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What?  I watch other dramas besides Bu Bu Jing Xin?

I couldn’t help myself when In Time With You came out.  Before, I could only associate Ariel Lin with ISWAK, as it is her most memorable role.  (And ISWAK is a memorable classic..)  But I admire her a lot more after seeing her in “In Time With You.”  You may want to give it a few episodes to really get hooked.  I have a weakness for slice-of-life dramas.  And In Time With You screams slice-of-life the whole time.

Note: The translation of the Taiwanese title ( 我可能不會愛你 ) is “I May Not Love You”.

Chen You Qing (Ariel Lin) has reached her 30’s.  She’s a competent worker and a confident person.  You Qing takes on the role of the ‘older sister’ to all her younger friends, similar to Naoko in Anego.  She always praises people’s good points even if they hurt her badly.  You Qing faces the difficulties of finding love when she’s getting older.

Her best guy friend, Li Da Ren challenges her to get married before she turns 35.  Think 13th and Ruo Xi, except they are fated to be together of course.  They go grocery shopping together.  They talk on the phone all the time.  They update each other on their romance progress.  You Ching and Da Ren have a conversation…..while she’s on the toilet.  They wash dishes together.  Their parents ship them together.  Yes, they are totally only best friends, nothing more!  We know it’ll change…

Favorite Scenes:

Episode 2


At a play, an actress delivers a powerful monologue about how “having is the beginning of losing”.  You Qing imagines her and Da Ren in place of the actress and actor:

You Qing: “Why is it that everything I pursue in life, I actually start losing it as soon as I gain possession of it?”

Actress: “If I never have it, then I won’t have anything to lose.”

Da Ren: “Now you know the reason why I don’t love you.”

You Qing: “Because possession…”

Da Ren: “…is the beginning of losing.”

Omg, this scene is so gripping.  )’:

You Qing also gives great wholesome advice to her friends:

“Even if the final outcome [of a relationship] is goodbye, we’ll still gain something eventually, which is to gain a better understanding of oneself.”

Episode 3


Poor Da Ren gets misunderstood:

Da Ren: “Love is a matter of the moment….”

You Qing: “………You both really slept with each other?”


After You Qing gets led on and tricked by her younger coworker, she talks it all out with Da Ren on the phone.  And then he tells her to open the door…AND HE’S THERE.  That whole hour they were on the phone, he was on his way to visit her.  OMG.

“The mirror simply can’t reflect your beautiful side, because only I know that side…Even if someone hurt her [You Qing], she would still praise his strong points.  In this whole world, I can’t find another Chen You Qing like this who’s worthy of the one and a half hours I spent to get her now.

But, Chen You Qing also has many weak points…She doesn’t like to trouble others even though she puts herself in trouble.  Because of others’ evil intentions, why do you hate yourself, and see yourself negatively?

You have to believe you’re someone who’s worthy of family, friends, colleagues, as well as a good man that hasn’t shown up yet. Chen You Qing, who needs to be treasured and loved dearly.

At this point, You Qing starts crying on Da Ren’s shoulder. Da Ren is so sweet! You Qing doesn’t have any more tissues, so he gives her his jacket.

“Thank you, my Mr. Mirror.”

Episode 4


I really feel You Qing’s pain in this scene. There’s such raw emotion in this drama. You Qing feels down in the dumps, but decides not to call Da Ren since he hasn’t been calling lately. On the phone with her mom, You Qing heartbreakingly asks if someone will ever love her:

“I’m cute, right? So there must be someone who’ll love me, right?

You Qing hangs up and cries in the corner of her office, all alone.  She tries to cheer herself up by saying she’s fine…

“I’m fine! Come on, Cheng You Qing!”

^Yup…they’re JUST FRIENDS.

After Da Ren consoles You Qing, they get drunk together. You Qing wonders if it’s really impossible for men and women to just be friends. She asks if Da Ren sees her as a woman, to which he replies that she doesn’t see him as a man. Da Ren jokes about how You Qing hasn’t taken advantage of him. He opens his arms, welcoming her (still joking). Little does he expect You Qing to go face to face with him. She slyly says he doesn’t think she has the guts. AND YOU KNOW DA REN REALLY WANTS HER TO KISS HIM. But You Qing starts cracking up, because she’s been joking the entire time. Da Ren looks disappointed, but goes along with her bantering. 

I loved the tension in this scene!

Other thoughts
In Time With You is a wonderfully written drama. Its only downfall is the second female lead–MAGGIE. AUGH. She’s not even competition AT ALL against You Qing, and is borderline annoying/clingy.

The drama explores the whole concept of gaining vs. losing.  If You Qing/Da Ren become a couple, they’ll both lose their best friends and possibly their entire friendship.  However, I like the hopeful tone–even if you lose something, there is something to be gained from every experience.  Love isn’t sugar coated in ITWY.  You Qing acknowledges that love isn’t like it’s portrayed in the dramas.  Everyone dreams of that kind of unrealistic love.  In fact, finding your loved one, and keeping your love is a painful process.  And even more so when you don’t even know if you’ll even fall in love.  You Qing’s insecurities make her easier to relate to.

Quote Translation Credit / Where to Watch: In Time With You is subbed on Viki.


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