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These few episodes were pretty epic.  Everything has basically become a blur.  I took so many screencaps that it took such a super long time to add them all into this post.  T_T For one thing, we finally get over the hurdle of 8th/Ruo Xi.  And another thing, we get more 4th/Ruo Xi scenes plus a cute Min Min/13th scene.

Episode 14

Shippy 4th/Ruo Xi moment:  One of the servants lets a doggy run loose.  The doggy goes over to 4th, and all the princes and maids freak out.  Omg, 4th + fluffy little dog.  Best thing ever.  Ruo Xi quickly gets back the dog, and 4th just does his little smirk.  LOVE!!!!

14th confronts Ruo Xi and asks what happened ever since the expedition.  He points out that ever since then, Ruo Xi & 8th haven’t been the same.  Ruo Xi ignores his question and excuses herself.

8th’s wives discuss Ruo Xi’s possible marriage to 8th.  The other wife (I forgot her name..) tells Ruo Lan that she knows that 8th will be happy if he marries Ruo Xi.  She’s willing to do anything to support 8th and make him happy. 

“A man’s fate is a woman’s destiny.”

The two wives seem to reconcile with each other, as Ruo Lan clears up the misunderstanding that she’s taunting the other wife.  Ruo Lan discusses the marriage with Ruo Xi, telling her that 8th is good to all his wives.  She gives Ruo Xi the choice to accept/reject the marriage offer. 

I love all these snow scenes.  So beautiful!!!!


Ruo Xi and 8th bro meet by a lake in the snow.  I need to say that I LOVE RUO XI’S CAPE.  Ruo Xi asks 8th bro one question:  yes or no?  In other words…give up the throne or not?  Marry her or not?  8th looks at her with conflicted eyes…

“Why must you force me?  Why do you demand that I choose between two things that I have simultaneously?

OMG.  8TH IS SO TORN!!!!!!!  He ends up staying silent, so Ruo Xi infers that “no” is his answer.   She warns him to watch out for 4th bro and other political figures.

“From now on, you and I shall have nothing to do with each other.”

“Ruo Xi!!!”

“I am a person afraid of death.  Not worth holding onto.”


I feel pretty bad for 8th bro now.  He’s been lead on by Ruo Xi SO BAD, and now she’s just rejected him TO HIS FACE.  Because he won’t give up the throne.  I think Ruo Xi knows that 8th won’t give up the throne, but just wants him to prove his love for her.  After all, she knows how history will play out, and she knows 8th can’t give up his dream.  In the end, I think her motives for having him give up the throne are selfish, simply for her own assurance that he loves her.

Ruo Xi runs away in tears.  She slips on the snow and twists her ankle.  13th and 4th come across her and help her up.  13th goes to find some servants to carry her back to the palace, while 4th waits with Ruo Xi.  Ruo Xi holds onto 4th’s arm (AHHHHHHH!!) and silently cries as it snows. 

“Stop crying.  If you really want to torture yourself, it’s best to shut yourself in your room and do it.    Once you go outside, not only will you be disturbed by someone, but you won’t be able to do it to the full extent.”

Apparently 4th’s attempt at comforting Ruo Xi completely fails.  She pushes him away and falls again.  She starts throwing snowballs at 4th, who simply deflects them with his cape like it’s no big deal.  LOVE 4TH.  Ruo Xi continues to chuck snowballs at 4th as she gets carried away on a stretcher.  I love these two. 

^Such a beautiful scene!!!!

14th is, expectedly, pissed off at Ruo Xi.

“You still feel pain?  Then let my actions let you feel other people’s pain.  The pain of knowing and losing love hurts more than not knowing love at all.  If you knew it would end like this, then why did you agree in the first place?  Who are you playing with?”

I’m sorry, but I’m actually applauding 14th for trying to talk some sense into Ruo Xi.  Yes, her decision is agonizing and hard for her too but, omg.  Poor 8th.  Left in the dust!  By his loved one! But, 14th starts to get a bit violent, as he grabs Ruo Xi’s arm and taunts her.

13th and 4th to the rescue!!! YAY!  14th backs off, and 13th and 4th have a buddy-buddy talk with Ruo Xi.  13th offers to listen to Ruo Xi’s troubles, but she declines.  Ruo Xi tells 13th about Min Min’s feelings for him.  He says that he has no feelings for her.  4th simply tells Ruo Xi to let her ankle heal completely.

OMG I LOVE 4TH AND RUO XI.  He doesn’t say much to her, but he obviously cares for her in a different way than 13th/8th.  He respects her space and doesn’t press her to tell him what’s on her mind.

^Um…I just put that because of how pretty it is. ._.  Love how it shows the architecture.

Episode 15

Back at another expedition, we have a circle of glances, as Min Min looks at 13th, 13th looks at Ruo Xi, Ruo Xi looks at 4th, 4th looks at Ruo Xi, and 8th looks at Ruo Xi looking at 4th.  Very intense.

Ruo Xi breaks the news to Min Min that 13th doesn’t have any feelings for her.  Min Min wonders what part of her he doesn’t like.  And to add to the drama, Min Min finds out that 14th is actually a prince, not Ruo Xi’s secret lover.  Min Min is angry at Ruo Xi for lying to her and using her to hide 14th.  She threatens to tell the emperor the truth, and rides off in a fit of anger.  14th tells Ruo Xi to put all the blame on him if the emperor finds out, since he’s a prince.  I admit it.  14th was really cool in that scene.

13th and 14th catch up with Min Min and ask her not to tell the emperor.  Min Min agrees not to tell him only if Ruo Xi wins in a horseback riding race.  Ruo Xi accepts Min Min’s challenge and wins. 

Min Min quickly agrees to forgive Ruo Xi.  She only wanted to annoy Ruo Xi a bit to get back at her for lying.  Ruo Xi cutely hides behind 13th’s back, saying that she’ll just hide behind this dependable hero.  Ahahaha. 

14th and Ruo Xi ask 13th not to tell the emperor about 14th sneaking into the camp.  13th agrees because of his friendship with Ruo Xi.  Ruo Xi does the peace sign, and 13th does the peace sign back.  14th looks at them like, “What the heck?”  14th has yet to join the Progressive Thinkers In The Qing Dynasty Club. 

Episode 16

^I love Min Min’s hairstyle!

Min Min is told by her father that she’s got an arranged marriage with a prince.  She doesn’t want to be in a loveless marriage.  Ruo Xi reasons with her, saying that if she keeps on looking at the moon, (aka 13th) she won’t ever get to see the sun (possibly the new prince guy). 

Ruo Xi prepares a special performance for Min Min.  Min Min does a graceful dance that’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  All the princes gawk at her.  4th cutely imagines Ruo Xi in the place of Min Min, dancing only for him.  For once, 4th doesn’t get a fake scene.  YES!!!! This one is so pretty!!!

Everyone is impressed by Min Min’s performance (and at Ruo Xi for directing it).  Min Min finally gets to hear 13th play the flute.  She cries as she hears his flute playing.  Aww.  I love Min Min’s outfit/hairstyle, especially with the red ribbons.

4th is basically the only one that speaks the truth to Ruo Xi.  No matter how much she avoids her marriage and vows to become a nun, the truth is that she’ll get married eventually.  She needs to evaluate her options wisely if she doesn’t want to end up in an unhappy marriage.  Which….4th should’ve told her BEFORE she rejected 8th.  ANYWAY, I like that 4th is blunt and straightforward with Ruo Xi.

“The palace is the worst place to dream.  I advise you to wake up and think of your next step.  When the matter finally comes, you won’t be able to do anything.

“Is not marrying really not a possibility?  I will not hurt anyone by not marrying.  Why do I still have to marry?”

“Is it you don’t understand what I’m saying, or that you don’t want to understand?”

^4th & 13th standing all dignified with their umbrellas.

4th is investigating the corrupt use of funds that were supposed to help the citizens.  He finds out that 9th bro is part of the fiasco, and consults 8th about how to handle this situation.  Eventually, the emperor calls of the investigation, so the matter blows over for now.  13th asks Ruo Xi what she thinks should be done.  Ruo Xi says that even 9th bro should be punished for his wrongdoings, so that corruption won’t prosper in the future. 

I looooove this scene!!!!!!

13th suddenly says that he’s gotta go.  He leaves 4th and Ruo Xi alone.  AHAHA they totally planned this.  4th hands a present to Ruo Xi, saying “It’s nothing.”  I LOVE 4TH.  Ruo Xi tries to refuse the gift, so 4th calls out “14th bro!”.  Ruo Xi quickly grabs the gift and turns around to see if 14th is there.  He’s not–4th bro tricked her!  And then he walks away really quickly, telling Ruo Xi not to follow him in case 14th sees.  LOL.  So Ruo Xi is stuck holding the gift. 

Other thoughts
I’m actually enjoying all the turmoil with 9th bro’s corruption.  It sets the stage for some angsty brother rivalry.  I also like the growing friendship between 14th-Ruo Xi-13th.  14th is becoming a more prominent character, and I like that he’s not at war with 13th or Ruo Xi just because of their friendship with 4th.  Oh, and I like 4th/13th/Ruo Xi conversations.  These three have such great chemistry together. 


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  • That was such a beautiful dancing scene. Actually almost all of the scenes are beautiful, exception being the fake scenes. I love the little tricks that 4th and Ruo Xi play on each other. I just finished the episode 19 such a fun prank in that one. I also love 4th princes advice to pick her husband before he is picked for her.

  • thanks for the sinapsis could you tell me whats the title of the song that shes dancing to? i Love it and i really need know about this lyrics..please could you help me?

  • Thanks for posting these recaps! I recently started watching this drama with my mom. My Chinese is serviceable, but sometimes I miss things when they talk too fast or use too much idiom, so I appreciate the summaries here for when I get lost 🙂 I agree fully with you about the 4th Prince–he really steals the show! I’ve been combing through random episodes just hoping for a glimpse of him!

  • I am all for 4th prince and Rui Xi. For some reason 8th prince creeps me out. Could be because he is married to her sister. That is kinda gross to me. Yikes.

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