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This is one massive episode. Definitely a must watch.  So much happened in this episode that it’s hard to stomach it all.  I will warn you that from here on out, BBJX doesn’t get any happier.  In fact, it gets sadder and sadder until you wonder if this is a tragedy.  If you can’t stand tragedies, I’d advise you to just watch this episode and then stop.  This episode is excellent and amazingly intense, but the rest really takes a plunge into the deep end.


Ruo Xi, 4th, and 14th get to eat together after being separated for 10 years.  Ruo Xi thinks to herself that although they’ve been separated for so long, their reunion isn’t as happy as she thought it would be.  13th is very reserved and formal with 4th, always addressing him as “Emperor” and following the rules of etiquette.

“I wish for everyone else to respect me, even fear me, but I don’t want him to be like that. I’m always his 4th brother, not the Emperor to him.

Ruo Xi tries to reassure 4th by saying that 13th has to adjust to all the changes he’s gone through after being released from house arrest. He’ll eventually get used to it and warm up. Ruo Xi and 4th clasp hands.

“You two are the most important people to me.”


A doctor examines Ruo Xi. He determines that Ruo Xi’s illness is long-term due to stress. (Like a previous doctor diagnosed before) The doctor says that if Ruo Xi follows the prescription, the most he can guarantee her is 10 years. Poor 4th looks conflicted, while Ruo Xi calmly accepts the doctor’s prediction. (She’s probably already been anticipating this.)

After the doctor leaves, 4th back-hugs Ruo Xi and says he’s sorry. Ruo Xi calmly turns to face him..

“Don’t push all misfortunes onto yourself. Everything is fine now, but after 10 years, I don’t know if I want more time.”


Lu Wu and 13th!!! We don’t have enough of this love story!!! 13th tells Lu Wu that he must take care of all court matters himself, because other court officials can’t be trusted.

Lu Wu says that she doesn’t deserve to be treated this well by 13th.

“What ‘don’t deserve’? The most worthy event of my life is to have you by my side.”

13th says that he wants Lu Wu to become his Ce’Fujin. Lu Wu backs away and declines. She doesn’t want any titles–being with 13th is enough.

“These past ten years, if not for you, I would not be able to pass through. Now, I don’t want you to suffer from anything.”


4th and Ruo Xi live their dream life as a couple. Ruo Xi reads while 4th does some work. 4th has this huge grin on his face. AHHHHHH. They must have a happy ending they must have a happy ending they must..darn it, I already know the ending.  Ruo Xi makes sure that 4th goes to bed instead of staying up late. 4th asks to sleep by Ruo Xi’s side because he has insomnia. Only when he’s with Ruo Xi can he truly sleep soundly. Awwww. Ruo Xi gives 4th a peck on the lips before going to sleep.


In the morning, 4th hugs Ruo Xi and tells her that he’s afraid their meeting was just a dream. Ruo Xi gives him a kiss on the cheek and asks him if a dream has that. 4th: “Do you really want to know?” AHAHAHA. OH, 4TH!

The Empress Dowager interrogates Eunuch Li about what really happened on the day of the Emperor’s death. Eunuch Li is clearly uncomfortably trying to maintain that 4th is the heir. He’s in a tough spot because he can’t tell the Empress the truth…it’s too big of a risk. As if on cue, 4th shows up and takes away Eunuch Li.

I had my breath held the entire time while watching this scene with Eunuch Li:


4th says that he wants to thank Eunuch Li for serving the former Emperor. Eunuch Li bows and says he doesn’t dare to accept. 4th: “Serve the wine.” OMG EUNUCH LI KNOWS WHAT’S COMING. AUGH AUGH AUGH. AND….EUNUCH WANG IS SERVING THE ‘WINE’.  AHHHHHH.

Poor Eunuch Wang trembles as he walks forward, bringing the tray with the ‘wine’.  HE KNOWSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!  He gets on his knees and offers the wine to Eunuch Li. *cue intense music*

Eunuch Li raises his head and looks right at Eunuch Wang. AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Time for the most dramatic hat removal EVER.  Eunuch Li looks at 4th, and then raises his hands toward his hat. He calmly takes off his hat, glancing over at it as he lowers it. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

“I think your Majesty for your kind favor, to let me have the chance to continue to serve the previous emperor.”


Eunuch Li places his hat on the ground, and takes the ‘wine’ glass with both hands. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He drinks it all in one gulp and slowly puts down the cup. Eunuch Wang closes his eyes. 4th is watching the whole time.

The poison works quickly, and Eunuch Li collapses to the ground, instantly dead. 4th finally unclenches his fist, and he tears up. If I were Eunuch Wang, I’d probably start bawling right then and there.  EUNUCH LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, in case you didn’t pick up on that…it wasn’t wine. It was poison. 4th had Eunuch Li killed in order to remove any question about his legitimacy. Eunuch Li’s death is more dramatic than the former Emperor’s. I’m not even kidding. Omg. )’:

So why are these hat-removals so dramatic? In 13th’s case, he’s giving up his reputation and his freedom. Crown Prince gave up his right to the throne. And Eunuch Li GAVE UP HIS LIFE. AHHHHH. It was so sad when Eunuch Li looked at his hat while he took it off. It’s like the symbol of his loyalty to the former Emperor and his life’s hard work.

More hints of 4th’s harsh ways are revealed when Ruo Xi and Yu Tan see a servant being severely beaten. Yu Tan informs Ruo Xi about her worries. Ruo Xi assures Yu Tan that she’ll take care of her.

Time for fake CG scene of 4th riding a fake horse in the night! I don’t get why they couldn’t just film 4th riding a horse at night…….the fake scene kinda ruined the coolness. Oh, and we get to see a fake crow!


Yup, 14th is back!!!! The first thing 14th does is go to the Emperor’s altar. All the royal officials and princes are at the altar. 10th, 9th, and 8th all look glad to see 14th back. Interestingly enough, it also shows 13th’s reaction. 4th arrives after 14th bows before the altar. 14th tears up…

“Imperial Father, I’ve arrived late. I couldn’t be with you at your passing. I am not filial.”

14th bows with his head to the ground and then gets up. *cue SUPER INTENSE MUSIC. You don’t even know how intense it is without the amazing OST.*


He turns to look at 4th with indignant, grieving eyes, and then walks slowly toward him. He stops and intensely glares at 4th, without greeting him as emperor.  The tension is immense.  OMGGGG 14TH’S STAREEEE.  A servant goes, “How dare you not greet the Emperor?” only to be promptly side-kicked by 14th. The servant literally flies 10 feet just from 14th’s kick. This is so epic, omg. 13th looks at 14th leaving. Is it just me or does he look kinda sad?

4th calmly orders 14th’s general title to be removed. 8th’s group looks shocked. I feel pretty bad for 14th now. 4th may get the throne, but 14th gets amazingly epic scenes.

We’re just going from one intense scene to another! 13th tells 4th/Ruo Xi that Lu Wu left a note and disappeared. 13th desperately searches for Lu Wu.

We see Lu Wu at a pier by a lake. She has a flashback…


Lu Wu is ridiculed by 13th’s other wives. One of the wives suggests that Lu Wu let someone else raise her daughter (Cheng Huan) instead. Otherwise, people will look down on Cheng Huan for having a mother of low status. For the final punch, the wife snidely says that Lu Wu has shamed 13th. Lu Wu takes this all silently, and she sobs after the wife leaves.


Lu Wu takes Cheng Huan out to see some wildflowers. She and Cheng Huan bow to her deceased grandparents. Lu Wu apologizes out loud to them for not being a filial daughter. She tells Cheng Huan to bow to her grandparents in the future. OMG NOOOOOOOOOO. SHE’S GETTING READY TO LEAVE HER!!!!!

(By the way, this scene is SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE.  OMG.)

Other thoughts 


R.I.P. Eunuch Li. :'(  What really got me about Eunuch Li’s death is that he did nothing wrong.  He didn’t go against 4th, he didn’t tell anyone what really happened, he didn’t do anything!  But 4th finished him off anyway as a precaution.  :'(  Eunuch Li was a faithful servant to the former Emperor even ’til the very end.  I think it is rather telling that he thanks 4th for letting him serve the former Emperor one last time.  AKA: He’s taking his secret to the grave, and is dying to follow the former Emperor’s wishes, rather than following 4th.  This is where we get that moral dilemma–is 4th justified in his actions?  Do the ends justify the means?  Is this absolutely necessary for him to stay on the throne and consolidate his power?  I mean, he could’ve just exiled Eunuch Li or something.  This is the dilemma that both the viewers and Ruo Xi have to face.

As for the scene that impacted me the most, I’m divided between Eunuch Li’s scene and 14th’s scene.  Both were so powerful.  O_O I had my breath held during both scenes.  SO INTENSE.  AUGH AUGH AUGH.  But I have to say that Eunuch Li’s scene is probably the most riveting. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • It wasn’t the angst it was one particular scene in episode 30, which sickened me so much that I just became angry at the show. After that I didn’t feel anything for the characters. Even though logically I knew I should be sad, I just laughed instead.

  • I am inclined to say that killing Eunuch Li was necessary. He was about to tell concubine De the truth, and as the KangXi’s long time servant, his accusation is powerful. 4th is facing a lot of pressure from the 8th gang and from corrupted ministers. He is also definitely not the most popular Emperor at that time. Accusation of stealing the throne by Eunuch Li AND his own mother will bring disastrous results. If he exiles Eunuch Li, the 8th gang can just track him down.

    About “that” scene, I think that when Ruoxi got there, it was already too late…

    • That’s true, his accusation would definitely threaten 4th’s legitimacy. I think if Eunuch Li had lived, he would’ve eventually broken down and told the truth. After all, he looked pretty guilty when 9th called him out in court. AHHH R.I.P. Eunuch Li. :'(

  • Bad political move to kill Eunuch Li, shown clearly something fishy,
    Akin to killing witness of crime scene;murderer getting rid of evidence,
    Better to do a George Bush re-count of votes to throw off the scent,
    Better to get Eunuch Li to re-chant strongly as his father’s choice,
    Another political move,do a Barrack Obama of neutralizing H.Clinton,
    Offering a high post to his brother 14th Prince,
    For a girl from modern era, Rouxi can’t offer such tips earlier?
    She knew from history of the bloodthirsty style of 4th prince.

  • In your recap, you mentioned that the hat removals in Bu Bu JIng Xin are very dramatic. Hats are a big part of Manchu culture and men are customarily required to wear a hat by age 20 which is the time that they should get married. The ritual mentioned when the emperor suggested that tenth prince marry Ming Yu. It is very common for Qing Dynasty dramas to talk about hats when someone is age 20 or about to come of age.

    Firstly, I want to say I like your blog a lot =) .
    I have a question about the death of the Emperor:
    What was the truth that Li Eunuch hat difficulties to tell? As far as I remember, the Emperor died and actually didnt state clearly who should take his place. Is that the secret that caused his death?
    Did i miss some main points?

    • Hi, if I recall correctly, the emperor left behind a written document that said that 4th prince was to be the next emperor. But there was a possibility that the document had been forged to say 4th prince instead of 14th prince.

  • Hey drama tea! Love your blog and thanks for explaining each scene and also the screenshots were nice!

    I think 4th is suitable become the Emperor, because he is strict, have more experiences in political affairs, decisive like the recent Emperor and iron-fist style. But was he or was he not change the Kangxi’s will? Oh my god! Thats so fascinating! Changing letter “十” into “于”?? That was so briliant! But i researched about it, and there’s an exbihition in 2013 and showed Kangxi’s will. The researchers stated there was no track changing at that will or more so. The will says the 4th who pass into the throne. So the rumour 4th changed the will was denied. ( Yeah i also says that, even though 4th changes it somehow, i will keep says it didnt, for the sake history of China)

    If the 14th become the emperor, i believe he is more compassion to others. He will be a wise and neutral emperor. He will think the best for great people. I dont say 4th wouldnt be a great emperor, but if 14th was the emperor everyone will be more chill and calm down, not intense like the 4th. 14th is a peace lover, so he will stay away from war as far as possible. But at this ep, oh boy, he is SO HANDSOME! I never him this handsome before! With that war suit, with that hat, omg! RuoXi why you are not attracted to him!!

    I think i know why the late Emperor Kangxi wants to bethrothed RuoXi to 14th. If its true 14th will be ascend the throne and become the next emperor, then he wants RuoXi become 14th’s empress and he believed it will be the greater good for great people. (What a happy ending)

    My question is, why RuoXi attracted to 4th? Which she knows he will be the next emperor and at first she stay away from him? 4th = will be the next emperor = stay away from him? And she doesnt really spend so much time to build romance chemistry with 4th compare to 8th. And why rejected 8th just because he wants the throne? 4th wants the throne too, and yet she choose him. I dont understand here. I think she got the chemistry with 8th more than with 4th. 4th is just healing her wound after she broke up with 8th. And thats why she like him. I dont know, this question has been around my head. Any thought? Thank you for reading (sorry if its bit long) lol

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