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In case you haven’t heard, episode 20 is THE episode in which all chaos breaks loose.  I’m on a roll recapping because I’ve discovered the wonders of inserting photos through HTML instead of the long tedious way.

Again, leaving where we left off in episode 19, Ruo Xi and 13th talk while drinking together. This is so sad because 13th is basically giving her his last words. :'( Ruo Xi tells 13th that she can’t tell 4th about her and 8th. She has her own reasons, and she can’t take this risk. 13th doesn’t press her for answers, and simply says he knows she has her reasons. And THIS is why Ruo Xi likes 4th and 13th so much! They simply trust her judgment without questioning her actions.

“Actually, 4th brother hides his ideas very deeply, and it’s extremely hard for him to get too close to anyone. Although I can help to share some of his worries, however, he’s lonesome after all…Ruo Xi, as long as you’re willing, you really can open 4th brother’s heart. And only you can, because you can understand his ambition and understand his pain.”

Ruo Xi silently listens to all that 13th says, while leaning on her alcohol bottle.

“You don’t take anyone’s side or push anyone down…But, if you get involved in our brothers’ feud, you’ll lose everything…But you? Why do you make sacrifices for our personal battles? They shouldn’t be your sacrifices.”


The next day, 4th is accused of spreading slanderous rumors about Crown Prince. Ruo Xi, who’s watching from the sidelines, realizes that this is all a trap set by 8th bro. Annnd this is where I don’t feel bad for 8th anymore. 4th denies any involvement in this case. 13th steps up to take the blame for 4th prince. AND 8TH SMIRKS. HE SMIRKS. AWETHJAEARTWEMTJEATWEJAKLGTJARLOYHJ!!!!! 10th speaks up, saying that everyone knows 4th and 13th are friends. 14th steps forward to speak in their defense. GO 14TH!

“In my opinion, this matter isn’t something 4th brother would do…He is usually the most filial..He definitely won’t do something so immoral.”

Emperor asks 4th if this is really 13th’s doing. Ruo Xi comments that this is a trap–4th can’t answer yes or no. 4th can only say he doesn’t know. 13th is ordered to solitary confinement.

13th removes his hat, as 4th tears up and clenches his fist.  :'(


4th is left all alone, kneeling in the room. His hands are bloody because of the broken tea cup in front of him. Ruo Xi kneels beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder. In tears, she begs him to go back, for 13th’s sake.


4th clenches his bloody hand, and forces himself to get up and leave.

Lu Wu hears about 13th’s imprisonment, and appeals to 4th, 14th, and Ruo Xi to let her take care of him. 14th delivers Lu Wu’s letter to Ruo Xi, saying that it’s nearly impossible to get the emperor to let Lu Wu take care of 13th.


Ruo Xi decides to take the risk anyway. She implores the emperor to let Lu Wu take care of 13th during his imprisonment. The emperor punishes her by having her kneel out in the garden. For DAYS.

During Ruo Xi’s punishment, basically the entire palace comes to visit her. Yu Tan, the eunuchs, 4th, 8th, and 14th all come by to talk to her. T_T


Ruo Xi is still kneeling in the garden when it starts to rain. 4th finally returns to the palace to see her. Ruo Xi looks up to see 4th standing there in the rain. He throws down his umbrella.


AND HE SHIELDS HER WITH HIS CAPE. OMG. I believe this is the best scene ever in BBJX. The rain, the music, the GESTURES, omg.

“During this rain, someone’s willing to stand next to me to bear and suffer the pain with me.”

Ruo Xi asks 4th to go back, since she’s accepted his thoughts. 4th hugs Ruo Xi. And then 8th and 14th come by, and see 4th and Ruo Xi hugging. IN 8TH’S FACE.


4th walks up to 8th, and I half expect them to start a fight right then and there, but he simply walks past him. VERY INTENSE.


8th kneels down, and looks at Ruo Xi with pain in his eyes. He tells her that even if she doesn’t love him, she should think about Ruo Lan, who’s fraught with worry. Ruo Xi reaches down to shake the water off 8th’s robe, but he pushes away her hand. OMG. SO FULL OF ANGST! 14th tells 8th to go on ahead of him, because he has stuff to talk about with Ruo Xi.


8th leaves 14th with Ruo Xi. I half expected 14th to rant about how Ruo Xi should be with 8th AGAIN, but BLESS HIS HEART, he GIVES HER FOOD. Aw. 14th proudly says that since he hid the food with him, no one will know.

He asks if this is worth doing. Ruo Xi says that if she were in 13th’s situation, 13th would do the same thing for her. 14th asks if she would do the same thing for him, if he were in 13th’s situation.

“Whether it was 10th prince, or you, I would do it…the feelings for everyone are the same.”

OMG I love 14th!!!! 14th offers her his umbrella, but she refuses it. 14th reluctantly leaves her.

Back at his house, 4th is standing out in the rain. This is his gesture to Ruo Xi. Since she’s out in the rain, he’ll do the same thing too. The episode ends with Ruo Xi collapsing in the rain.

Other thoughts
Episodes 19-21 are AMAZING.  I have to say the rain scene is one of my favorite scenes.  We get 8th, 4th, AND 14th with Ruo Xi all in one big rain scene.  It is amazing.  In case you haven’t noticed, I am falling for 14th more and more.  He’s very earnest and is always looking out for Ruo Xi–not just because she used to be with 8th bro, but because she’s his friend.  And of course, how cooler can 4th get? 

As for 13th, I think we can all say he’s a hero. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • I really wish I could like 14th, because he’s the type you warm up to, despite all his annoying acts in the beginning. But then I read the review the original author wrote about 14th and she said that 14th’s not as innocent as he looks, and he secretly wanted the throne too..There was a motive behind everything he did and said, like returning the bracelet late, speaking out for 13th in this episode and the next…
    The TV adaption took out all these little details, but I always feel he’s planning something even when he isn’t… > <

    • HMM, so does he have those motives in the drama version too? Darn it, I refuse to let my love for 14th be tainted! 😛 I’ll stick to the innocent version of 14th, because I am kinda-sorta-really shipping him and Ruo Xi.

      There are some hints that he’s aiming for the throne in the next few episodes. It’s basically 14th vs. 4th. Of course we know who wins in the end though.

  • Yay, HTML. It makes my life a million times easier. I’d have to say I’m not falling for 14th. He’s nice and sweet, but not as amazing as 4th. 4th will hold my heart forever…but 14th can hold my hand.

  • I just watch 14th-Ruo Xi MV Love Letter and i like it. Ruo Xi and 4th always have intense relationship and I’m on their ship. But I feel 14th-Ruo Xi has warm relationship and that would be ideal if Ruo Xi loved him too^^

      • heisui thanks for the synopsis. i really enjoy it. i watch not with full subtitle.so i am miss some words that supposed to be deep meaning. reading this synopsis i can rewatch the movie and enjoy the crying moments over n over again. i am the 4/RX ship, but to make this movie easier it should be 14/RX.please continue the synopsis until the end.

        • I agree, 4/Ruo Xi is definitely the harder route! Everything would’ve been a lot easier if Ruo Xi had married 14th. But of course, BBJX is all about angst!

  • 14 definitely an ideal husband, if rouxi were to fall for 14 she wouldnt suffer the heartache or at least would have no more worries of any palace affair, just lives happily ever after in the confinement of her mother in law’s house till the nx reign. Just like the author rv about 14 i also agreed, everybody in this series has ulterior motives, except mb 10, there were 2x in the series the innocent 10 had been used by 8 to bring down 4, u can c the surprise on 8 + 10 expression when 14 suddenly come forward to speak up for 4, as if he cared about his own bloodbro. Despite that he still my fav (+13)
    There’s a say ” if u truly loves someone, u wish her own happiness even though she is not w u / dont love u” but what 8 did just for his own selfish reason really breaks rouxi’s heart
    I do respect rouxi bcoz after everything 8 done, cause her life, health, love and her hope for peaceful life all shattered like the jade bangle, but she never hate him but only concern of his ending, i just wonder why rouxi never concern about the emperor (4) ending

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