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I just wanted to stop by to post a cute scene from episode 6.  Unfortunately the last couple episodes haven’t been that interesting to me, so I’ve just been skimming through them.  My Office Girls addiction is slowly dying down.  The whole Zi-Qi-visits-Xing-Ren’s-Mom didn’t really entertain me that much.  Oh, and the whole resignation ordeal just needs to be done and overwith.  (It’s finally resolved in this episode)  And finally Cheng Feng is back! 

Favorite scene of the episode!  Xing Ren tells Zi Qi about her family and about how she first started out working.  Zi Qi slowly sneaks his hand over near her face, and then pushes her head onto his shoulder.  AHHHHHH. 

“You can lean on my shoulder.  If you want to cry, then cry.  If you don’t want to cry, you can still lean on my shoulder.”

So cute.  Xing Ren is surprised by his kind gesture, and thanks him.  He says no problem…but $50NT per shoulder-leaning.  ROFL.  Xing Ren instantly gets off and calls him out on his pettiness.  Omg I love Zi Qi’s humor.  Annnnnnd this is the closest we’ll get to their OTP romance.  At least for now. 

The office stuff is kinda boring me now, so hopefully Office Girls will get back on track with the next episode.

And I need to say…I started watching In Time With You, and it is AMAZING!


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