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I might as well just change the name of this blog to “Obsessive Bu Bu Jing Xin Blog”.  I’m so obsessed that I’m watching all the BTS clips of BBJX.  Omg they’re hilarious.  It’s odd hearing the actors’/actresses’ real voices because I’m so used to the dubbed ones.  I just had to share these clips with you:

*UPDATE 11/7/13: Video clip links are broken, sorry!>_<

This one is subbed.  It shows the rain scene where 4 shields Ruo Xi from the rain with his robe.  It also shows the scene where Ruo Xi dumps cold water on her to prolong her fever.  LSS actually dumped real cold water on her (not lukewarm water) so her shivering is real. 

(skip intro; it’s about 25 seconds)

Favorite parts:

Nicky hops before he starts talking. 

Nicky goes, “Maertai, come here.” and tells her to say something. 

LSS is munching on something…while holding onto Nicky’s braid.  ROFL. 

Nicky is talking to the interviewer, and 8th (Kevin Cheng) is in the background, just standing by a tree.  ROFL.

I love Nicky in this BTS clip 😀


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  • LOL I love the part where Shi shi was eating something and holding onto Nicky’s braid at the same time. So random but super cute!

  • I didn’t manage to watch this show until this year and I love it! Tried watching the BTS video you posted here but the video isn’t available anymore! ): is it possible that you can reupload or have a YouTube link to watch it that will be great! Thanks!

    • Hi sorry, I was not the one who uploaded the videos so I can’t help you there. >_< Thanks for letting me know that the videos are unavailable, I will probably have to remove this post for the time being.

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