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Episode 7 picked up pace with more light-hearted humor.  I’m soaking up all the funny moments because I know there’s lots of angst to come. I think the drama has a good balance of politics-angst-humor-cute moments-shippy moments which is hard to achieve.  The cinematography continues to be amazing, and the music makes it all the more beautiful. 

Episode 8 had some great shippy moments with Ruo Xi/4th.  Episode 9 mainly covers turmoil within the royal family, as the Crown Prince is revoked of his title, and all the princes try to become the Crown Prince.  And episode 10 deals with the aftermath of 8th bro’s demotion. 

These are mainly caps of the pretty moments:

Ruo Xi attempts to avoid 4th bro, but fails.  13th points out that 4th was the one who interceded for her and got her off the concubine list.  Ruo Xi maintains a safe distance from him, carefully giving him her thanks.  This scene is SO beautiful with the autumn leaves, omg. 

We get another stunning shot as the camera zooms in on Ruo Xi & 8th bro. Basically, every 8th bro/Ruo Xi scene feels the same, even though they are filmed beautifully.  4th bro scenes are much more memorable to me. 

Ruo Xi gets to go on an expedition with all the royal family.  It’s basically like a family trip.  13th meets a Mongolian princess who’s great at dancing and horseback riding.  They become friends and there’s some hints at a possible romance.  Ruo Xi gains the Emperor’s favor by designing intricate tea cups, one for each prince.  4th gets a magnolia design, because magnolias are his favorite flowers.  D’AWWW.

Ruo Xi asks for horseback riding lessons from 13th.  But both nights he’s supposed to teach her, 4th bro shows up in his place. Ruo Xi makes up excuses to try and get 4th bro to leave, but fails.  4th bro teachers her how to ride under a full moon. 

My only qualms about this scene was that it was so obviously not real.  The grass was obviously animated, and you could tell there was a backdrop.  It would’ve been better if they actually filmed out in a field. 

The second night, Ruo Xi tries to leave, but 4th bro grabs her arm and pulls her in for a hug.  AND THEN HE KISSES HER.

OMG. GO 4TH BRO!!!!!!

Ruo Xi struggles and bites him.  4th bro is undeterred, and says he thought that’s what she wanted.  You can’t blame 4th bro, I mean..she always avoids him and even gave him a magnolia tea cup.  Ruo Xi is kinda sending him mixed signals here, no wonder 4th is confused.  I was surprised when he took the initiative.  And he’s so frank about it! 

Ruo Xi is infuriated by 4th bro’s bold move.  Even 13th assumes that she likes 4th bro.  She gets mad at him, and he cutely does the ‘Ok’ sign with his hand.  OMG, I love 13th!!!!  Ruo Xi wonders why she’s getting misunderstood by everyone.  She tells herself she has to be careful not to mess up, as she silently sheds a tear.

Ruo Xi is warming up to 8th bro.  She has an obvious crush on him now.  8th bro sends her letters and presents frequently.  I’m still weirded out by 8th bro hitting on his wife’s sister.  And shouldn’t Ruo Xi be a bit weirded out too?  I mean, she’s from the future where guys don’t have multiple wives. O_O 

Time for another pretty 4th/Ruo Xi scene!!!  4th starts walking toward Ruo Xi.  She backs up and almost trips, but 4th CATCHES HER WITH ONE ARM.  He says that he doesn’t regret kissing her.  AHHH!!!!!  I just love 4th bro scenes so much. 

Crown Prince is demoted by the Emperor.  Suddenly all the princes are trying to gain the title of Crown Prince.  Ruo Xi is determined not to let history happen, because she knows that 8th bro will get demoted.  But she fails, and 8th bro gets demoted anyway. 

By episode 10, Ruo Xi has been in the past for three years.  Uh, what?  I felt like it’s only been a year at the most.  This really puts things into perspective, showing just how long Ruo Xi has been friends with 13th, and how long she’s been serving in the palace.  By now, she’s adjusted so much to being Ruo Xi that it’s natural to her.  I think they could’ve focused a bit more on her inner turmoil as she tries to come to terms with being in the past. 

OMG I love 4th bro.  4th and 8th visit Ruo Xi to drink tea.  4th bro broods over how he got blamed by 14th & his mom for not speaking up on 14th’s behalf.  Ruo Xi demurely hands 4th bro a fragrant tea thingy, (I really have no clue what it is) and 4th bro takes it from her WITH THIS LOOK IN HIS EYES.  OMG.  The piano song during that moment is so perfect!!!  It’s so bittersweet, just like this scene. 


“I can’t control my feet.  Why do I always have to follow him?  8th Prince, to love him, I can’t do it.  Don’t love him.  I can’t forget him.  What should I do?”

Other thoughts
Yup, Ruo Xi is in love with 8th bro.  They’ve had so many shippy moments that I’m sure we all knew it was coming.  I’m waiting for her to fall for 4TH BRO though!!!  He’s much more compelling than 8th bro.


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  • 4th prince is so much more compelling than 8th brother. 8th brother has a sweet smile. I’m watching these as the get translated…but I can’t wait till they end so I can marathon them. Waiting is so nerve-wracking. Those field scenes are so out of place in such a beautifully filmed drama. Make the kiss so much less romantic, but I still watched it a few more times just for the pleasure. Thanks for posting. Good luck with exams!

    • I just watched episode 15. There is another glorious fake background scene. Yet again it is with 4th prince. I just want to shake my fist at the producers, but hug them at the same time for making such a beautiful drama.

      35 episodes. I’m not even halfway yet so but so addicted. Must find another good series to take the edge off this addiction. Any recommendations?

  • Thank you for the recaps! I was intro to this show by a friend and I resisted watching this for a while. But being a 4th Prince fan, I took a sneak peek. One peek and I did 8 episodes in one go!!! Awesome! I adore the tension between 4th and Ruxi and the sweet moments between 8th and Ruxi. But, could not resit going thru your recaps and the end parts of the series just seems so sad n all angst angst angst =(
    ok, waiting for weekend to do another marathon!
    Thank you for your great work here! Good job!

  • There was once in award giving presentation (cant remember which) nicky wu said the best kiss scene is w lss bcoz it forceful ha ha show off he is a man, but i hate to next no-touch thing in the series or mayb coz he is the emperor they just dont want to ruin the image of an emperor w all the integrity and dignity. Compared to 2h love scene btw 8/rouxi, not fair for 4

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