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Note: The first few screencaps aren’t all in chronological order because I mixed a few of the scenes up. 

I decided to clump episodes 22-24 together simply because I skipped a lot of stuff in the recaps.  A lot happened, but there were also a lot of scenes that I didn’t bother to recap.  These few episodes feel slower than the past/future episodes.  But don’t worry, the pace picks up when you hit episode 25.  The angst picks up too.

Episode 22

14th advises Ruo Xi to stop worrying about the past.

“Affairs of the past, just let them go. Some things there’s nothing you can do about. What you can do, you do. And there’s something out of your control. So why do you make things so hard on yourself?”


4th shields Ruo Xi from a stray arrow. His shoulder gets grazed in place of her. I really need kung fu scenes in BBJX. Think of all the princes as kung fu masters. I don’t even think I can handle it.

Ruo Xi: “Why?”

4th: “If you’re injured, I would feel pain.”

And 4th walks away like it’s nothing. Omg I’m still shipping 4th/Ruo Xi so badly.

Ruo Xi and 4th meet…

“I know I’m selfish and willful. Can the two of us have the remains of the memories of just us to. Even if you can’t marry me, I won’t let you forget me. At least, you can’t forget me before I can forget you.”

Ruo Xi flicks 4th on the forehead and smiles sadly. 4th raises his hand to his forehead and hugs Ruo Xi. Omg, I love part “you can’t forget me before I can forget you.” SO SAD.


8th basically gets framed, and his opportunity to become the Crown Prince is ruined. 4th is possibly the mastermind behind his demise. It’s so sad seeing 8th bro’s dream ruined, when he worked so hard to honor his mother and go against his lowly birth status. Basically, 8th wasn’t cautious enough. He didn’t watch his every step, and was too eager to become the Crown Prince. 8th returns home, and tells Ming Hui that perhaps 14th was the one who betrayed him. Uh, what?

Yu Tan asks Ruo Xi if she thinks 14th is the culprit. HUH? This never even crossed my mind, why are 8th/Ruo Xi suspecting 14th? WHAT ABOUT 4TH? Ruo Xi ignores 14th when he comes to visit her. She criticizes 14th for not begging for 8th, when he begged for 13th before. 14th explains that 8th has deeply offended the Emperor, and is also the one the Emperor fears most. This is the chance the Emperor has been waiting for to weaken 8th’s power.


Ruo Xi concludes that the dead falcon (which angered the Emperor and destroyed 8th’s reputation) must’ve been the work of 8th’s servants who were nearby. She wonders who has the power to orchestrate such a thing.

Ruo Xi: “And who is the one that will have the most to benefit from this matter?”

14th: “..You’re not mad because I didn’t beg for 8th brother. You suspect me! You’ve made up your mind that I was the one to give up brotherly ties to do something so despicable!”

Well, 14th sure caught on quickly. So, why do I believe 14th? Because he storms out of the room, and when he passes by 4th, he asks him if he’s the one who set up 8th brother. And also, 4th is the one with the brains for framing people. IT IS 4TH. I’M TELLING YOU!!!

14th: “I’m not a person who betrays my own kin”


The princes all wish Emperor a happy new year. But, 8th is unable to come to court, so Ming Hui comes in his place. Even though people are gossiping about her and 8th, Ming Hui remains composed and strong. The Emperor gives everyone a scroll with advice on it. Ming Hui’s says “Stay home and think about your mistakes.” Way to reprimand your son. Innocent 10th asks to see Ming Hui’s. Instead of hiding it in shame, she lets 10th read it. AHHH! I admire Ming Hui so much, omg. 8th truly has a wonderful wife by his side.

“I admired with my whole heart the lady who fights for 8th prince alone. She could avoid all of this, but she came with a smile, well-mannered. She turned all the mockeries into jokes.

Ming Hui: “I wanted to let everyone know that we don’t need anyone’s pity and we wouldn’t allow anyone to look down on us…You can do it to.”

Episode 23


So…I’m still shipping 14th and Ruo Xi.  AND…The Emperor tells Ruo Xi he’s decided to grant Ruo Xi a marriage. 14th is similar to her in age, and they have a good relationship. SO…SHE CAN GET MARRIED TO 14TH! YES!!!!!!!!!!

“Thank you, Emperor. Your servant is will…

Your servant is unwilling!”



Ruo Xi is promptly whipped for her insubordination. 14th and 10th try to think of a way to save Ruo Xi. 14th tries to get Ruo Xi to tell her the truth, but she CAN’T because…she didn’t want to get married to him. >.< 14th says that she still doesn’t trust him, and that even 9th and 10th bros are doubting him. AWWWWW. After 14th and Yu Tan leave, Ruo Xi takes out the arrow that grazed 4th. She looks at it wistfully, undoubtedly thinking of 4th.

So, what’s the brilliant plan to save Ruo Xi? When 10th and 14th drink tea, they comment about how they miss Ruo Xi’s tea. ROFL, they’re so obvious, I love them. 9th just has this look on his face, like “Here they go..”. The Emperor says he likes Yu Tan’s tea. Way to crush their plan.

Episode 24
Ruo Xi is sent to the laundry department as her punishment. 4th, 10th, and 14th visit Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi entrusts 14th and 10th with a letter to give to Ruo Lan. Ruo Lan tells 8th that because of Ruo Xi, she learned to let go of her hate for him.

“We have to learn from her not to give up…Once, I hated Bei’Le’Ye, but after reading the letter, I know that the person who is making me unhappy isn’t someone else. It was myself.”

FINALLY. FINALLY Ruo Lan doesn’t hate 8th anymore!!

So, the last few episodes have been kinda slow, with Ruo Xi’s whole laundry ordeal. BUT OMG. EPIC 14TH BRO SCENE!!!!! As BBJX progresses into more politics and throne takeovers and sibling rivalry, we get more intense scenes like this one. I LOVE IT.

Here, you have to have the epic music to get in the mood.


Anyway, 14th becomes a general. He’s sent out to war. After being sent off by the Emperor, he walks out of the court, and down the stairs, all to the epic music. He observes all the troops that are standing at attention before him. OMG. All the princes walk out and watch him depart. EPIC MUSIC + 14TH + BATTLE GEAR = INTENSITY OF BBJX. Omg, I can’t handle it.

9th comments that 14th is one of the best princes. 8th looks kinda down, so 10th tries to cheer him up. 4th is the first to walk away. He walks up the steps, while thumbing his beads. (idk if it’s a bracelet or one of those Buddhist bead thingys) The point is…4th is pretty scary. We all know he’s got a super master plan in his mind for winning the throne.


…No that is not Ruo Xi and 4th’s baby.

But these two with a baby is SO CUTE. It’s actually 13th and Lu Wu’s baby!!! AWWW. Ruo Xi touches 4th’s face, and 4th clasps her hand. He looks like he’s about to cry, but he leaves quickly.

“It seems that he’s carrying a thousand pounds of burdens. Just because to him, the imperial throne isn’t just the imperial throne. It’s also the future of 13th, my future. All these are heavily pressured upon his shoulders.”

14th prince’s name becomes well known throughout the Palace and the country. 14th has won a number of battles and has brought honor to the Emperor. He’s basically a celebrity amongst the palace maids. Haha, who can blame them?


After being away for a few years, 14th finally returns home. He visits Ruo Xi at the laundry department. The supervising eunuch seriously has this look on his face like, “Oh, here’s another prince to visit Ruo Xi!”

14th tells Ruo Xi that he’s asked the emperor to forgive Ruo Xi, and for her hand in marriage. But he found out that Ruo Xi rejected the emperor’s marriage arrangement before.

14th: “Why do you dislike me so much…you’d rather stay here, and wash clothes, but don’t want to marry me, right?…I have enough patience to wait for your answer.”
Ruo Xi: “It’s not your fault. You’re good, very good. It’s my fault.
14th: “Then I’m going to ask you…in your heart, do you have someone else? *silence* Fine. You already gave me an answer. Is it 8th prince or 4th prince?…looks like it’s 4th prince.”

LOL I love how 14th doesn’t even have to ask Ruo Xi anything, when she’s silent or gives a roundabout answer, 14th already knows the truth.

14th sits next to Ruo Xi, and says that ever since Ruo Xi risked her life for him in the horse race,

“I’ve determined to treat you the same way as 13th prince. Treat you as a friend, and treat you sincerely. I try my best to be your friend. I have achieved that, or at least I can say I have a clear conscience.”


“You still aren’t willing to marry me, right? *Ruo Xi only smiles at him* Whatever.”

LOL.  “WHATEVER.”  AHHHHHHHH 14TH.  14th reminds her again to follow the doctors advice to worry less and let go. AWWWWWWWWWWW.

At the end, Ruo Xi is brought back to serve in the palace because the Emperor is nearing the end of his life.

Other thoughts
Oh, did I mention how much I love 14th? 

Anyway, I love Ruo Xi’s insight about why 4th is so determined to become Emperor.  He’s not doing it just for himself–he’s doing it for the sake of the two most important people in his life. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • I’m finally catching up. I’m totally going to catch up tonight. I must say not much stood out in these episodes. I can understand why you recapped them together. I feel so sorry for her poor hands. I thought eczema was annoying. The one thing that amazed me is that it’s been 10 years since 13th was imprisoned or is that the next episode. I keep forgetting how long Ruo Xi has been there.

  • I love reading your recaps! I gotta say, as a non-Chinese speaker, I’m pretty starved for anything BBJX so I’ve been scouring the net these past few weeks for anything, ANYTHING on bbjx and thanks heavens I stumbled upon your site. Nothing like reliving the past episodes while waiting for the subs to finish..

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next recaps. The coming episodes are pretty intense; bbjx just upped their game (and the stakes!) with all those new plot/ character developments. Damn I’m stocking up on the water already; for sure this is going to be dehydrating.

    • You might like the BBJX forum on spcnet.tv
      Yeah, the next few recaps will basically say “OMG…………” BBJX got so intense that I had to take it in parts.

  • Thanks so much for your summaries. I’m watching the drama on TV right now but as a Cantonese speaker I can’t really understand everything that is being said. Your summaries and pictures are great!!!!

      • Thanks for your recaps!
        I think Emperor Kang Xi was angry with Rou Xi not because she ‘rebelled’ in his choice.
        He is a wise emperor who always think first for the country, and probably planned
        (according to BBJX storyline) to have 14th on the throne and Rou Xi will be a very good
        choice to be his empress to assist him given her intelligence and virtue. Imagine, if 14th
        is on the throne, 4th supports his brother as the premier, Rou Xi assist the 14th and
        manages the inner palace matters. Probably the outcome for China in the late Qing
        Dynasty will turn out quite different, on a positive note instead of declining.

        • Whoa that was a really good analysis. I never thought of it that way, but you’re right…maybe the emperor wanted to pair 14th & Ruo Xi together because Ruo Xi was so clever and wise, not just because of 14th’s request. Nice point there.

      • To add on… Emperor Kang Xi was probably deeply disappointed that none of his sons
        who are his own flesh understand his heart towards the country and his love towards
        each of his sons. He himself as an emperor has made many personal sacrifices for the
        country, so he would expect the same for his sons. A prince does not live for himself, but
        for his country. That is why he is a prince and not a commoner. From birth they are taught
        this principle of selflessness.
        For Rou Xi who is close to him and whom he treated as his own daughter, I can understd
        it pained Emperor Kang Xi’s heart that she did not really understand him, and in the end
        he is fighting the battle for the country all alone. Yet he is still gracious towards her as
        we see from his concern towards her in silence and when she returns.

  • I know i should hate 4 for the most despicable thing he did to 8, but for all i can c only it as a payback, or as equal to what 8 had done towards 13. Basically both 4+8 are equally scheming person
    I wonder if only 8 wont b too ambitious just being a filial son, kangxi wont hate him so much, would still give him a chance or eventually made him the crown prince for his talent not for his supportive grp.
    In this ep also confirmed how much rouxi loves 4, she’s willing to suffers years of hardship in the laundry dept while waiting for 4 to succeed the throne (who knows she might drop dead tired b4 things could happen) but she refused to spend 16 years of happiness with 8 b4 all the event took place
    By the way, 14 was always sweet to rouxi in this last few episodes. Despite all his ulterior motives b4 he started to replace 4 in everyone heart exc rouxi

    • Even though it may be “an eye for an eye” I don’t think that necessarily makes it right. 4th was way too paranoid about 8th’s groupie (although he does have the right to be concerned about them)

  • As an older person, I thought the Emperor given the wisdom of age chose 14th Prince for Rouxi because he realized that 14th loves her sincerely and would do whatever has to be done in her best interest. I don’t think 14th even realized how much he loves Rouxi. 8th made her promises but did not love her more than his ambition for the throne. 4th loves her and chose that path to get her but he does not love her enough to forgive her past when the time comes. 14th knew of both relationships and still wanted to marry her. From the political perspective in the drama, perhaps Kangxi was willing to choose 14th as his successor with 8th as Premier and Rouxi as the wife of 14th given how astute she is and her knowledge of the palace. 14th became my fave prince when he risked his life to seek out 8th in Mongolia. He remains my fave to the end.

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