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This is just about the shippiest 8th/Ruo Xi episode yet.  If you thought the snow scene and bracelet scene were shippy, you’ve seen nothing yet.  I REFUSE TO LEAVE 4TH’S SHIP!!!  But…I admit….these shippy scenes are amazing.

Ruo Xi gets taught horseback riding by the Monglian princess.  But she loses control of the horse when she drops the reigns.  8th bro quickly catches up to her on horseback and rescues Ruo Xi.  With Ruo Xi in his arms, 8th rides back to the camp. Ruo Xi tells herself to let her savor this moment just this once.  She stays close to 8th, and 8th smiles broadly as he concludes that he’s in her heart after all. 

Will…not..fall for 8th’s huge grin……..

I love Ruo Xi & the Mongolian princess’ friendship. 14th visits the camp in disguise to find 8th even though he’s been ordered not to by the Emperor.  He has Ruo Xi find a way for him and 8th to meet.  Crown Prince seizes this opportunity to get rid of 8th and 14th silently.  He calls an all out search of the surrounding area, claiming that there are thieves somewhere.

8th takes an arrow for 14th.  14th quickly draws his sword and blocks all the other arrows.  Omg, I need some martial art scenes NOW.  They quickly escape and hide with the help of Ruo Xi and the Mongolian princess. 

Crown Prince is pissed, and orders his men to search the entire camp.  The Mongolian princess (I seriously forgot her name T_T) hides 14th in her tent.  Crown Prince enters to search the tent, and the princess pretends to think he’s the thief (since they’re in the dark, she can’t tell who he is)  She beats him up real good, and acts surprised when she finds out it’s the Crown Prince.  rofl, I love this scene.  She is so smart!!

This is the episode in which I tell Ruo Xi and 8th to just get married already.  Ruo Xi tends to 8th’s wound, and is very conscious of how close she is to him.  She gets up to leave, but 8th grabs her hand and tells her to stay.  Ruo Xi tries to leave, but 8th says that his wound will reopen if she keeps on pulling on his hand.  He pulls her in for A HUG.  OMG.  I expect them to kiss, but they don’t. 

Other thoughts
SUCH A SHIPPY EPISODE!  AUGH!!!  4TH BRO FANS, FIGHTING!!! WE WILL GET A SHIPPY 4TH BRO/RUO XI EPISODE SOONER OR LATER!!!  On the other hand, this was a very exciting and suspenseful episode, especially with more romantic development. 

Recently I read the worst spoiler comment by accident.  It revealed what happens at THE END.  AUGHHH!  I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!  Now I can’t look at the drama in the same way ever again!!!!  This is one of those dramas where I’d rather keep on watching in oblivion than know about the angsty stuff ahead.  So please, no spoilers!


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