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I’m finally back after taking my exams.  Instead of going straight for BBJX, I decided to catch up on Ouran, because my exams were quite depressing. T_T  So, I skipped episode 9 because I wanted to watch MORI AND HONEY.  Aside from Kyouya, Mori & Honey are my favorites!!!  LOVE THEM!!!

The host club makes their classic entrance to announce a costume party.  All the female students swoon and completely ignore the newspaper club’s advertisements.  This earns the instant resentment of the newspaper president, who decides to get revenge by writing a slanderous article ‘uncovering the truth about Tamaki’. 

Honey happens to overhear their plan and confronts the president about it.  Newspaper President simply smirks and snaps his fingers..to which guys in wrestling suits appear.  ROFL, OMG.  They threateningly surround innocent-looking Honey.  What makes me laugh is that they don’t know that Honey is stronger than all of them combined. 

Mori quickly realizes that Honey is missing.  He storms into the club room to inform the rest of the hosts about his disappearance.  The scene switches to Honey, who’s detained by the newspaper club.  He’s satisfied because they’re feeding him cake, haha. 

Kyouya explains Mori & Honey’s background.  Their blood bond goes way back to ancient times, when Mori’s family served Honey’s family.  Mori has a strong sense of loyalty to Honey due to that bond.  I love how they show “manly” Honey, omg.  Honey used to reject his love of cute things, and put on the “strong Karate master” front.  He acted tough and was a harsh master, but then Tamaki tempted him with…a bunny puppet. 

“…what counts as being strong?  Do you have to hide what you truly love in order to be strong?  Being true to yourself is strength, isn’t it?”

Mori says that Tamaki told Honey what he could never say.  So, ever since that day, Mori has trusted Tamaki. 

Back at the newspaper club, Honey finishes all his cake.  He nicely asks the president not to publish the article about Tamaki.  The wrestlers take hold of Honey right when Mori, Haruhi, and the twins enter the room.  Honey quickly owns a couple wrestlers and throws a kendo stick to Mori.  Mori & Honey stand back to back and take on all the wrestlers.  Rofl, this scene feels like a parody of the typical manga/anime fighting scenes. The entire time, the twins are rooting for Mori & Honey. 

Honey talks in his deep voice, and warns the president not to try this again.  The twins comment that “Black Honey” appeared!  Mori thanks the girl who told him where Honey was.  She looks at him admiringly (who wouldn’t?) and the twins say that Mori actually has a lot of secret admirers. (including me, except it’s not a secret) 

^No, I DID NOT take all those screenshots just because of Kyouya. >.>

Haruhi reads the article that the newspaper club was planning to publish.  It claims that Tamaki is the illegitimate child of his dad.  Kyouya tells Haruhi the truth–Tamaki is the love child, and is unwanted and shamed by his grandma. (who’s the head of the Suou family)  He’s basically been rejected for his entire life, and has no experience of a close family.  Which is why he ‘plays family’ with the host club, has an obsession with kotatsus, etc. etc. 

Haruhi: “I didn’t realize he carried such a sorrow with him at all.  After all, I couldn’t see the signs past Tamaki-senpai’s crazy antics.”

Kyouya: “Haruhi.  It’s very simple to sympathize with others.  But, I feel it’s great that Tamaki can be a person like that.”

Tamaki reads the gossip article.  Everyone tenses up, thinking that Tamaki might get upset.  But he brushes it off and assures Haruhi that he’s fine.  Something about his reaction is really bittersweet, as he does a trick and puts on a smile. 

“I’m proud of my background.  No matter what other people say, I’ll be the real me, and treasure every minute and second here.”

Kyouya and Haruhi comment on Tamaki’s strength.

Kyouya: “If the victim wasn’t Tamaki, no one else would be able to stand the pain.  He won’t hate anyone.  And he wont’ be angered by his surroundings.  He takes everything in and changes it into power.”

Haruhi: “It’s great that Tamaki-senpai can be a person like that.”

Kyouya: “Yeah.”

Me: *mind blows from Kyouya & Haruhi’s chemistry*

Tamaki tells the club that he’s been happy the past couple years.  But, after the host club’s anniversary party, he’s going to quit the host club. )’:  Oh no, time for the drama!

Other thoughts
I like that they finally introduced the family drama with Kyouya & Tamaki. (I kinda skipped through that in this post)  Tamaki’s dad does not look as refined as he does in the manga, but oh well.  It felt a bit out of place with the drama attempting to take on a darker, more serious tone, but it had to go there eventually. I just cannot take Ouran seriously with all its cheesy (yet lovable) antics.  But I am ready for the ANGST!  Hopefully they can pull it off!

As for Honey and Mori, I love them so much. 😀  This episode felt more like two episodes mashed into one episode, but it felt like a solid episode overall, with less fluff and more actual plot development. 

What makes me think is…can you imagine a live-action version of Ouran that actually went all out, minus the overbearing cheesy?  Omg I can’t even imagine it.  This Ouran is not necessarily a quality drama (it’s enjoyable, but not mind blowing), but just think what it would be like if it was.  *-*

Aside from that, I LOVE KYOUYA.  Let’s talk about the Kyouya/Haruhi scenes, shall we?  I love the one where he tells Haruhi about Tamaki’s past.  All his interactions with her are just so shippable and AHHHHH.  The actor does a great job of having that confident air that is so Kyouya-like.  All the subtle little details, like how he walks by her and pats her arm, makes him so awesome.  Poor Tamaki, Kyouya is way more shippable with Haruhi.


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  • Not another Kyoya shipper…:P. Is the manga any good? I love the anime, but I’ve never really read manga. Too hard to get a hold of, but I think my library has the series. I’m liking your polls by the way. I’m just a mere stalker. It’s not fun having depressing exams, but I hope you did well. I’m also glad you are back. I’m waiting to read some of your Bu Bu Jing Xin recaps. I still haven’t watched the latest episode. I want to finish off Yellow Ribbon Love, horrid drama, then wash my eyes with the beauty of BBJX.

    • I didn’t read the entire manga, but I’ve watched the anime of course!

      Yeah I didn’t do so well on one of my exams, but hopefully I’ll have a stroke of luck and get an ok score.

      I will restart BBJX once I get the chance! 😀

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