Ming Yu kept things under control when 8th was shunned by the emperor. I think 8th is lucky too, to have Ming Yu by his side.

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