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Not really feeling Material Queen lately.  I love Chu Man, but the plot just hasn’t been picking up pace lately.  What I like is that Chu Man has finally found a father-like figure in her life. 

Here’s the scenes I found most significant in this episode:

Chu Man and the President attend a concert.  Everyone is shocked at Chu Man’s reappearance.  She smoothly makes her entrance back into the world of rich extravaganzas, but the reporters and all the other guests only talk behind her back.  Her two former model friends purposely bump into her, causing her bag to fall on the ground. 

Everyone sees pill boxes, and the two models make snide remarks about Chu Man being only a highly paid maid for the president.  Everyone around her cruelly laughs (I would’ve expected these rich people to at least FAKE decency)  The President and Jia Hao both look shocked.  President is about to step in, when Jia Hao quickly helps Chu Man pick up the pill boxes.  He takes her away to talk to her alone.

CM: I’m just his Social Activity Assistant.

JH: Social Activity Assistant?…giving you that type of job is to look down on you.

CM: Don’t talk that way about President.  He cares about me and looks after me, and actually taught me a lot of things.  I’ve never met someone like him.  He makes me feel secure.”

What really gets me is that the President is probably the one who’s treated her the best, (aside from Peter, and Jia Hao’s sister) not for her looks or for bragging rights, but just because he’s taken her under his wing.  The President has more insight into Chu Man than Jia Hao does. 

“Don’t you care that others are mocking you?  Don’t you have any self-respect for yourself?  Do you really love money that much?  You don’t even want your self-respect?”

Chu Man looks at him in disbelief, and says this in the most heartbreaking way, yet with an admirable determination and self-confidence:

“Self-esteem, what’s that?  Self-respect, what’s that?  I don’t steal or snatch.  I just live the way I love.  I loved you…We are not what they think we are.  They love to talk nonsense.  I don’t care a single bit.  I don’t want to lose everything.  I want to capture this opportunity…Why do you still care about me…Who are you to me?  The life that I want to live, what business is that of yours?”

Justin is left speechless by Chu Man’s reply.  Chu Man basically says to butt out of her business, and walks off in anger.  She doesn’t understand why Jia Hao is suddenly caring about her.  Justin is also perplexed, wondering why both women (Yi Xian and Chu Man) by his side left him.  His producer friend suggests that Justin himself is the problem.  *sigh*  Even though his friend tells Justin the answer TO HIS FACE, I have a feeling that Justin still doesn’t understand. 

Back at the mansion, the President asks Chu Man what’s wrong. 

“Is it a headache or heart ache?  Justin.  The person who caused you emotional trauma, caused you to hesitate over what move to make…the one whose love you couldn’t obtain and wanted to end your life for?”

President is PSYCHIC.  Buuuut then he ruins their wonderful father-daughter-ish relationship, and offers to start dating.  UGH, I don’t like where this is going!!!  Part of me thinks that the President is testing her, or trying to play mind games with her to get her back with Justin.  He has some mysterious connection with Chu Man and Justin, (I think he’s the one who funded Justin’s music school) so I don’t think he’s really aiming to get married to Chu Man. 

And of course, he’s the one who said money doesn’t matter.  And now he’s suggesting that Chu Man just has to be with him, and wait for him to pass to inherit his money.  Uh……..what? 

So basically, all I pay attention to in Material Queen are Chu Man’s amazing replies to Justin’s put downs.  At first President & Chu Man were great together, like a family, but now the President has just made it awkward.  He acknowledges that he’s not asking Chu Man for a loving relationship, but he still has his own requirements.  And, judging from the previews, Chu Man accepts those conditions. 

I don’t want this whole cycle to repeat itself over and over again.  Chu Man gets another rich guy, Jia Hao and Chu Man have the billionth angry conversation, and it goes over and over again.  I need some variety here. 

Where to Watch: Material Queen is subbed on Viki.


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