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Episode 19 is all about 4th & Ruo Xi!


We start where we left off–Ruo Xi’s question: Does 4th want the throne? 4th admits that he does. Ruo Xi asks if 13th knows about his ambitions. 4th says that he doesn’t have to tell 13th, because 13th knows what he’s thinking already. Ruo Xi asks why 4th is taking the risk to tell her the truth.

“The bet you placed was too big. Although I didn’t want to gamble, I was afraid that if I missed this chance, you’ll keep your heart closed too tightly. If I missed this chance, i don’t know if there will be another one. Telling others isn’t something you would do.”

4th takes his turn to get the truth out of Ruo Xi. He leans near her, and asks her if 10th’s kick hurt. (from the last episode, when 10th thought Ruo Xi was just another maid, and kicked her out of anger) Ruo Xi admits it hurts, but not too much. 4th gives her some medicine.

4th asks why Ruo Xi is so shaken up after talking to the emperor. They discuss political matters, and then 4th cutely says that when the time is right, he’ll ask the emperor for her hand in marriage. He holds out his hand to Ruo Xi. At first she gives him a low high five, but then obliges and puts her hand in his. AHHHHHHHHHHH.


“The more your heart is afraid, the more your face has to be calm. If others can’t figure you out, they won’t easily make moves. Who would be like you, and wear their emotions on their sleeves?”

4th leaves Ruo Xi with his bit of “iceberg” advice, and snatches her calligraphy practice paper as he departs. He says he’ll take it to see if she improves her calligraphy the next time. AND HE LEAVES WITH THIS HUGE GRIN ON HIS FACE. AHHHHHHH.


10th and Ming Yu have some marriage problems. 10th is hopelessly in love with Ming Yu, but can’t bring himself to come right out and declare his love for her. Ming Yu is jealous about 10th and Ruo Xi, and thinks that 10th doesn’t love her. Ruo Xi smartly brings them together with some sly words. 10th and Ming Yu become a happy couple, just like newlyweds. This little love story is so cute!!! It’s quite refreshing, especially when I know 4th/Ruo Xi won’t work out so smoothly.


And, of course, right after Ming Yu & 10th’s cute story, we get angsty 8th bro. 14th returns Ruo Xi’s bracelet to 8th. 8th gives this heartbreaking little smile, and then smashes the bracelet into bits with an ink holder. He ominously says that Ruo Xi has chosen to be with 4th, and then has flashbacks of his happier days with Ruo Xi. Omg I still feel bad for 8th prince, even though I hated him in the next couple episodes. And 14th has to watch his brother break the bracelet. If you’re wondering why 14th just won’t shut up about how Ruo Xi should be nicer to 8th, now you know why.


As if on cue, 14th finds Ruo Xi to tell her that he finally gave 8th the bracelet. He tells her about 8th’s insecurities about her and 4th.

14th: “8th brother said that ever since you entered the palace, you treated 4th different from the others…8th brother constantly paid attention to your every action…”

Ruo Xi: “I really didn’t know this is what he thought from the start to the end. That’s because he never showed his true thoughts. He never really trusted me.”

Ruo Xi feels hurt by 8th’s distrust, and 14th asks if Ruo Xi really loves 4th. Ruo Xi confesses that she does, (more out of frustration, just to tell 14th off) and runs away.


She bumps into 4th and 13th. Both of the princes know that something is wrong with Ruo Xi. 13th smartly walks away to leave 4th and Ruo Xi alone. Ruo Xi says she doesn’t want to talk about what happened. 4th accepts it, and doesn’t force her to talk about it.

“In the Forbidden City, I am not alone. 4th prince is willing to listen to my fears, worries, and troubles. He always reminds me of the unforseen danger. He could open himself to me…it’s a good beginning.”


Ruo Xi meets 8th bro to clear some things up.

“If I am more resigned to fate, if I have more tolerance, and am more forgiving, if I have less prejudice, perhaps 8th prince and I will have a different ending…Everything is like that jade bangle, regardless of its past glory, and beauty, it has already become dust…I don’t ask to be forgiven. I only want to sincerely wish that you take good care of yourself.”

8th bro says he’s glad Ruo Xi is speaking frankly with him, and the two depart. Somehow this is even sadder because 8th bro hardly says anything. Just like when he broke the bangle bracelet, he has this little sad smile on his face. :'( So sad, 8th bro!!!


Ruo Xi decides to play a trick on 4th. She puts salt in his dessert. Since 4th is eating with the emperor and the rest of the princes, he can’t say anything about it. He only drinks lots of tea because he’s so thirsty.

Ruo Xi is prepared to face 4th’s wrath. 4th asks for Ruo Xi’s hand. He takes her hand and whisks her away (LITERALLY). OMG. 4th notes that Ruo Xi is no longer scared of him. She asks why she should be scared. 4th threateningly raises his finger, ready to give her another flick in the forehead. She admits that she was just a little scared of him before. 4th walks away, and says that he’s not saying anything because he’s too thirsty.


Ruo Xi hangs out with 13th. This scene is so bittersweet, omg. Ruo Xi knows what’s gonna happen to 13th in the future, which is why she’s so sad while she’s drinking with him. She knows it might be the last time they get to hang out together. 13th talks about what his ideal life would be if he weren’t royalty.

“But, I’m already born into royalty. Even if I could escape, I’d still be thinking of my favorite brother. I don’t want to leave him all alone to face all the danger.”

Ruo Xi is moved to tears by his words, because she knows what’s to come.

Other thoughts
Ruo Xi appreciates 4th’s honesty.  He doesn’t over impose on her, or force her to tell him what she’s thinking.  4th is basically Ruo Xi’s ideal man because he lets her be free to do what she wants.

14th and Ruo Xi.  I have finally figured them out.  14th is like Ruo Xi’s conscience that just won’t let her forget what she did to 8th.  Ruo Xi would like to forget the past and move on, but 14th always reminds her that 8th is still here, and that 8th is still hurt by her.  Through 14th, Ruo Xi is forced to face her past as well as 8th.  14th is also that link between 8th’s real thoughts and Ruo Xi.  Since 8th never told Ruo Xi about his worries, Ruo Xi didn’t even know he suspected her and 4th.  (back when she didn’t like 4th)  There was no real trust in their relationship because of 8th’s suspicions.


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